Trampoline Xtreme
5745 Chantry Dr, Columbus, OH 43232, United States
Trampoline Xtreme

Review №1

Check in takes a while. They could benefit from a couple more on staff on rainy/cold Friday evenings.Overall my daughters had fun.

Review №2

I love this place I got a coupon off of Groupon the first time we went and it was amazing my children loved it it was big. I love how they have the area separated and they have a huge bouncy house.

Review №3

Kids loved it but this place is so hot inside. As a parent i definitely didnt enjoy sitting there. Seating is limited. No food... but a drink vending machine.

Review №4

My G-Babies loved it. A great place to sweat off some pounds for adults. Lol. I wish they could serve some lite foods like chips and such.

Review №5

Went for a school event. The amount of staff was not as present as our prior visit. There is not enough seats when crowds are large. They do have some massage chairs which are nice, and a good way to relax while the kids play.

Review №6

Well and let me start by saying that the children said they had a good time and their favorite part was the basketball trampolines and the DodgeBall trampolines but it was very hot in there not adult-friendly and I was expecting to see a concession stand but all they had was vending machines that took a couple of dollars of my money but for the most part it was quiet and cool and we didnt have to worry about any drama or fighting and that was one of the parts that I like the most

Review №7

Hidden gem. This place is always less busy that some of the other parks, in my opinion it is maintained better and has more to offer than the other parks. Staff is friendly and laid back. Check for good deals on groupon!

Review №8

None of the trampoline edge covers were secured. A few of the more used edges on the large attraction to your immediate left when you enter had no lower support and were just like trap doors. My 6 year old fell face first into a 3 foot gap about 5 feet deep landing face first on the bars below. I am 6 feet tall and 250 lbs and I could have fit down that hole. They look like a solid surface but any weight or landing on it it completely gives way.This place needs a serious safety check and the staff who were all teens tried their best but really had no idea or training how to respond to a situation like this. Weve been to all the trampoline around Columbus and expect the occasional rolled ankle or fall but this accident today was just poor facility maintenance.

Review №9

It was a horrible experience. There was a DEAD WASP in the trampolines and they placed there watermark EVERYWHERE. The staff weren’t very helpful. Also, the place was so tiring! I hardly even jumped and I was so tired. They also said they have only ONE size of sock! Omg never going back.

Review №10

This place is clean. I always get my tickets off groupon which makes it better. Its never crowded when I take my children

Review №11

The kids had a great time on the equipment. The birthday room was not set up and the staff were not very helpful. They forgot to order our pizza we had to go get our own plates. It was very disorganized.

Review №12

Poor maintained equipment and no air. It’s august, it’s ridiculously too hot to even play

Review №13

I went for the first time today, and my whole family had a blast. It took much longer than expected to get checked in. The place is grossly understaffed, but once we got checked in it was well worth the wait and the prices were fair. Bathrooms were a wreck.

Review №14

Nice and spacious. Lots of jumping areas for the kids. Neat and clean. Lots of fun.

Review №15

Kids had great time but they really need to have air conditioning!

Review №16

Great place. Took my Special Needs child on Sensory Day. Thank you so much for providing this time for my little one !!!Looking forward to going back after the addition of more activities that are planned.

Review №17

If they had food and let you bring in good would be great place

Review №18

It is a great place and there are great people there. Its a really wonderful place to have a birthday party. There is a lot of different trampolines. Adults can have as much fun as kids do jumping or if your tired you can try out the massage chairs . Its really relaxing..i would recommend this place to anyone. I give it 5 stars its the best trampoline park in Ohio.

Review №19

My family enjoyed themselves! We were blessed with 4 free passes and they were well worth it.

Review №20

Fun, they had the foam pit shut down :(

Review №21

It was okay. Lot of fun for the kids no matter what. A lot of different activities also to keep them happy. Absolutely no food whatsoever only vending machines

Review №22

The place itself was fine its the people who are in there. My daughter was smacked in the face by a older boy which isnt okay. So I will take my children to an area which has less questionable people. Also the restrooms smelled like dirty diapers and had used tampons laying around. Again that speaks about the type of people who were there.Udate: had to update my review. Its May and an 80+ degree day and this place has no air conditioning!! Its hot as heck in here. They have two fans blowing in this large (old Best Buy) building and one family has both fans. Wow. Zero stars

Review №23

My kids had a great time. Place was clean and pretty nice.

Review №24

It bothers me that they havent put money back into their business. If they have, I cant tell. Hand rails are falling apart. Place looks dingy and carpet is ripped and mismatch. Someones child was peeing on the side of the building when I left. Wonder if the bathrooms are even working.

Review №25

Went for the first time yesterday ... nice big place ... staff was nice but for it being so big it can have more seating and not just picnic seating something more nice we had no where to sit with our friends and family so we had to sit on the floor and it could have been a little more cleaner ... dont think Ill visit this one again because of the seating but overall thats it

Review №26

Birthday Party for 6 year old with about 10 friends & family. Huge facility for all the kids to run around, jump & bounce. They had a blast! Nice party room.

Review №27

Biggest Trampoline park Ive ever been to. Staff is cold and not helpful but thats not why you come to a place like this. The prices are affordable and the attractions are just amazing. It is all indoor and a lot of fun to be had for all ages. They even have massage chairs in case you get too tired and need to rest.

Review №28

Very nice place, clean, owners are nice.

Review №29

Staff was very nice. Place was clean. Went at 7:30 on a Friday and it wasnt crowed at all. Not sure its worth the price if you dont use the coupon on Groupon.

Review №30

My son always has a blast here! Lots of different trampolines to play on, very reasonable prices, and never overly crowded. Definitely a great way for the kids to burn off some energy.

Review №31

Searched for a place for me and my children to go on a Saturday. Google says that this business is open until 9pm but upon arrival the business was closed with no proper signage that states the hours. Very very upset.

Review №32

Air quality could be better. Ventilation improvements would increase rating... dust smell prevalent. Enjoyable experience for kids after moving beyond aforementioned.

Review №33

I loved it theres a corner where you can jump off its really fun.

Review №34

Very clean, large trampolines, looks great for parties.

Review №35

Xtremely hott!! but tons of fun will becoming back with a gallon of water and a personal fan!!

Review №36

Pretty cute place. Do not let the dead mall round it scare you. They are not preachy, the facility was pretty clean. They had trampolines of a few different types and inflatables. Staff was proffessional. Great work out for adults and fun for kids.

Review №37

This place is a diamond in the rough. The outside isnt impressive, but the inside is fantastic! They have a special needs jump time on Thursday between 4pm and 6pm. No outside food or drinks, but there are vending machines that are state of the art. Adults can pay for a massage chair time while the kids jump. Just buy the jump socks and they will have a blast! Theres a video they can watch to learn how to jump on the trampoline. Sign the waiver, and they can have a blast with basketball, obstacle courses, dodgeball, and other large trampoline areas. They also have a special area you can reserve for birthdays. The prices are very reasonable.

Review №38

Great size park. I beg you to get a vendor or something for food options. You cannot have an entire trampoline park that hosts parties and or general recreation without food and beverage being served. I went for a party and was extremely dissapointed to find you had NO food options available. Jumping and playing= automatic thirst and appetite!!! Key tips to make this place better: Clean your restrooms, get some hot food and snack machines, additional seating throuout the park, paint your party room walls to look more festive for your paying guests.

Review №39

Great place! Kids had a blast! Very reasonable on price and much more for the kids to do versus other places like this. Looking forward to birthday parties here.

Review №40

Themanagers are awesome This park has more attractions than others and at a better price

Review №41

My grandsons really enjoyed themselves but they get 4 stars because I feel they could get some comfortable seating besides picnic tables.

Review №42

No frills, but all the thrills. My 8 year old loves this place.

Review №43

Number online is disconnected. The place was closed after we drove quite a ways. It said online it was open, extremely disappointing

Review №44

It was fun once I got my pass and socks yet it look about 15 minutes to finally get a pass even though there were 4 people behind the counter and yet only one actually doing work

Review №45

Probably will not go again just not what I expected thought there would be a toddler spot and foam pit people that work there were there just to hang out with each other then pay attention to anything else plus there us no socks for my kids to wear bc they ran out its like a free for all no rules need to be followed or anything plus the bathrooms werent great either.......

Review №46

Good time, my three year old enjoyed it and liked that he was able to try all the different attractions even if he was too small to complete them. Price is good, 4 stars because the bathrooms were borderline gross and need to be gutted and replaced. We will go back, just use the restrooms elsewhere before you go.

Review №47

Smelt like a mans locker room, sweaty and nasty. Needing a good cleaning and hotter than.....

Review №48

Wouldnt never recommend no one to have a party there you pay over 250$ and they have nothing to offer you they dont supply anything the party room has a big hole in the wall no working heat and they have no one to help you set up the party, you jump at your own risk. A total waste of money to have a party there.

Review №49

Awesome variations of Trampolines!! Very affordable, but I have to give 4 stars because the bathrooms were very dirty. Overall had a great time! Ill just make sure I use restroom before I go back.

Review №50

I would say that it was the best for a party with your friends but I got a Charlie horse so bad I to start limping

Review №51

Its hot no AC & no massage chairs for adults

Review №52

Most of the inflatables were leaking air and deflating...

Review №53

This place is terrible. We waited in line for 30-45 minutes because there was only 1 person that knew how to do waivers... and was doing them alone when there were 3 open computers to do them yourself. I watched 15 people just walk in without paying. And the 2 workers that apparently didnt know how to help stood at the desk while the manager slaved away. Terribly managed and I would not be surprised if they dont stay open long.Just go to Rockin Jump.

Review №54

Because i came for a birthday party from 430-630 and it took 30 mins just to get a wristband Im guessing due to a lack of staff. Also i forgot to bring non slip socks and plan to purchase some when i arrived only to find out that they only had toddler sizes available and everyone else was not wearing socks at all. I was highly disappointed with this visit to trampoline extreme

Review №55

Hot no a/c the bathrooms where terrible worse than a gas stationstaff wasnt helping to sitting in front of the fan for 2 hours

Review №56

My grandson had a great time. One of the staff played with him & as more kids arrived they played together.

Review №57

Huge, not crowded like the other trampoline parks, lots to do. GPS will take you to a parking lot.. this is in the old Best Buy building. Theres not a big sign...

Review №58

This place is AWESOME me and my whole family had fun . Its very spacious , Also has several different bouncing activities. They still have a summer special going on $10 per person for 90 minutes of jumping.

Review №59

Unorganized, ghetto, unconcerned, unable to actually manage birthday parties. It took the mother of the birthday boy basically losing all control before the staff would respond and get us into a birthday room. Inside it was empty, no decor, and the birthday room was warmed by a space heater. Would NOT recommend!

Review №60

Went during special needs time, kids loved it thank you for having this time for them.

Review №61

Great experience. Family had fun!

Review №62

Spacious area. However the equipment may need more padding and care. Kind of hard to locate without a big sign outside. The staff were ok, my kids had fun :-). Has the potential to be as great as sky zone or air assault if better organized and maintained.

Review №63

The one off Brice road look nothing like the web page looks it is kinda dirty they dont have some things it says they do I probably wont be back unless I get really good deal

Review №64

Kids love it, great facility but people don’t wear socks! That’s completely unsanitary! Disgusts me that people would even be ok with jumping in a public place without socks.

Review №65

Its amazing and fun for people if all ages

Review №66

Huge place kids has a blast

Review №67

Awesome place to take the whole family. Very clean and lots of room for kids and adults to have fun.

Review №68

Kids had a great time

Review №69

Pleasantly surprised. Hoping to take our cheer squad there soon! No bells and whistles...but good.

Review №70

Nice place my kids had fun

Review №71

My kids really enjoyed playing at Trampoline Xtreme!!!

Review №72

This place is very nice especially when u come on days when theres not to many people there

Review №73

Super ticked that I waited in line for a half hour just to be told I actually had to fill out a waiver, then stand in line to pay to jump. Would have been great if staff had said that before we got in line or if there was some directions posted. Rather just stick to sky zone now.

Review №74

Very dead area!!! Nothing refreshments...seems economically depressed...the Xtreme is kind of a cool place...bathrooms are clean...nust NOTHING AROUND

Review №75

Huge space, very clean. Kids had a blast. Nice to have such a great place close to canal.

Review №76

The kids had fun.

Review №77

Really fun. Kind of expensive though

Review №78

Place is incredible had no idea the vast array of space and trampolines. Kids loved it, staff was very helpful, place is very clean and all new equipment.

Review №79

Run down a little bit they need to keep up on their equipment. Half of the obstacles on the little course thing were torn down

Review №80

Had a great time. My 2 boys and niece cant wait to go back and jump! !!

Review №81

Really fun place to go and let the kids have fun!!

Review №82

If I could give it a zero I would. The only reason I would even consider giving it one star is because the price matches the expierience. When I took my children we expierienced very poor safety and most of the obstacles weren’t even finished. The springs on the trampoline weren’t sturdy and were popping out while my children were jumping. Also inside of the bathroom there was black mildew all over the walls, broken tiles, and crusty sinks. Luckily we had a discount from a previous family member because if not we would have definetly gotten a refund. But, as I said before my expienced matched the price...not recommended.

Review №83

Is a christian-based organization that has a ton of stuff for kids to do the birthday party rooms are awesome and very large thats very clean smells good and my kids had a blast the prices are very reasonable I just hope that everybody comes here

Review №84

This was the most horrible trampoline park in Columbus that I have been to. The bathrooms are disgusting, not one toilet flushed, over flowing trash, toilet paper hanging out of toilets and did not look like they have been cleaned in months. The whole place smelled like marijuana. There was garbage all over. A lot of the equipment was falling apart. There were no staff members anywhere except the front of the building so the safety was concerning. I took 11 children there and no one asked me if there were waivers filled out. I will not go back and do not recommend taking anyone there. Rock in Jump in Westerville has similar prices and much better facilities.

Review №85

Great fun

Review №86

Had birthday party over the weekend, and paid over $300 but it is only for party room and socks for the kids.compaier other places the package includes pizza, drink and lot more.and the stuff not really organized we wasted lot of our time to get assistance.not pleased at all,I called the day before just to get more information no one answers the phone or call back I don’t recommend it for party at all.

Review №87

Great Place

Review №88

Nice place to take the family with small kids or just a night out

Review №89

Worst experience ever staff was completely lost, unprofessional and disorganized. They did not order the food for the party when we arrived all the staff members forgot. Then there was like 6 workers playing basketball the whole time on one of the trampoline ball games, rather then letting the kids play. One worker was laying down on the ground on his phone for the first hour we were there.

Review №90

7$ passes on Groupon are worth every penny. Kids love this place!

Review №91

You can have a lot of fun, get really high, and its a great way to stay in shape!

Review №92

Amazing staff my kids love this place they were especially good to my son with Autism

Review №93

Great spot for the kids to wear themselves oot

Review №94

Me and my son went and had a great time together. The employees were very nice and helpful.

Review №95

Nice trampolines not very good location

Review №96

My Family had a ball!!! There are several bounce areas and I think they hit each and every one. WOW!! It was fun!!

Review №97

Huge facility and never super crowded so much for the kids to do and seats for the parents

Review №98

Me n da kids loved it.....Will go again

Review №99

Was awesome and kids have great fun for however long u want

Review №100

My kids always enjoy this place

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