Lockology Columbus Escape Rooms
1625 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220, United States
Review №1

Tommy was amazing at his job. He was super sweet and helpful with the room. He was very informative with the room and helped us out a lot. I’ll definitely be back and I sure hope Tommy is here when I arrive! Thanks Tommy for the AMAZING experience.

Review №2

This place rocks! We did the murder investigation and we managed to find all the clues to get out!!! The staff is amazing and definitely into providing a great experience!! We had a blast!!

Review №3

This was by far the worst escape room I have done and I love escape rooms! We did the Escape the Tomb room and the overall quality was just not where it should be. The business did have a well-put covid plan in place as they took our temperatures and we had to use hand sanitizer before and after the room, as well as wear our masks the entire time. You also have to call in before they let you in the building as to not cross paths with another group. Thats where the positives end. The video we had to watch in the lobby explaining the rules of the place had no sound. Not a big deal but this was the start of all the quality issues to come. We got into the room and the game master takes 3 minutes off our time for starting late, which is not our fault as the covid procedures and video issues were not our fault. I would understand if they had another group behind us waiting but when I looked online at their bookings, we were the last group of the night. I have never had an escape room business take time off for starting late, even when it was their fault as we were on time. The room itself was very bare and lacked a lot to make it feel like you were in a tomb. The torches on the wall were made of plastic and looked like someone picked them up at a dollar store. There were two giant wall posters that later needed to be used to escape and they were curling at the ends and coming off the wall. We were given flashlights and later found black lights and 1 of the blacklights wouldnt stay lit and one of the flashlights wouldnt even turn on. The quality of the hieroglyphics are just written in pen and marker and looks like a previous group had left some graffiti. We spent 15 minutes trying to get a lock open. We had the correct combination the entire time, used a hint to confirm and then the game master comes in and opens the lock and says sometimes this lock gets jammed. ARE YOU SERIOUS? One of the other locks we couldnt get open and the directions to reset it were hidden. There was so much wrong with the quality of this room that the entire experience was such a let down. You cant just put up a cargo net and some posters and call it a tomb. You cant just use a pen/marker and draw some hieroglyphics that questionably look like graffiti. You cant just lazily velcro all the keys to the walls. This place does not care about the quality of the experience or the satisfaction of its guests. It feels like a very poor attempt at a cash grab. Learn from my mistake and spend your money at a competitor and avoid this place at all costs.

Review №4

Tony was amazing and let us come even though their were difficulties. Such a fun time and really enjoyed it!

Review №5

Tommy was totally awesome!! This was my first time and it was the best first impression! Definitely recommend!

Review №6

One of the best escape rooms I’ve ever been in. The Mayan room was extremely difficult but we somehow won. Brad with the Metallica shirt was a great guide person. Highly recommend this place. Very creative, challenging and fun.Make sure you get your free lock pick.

Review №7

Shawn was a great host! We did the crime scene investigation and were one puzzle away from solving it!! Our family had a blast and will definitely come again!!

Review №8

We booked Pharaohs Tomb for a bachelorette party. The room was great just challenging enough. We had a blast and our game master Shawn was welcoming and helpful!!! Would recommend for a night out.

Review №9

It was my wife’s birthday and she loved it...Shawn was great. We didn’t quite finish, but he showed us what we did wrong. We’ll definitely be back again.

Review №10

We have been to several.local escape rooms and this is tops. Took a group of 10 and all of us give this top rating. Jacob our host was friendly, helpful, and professionals very fun to work with. Tommy helped us with booking issues over the phone with patients and professionalism. Staff beyond helpful and made the experience even better than it could have been. Best escape room and staff.

Review №11

Tommy was very helpful ! Had a great time

Review №12

Did the Mayan Temple room and it was awesome. Very cool atmosphere and lighting. Tommy was incredibly helpful when we needed clarification with one of the clues. Barely made it out in time but we did it! Would highly recommend Lockology to anyone.

Review №13

It was really awesome to have something to do during the covid crisis. We got to book a private room that was cleaned and sanitized. We didnt beat it this time but we had a lot of fun trying.

Review №14

DONT BOOK HERE !!!!! We were 5 mins late and nobody was there ! We called and no answered! I asked to reschedule since I paid $130 and I was hung up on . Lights were off nobody was in the building ! It looked deserted and the guy was very rude . I told him that we were in traffic and would be late and he said no he was leaving and hung up the phone ! This place is a scam ! Do not book here at Lockology!!!!!!

Review №15

We had a team event for work and we loved Lockology. Tommy did a great job setting the stage and ensuring we had fun. We escaped with 16 seconds left on the clock! Exciting and fun! Well be back soon

Review №16

Tom was our game master for the Mayan themed room. It was super fun and challenging. We had a large group of ten and we got out with less than twenty minutes to spare. The hints were helpful without being too obvious, so little puzzles themselves. Thanks Tom!

Review №17

If youre looking for a fun time solving puzzles, this is the place to go. I had so much fun with the Mayan Temple and am looking to go back again to try out the other puzzles. It was definitely challenging, but in the best way. My only complaint is that one puzzle was a little unfair in its conditions, which cost us to lose, but maybe we just missed some vital clue. Either way, I still had plenty of fun and would recommend others to try their wit against the puzzles.

Review №18

We had a great time doing the Mayan escape room. Jacob who was working there was a great host and made our group feel welcome the moment we walked in the door. It was a great experience - even if we didn’t escape!

Review №19

Really fun and Tommy was very helpful

Review №20

My group did the Mayan Temple and we were only 2 steps away from escaping! But Emily was wonderful in making sure we had our clues right when we asked for them. We will definitely be back to try another room out!

Review №21

Very fun and interesting. Every piece of the escape room worked as interested except for one thing, which thankfully only confused us for less than a minute because our great guide (host??) Jacob came in and informed us there was a slight issue and he would trigger on manually. Great service and overall experience. Jacob said to mention him for a bonus from his boss if he did so I just want Lockology to know JACOB was the bomb. 10/10 will come back.

Review №22

This place is a little hard to find (it might be because we aren’t local). The staff was warm and welcoming.We did the CSI Room. Going in I was super excited for the theme. The clues were solid and well thought out. My only complaint was that we had 10 people in a tiny room that really should have been capped at 6. There were so many people in the room that we could barley move around and spent more time re-explaining what someone found than actually solving for the clues.

Review №23

Tommy guided us through the Mayan temple. Gave great hints! The room is very well crafted with fun, innovative mechanisms. It is well themed, and you really feel immersed in the experience. We had a group of 4, felt like medium difficulty or hard difficulty for beginners. Lots of physical things to manipulate, so probably is you bring along kids, too.

Review №24

Sean was a great host! I was in a room with my girlfriend and 8 other people. But the end of Excalibur 1 i felt mentally exhausted, but fulfilled. Thanks for such a fun night!

Review №25

We did the CSI as a group outing. It was great for my first experience. We all had fun trying to figure out the clues and put everything together. We will definitely be back for another Escape.

Review №26

Had a great time myself and two 12 year olds were escaped with 4 mintues left.

Review №27

This was such a fun experience and event! They did a great job with the room we were in, and there were two other options we want to go back for. The room we were in wasnt too hard, though the other two were are a step up in complexity.The staff were awesome and really made the experience more fun.Would highly recommend!

Review №28

Tommy was awesome and so kind!!!

Review №29

SEAN did a great job helping us with our escape room! In town from Michigan for a Paparazzi event and wanted to try an escape room. Great team building event. Thank you so much, highly recommended

Review №30

I was excited to plan this escape room for myself and some friends, but the price was a little outside my range. Thankfully I saw they had a weekend promotion on their site! I went to purchase a room online using the code from their site and was told it was an invalid code. Next to “invalid code,” it said check our promotions page for active promotions. I clicked the link to go to the promotions page and sure enough the weekend promotion was listed as an active promotion.I contacted them about this issue, asking about the weekend deal and was told that they don’t have an active weekend promotion. I referenced the site and explained where I had seen it, and they denied the existence of the promotion. I asked if I could still use the deal since this is clearly a mistake on their part, forgetting to remove it from the site. They said no, refusing to take responsibility or accept any consequences for their mistake. The person on the phone was slightly rude and didn’t even apologize for the false advertising.I understand mistakes happen, and I understand deals don’t last, but when you advertise a discount and charge full price, you’re stealing people’s money. It’s ridiculous when companies like this fail to take the blame for their mistakes and expect customers to be fine with it.Update: Over a month later, they still haven’t bothered to resolve the issue. Instead of simply removing the expired promotions from their page, they’ve just added a date to show that all their promotions expired a couple months ago. I guess they’re as bad at maintaining their website as they are customer satisfaction.

Review №31

Great place for a family night! So much fun and Brad did a great job explaining the game. Made it out with 20 seconds to spare!!

Review №32

Our group had a great time solving the murder. Tommy was very personable and a great game host. Cant wait until we go again.

Review №33

Loved this escape room challenge. We did the crime scene challenge and solved it with only 24 seconds to spare. Jacob was a great host, highly recommend this company.

Review №34

We had such a good time doing this! Brad was an awesome host, loved it. We will definitely do this again!

Review №35

Me and my family did the crime scene room, as this was the one offered through Groupon. It was our first time experiencing an escape room. We werent sure what to expect, but had a fun time regardless. My two kids (ages 12 & 13) were all over the room finding all kinds of clues, which actually made things more confusing in a way because we got ahead of ourselves. Its best to try and progress in the order they intend, in my opinion. We did not make it out in the time allotted, but I feel we would have if we had just a few more minutes. There was a bit of a snafu, if you will, because we found some numbers marked in dust under the desk, which is what we used to open the briefcase. Turns out, those numbers werent even part of the clues, but somehow they unlocked one side of the briefcase, which ended up throwing us off. Because we couldnt fully get into the briefcase, we missed a critical part of the clue because we didnt see it. Had we been able to open it completely, we would have seen the object we needed and been able to escape in the time allotted. Will definitely be trying more escape rooms in the future!

Review №36

Had a great time in the haunted prison. Tommy did a wonderful job. Will definitely be coming back for the other rooms.

Review №37

Friendly staff. The puzzles were challenging. We had a great time.

Review №38

What an awesome time! Me and 11 other co-workers did the haunted prison and crime scene investigator and we had an absolute blast!! We both escaped our rooms! I felt the difficulty level was perfect, not too easy and not extremely hard. Highly recommend for group outings!

Review №39

Wasnt very pleased with our experience here. Our game master seemed a bit disinterested and many times didnt provide any helpful feedback. In the end, we were certainly dissapointed with his willingness to answer questions or explain anything. Frankly, the worst experience in an escape room Ive ever had and I hope to have a better experience if I ever decide to come back.

Review №40

A ton of fun. Really enjoyed the experience. The individual working there, Josh, was fantastic. Really a great time.

Review №41

My friends and I had a fantastic time here, this escape room is better than others I have tried and still very difficult to solve. Tommy assisted us on our journey through the Mayan temple!!

Review №42

We had a great experience in the Pharoahs room at the Powell location. Josh was very helpful and informative! We had a wonderful time

Review №43

Fun escape rooms with lots of fun. Been to many escape rooms and this is the first one to best me, great job!

Review №44

TOMMY did an AMAZING job insuring us that we had an AMAZING experience. Me and my friend did the “ haunted prison “ and escaped with 15 minutes to spare thanks to the room putting together well thank you!

Review №45

Ive been there 3 times so far with some friends and never had a bad experience its my favorite place to go spend some fun time with my friends highly recommended

Review №46

Jacob was great and super friendly and the room was great as well. I already booked my next time here and would recommend this place for sure.

Review №47

Had a great time. Solved it with three minutes left. Highly recommend. Thanks to Brad our gamemaster for hosting us!

Review №48

Tommy was a class act. We had a blast! Would definitely do this again in a heart beat!

Review №49

We had so much fun solving the CSI room! Brad was an awesome leader for us! :)

Review №50

Tommy was great and this was so fun! Will definitely do this again! Thanks

Review №51

I have been to Lockology before, but this last time with Brad as our leader, made is so enjoyable! Will definitely be back.

Review №52

Awesome night! Brad was an excellent host! Will definitely be back! ️

Review №53

Great place! We all had a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again sometime.

Review №54

We had so much fun and we solved the crime! Thanks to Brad for being awesome!

Review №55

We did the Crime Scene Investigation room and it was an awesome first time escaping experience! We cant wait to try more soon! Brad 2 was excellent and definitely helped make the experience great overall! Thanks

Review №56

This is the 2nd escape room we did and it was a lot of fun. It was a group of 4 and you have to truly think outside the box to put the clues together. Crime scene room is definitely one everyone should try.

Review №57

Had a fun time doing the Crime Scene room. Gamemaster Brad was a great host.

Review №58

Escaped the Haunted Prison, tons of fun, and a couple of very neat tricks. Brad took very good care of our group.

Review №59

I love this place! One of the most amazing Escape rooms I have done. We did the Crime Scene Investigation one and we were running around, finding clues, and generally having a great time trying to figure it all out. We had so much fun and they helped make my birthday celebration one of a kind. Small tip, the picture at the end is totally worth it to buy.

Review №60

Great experience! We booked another room right after finishing! Jacob was great!

Review №61

Jacob was awesome and very friendly! Well definitely be back to try another room.

Review №62

This was our first Escape Room experience and we loved it. The puzzles were clever and progressively challenging but not absurdly difficult. I would definitely recommend Lockology Escape Rooms to others

Review №63

Took 6 teen boys to do Excalibur room and they had a blast! Josh was a great guide!

Review №64

Had a great experience! Definitely was not easy but was able to accomplish getting out in our hour and had a ton of fun along the way. Kept us guessing until the end!

Review №65

My family and I had so much fun! Going back to do the other rooms!

Review №66

We really enjoyed it. Tommy was very pleasant and helpful.

Review №67

Took a teen Girl Scout group here in Powell and did Pharaohs Tomb. Wonderful time had by all. The girls loved it!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

Review №68

It was a great fun experience and Sean was amazing!! If we ever come back to Columbus we will definitely stop here again!!!!

Review №69

Josh gave great clues! Our group had a fun experience

Review №70

So much fun! When for my birthday with group of 4. Tried the Mayan room and won! So much fun! Great clues for help when asked and the electric interactive part was super fun!! Highly recommend this room and place.

Review №71

Did the haunted prison room, super cool!! tommy was great and gives nice hints!!

Review №72

Extremely fun escape room, we did the haunted prison and we had a great time, Tommy was very helpful! Excellent service

Review №73

Had a lot of fun! This was our first time and everything was explained to us very clearly. The room had some very interesting and challenging puzzles to solve.

Review №74

Had so much fun!! Tommy and Emily were great! My family celebrated my sons’ 18th and 20th birthdays with the CSI room. We had A group of 10 and although we may not of found the clues in the correct order, it was great how we all worked together in the end to solve the case!! Definitely recommend!! ! Btw do your waivers before you get there, we all did and it made it faster for the staff and less of a wait for us !

Review №75

Escape room is a good refresh for the brain. Tricky one, need to think a lot for the clues.. Good front desk assistance. Just the room has a lot for the brain.

Review №76

Staff and setup were good and friendly. We did the crime scene investigators. I went as a group of four and another group of four joined us. There was no introduction between the groups at the beginning before we started which made it a bit awkward. Especially when it is such a team based event. The escape room itself was well designed and fun. The only real complaint I have from this experience is they take a picture of our group at the end and my mom’s eyes were closed. They didn’t say anything or show us the picture for that matter. Highly disappointed with this escape room as compared to other ones I have attended.

Review №77

We had a great time and Brad was an extremely big help.

Review №78

Sean was an amazing host! We went as a a group and had a blast!

Review №79

One of the central tenets of escape rooms is that the exit event should not be able to be triggered on accident.Unfortunately for Lockology, their Mayan ruins room violates this.While the room and puzzles were quite good, simply feeling around a prop yielded finding things that we werent supposed to until later (apparently). After sticking the prop in the one place it would obviously go, the exit suddenly popped open. The room operator seemed very annoyed that we had felt around a very inviting prop and blamed us for not following the rule of not sticking your hand in the props despite needing to have done that to solve the other puzzles in the room. He didnt let us finish the other puzzles even though we had 30 minutes of time remaining.This is my 12th escape room, and I can not recommend Lockology at all. There are far better escape rooms in Columbus with better rooms and more inviting staff.

Review №80

Great experience! Very fun! Brad was awesome!

Review №81

Had an amazing time and Sean was a great lead person thank you all for a great time

Review №82

Brad was awsome. And the room was fun

Review №83

Tommy was a great guide/clue giver!!! I hope he is there next time we go!!

Review №84

My family and I were super excited to receive a gift card to Lockology as a Christmas present. We had never done an escape room, so naturally we decided to book the hardest room (the Mayan Temple of Knowledge) AND HOLY COW DID WE HAVE A GOOD TIME. From the moment we walked in the staff was extremely friendly and attentive to our needs. All of the rules were clearly explained, so there wasnt a lot of confusion in that regard. The room itself was FANTASTIC -- my family of seven had a fun time figuring out all the puzzles and clues. Everything is well thought-out. I definitely agree with another reviewer that it was challenging enough to be interesting but not too hard that it was frustrating. We cant wait to come back to try out the steam punk room once that opens!

Review №85

Did the crime scene, pretty fun! Tommy was great

Review №86

Sean was great. I really enjoyed the experience.

Review №87

First time ever doing anything like this it was pretty fun and I would definitely do it again

Review №88

They were absolutely amazing! Sean was super friendly!

Review №89

While a fun experience, not sure the price is worth an hour experience.

Review №90

Friendly staff and fun escape! The Mayan room was challenging and exciting.

Review №91

Brad the game master was great!!! We did the crime scene

Review №92

Did the CSI room. Brad was super cool!

Review №93

We purchased a Groupon and had a blast!! Kevin was amazing and explained everything really well. Highly recommend!

Review №94

My boyfriend and I did the Crime Scene Room yesterday. It was our first escape room experience and we had an amazing time. The staff were fun and helpful. The only thing I would suggest is giving the option to do the room without other people joining, we were there for a date and would have preferred to solved the room alone instead of with a group of people we didnt know.

Review №95

Jacob was cool! And the room was fun!

Review №96

Stay away from their Groupon coupons unless you have money to waste!

Review №97

Super fun time!! They gentlemen inside were super nice and made it a great time. It’s a great thing for groups who want to have fun and work together!!! Go try it out!

Review №98


Review №99

This was a great experience for our family. We did the haunted prison today. Very much enjoyed figuring everything out. Really liked how the locks were a puzzle themselves. The use of magnetics was fun also. Cant wait to come back again! Thanks for the good time!

Review №100

Sean was great! So glad we went!

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