Trapped Columbus Escape Room
4310 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214, United States
Review №1

Great experience with my teens, definitely will go back. Staff was great. Price was good to. They even gave us a discount.

Review №2

We did Buried. This was a ton of fun! The staff are awesome! The room puzzles were really tough but a blast to figure out! Cant wait to see what they do next!

Review №3

I’m just trying to reach someone, I’ll take this review down as soon as I get information about this place. I don’t see any hours of operation, I don’t see a way to reserve on the website (even though it says that on the voicemail) called non stop just to find out whether they were open and if they take walk ins.I hope to reach someone soon.I will remove this one star as soon as I find info about this place, it looks great!Edit: thanks for the update, changed the review.

Review №4

A fun place but lacks some things from other experiences that I’ve had at other escape rooms. For instance, I prefer the multi-room experience. Trapped only has single rooms with a guide playing a role in each room. It’s all about what you prefer.

Review №5

We did Buried. Room had great details and Riley our room controller was in character, super helpful, and properly obscure. We were greeted instantly, and the lobby was clean and welcoming. All of the staff we encountered were awesome honestly, and the room was balanced and original. Well definitely be back!!

Review №6

This was my first escape room and I was thoroughly entertained. This one had a live actor in it which I wasnt expecting but I feel did enhance the experience rather than take away from it.

Review №7

Awesome experience. We did Mutated and it was super fun. More of mind bender puzzles than eye spy puzzles. Lots of code breakers. The actors helped to move the puzzles along and I think that is a great idea as opposed to being left in a room with no clues. Great job! Good way to spend an hour with your friends.

Review №8

It was my first escape room and it was sooo fun!

Review №9

This escape room was awful. I have done multiple escape rooms and this one was so discouraging and terribly hard. I would so not recommend it. The helper gave no help even when asked. Dont waste your time and money. The lighting made it impossible to do anything, you switched roles and that wasted time and broke your efforts up. I cant Express enough how bad this was.

Review №10

We did the zombie escape room for our family winter event. They were the best. The zombie locked in with us was fantastic. It was so much fun we decided to set up our own escape room easter egg hunt.

Review №11

Visited 2/2/19-This place is amazing. The staff makes the experience not only forgettable but incredible. They have 3 different scenarios that change approx every 3 months. This was my first time doing anything like this and I DEFINITELY suggest this place. We did the zombie room and I can not speak higher of the zombie. She never broke character and really sold the act. My daughter was able to solve the final puzzle and saved us all from dieing with about 7 mins left. I promise, you will have a great time and leave feeling like you just actually experienced whatever challenge you chose. This place is a real hidden gem in my book and we WILL be returning.

Review №12

So much fun! Amazing actors and a great atmosphere. Will definitely be coming back!

Review №13

Staff super helpful. I was personally struck with fear and was no help to the team except in distracting the zombie so i guess it work out. If you want to know if you and your date will succeed with future situations this is the place to see if you both can work together. Highly recommended.

Review №14

This was my second experience at Trapped. The first one was in the space-themed room and today was the Christmas room. Both rooms were decorated awesome and the puzzles were challenging. However, during our last puzzle in the Christmas room today the computer was actually broken and we were unable to access the last code. Our actor seemed confused and did not let us know it was not working until time ran out. We spent the last 15 minutes trying to get it to work with no help from staff or backup. At the end the staff said “you guys would have made it if the computer was working and we’ll say you guys made it out”. What? That defeated the whole purpose of the escape room and our experience when the room did not work properly. Why was there no backup for when the technology failed? They could have let us know before we started or given us the clue when we had clearly hooked everything up properly. Honestly, our group left feeling disappointed and underwhelmed.

Review №15

Had so much fun with the Christmas workshop escape room! This company also came to my group at work and set up some escape rooms in our conference rooms for us to break out of, and our employees loved it! Will definitely be back, and would recommend to anyone looking for some fun!

Review №16

I absolutely loved this! I went with my family and grandchildren and we all just had a blast! We did the Contagion. The gal that worked with us was wonderful. You sure learn how to work together with your family (or not)! Ha! I am still laughing to this day about it! So Fun!!

Review №17

Had a really great time! The staff member that was in the room with us did a fantastic job! The lady at the desk was so helpful! The clues were just the right level of difficulty. It was a great experience! Cant wait to go back and try another room!!

Review №18

Well thought out rooms and friendly staff. Could invest more in room setup. Would go back!

Review №19

Have done two rooms. Mutated was great! The Christmas one was OK. One of the locks didnt work properly. Staff are friendly and great, though! Its a really fun atmosphere!

Review №20

First trap room but it was soooooo fun. I will definitely be returning. They have multiple scenarios and rooms to pick. A lot if challenging puzzles and riddles to solve. Beat the timer with 5 minutes left and it was exhilarating. Great groupon prices!

Review №21

Amazing time! We did the Mutant escape which involved live actors which really added to the experience. It was challenging but not impossible and they gave some hints to keep things moving. Highly recommend!!!

Review №22

We had a great time! Great clues and the agent (actress) was cool. Wife and I was paired with a group that knew each other and it was still a good time. We escaped with 24 seconds remaining. Would definitely go again to try a different room and would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good time.

Review №23

Went with a group of 7 females. We all felt we didnt contribute much, but we did get out with 11:20 minutes to spare. What FUN!

Review №24

I booked a private room for the Buried scenario. I was unable to go, but the rest of the group made it and they loved it. Definitely worth the price.

Review №25

I absolutely love this place! My friends and I have been several times, and each time weve had a blast, whether weve solved the room or not. What Ive heard from other people weve had in our group is that Trappeds rooms are harder and better acted than any other escape room here in Columbus. I would definitely agree. The staff at Trapped is friendly and they do a fantastic job acting in the rooms! The puzzles, locks and riddles in the rooms are well planned and really mesh together completely.Do yourself a favor and book some tickets at Trapped. I highly recommend Served! and Mutated (if youre into zombies).

Review №26

We had a great experience here with my coworkers. This escape room is different than others because they have live actors in the games. make sure to go with at least seven people. more people more fun the game is.

Review №27

My husband and I really enjoyed our first experience with an escape room here. We did the infected room, and it was a lot of fun. Most of the people in our group were strangers, but everyone managed to work together well. The actors did a fantastic job and the puzzles were very challenging without being impossible. That said, we did not make it out but we were SO close! Would definitely recommend this place and will probably go back in the future to try out their different rooms.

Review №28

If you really need a night out with friends or family and like arent a bar type person...... This is a really great place...... To not only spend time together but to spend that time actively engaged in a problem solving team work type activity..... Truly is great fun...... Every single member of staff, I have come across at least ,are super helpful and always seem to have a smile on there faces...... def a must try...... There are degrees of difficulty family style themes and some that are geared more for the over say like sixteen demographic......Not that it is adult themed...... Its that some rooms have a horror type theme that I dont think younger kids would enjoy...... Took all of my nieces and nephews to this years Christmas themed room witch was super cute...The room was set up beautifully..... We were supposed to have snuck into Santas office to try and find the naughty and nice list and the door locks behind us and we had to find the way out before santa found us and put us on the naughty list for the rest of our lives....... Hopefully you can see why it was such a fun and engaging time with them....... And it is Def somewhere that I promise your not gonna have everyone in your group starring at there phones...... Oh I almost forgot there are different themes as well as level of difficulty and each room has one or more actors in them to help further your way in the game and give you a real fighting chance....... And if you can successfully complete the room in the fastest time then you team name gets put up for all to see ...... Until your time gets beaten by another group anyway...... But def a great time all around and have had success with taking both my five nieces and one nephew........ As well as close friends....... In the more challenging rooms are definitely very challenging..... And the family style even though its not quite as difficult as the more advanced rooms they are still challenging enough to keep both kids and adults engaged....... Not sure if I have already said it but definitely a must try....... Highly highly recommend

Review №29

We were really pleasantly surprised by Trapped. The Infected room was quite challenging, but still fun and really engaging. The actors were great, super helpful and spot on with their performances. They manage to create a sense of stress and danger in a single room, which also makes the puzzles harder to solve, coincidentally. Overall, a great experience!

Review №30

This was fun, although I didnt care for my room too much. Ive been to better trapped rooms and would give it another try but in a different room. The room that I was not as fun and the clues were just way too scattered for me. But it was great, especially with friends and I definitely would recommend!r

Review №31

Fun experience! Staff helped to make it a great experience.

Review №32

5/5 10/10 or what ever you want to rate it. Fun, intuitive, and challenging. Great for team building, or a date night if you are into games or want to do something different. Plus the actors are convincing and fun. Would do again...

Review №33

Show up early. We did the mutated room. Fun scary and challenging.

Review №34

This place is great! A fun date activity or just something to do with friends. The bigger group of people you know, the less randoms youll have in your room.

Review №35

I like this place and the staff is super nice here.

Review №36

Great experience would recomend to anyone who wants to have some fun and do something a little different

Review №37

Great time. Creative and thoughtful rooms. Not as intense as a zombie room, but still good

Review №38

We were a little hesitant to go but are very glad we did. Great way to change things up from a normal night out. Well worth the time and money, very fun!

Review №39

Its my place of work and fun...Cant beat that in my opinion. To me its a place perfect for making memories.

Review №40

Had an amazing experience here with husband and daughter. Really makes you use your head. Got out with at most 2 minutes to spare

Review №41

Great time! Will definitely go again

Review №42

Great time! The room had plenty of clues and everyone was involved and moving throughout the room working together. Lots of fun! And we got out!!

Review №43

Very good place to take your family. The people who work here are great!

Review №44

We did the Sacked 2018 room, and it was a fun room. Not overly challenging, but it was fun.

Review №45

Fun experience. Excellent with groups.I did the Pinched room with a group of friends. 60 minutes to escape felt like 20! The actor was very good at establishing the scene and she carefully guided us along without revealing too many answers.My only issue is the lack of variety when it comes to the barriers you get through (most of them being locks).

Review №46

Great place with a great staff!! Had a lot of fun in their mutated room but it was very hard to do with only 4 people

Review №47

It was alot of fun! Went for my birthday with a group of 8people. We did the mutated room which we later found out was the hardest room to escape from but we did it (yay us!!!) Only down side was there wasnt alot of play area because of the would be 5 stars if it wasnt for the creature trapping us in such a small area with so many people

Review №48

Great experience! The actor was so helpful and it was truly an immersive event. The puzzles were challenging but not too difficult. I would totally recommend. Cant wait to go back!

Review №49

Not bad but I expected it to be better.

Review №50

Awesome experience. Very engaging and interactive. Will definitely be going back.

Review №51

Very fun! The air conditioner was broken the day we went so they sent us coupons for a free experience. But I enjoyed my first time despite the broken AC. The game was challenging, the person designed to help you through it had top-notch acting, and they had lots of fun perks to make it seem more real. Affordable too, since we got a Groupon.

Review №52

Very well done. Clever and engaging. Would highly recommend it.

Review №53

A great time!!! We only went through 1 room but it was very challenging!

Review №54

Really enjoyed my escape room there. The staff was great. For sure will be back

Review №55

We went here for my friends bachelorette party. Shes kind of a nerd and loves puzzles so we thought this was a great place to go. We did the zombie one and it was a blast. Unfortunately the zombie got to us before we could get the code to escape. It was a thrilling time!

Review №56

The zombie scenario was awesome. Its a great concept that they execute very well

Review №57

We did the Rocked! Show and it was very fun. The puzzles were challenging and the band manager was funny and kept us thinking. There were 4 of us and we were able to escape. We had a great time, would highly recommend.

Review №58

Great intrigue... thought provoking

Review №59

I have now participated in two different escape rooms at two different locations and Trapped was far better experience. What really stands out is that Trapped is an interactive theater. Having the assistant in the room as an actor makes for a far better experience than the person on an intercom that you ask for help.

Review №60

Awesome experience! Lots of puzzling fun to be had.

Review №61

We went to the Trapped Spaced room yesterday. Overall, it was a pretty fun experience. The room decor was themed well and the challenges were fun. The only downfall would be that it was a little too easy. Additionally, I think by the end of the day, the actor was getting a little tired and some things could have been done better.However, I really did have an overall exciting experience and will go back again.

Review №62

Fun group environment, there are different types of rooms that challenge the whole group. Go and tell them that the jungle fever group told you to co.e and have some fun.

Review №63

My boyfriend and I went for the 3rd installment of the Infected! series. It was a ton of fun! The doctor in the room with us was very helpful in pointing out things that might help us solve the puzzles, without giving too much away. The zombie stayed in character the whole time and made the situation very tense but not too scary. Our group was able to escape with barely enough time. I thought the puzzles required a lot of thought without being impossible. Very well planned out and Id recommend it to anyone over 15 years old.

Review №64

Trapped is so fun. I cant wait to do another room. My husband and I went here for his birthday. It was so nice to try a new activity that is completely different from our normal outings. The actor was helpful in giving suggestions on the puzzles when everyone got stuck, but not so much that it made it too easy. We still failed, but that is ok. It was a little awkward to work with strangers because the three different groups of people just kept to themselves. I guess the experience with that would really depend on willingness to come out of comfort zone and who you end up with. The environment was completely immersive. The price was reasonable. It was a great experience.

Review №65

Very imaginative and creative staff. They are always so nice and helpful and their actors are great!!

Review №66

This was the first time at and escape room and it was a blast! Very well put together, challenging, and really fun overall. Four of us tried Pinched, and we almost completed it. Glad that we didnt have a party larger than 6 though; the room wasnt the largest of spaces. The only real downsides were that it was a bit hot in there and that you could hear the people/activities happening in the escape rooms next door. But overall, I highly this place!

Review №67

Great place for some strategic team thinking. If youre wanting to have a good time with friends/family then try their zombie escape room!

Review №68

Had a great time doing the served escape. Staff were very helpful and nice.

Review №69

Great experience. Very interactive and entertaining. Would definitely do this again and recommend to others!

Review №70

So much fun. Our group of 9 had a blast stealing a diamond and escaping with just over a minute to spare.

Review №71

So much fun! Highly recommend for date nights.

Review №72

Great staff. Enjoyed it

Review №73

3 different escape rooms that they change up every 6 months - very challenging clues/puzzles, in room actors and authentic looking props

Review №74

This was the most fun escape room Ive tried so far

Review №75

Awesome experience! The actor was fantastic as was the puzzle. Will definitely be back!

Review №76

Loved it!!! Can not wait to come back and try another room. It was very well planned out and fun puzzles to solve.

Review №77

Great first time at an escape room!

Review №78

Great time! Super nice! And even better puzzles to solve! Would go back!

Review №79

Its a TON of fun but the directions are rubbish. You CANNOT turn left from Cooke Rd onto N. High St.Go through the light at Cooke & High and turn left at the first street. Then make another left onto Aldridge and come out at High street. Trapped is right in front of you on your right.

Review №80

DISCLAIMER: this review is for a visit to Trapped in May of 2016 -- cannot speak to its current state, as I have not had a chance to go back (live out of town).Having done many other escape rooms, we should have known that 10 people in a room was too many; but we trusted the recommended number (and there were a lot of interested friends who wanted to join in). There were not enough puzzles to keep everyone engaged during the experience. This was the most major flaw with our experience.Otherwise, PROS = the actor in our room was good -- not too many clues/hints, but kept us working in the right direction; the puzzles matched the storyline pretty well; the escape was very climactic for our group (this was specifically because we got out in the final 10 seconds, might not be everyones experience).CONS = number of people allowed in the room was too high -- people were standing around with nothing to do; aesthetics of the room left much to be desired; no particularly high tech or sophisticated puzzles to add to the excitement

Review №81

This was one of the funnest dates Ive ever been on. The workers we fun and pleasant and the clues to escape were just the right amount of difficult. It was my first escape room and I have no doubt I will be back.

Review №82

Very fun and challenging! My friends and I really enjoyed the whole thing.

Review №83

Wow. Actor and mutant definitely went above and beyond on this one!

Review №84

We did Pinched 2. The puzzles were challenging and our jewel theif was great! Weve done several escape rooms and Trapped always does a great job.

Review №85

Awesome experiance! My group did well and the actors made it a lot of fun!

Review №86

Amazing experience. Was open to something different. This was definitely it

Review №87

Dont know was across the street waiting for a bus.

Review №88

Awesome experience! Had a group of 10 and we all enjoyed it!

Review №89

My daughter and I had such a great time! We definitely will be coming back

Review №90

Had a great time with our framily

Review №91

We have done several of their escape rooms. Great fun for a group of friends or work group.

Review №92

Ive done two rooms. Clever puzzles with great actors. But math... Why math...

Review №93

Had a great time here with the family and others.

Review №94

Very fun experience, will definitely be doing it again.

Review №95

Fantastic games. Seems a great way to enjoy putting your theatre major to use

Review №96

What a fun experience! Definitely recommend for team building activities with coworkers and for family!

Review №97

Actors were great! Had us all jumping several times!

Review №98

Loved my first experience at an Escape room. I will definitely be back

Review №99

Loved it! Great time for the family.

Review №100

So much fun! Great team building

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