Cryptic Quest Escape Columbus
1496 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220, United States
Review №1

This was our first time doing g an escape room and we couldn’t say how much fun we had. Jim was amazing and explained how everything worked and what was expected of us. We picked one of the harder ones and it really makes you think, but in a fun way. Definitely will be going back with my family for another room.

Review №2

This was my first time doing an Escape room! I started with the Wizard tower with a close friend of mine. It was a little overwhelming at first but as soon as we started solving some of the puzzles we really got on a roll! In the end we didnt escape, but we got really close! The puzzles were clever and we definitely had to put our heads together to figure out some of them. I really enjoyed the variety of puzzles and the mechanisms in this room.A few weeks after I went with a larger group of friends to try and escape Temple run. This escape room takes a lot of communication and patience. In total we had a group of 5 and we were able to escape with the top of the leader board! It was really cool seeing how everyone attacked the puzzles differently.Overall Im really happy I stumbled across this place. The owners are clearly very passionate about their business and are very friendly towards their customers. Ive had a lot of fun going here and Im looking forward to their next attraction!

Review №3

I was in a group of 3 and we did the Ghosts Gold room. Our host was Jim and it was our first time doing an escape room. We got almost all of the puzzles except for 2, but had fun the entire time. Jim did an excellent job of explaining the rules and answered ALL of the questions we had in great detail. My fried went back with her family to do 2 more rooms! This place has a superb level of quality, price, hospitality, CLEANLINESS, and overall FUN! I cant wait to go back.

Review №4

We absolutely love this place. We have done 3 rooms already and cant wait to go back and try more. They are super friendly and keep things very clean for anyone concerned. Looking forward to going again!!!:)

Review №5

Have done the rooms as both a customer and a beta tester! It was a great experience! Lots of puzzles to do and the challenging aspect is just right! What was different about this from other escape rooms from the multiple others Ive done (probably 30 worldwide) is that it really tests the communication between players, and I really liked it! Did it with my family and it was a true test! Will definitely come back and recommend to all!

Review №6

This was my first time doing an escape room and it did not disappoint! We did the Ghost Gold room. It was very creatively planned and everyone in our group was able to participate in figuring out the clues. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We definitely want to come back and experience another room. Thanksgivings for a great time!

Review №7

I have been here twice, and each time has been great fun! It is a very relaxed atmosphere, which makes it perfect for people who are nervous about being locked up. The puzzles are challenging, but not impossible. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. I absolutely recommend Cryptic Quest Escape Columbus!

Review №8

The Ghost Gold room was phenomenal. My family had such a good time. The puzzles were unique and all fit together perfectly. It had a great mix of the traditional escape room feel with a modern problem solving element twist We will definitely be coming back to try the other rooms and we look forward to what Cryptic Quest creates in the future.

Review №9

We did the wizards tower and found the puzzles to be clever, intuitive, and varied. A lot of care and expertise clearly went into making the escape room. Our group really enjoyed the fact that there were things for everybody to do the entire time instead of waiting around for others to solve puzzles so we could work on something.

Review №10

Cryptic Quest is AWESOME!I am an avid Escape-Roomer with a mission to Escape from every state. In the 18 states that Ive checked off of the list so far (with many more than 18 rooms done) - Cryptic Quest has some of the most unique and clever puzzles I have come across.You have to check this place out!!

Review №11

Ive played many different escape rooms, and this place is definitely one of the best. The puzzles are unique, well thought out, and finding the solutions are always exciting. Recommended for everyone, whether youre a first timer or have tried escape rooms in the past.

Review №12

Excellent escape rooms! My boyfriend and I have done most of the escape rooms in Columbus and these are by far some of the best. The rooms are very creative and the puzzles are very unique. Highly recommend!!!

Review №13

One of my favorite escape room experiences so far. Super unique and there are just so many ways to go about escaping the room. Can’t wait to come back!

Review №14

Awesome escape room and establishment. The owners have done an incredible job and adding twists that no one escape room has done. I have done at least 6 different escape rooms and this one was one of the best. Highly recommend.

Review №15

Loved it! Such a fun experience, loved speaking with one of the owners. Definitely coming back

Review №16

My family has done over 60 escape rooms nation-wide, and just about every place in Columbus. Cryptic Quest is certainly in our top 3 in Columbus, vying for #1; and among our favorites overall. The room we did, Ghosts Gold (we plan to return and do all of the rest), is among our top 5-7 rooms overall (so many are really good). It was clearly designed by an experienced ER enthusiast -- There is excellent flow, there are no red herrings (very rare!), puzzles are creative and fun and all within the theme and make sense. It is absolute proof that a room doesnt have to be high budget or high tech in order to be among the best.We highly recommend Cryptic Quest whether you are an experienced escaper or are doing your first escape room. Its a must-do for escape room aficionados traveling to Columbus.We salute the owners for a job very well done!

Review №17

Fun interaction w group. Amazing talent surfaces from quiet people. Working with others is not always a strength among Americans.The Escape Room experience is an eye opener.

Review №18

The family really enjoyed the experience. Lots of different locks and clues for all to make a contribution in our quest success. We will do again.

Review №19

I did the wizard tower with a group of five. None of the problems are impossible and it was a very well designed room. The staff was friendly and engaging. I had great time and will definitely be back to try all the rooms!

Review №20

If I could give this place a higher rating I would, the puzzles were a ton of fun, very creative and perfect for the time you’re giving. I tried the Wizards Tower with some coworkers and be more than glad to go back and try the other available rooms.

Review №21

Fun and Fantastic Evening. The person who was helping us was very friendly and ensured we had a great time!

Review №22

We had a great family night out, this escape room is great and we had a great time. Highly recommend you go there and check it out

Review №23

My wife and I randomly went in on a Monday and did the Wizard tower escape room. We absolutely loved it. Nothing was too difficult, but there was still challenges around each puzzle. This would be suitable for all ages as everyone would be able to contribute without issue.The Owners were extremely nice and quite friendly. We will absolutely be back

Review №24

Fantastic room. Took my brother and his family. Fun for all ages. Temple quest is great!!!

Review №25

Amazing staff, challenging fun for groups to experience! Loved the divided room! It made for a perfect larger group of 12! What a fun way to build communication skills as a team of friends, co-workers, groups and teams alike!I love this place! Cant wait to go back!

Review №26

A lot of escape rooms have a difficult time balancing challenge and impossible. This was a lot of fun. We had a group of 5 for the wizard challenge. It was a good amount of people because there was a lot to work for everyone to do. Ive been to escape rooms where there is not enough for everyone to do and relies too much on one box that you need to open in order to get the clue you need. This escape room was fantastic and I will be back!

Review №27

I really love this place. My husband and I are big escape room enthusiasts and we have done rooms in other cities (and even a couple in Canada). What I love about Cryptic Quest is that their puzzles are difficult without being impossible and they’re always clever! We’ve had rooms where you just have to keep finding keys - that can be boring, we’ve had rooms where the puzzles were totally obscure and are nearly impossible to figure out - it’s one thing not to get out of a room because you missed something, it’s a whole other issue if you can’t get out of a room because the clues aren’t really clues at all. Cryptic Quest is the perfect balance! The only negative I can come up with it that the rooms and items can seem very cheap, they look like very low budget rooms - but I would much rather have that with good, interesting and engaging puzzles than a well decorated room that is impossible to get out of. Highly recommend Cryptic Quest - we’ve done Wizard Tower and Ghost Gold and will definitely be back for Temple Run soon!

Review №28

My wife and I did all of their rooms and had a blast. Temple Run is quite a challenge, at least for the both of us. Missed it by 30 seconds ;-) Highly Recommended

Review №29

I went with my adult children and a couple of their friends. We thoroughly enjoyed our escape adventure. We cant wait to try another room! The people there were very nice.

Review №30

This was my third escape room. This place is great. They have gotten away from the stereotypical horror theme of escape rooms and have gone more into a fantasy/explorer theme. The room was pretty tough and had some really unique ideas. Well done!

Review №31

A very satisfying escape room experience! Had we had one more minute or more than two people in the room, we would have made it out. For the entire hour though we were busy dissecting the room. I would say 99.8% of everything in the room was part of the escape experience. Every little detail was so well thought. The theme was built into the room strongly. It was a challenging room in a very fun way. The gamemaster gave great hints which made us think, Oh, maybe we should try this? so even when we stalled on our own, the hint made us move again.

Review №32

I enjoyed a room here with a group of my husbands coworkers and their spouses. The puzzles are challenging, but doable. Im amazed at how each person in the group brings a different skill and perspective to the game. Each person is instrumental in escaping, even if they claim they are not a puzzle person. Thanks for the good time!

Review №33

If youre up in the air about which escape room to go to come here!! The staff is extremely friendly and the rooms are excellent! Will be back for sure!!

Review №34

Fantastic puzzles and wonderful staff. best escape room experience in the Columbus area!

Review №35

The overall experience was extremely fun and very immersive. The staff is super friendly and seemed to have a lot of experience with escape rooms. The props were all nicely made and the escape room scenario was one I hadn’t seen before. I completed the “Temple” room with a group of about 10 people. It had a unique twist that I won’t spoil but it added an extra layer to the puzzle solving. The puzzles were interesting, original, and pretty challenging but also fair. It came down the wire and our team completed the room with only about a minute left. While I was there they also mentioned they were doubling the number of escape rooms. I highly recommend.

Review №36

The staff was friendly, the building was clean and they were both very warm and welcoming. I loved the ambiance of this place. And the rooms.....were awesome! The themes were fun and the puzzles were perfectly challenging. It was a blast working through the rooms with our friends.

Review №37

This establishment is in a small outdoor shopping strip. Ample and well-lit parking in the lot out front of the place. Close to several eating establishments for meals or snacks before or after. The place is clean and well managed. We did the Wizards Tower. Challenging and fun. Friendly game master and well-run operation. You get 20 seconds added on to your time for every FB check-in in your party before you get started, so we got another 80 seconds added on to our time. No penalties for hints during the game. We cant wait to go back to do another room!

Review №38

From the time we stepped in the door we were greeted by friendly staff. The waiting room was clean and so cute, they even have a little lock challenge to help you prepare to work different locks. I had never done anything like this before and let me tell you, the challenges are incredibly fun. I am already looking for forward to going back!

Review №39

This was my second experience with an Escape room. This one is near my house and I loved it. The puzzles where more logical, fun and well thought out.I went with my colleagues as a team building activity we all enjoyed it and had a great time. I would recommend others to try this.

Review №40

Fun for the whole family, definitely will be back

Review №41

Our family of 4 enjoyed our experience at Cryptic Quest. Although we didnt finish all the puzzles in Wizard Room the time provided, we had a lot of fun. The staff was very friendly and encouraging.

Review №42

Did the escape room with my family. We definitely had a blast. Lots of creative puzzles! Cant wait to go again!

Review №43

I have been to Cryptic Quest and we got to try 1 of the 2 escape rooms as a team. It was a fun experience and team building activity! Nice and convenient location too. Families/teams can grab a bite in the strip mall before or after the quest to solve cryptic riddles to escape!

Review №44

It was our first time doing this and we had a blast! My 11 year old son loved it and wants come back again with the whole family and his friends. Overall, it was a fun experience and a great way to bond with family and friends!

Review №45

I have tried 2 of their available rooms and loved both. Each room was very well designed and laid out in a way that keeps every team member busy and working together! This is definitely one of the better escape rooms in Columbus and I highly recommend checking it out. The staff is friendly and really gets into building up the story/theme behind each room. Bring a couple of friends or co workers and see how well you can work together to escape a fun and challenging room!

Review №46

Had a great experience with a big group of friends. The staff is very friendly, the challenges are challenging and require good communication! We did the wizards tower and plan to return to do the temple run. 5 stars- go experience for yourself!!

Review №47

So fun! Thoughtful puzzles. Super friendly and accommodating staff. Fun costumes for pictures afterwards. Well done, Cryptic Quest!

Review №48

Very, very fun! The group we went with had a blast in the temple escape room. Some things Ive not seen at any other escape room made this a challenging experience!

Review №49

Puzzles are well thought out--they hit the sweet spot of being hard enough to be satisfying, but not impossible. You can tell the owners have put a lot of thought into making it a fun experience.

Review №50

It was simply laid out, but the puzzles were challenging! Thanks Cryptic Quest for a good time! We had a lot of fun!!

Review №51

Very inventive! I had a lot of fun with my friends and there were plenty of puzzles to work on. Staff were friendly and buzzed in with helpful suggestions when we were stuck. I will go back and do the other room!

Review №52

Had a great time! Challenging puzzle but not too challenging. Glad tip see they are finally open. Looking forward to trying their other puzzles.

Review №53

Date night with my hubby & 8 friends. We missed getting out by like one minute but had a great time! Very challenging! We want to come back & try theother room.

Review №54

I completed the Temple room with a group of coworkers. We had an amazing time! I definitely need to get a group together to try their other rooms.

Review №55

Great fun! Never had the pleasure of doing an escape room before and Ill definitely be back for more!

Review №56

Went to Cryptic Quest with my dad as part of his office gathering. Loved it. Fun challenging puzzles and riddles.

Review №57

The puzzles are really hard and its really interesting and fun. You must come here

Review №58

I’ve done 9 escape rooms across Columbus. The Mage Tower at Cryptic Quest was the best one I’ve done so far by far! Looking forward to doing their other rooms soon!

Review №59

It was fun , we had a blast got to the last clue but ran out of time staff was friendly and gave us lots of helpful hints would go back again

Review №60

Awesome escape room with some really clever puzzles! cant wait to try the other rooms

Review №61

Great fun for the whole family; promotes exercising your most important muscle, your brain!

Review №62

A group of five of us were thwarted by the wizard tower, but enjoyed every minute of it

Review №63

Brilliant challenging puzzles! Get ready for some heady fun!

Review №64

If you love a challenge paired with a little teamwork, this is your place! The puzzles are hard, but not too hard - just enough to keep you coming back for more!

Review №65

Great staff, good game (wizards tower)

Review №66

The puzzles were challenging but not so obscure that you had to be an expert. It helped having some more experienced questers in our group to keep us going. Looking forward to doing the other rooms.

Review №67

Funtastic experience! Im excited to try my hand at the other challenge!

Review №68

Beautiful layout, great puzzles, brilliant owners!

Review №69

Creative puzzles, attractive rooms, wonderful people.

Review №70

Part of a beta group. Loved it!!!

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