Hollywood Connection Family Fun Center
1683 Whittlesey Rd, Columbus, GA 31904, United States
Review №1

While Hollywood does a great job with everything going on with the pandemic, its still the issue of the young patrons that ruin fun for others... Also you really have to do a better job with the food... My group got sick off of the chicken wings...

Review №2

If its raining outside and you want to spend some fun time with your soldier, this will satisfy the need. The indoor putt putt course is in great shape and its challenging. The place is clean and very family friendly. The laser tag is not the best youve probably played but, hey its $6. There is skating, Putt Putt, laser tag, and gaming available on a wristband which is nice also. A movie is connected next door to the fun center.

Review №3

Went for a birthday party and the party room was filthy. Nothing was set up...chairs on top of the tables and the tables were nasty. We had to ask for someone to wipe them off and she wiped them with just a wet papertowel. They require you to wear masks, yet that room hadnt been cleaned anytime recently, let alone sanitized between parties. The party was scheduled for 1:30 and they said we could get there up to an hour early to set up. We finally knocked on the doors at 5 after 1 and they let us in. When I asked to speak to the manager after all this her response was that she is the one opened the door and ot was 1:02...?!?! Still wasnt up to an hour early. She also said that the reason that the room wasnt ready was because we got there early. I can assure you that it would have taken more than 25 minutes to actually clean and set up that room... not to mention have time to decorate a little before the party started. They also never served our ice cream. And apparently they dont issue refunds.

Review №4

Great family atmosphere plenty of games, skating and laser tag to enjoy in a comfortable setting

Review №5

Stopped to play some mini golf while we were visiting. We had a blast. The kids also played some laser tag.

Review №6

This was a super cute place for a kids birthday party! The only confusing thing is that it’s named “Hollywood Connection” online but when you get there the name is different. It doesn’t say “Hollywood Connection” anywhere on the building. But it’s not hard to figure out you’ve arrived at the correct location. It’s more than just a skate rink; mini golf, arcade, etc... so many fun options. The food is really decent too. Most places like this have below average food. Their wings are on point. The Glow Room was great. Their staff members handle bringing pizza and drinks to your section and serving and cleanup. The actual skate rink is nice. Not old and outdated. The rental skates are a little rough though - if you’ve got your own skates BEING THEM.

Review №7

The manager was very rude. 4 children paid $61.56 to skate . They went to arcade the employer cut their bands off. Told them they had to pay all that money again to enter again. At this time another boy went out with his band so he can come back in. All this happened in a few hours . These children paid $61.56 for an 1 hour 30. They are a total RIP OFF.

Review №8

I have some great memories coming here with my cousin growing up. When I loved coming here after seeing a movie to play and go skating. Laser Tag was probably the best idea they had. It has gotten a lot better since the last time I came. They have put in a ton of arcade games in there.

Review №9

Had fun with my children plenty for them to do..

Review №10

This place is great for family fun, the skating is the best thing there!

Review №11

They have mixed race skating kids or adults the Palace skating ring of Hollywood Connections you only play pop music after 2 R&B songs you play 30 to 40 minutes music how is that compromising when you have all type of race in their skating you cant do that especially in the world that we live in today it does nothing but brain problems we have the compromise 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes its only fair and the 15 minutes is 15 minutes of Latin music 15 minutes of R&B music 15 minutes of pop music 15 minutes of rock music because pop music and rock music doesnt speak or talk about anything positive they talk about negative things also just listen to the music listen to the words and Im talking about the music that has been played up at Hollywood connection Saturday and Sunday

Review №12

Pricy, but awesome place to go ! Bathrooms need to be kept clean on the regular !

Review №13

I took my 6 y.o. granddaughter to Xanadu Skate center and learned upon arrival they were providing lessons. The employees who were giving lessons were great teachers and were very helpful. A great team! She really enjoyed her time skating. We will be back!

Review №14

No one ever answers the phone. EVER. Prices are high, the floor is not in good shape, and they dont honor the kids skate free passes at random times, but if you need to call and see if that applies, good luck getting them to answer the phone. The staff helping the kids on the skate floor are very nice. The staff at the desk when you pay... not so much.

Review №15

The children 4, 8, and 10 had a great time!!! The older children enjoyed playing lazer tag. They also when on the bounce house with my younger grand child. They dont allow you to bring in food. They have a place to eat, but we did not try that. All and all we had a good time! This is a great place for all around fun and reasonably priced. Plenty of parking and lots to do. Skating, putt putt, movies , laser tag and a little diner.

Review №16

Not as awesome as it was 15 years ago, but its still a fun place to spend a few hours with the kids!

Review №17

I used to go here every weekend, then corona shut it down, glad to be here when it opens up

Review №18

The putt putt golf is very fun. Be wary of the 7th hole because if uppity hit the ball just right then you will land in the water! Good thing for killing time on a Friday or Saturday night.

Review №19


Review №20

Nice cheap affordable....bathrooms could have been tended to way better

Review №21

We had a blasttttt.... I myself felt like a big kid in the arcade part... My daughter enjoyed the skating rink and golf. The food is a bit pricey though, but hay nowadays thats no surprise lol... Overall fun experience

Review №22

Had an amazing time... It would be nice though if the rink and the food court opened a little earlier though

Review №23

Very Proffeshonal well organised music is great staff is very attentive

Review №24

Not even All that fun only fun thing is Laser Tag that game is Awesome

Review №25

The Hollywood Connection Family Fun Center lives up to its name. There is a lot of FUN to be had for a very good price ($10.00 per person for wrist band, includes putt putt indoor golf, skating, laser tag). There is a decent arcade in the place as well, and their diner was clean, service was friendly, and pizzas were good! We had our son who is in the army there in FT Benning what a great place to spend time with the whole family great memories made at this location we are grateful to them would defiantly go again!

Review №26

Kids had fun. Some of the games are way too expensive to play. $3.00 for a claw machine.

Review №27

Very nice. Had none stop fun for a decent price.

Review №28

Its fun to bring kids prizes could be better for the amount of money you kick out for games. All in all its a great experience. I would recommend

Review №29

Great facility, great clean family fun! Kind of on the expensive side but you get what you pay for.

Review №30

It was really fun and theres so much to do! Prices are great. I would ONLY go during the week however. Downside: Friday and Saturday nights are HELL. People are rude, its a madhouse and teenagers swore and pushed my young children down on skating rink. Also, the music was not appropriate for families AT ALL. Diner food was good, but not worth the price.

Review №31

Google said this place closes at 10 pm during the week. Their sign with hours out by the front doors says they close at 10 during the week. We got there at 8:45 and all the doors were locked. Everything inside is on. I called them 4 times, never getting an answer. A customer leaving told us they closed at 9. WTF?

Review №32

Fun to skate but workers in the Skating Rink were not paying enough attention to kids who fell and couldnt get up

Review №33

The family truly enjoyed themselves as we used this time to spend with our military soldiers before graduation. The staff was knowledgeable and very courteous. I will definitely recommend this spot to have fun with your kids and family.

Review №34

Birthday party messed up cause of the party planners there not listening when I scheduled a party. Last year had an issue, but my kids really wanted to skate at his party so...Hot upstairs, cold downstairs, and too crowded for skating at one point. Laser tag was reserved and yet at the reserved time there was another group in there still for another 14 minutes!!! Never again

Review №35

Great place to come and have fun with the family. Weve been here three times, the first time we took advantage of there roller skating rink. Second our kids enjoyed the arcade games, and Last we came back for the miniture golf. I stead of trying to do everything at once, my husband and I choose to enjoy one area at a time. Which gives us multiple family nights out together!!

Review №36

We held a birthday party yesterday. It was the best one we have hosted thanks to the activities and staff. The host was always ready to help out and made the party run smooth. The activities were all on time and the kids enjoyed it. I highly recommend having parties there.

Review №37

This place is a lot of fun, it’s great for all ages! BUT I do not recommend having a birthday party here. I called two weeks in advance to reserve for a party. Since we only had 6 kids coming the lady I spoke with recommended to just rent the table in the skating area and paying the $60 cake fee (use $30 towards food) and wristbands would be $16 each. Well she didn’t bother to inform me that we also had to pay $4 skate fee so each wrist band ended up being $20 each. Also, it cost $6 for a drink pitcher which was fine for sodas but it was still $6 for a pitcher of WATER! So ridiculous. They were horrible with a party group, 3 different workers took me to different counters because no one knew where I needed to pay and who I needed to talk to!! DO NOT HAVE A BIRTHDAY PARTY HERE!! We spent almost $300 for 6 kids, a couple pizzas and drink pitchers. It Would have been cheaper for the party room but the worker INSISTED it would be cheaper in the skate room. Again.. I do not recommend for a bday party!

Review №38

Visited this establishment with my daughter, and her soldier fiance. We played mini golf which is much harder then it looks, but was loads of fun nonetheless. They did a great job with the theme, and decorations on the mink golf course. It was a great time for the value. And a huge bonus for hiring special needs employees. The owners must have a heart of gold.

Review №39

Great place to have fun with your whole family. Theres just so much to do and the food is great. I always recommend friends to come to this theater because we can do skating ,movies, a restaurant and even arcade.

Review №40

Kids had a good time. A big variety of games to play. Didnt skate this time but next to me we will looked fun.

Review №41

It was pretty good. Not the best, but thats to be expected with a staff of teenagers and not much oversight.

Review №42

Arcade and laser tag facility and staff were great and clean. The two girls working in diner were awful. There were three groups, one with food, one waiting, and us. Thirty minutes of waiting for alltwo and milkshakes the girl who had literally been standing there could say was, It is a long process. Very poor service and both girls should be fired. They are losing money for diner and rest of facility. We left and got a refund.

Review №43

It was fun! We played mini golf. The employees are really nice. We would definitely come back again. My son had fun.

Review №44

We went today for the first time in years. We went for the skate lessons & I have to say they were amazing !! Johnny was so helpful with my youngest and so patient with her. Of course the other workers were great too!! Im not sure how they do it with all the kids but they keep a smile on their face and help each and every one of them. We will definitely be back again.

Review №45

My children and I went in to see Santa here this year because the mall is just to crowded and the line is always to long. I enjoyed this Santa and the way he was with my babies. We love that we had the opportunity to buy a UBS drive with all of the pictures that were taken. We will definitely go back next year to see Santa. Great job to everyone that helped.

Review №46

The line we’re in cause Hollywood connection makes you dress a certain kind of way even though they say nothing about a dress code

Review №47

Great fun for family. This place has changed a lot over the years. Bring back the bumper cars.

Review №48

The entire family had a blast! Such a great place to enjoy the company of friends and family!

Review №49

Mini golf is okay and laser tag is also, but if you plan on using the rinks skates if you didnt bring your own, their skates are horrible and need to be fixed. Every pair they gave me was broken so I really didnt find a point of skating at all here.

Review №50

Excellent place for family fun! Skating was awesome! Arcades cool. Endless Fun!

Review №51

Huge rip off. Costs a dollar to get ripped off by this one. And luckily for us this scam is our autistic sons favorite game. So we chill here the whole time with him begging us to try, us knowing they are just stealing from us

Review №52

Friendly staffs and games and skating for kids and adults. They also have skating lessons on every Saturday at 10:30 AM and Tuesday at 5:30 PM. They also host kids birthday parties.

Review №53

Always a great place for skating, mini golf and laser tag...they’ve also added a few new arcade games!

Review №54

Hollywood connection was good I got to skate and play games it was fun thanks for asking.

Review №55

It was fun I was happy to spend time with my FAMILY also good place f oki r a b-day party

Review №56

At the first car show 2020 at the Hollywood connection classic cars all day today

Review №57

Great place for family and friends but pricey

Review №58

This is the most poorly run and pathetically managed place I have ever been to. Which is sad because I have been going to Hollywood Connections since I was a child, and I had been taking my children, but never again. Whatever is going on now seriously needs to reevaluated. The general manager has massive anger issues and should not be allowed to work around children. The manager is ridiculously and unnecessarily rude. Some of the teens they employ use vulgar language when speaking to children and adults on the skate floor. The music they were playing on a Saturday afternoon while young children and families were skating was very profane uncensored rap music one right after another. No variety at all. A man even complained about the music to management and he and his family were literally thrown out and banned from the establishment. Im not sure what is going on with this place now, but it is unreal. I highly suggest going to Stars and Strikes instead, the employees at this place do not know the meaning of family fun.

Review №59

This establishments staff was extremely rude, unprofessional and not helpful in any way whatsoever. We purchased a game card upon check in with $100 cash. The screen popped up and said no change which we assumed that meant coins because there was no specification on the screen or on the machine. When we realized it wouldnt give us our $75 back after we only wanted to spend $25, we spoke with Hollywood Connections staff and management. They were very rude, especially the manager. They refused to take ownership for the problem, raised their voice when we asked if there was anyone else that could help solve our problem, stating that there was nothing they could do, because the card machine is through another company, and stormed off. (When you chose to use some ones business inside your establishment, you are supposed to take accountability for their mistakes as well as your own.) While we were talking with them we also asked if we could use the card throughout the building for other games such as put put gold and skating (to just try and make things right since it didnt seem like they were going to try to help us I any way) and they said no, only for the arcade. I do not recommend this establishment simply for the awful treatment from staff, the games gyp you, and so does the toy redemption machine for your tickets. If I could rate no stars given I would.

Review №60

We love coming here... it is so much fun. Today we had great luck winning, but machines acting funny. Matt (the employee who helped us) was quick to help remedy the issues and was very friendly. We had a blast!!!

Review №61

Are they open right now?

Review №62

Honestly this place has gone really down hill. There was a time when you could play golf, games and get a bite at a modest price. Now $7.50 for a 3 year old to skate?The staff is about as attentive as a gnat on crack. The restaurant area behind the counter was a tragic mess of filth and stains. No thank you Hollywood Connection you can have your over priced skate fees and 3 dollar crane games. Ill have my kids parties elsewhere.I know my dollar wont break the hearts of the bank but you still arent getting it.Its sad really; the place opened in the late 90s and it was great now its a great disappointment.

Review №63

Nice place to go and spend money with the kids.

Review №64

This place has it all .. Skating rink, laser tag, restaurant, mini golf, arcade. The staff has always been friendly and gives suggestions to specials that could save you money. Atmosphere is cozy and comfortable. Food is delicious. Prices are very reasonable and affordable.

Review №65

POOR Service from Diner. Had a Birthday Party Planned for our daughter. We ordered Pizza and some of the older attendees wanted something else so went to the diner, they waited over an hour still never got their food. Got alot of attitude from the so called manager in their. She is rude and whinny. Finally, demanded refund and found out that another employee had pocketed some of the cash. Tried to talkto Mr. Brad and was basically ignored. Called and left 5 messages for a manager to call me about this because the whole processed put off my daughters party and we were told to leave party area and go skate during the opening of her presents. According to them even though no one else was scheduled behind us she could not continue to open her presents. Mind you I spent over $300.00 for this party. This is the second attempt to have a party at Hollywood Connection both were failures due to Hollywood Connection Staff. Better think twice about planning something here. To the managers, talk to you staff, my number is floating around, use it and give me a call. If you are one of the two I all spoke with this past Saturday during the party dont bother, I want your boss to call.

Review №66

Great fun for kids and teens. Maybe even older adults on special event dates. Nice for the age ranging from 1 through 25, in my opinion. Skating, putt-putt, video games, etc. Movie theater next door.

Review №67

Ive been bringing my daughter to Hollywood connection each summer for three years now. The area is clean and safe and she enjoys the staff. BUT my concern is that this morning I came in and as Im always in a hurry needed to pay as quick as possible. An employee whose name was given to me as Dillon was seated at the front desk of the rink and I assumed he was working. He quickly said Im not at work and somebody will be here to help you as soon as they get back. Yes I might of been short but I needed to get back to work and needed to get someone. He flatly refused saying he did not like the way I asked him. I had to go find a staff person myself to help. And by the way that fellow who I found was extremely nice and helped me quickly. If someone is not on duty that dont need to be at the cashiers desk or anywhere near the area. Im moving my complaint up the corporate ladder unless someone can satisfy my issue.

Review №68

Fun place for family. They have laser tag, skating, minature golf, arcade, and movies. This is a good place to go for fun.

Review №69

We had fun playing golf but there was a very strong chlorine smell that made it difficult to breathe. We still had the smell in our noses after we left the facility.

Review №70

It was fun and the grandsons had a great time, but $4.39 for a bottle of water???? REALLY?

Review №71

Lots of fun for the kids. And me too. Also, the prices arent as high as one would expect

Review №72

Me and my kids love going to this place but it is a little pricey. They love to do the wall climbing Golf and laser tag. They also have skating and much much more its a great place to go on Sundays.

Review №73

Good place for the kids to have good clean safe fun movies, skating rink and lots of video games for big kids like me to have fun too!

Review №74

I attended a kids football banquet there. The room was reserved for one hour beginning at 6pm. There was supposed to be unlimited wristbands, pizza, and drinks. There was not enough food and no drinks. After paying extra we got more pizza and drinks. We had to wait 15 minutes for the room, then 10 more for food. By 630 we finally had what we had paid for. No attendant, no cups, no napkins, no trashcan...It was over 300.00. Then the unlimited wristbands were taken when they used them for laser tag. The whole experience was bad. Never again!

Review №75

Fun place to take our children. There is golf, an arcade, skating, lazer tag, movie theater, birthday party rooms and a diner!

Review №76

A little pricey but fun

Review №77

Dalton made the difference! He is professional and extremely helpful! I will be sure to book future parties here!

Review №78

Went to play miniature golf, it was fun. Very clean facility

Review №79

We have been there to play minigolf today. Its nice maintenanced course. A little surprise is that for our not even 3 years old boy we had to pay full price. The receipt even says adult golf for him. The price is 7.50 before taxes per person. The biggest rip off are of course gaming machines. You expect them to be tricky!! BUT!! our 3 years old managed to grab a big spiked ball in the crane grab machine... It went all the way back to the docking position and dropped the ball to the give away box... What a surprise... The ball bounced back to the machine - there is a hidden ledge right behind the glass wall, invisible if you dont stick your face on the glass. Sorry, but every ball has to bounce back from crane docking position as it will just never fit the hole- cant even express the dossapointment about these cheap tricks on kids!

Review №80

Well maintained and clean. The putt putt course was fun!

Review №81

Kids had a great time, but the prices are outrageous! About $4.50 for a bottle of water and they charge different admission prices depending on the day of the week.

Review №82

We visited on a Wednesday night and had a great time. The staff was friendly as we played mini golf and arcade games.

Review №83

Was fun loved skating, will go again I suggest using roller blades they are easier and be ready for ur body to hurt after ur done and the next day. Only bad thing is kids kept running out in front of us and we couldnt catch speed without kids getting in the way.

Review №84

We attended a birthday party and had fun. There was an elevator to get upstairs and the partyroom was clean. There was also a skating time.

Review №85

We had fun checking put this place.

Review №86

The price of the skating rink has sky rocketed exceedingly... My children and i love going there but we are starting to be able to afford it less and less.

Review №87

Great place with a lot of diversity on what you can do. They have something g for all ages and a movie theatre joined in so you can have a family day of fun. Been going since I was a kid. I would say the DJ plays the same songs over and over but besides that its a place to enjoy year round

Review №88

It ok

Review №89

Awesome golf course! Clean environment and great skating area

Review №90

I gave it four stars bc the people skating had to watch out for the littie kids they 3-6 year olds shouldn’t by there on Friday and Saturday night it’s not safe for anyone my friend almost broke her arm but over all it was awesome!!!!! ️️️

Review №91

Went there for our Family Sunday and manager Stephanie was as rude as they get. I would not waste my time or money going there ever again, just because of her. She should not manage an establishment with child around. Super unprofessional. I will be contacting cooperate it was so bad!!!! STEPHANIE needs to be fired!

Review №92

The prices arent gonna kill your pocket to much. I have to boys (5&7) and I bring them here and for $8 they both can play a round of golf and they think the course is really cool.They have an arcade but its very small. Not been to the movie theater yet but my friends say it is nice.Skate rink we have yet to visit but prices seem good for that. Its maintained and clean with staff that are friendly. I take them here for rewards or if we need to burn a couple hours.

Review №93

Took grandson here today and disappointed. The girl at check in counter kinda short with her answers and info. Second tried to connect to wifi and was unable to even on the open connection. Two others but had to have password. Needless to say my intentions to do some work on computer was not done. When asking the girl about this besides being curt, she said it hardly ever works. Thus my one star.

Review №94

My son had his football banquet there on Sunday 11-13-17and it was nice. The kids had fun roller skating, playing laser tag and miniature golf. This place is family friendlyand we are planning a family day to go back very soon!

Review №95

Love this place. Never too crowded. Skating , mini golf & arcade.

Review №96

Very nice place its fun really clean inside of building plenty to do

Review №97

Ive never had a problem at Hollywood connection till today. We watched a movie next door before I took the three girls to skate. My (14 yr old)son was talking to his friends at the theater before he would joined us. I didnt skate but the girls did and after a while my son came in the skating rink but not before the cop in the front entrance telling him he couldnt come in because he wasnt skating. Only kids with armbands who are skating are allowed to come in. I understand certain policies for why things need to be done but me as a parent who worries about their kids to have to make a choice of watching 3 girls or a son who cant come in because he has no armband to skate. He didnt want to skate btw. As a parent what wouldve you chosen? To watch the girls or go stay with your son out of the rink? This world is already messed up anyways and I like to keep my kids close in an environment like that. Long story short after a discussion with the cop he let my son in as long as he stays by me. I personally think theres got to be a revised policy in cases like this where there is a parent around to watch their kids. I do understand if its just kids going in there to hangout with the other kids and goofing off or being mischievous but come on Im a parent that is chaperoning my daughter and her two friends plus my son. I challenge Hollywood Connection to look at their policies again. Im pretty sure we are not going back anytime soon.

Review №98

They are simply amazing people we love them all

Review №99

Price is great and the place has the potential to be great. They had kids running around everywhere. Hitting machines and screaming. I understand that has a lot to do with the parents but if a kid is punching your machines maybe your staff should do something? They didnt seem to have enough people in to properly handle the crowd. Along with that a lot of the staff members seemed bothered for simply buying a drink. It is a shame because there is so little to do locally but Id say not a place for young kids. Maybe older so the kids swearing and acting out with the staff doing nothing is ..better.

Review №100

Great counter associate Ish was so cheerful and cordial with us. Even offered us complimentary soft drinks so we could hang out for an hour till we were ready to get our popcorn and other drinks at movie time. Love dealing with people that enjoy their customer service jobs. Thanks Ish!

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:1683 Whittlesey Rd, Columbus, GA 31904, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 706-571-9350
  • Amusement center
  • Roller skating rink
Working hours
  • Monday:11:30am–10pm
  • Tuesday:11:30am–9pm
  • Wednesday:11:30am–10pm
  • Thursday:11:30am–10pm
  • Friday:5:30–11:30pm
  • Saturday:11:30am–11:30pm
  • Sunday:11:30am–10pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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