Grand Prix Karting Indoor Entertainment
1300 Alum Creek Dr, Columbus, OH 43209, United States
Review №1

Staff and manager is friendly, professional, and very understanding. Had to cancel a birthday party in June, then reschedule, and in the end cancel again because of COVID and they were so flexible with offering multiple options and giving full refund. We still took my kids to enjoy the playzone, go-karting, and golf and they had a blast. So sad this business is closing.

Review №2

This place is awesome! My son cant wait to be 8 so he can ride the junior carts since the kiddie carts are pretty slow. He also loved the play area. The adult carts and laser tag were so much fun. Got a bit hot and sweaty during the laser tag tho.

Review №3

I have mixed feelings about the place. Definitely think the prices need to be lower. They’re way worst than Buckeye Race way but could beat them by lower their prices just a bit. The cars are gas and buckeye has electric which is the biggest difference so if you slow down from a caution flag your kart will most likely die and will need restarted which ruins your time. I’d recommend going to Buckeye if you’re more experienced however if you’re just trying to have fun then this will be an okay place

Review №4

Great way to spend a rainy day! The afternoon weekday discount is definitely worth it! Very friendly staff and lots of excitement! Will be back again!

Review №5

So fun for a date night or family fun. Lots of fun. The crew that works it are so nice & professional & keeps everything fun & safe.

Review №6

Pricey, but helpful staff. Carts are fun. Laser tag needs some more exciting things and more recharging stations. And some fans to deal with the heat.

Review №7

I did not have the best experience here today. My boyfriend, his friend, and I went here today expecting a fun go karting experience. What we got was a pretty mediocre one because others on the track were not penalized like we had been assured before we even raced they would be if rules of the track were broken. Others not in our group slammed their carts into us multiple times, at least up to 8 times, which is against the rules and were not removed from the track upon their second offense by staff like they shouldve been. This experience makes me not want to go back to this place and instead find somewhere else to go if the rules for the track arent going to be enforced for mine and others safety.

Review №8

Longest, widest, and best indoor track Ive been on. Carts are well kept. We had a great time.

Review №9

I love this place, it has something for the whole family. It really can keep you entertained for hours with Go carts. I can personally say that the staff is so caring and nice, especially Paul! I love to hear the stories and knowledge. My wife loved the escape room and the junior racers get to race on the large track at a certain height. I can’t imagine a group outing without this place.

Review №10

We had an amazing day at Grand Prix Karting! We tried everything!! Laser tag was the absolute best time! Karting was fun, but i think the guys on the course should do a better job watching out for ppl. I got t-boned 9x by the same person on my last race (out of 3) n got whiplash pretty badly from it. Had they been watching they wouldve seen me attempt to let the guy pass but he would and just kept hitting me. Thankfully though we did not end our day on the karts, as we had an escape room waiting for us after our last race. What a great job they did putting the escape room together! It was a great time!! Even with the rough experience on that last race, it was still a fantastic value!! We WILL be back for more!! Thank you for a great birthday memory!

Review №11

Fun with a small price! Well worth the smiles!

Review №12

I love all indoor go-carts places!

Review №13

I would give 5 stars if the staff was more friendly. We did laser tag which was great except for minor equipment flaws but great experience! The go carts are fast and fun as well. The escape room was every bit as difficult as it was rated but solvable, we only needed one more step to have won! Very much recommend.

Review №14

This is really a great place for families to go and have a great time, let off some steam and just enjoy being together. All the staff is super nice and there is something for everyone to do!! Great job guys keep up the good work!!!Youre very welcome for the five stars. I would have given you more if that was possible.☆️☆️☆️☆️☆️☆️☆️☆️☆️☆️

Review №15

Had a great time. Going again asap.Young lady named Kayli was a delightful host.

Review №16

Great place. Like the track and facilities. Staff was great to us. Fun track sliding and drifting around. Challenge of having different handling kart each time you go out. But makes it challenging. Karts for kids. Break out rooms. Party rooms etc

Review №17

Had a great time not gonna lie sad the Lazer tag was closed but the raceing was great

Review №18

Fast, fun go kart racing. Great for groups of people looking to do something different. The go karts can reach speeds of 30 mph, and your time is kept for each race.

Review №19

This is a great place to have a fun outing with friends and/or family. The indoor race track is open year round. If you have a competitive streak in your nature, you will love it! The karts are powerful and the tight turns of the course will test your racing skills. The fastest lap race style allows you to focus on your racing without getting lost in trying to figure out what place you are in. Have a fun and exciting time at Grand Prix Karting.

Review №20

This was an awesome racing experience! Me and my lady had a great time. The inside was very clean and well put-together. Our only issue is that it was extremely hot on the track. Other than that it was a very memorable experience, and we will be back.

Review №21

Great place for family fun! They have different carts for adults and kids and is super friendly!

Review №22

This is my second time coming here in the same week. The first time I can during the week thinking it would be smooth ... but NO the lady told it’ll be a 30 min wait that turned into a 3 hour wait then when we said something to management he told us it would be an additional hour wait . Very inconsiderate.. no one told us anything about our wait time .The second time I came On a Saturday night she also told me it’ll be a 30 min wait . Mind you I got here at 730 at 8:20 they announced something happened on the track witch will take an additional 30 min Mind you they close at 10 So that means less than an hour to race and spent over 100$ .Great place to come if you wanna waste time if you Ask me. Front desk workers looks and act like they don’t wanna work . They don’t keep you updated on anything . Unprofessional And very unorganized venue . Needs new customer service representatives . Do not recommend at all !!

Review №23

Really cool place to check out. The go karts were pretty cool. The race track was pretty large. The laser tag room games were pretty awesome too.

Review №24

I took my team there for a little stress release and WOW it was a blast! We did 3 races and can’t wait to go back for more! The track is challenging but lots of fun! I’ve been here with my daughter as well and it’s great for ALL ages! If you haven’t been, you owe it to yourself to try it! There are also “Escape Rooms” and lots of activities for kids. I might have to use a meeting room soon!

Review №25

That was a lot of fun. First time there but definitely going back. Celebrated sons 18th birthday with a race. Whole family loved it.

Review №26

Real karts that go fast. Once you go here, you wont want to go anywhere else. So much fun...just wish prices were a little cheaper...1 race is 20...for 8 minutes..they have deals ..but not enough

Review №27

Fun go carting with the family! Had a blast! The go carts go pretty fast vs other places Ive been to.

Review №28

I love it! Great experience for family fun and events. Spent literally 6 hours here when I only planned on staying for 2..Definitely worth the dollar and worth the time.

Review №29

Had a great time, would have been 5 stars but each and every kart were different performance wise. To keep a fair competition each cart should be maintained the same.

Review №30

Good fun, was able to work on techniques with heavy traffic. Was able to use some drift control for heavy braking situations. Overall a good lap session.

Review №31

Overall decent track, had contact with a bad driver and got put into the barrier, almost happened several more times, and I even waved at the track marshals to do something but they didnt. Pretty fun, just wish the track was a little bigger and had some AstroTurf. Also we never got neck braces like we were told.

Review №32

I cant wait till the countdown for our wedding to have our wedding here they have great people that work here

Review №33

Love this! Great for all ages! Have gone on several occasions including weekend past-times, hosting birthdays parties, and large work events. Worth it every time!

Review №34

The staff is friendly and cool, the track is a real hoot. I had a great time and Im definitely going back soon.

Review №35

It was great! The employees were nice and thoughtful. They knew there job very well.

Review №36

Nice Place my son had his birthday there

Review №37

This was a blast. Lots of fun. Will go again

Review №38

The track was alright, pretty slow. Karts can be a lot better, with brakes especially. Try to be in a small group or the traffic will be daunting. Get the $10 discount from Ohio State D-Tix if you can.

Review №39

Track is slippery, but good for practicing how to drive efficiently.

Review №40

Terrible experience with the staff. Very discriminating and rude. I’m a regular racer and I was assigned to a group in a slow heat. After completing the race, the group got aggressive with me because I was a faster racer. They gave me the middle finger on the track, I was called names after and another racer got out the seat and threatened to hit me. The situation was broke up the manager and he removed myself and the other group (I thought). The group kept shouting threats and the manager continued defending the larger group because they were spending more money. I said I would call the police if it continued and the manager tried to talk me out of it claiming the police is nothing but trouble. The reason why he didn’t want the police was because the group had been drinking prior to coming there. I left the facility and waited outside for 15 minutes to see whether the other group was removed and they weren’t. All this was caught on camera and the manager refused to watch the tape. It was an hostile environment that was created by the Manager by letting the bigger group continue with the threats.I was I could rate it less than a full star. Terrible experience.

Review №41

Staff was great and we were compensated for wait time im definitely going back

Review №42

We picked not so busy day,Able to do escape room alone

Review №43

It was fun the kids loved itMake sure ur wearing ur shoes when ur going there

Review №44

Always a good time with the kids!! Economical! You can also enjoy discounted rates through Groupon!!

Review №45

I fly to Ohio to spend time with my 11yo daughter regularly today she wanted to go drive go carts so we made the drive (little over an hour) to Grand Prix karting we were checked in and paid in minutes 120$ for 3 races each including our mandatory head socks the girl at the desk did mention a party coming in at 2 but we had no idea what that entailed so after we each had the opportunity to race once they informed me that it would be 3 hours untill we could race again so as you can imagine I am slightly upset at this point they said they could possibly fit us into 1 race each before the party’s took over so as soon as my race Finished they put me in the next race when I finished that race my daughter was seated in a cart and visibly upset because she had no one to race against so we went to the same girl at the counter and asked for a refund I was refunded 40$ now the package of 3 races that we bought 2 of and only used 1 of were 56.99 plus tax when I questioned why we were not being refunded that amount I was told that sense we used 3 races we were charged the per race cost for those races and refunded the difference I will never again go out of my way to come here the customer service is 0

Review №46

Played laser tag for my sons birthday. I got the biggest hug at the end of the night because he had such a perfect party.

Review №47

Super fun go karting. 50 min wait. Not bad, but its pricey to race.

Review №48

Me and My family went to the escape room and for a your all that fun went by so fast it was challenging and great for kids 14 and older

Review №49

Kind of expensive but so much fun! Lots of things to do, never a dull moment

Review №50

Amazing experience, definitely a must for every bucket list. Karts are serious 35-40mph machines, you will wear a provided helmet with neck brace.Really fun to get into drifting a little on the curves, and taking of lake a rocket on the straightaways.It is, however, a little too pricey.

Review №51

Great environment with lots to do on a rainy afternoon. Took my 9 year old son for the first time. I was not sure of options and front desk staff seemed annoyed that I was trying to understand my options by asking questions. Outside of that we had a good time.

Review №52

I have raced at many indoor and outdoor tracks across the US, Europe, and Asia and was really excited to visit GPK several years ago. My first few experiences were great, but recent visits (last 12 months) have been very disappointing. Track and registration staff are consistently unfriendly and generally disgruntled. On two separate occasions, I have received a rolled black flag for no reason. Each time, track employees had no explanation for the warning and spent the remainder of the race chatting and laughing.With that said, GPK karts are generally well maintained and consistent with others on track. Several staff members have been great throughout the years and have often provided racing tips and ways to improve lap times.If you are looking for a place to get your adrenaline fix in Columbus and dont care about customer service/experience, then GPK is a great option. Otherwise, it may be worth checking out another local track.

Review №53

Nice place. Fast karts for an indoor track. Clean. Friendly service.

Review №54

Track staff was very cranky. Especially the manager that is also in the safety video. Very rude. Very inconsistent carts. Some are faster and better than others. That makes it hard to reach consistent lap times. But it was a blast regardless.

Review №55

Come out and experience a great time for kids and adults

Review №56

Track was cool. Staff didnt really seem to want to be there or show interest other than goofing off. Over all it was ok and Ill probably be back just to go fast.

Review №57

Great fun for the whole family and a kind and courteous staff. An overall pleasant experience!

Review №58

Very good place to have fun.

Review №59

Really enjoyed the go kart track. It been awhile since I have been there. They now have laser tag and escape rooms.

Review №60

I love this place, but I watched an employee see me hit so hard my go kart hit the wall it almost flipped over twice by the same person and they did nothing about it. We will not be back at all. I have horrible neck pain from it. This isnt bumper cars, this is go karting for fun and this was ridiculous. Waste of money seeing how they make u watch a video before hand to make sure you know your now allowed to crash people on purpose. I even waved my hands in the air at the employee she again did nothing. Keep your customers safe please. Waste of a Saturday

Review №61

First timer loved it i may have come in last place in the races but i still had a blast

Review №62

Very challenging escape room,but fun.Quiet atmosphere, Good place for Birthdays

Review №63

Guy at the concession stand was REALLY high, couldnt get our order right, took forever. Girl at the front desk also screwed up our tickets and overcharged me an extra ticket and membership. The manager fixed it but I wont get that money back for a week. Racing was fun but overpriced.

Review №64

We’ve had so much fun driving karts

Review №65

Brought my niece to race around. And she beat me! . This place is really nice. Will come back soon!

Review №66

Overpriced and the crew didnt seem too excited to work. Probably wont go back.

Review №67

This place was great! As we were having a difficult time with the place we were originally going to have our party at... When we came across Grand Prix Karting Indoor Entertainment we decided it would be worth a try, and it was! The employees were very kind and the activities were great!

Review №68

I had a lot of fun here. This is definitely a thrilling thing to do in Columbus, that is different than what is out there.

Review №69

I had a BLAST. Did karts then laser tag then another kart race. Im definitely going back.

Review №70

First visit experience: There are a couple of points to know before going. Laser Tag matches start at the top of every hour and last approximately 45 minutes according to their website. The website states that a completed waiver is required to participate. Our party of 4 completed our waivers in advance to speed up the process. We arrived at 2:53 for the 3:00 game. Upon arrival we were informed that we had to register and create a profile on some computers before we could approach the counter. There are 3 machines and 4 people and they are slow as hell. The first person finished quickly and was told at 2:55/2:56 that we could not be included in the 3pm game. The lady behind the counter had the demeanor of someone who just couldnt care less and couldnt speak clearly. We spent the following 3 minutes deciding if we wanted to wait an hour to do the 4pm game. We then scoped our the lobby. There is nothing to do other than wait. No entertainment outside of the three activities offered. I think I may have seen AN arcade machine but just open very empty space. When pressed to vote the 4 of us voted Nay and left. It is not stated (or not stated clearly) that registration is required to do laser tag. It is also not stated to arrive early to get into the correct game. So what time should one arrive prior to a match to guarantee admission? Unknown. For anyone going on their first visit make sure you arrive in plenty of time. The website makes it appear more cavalier and you can just show up before your match, sign your waiver, and boom your in the game. This is not the case. Now they have our info and who knows what were going to get. We spent less than 10 minutes there.

Review №71

Just went for the first time and we really enjoyed ourselves. The facility looks a little rough from the outside but it was pretty clean and well kept inside. Staff was friendly and the course was solid. They also have laser tsg and 3 escape rooms, so there is enough to keep everyone entertained. Regarding prices, I found them to be pretty competitive for the same types of activities in the area, and they do Groupons too, so it makes it a pretty good deal.

Review №72

A really fun time. Good safety instrictions... REALLY pricey.

Review №73

Anyone who is an adrenalin junkie would love it

Review №74

The karts are a blast!

Review №75

DO NOT COME UNLESS YOU WANT TO RUIN YOUR DAY.Just imagine you are coming for family fun and your kids getting yelled from the employee (jaydee). The reason was touching boxing machine which is literally over there to punch.

Review №76

Awesome place! Go karts were fast and fun! Laser tag battle field was a great set up. Lots of obstacles to hide behind. Great friendly staff. Overall two thumbs up experience. Awesome experience for a family night!

Review №77

Cool place but all the workers were lazy with there job

Review №78

My first time karting and we had a good time. Initial sticker shock faded away as we raced 6 times. For those less into driving fast, please move over. One of our races was spoiled by a group of folks that just wanted to casually ride at 1/2 speed. The workers did a good job trying to get people to move over but the folks just didnt get what the flags meant. Great time, would definitely go again!

Review №79

Great experience even though the electronics were not working that day. We had fun! Bit pricey..

Review №80

The staff was wonderful. Kids had a great time. Please like this review. Place was clean.

Review №81

Wasnt overly impressed. They definitely cater to the adult karts, and the other attractions are clearly the after thoughts of having additional space. The kiddy Karts were a bit disappointing to my little one, as the electric kart lost power with each lap, and was barely moving by the middle of the second race.

Review №82

An amazing place. Im a teen who is scared of driving anything, but racing in the junior races here are perfect! Its a nice median, not too fast, not too slow- perfect for kids. At the other go kart place (they have electric karts) they go too fast and are wayyy too hard to control. Here, it was easy to drive and it wasnt scary at all! Definitely reccomend for newbies and beginners instead of jumping onto the fast karts at other places.

Review №83

Dont waste your time and money. We went because of a gift card that was given to my sons hoping to get a few races in before evening ball practices. We showed up within 15 minutes of opening, but the registration process was unclear and staff did not provide any guidance until after wasting time completing registration. We were told the first race would be in an hour. We told the cashier as well as the people on the track that wed rather have the kids split so they could get races in, but they ran groups that werent full instead of moving us up. After waiting an hour, my son found a screen in the lobby indicating that our heat wouldnt start for another hour. I went to the same cashier (who ended up being one of the managers) and requested a refund. He said he could put the money back on the gift card, but not do a refund. We have no desire to waste another 2 1/2 hours going back (including driving time) to go back.

Review №84

Front desk staff were friendly and the safety video was good and short. My wife and I came here on a Thursday evening around 7pm and had all the track to ourselves. The karts were surprisingly fast and very responsive.I may have missed this, but itll be a nice option to have small lockers so items can be properly secured.

Review №85

Grand Prix showed me a great time at a business event, Highly recommend. The facility is large, fresh, and functional. The staff was friendly, funny, and informative. Even the owner was there and you can really feel his passion for making a good experience happen for every patron that walks in the door.Great for any age group, wonderful for a business outing or just having some fun with some friends. The karts are quick and the track is slick. Enjoy!

Review №86

Loved this place other than no AC in the Laser tag room.

Review №87

Was an excellent bonding experience as a company function and would go again.

Review №88

It was my first time here and we were excited. My son was entered in the mushroom rally race which he had been waiting months for. We get there to register him and they inform us the kids already raced that morning. What?! We were livid. There was def miscommunication between the owner and the people responsible for the race. Either way, as a paying customer I didnt care whose fault it was or how we werent notified about things getting changed, not my problem. We purchased a 65$ ticket months in advance, drove over an hour and showed up for the time we selected which was 1-3pm. They tried to give us some bs answer about how when tickets first went on sale it had not yet been established what was considered a child ticket and what the qualifications were. They basically told us the owner changed it to where you had to be 16+ regardless of height to race and they tried to notify as many ppl as possible. I never got a call or email so somehow I was missed and either way again I dont care. If things were not concrete and understood between owner and the mushroom rally organization then child tickets should not have been available for purchase. To top it off, I actually showed them email correspondence that I had with someone from the mushroom rally site confirming that my son could race because after I got the tickets I was concerned about height and age and didnt want any surprises the day of. All they could say to that was, well it must have changed after these emails. Whatever, also the person delivering this news to a 9 year old could have taken a class in customer service. I realize that the info you had to give makes you the messenger and not necessarily directly responsible and we were the unfortunate souls having to deal w it but he said it so non chalantly I wanted to hit him. Like, you do realize youre crushing a little boys dreams for the day and you couldnt say sorry or offer anything to make the blow better. He said it in a way that made it seem like, ok you have your refund, sorry for the confusion but have a nice day. I know there wasnt anything that could have been said to fix the blow but at least soften it and I dont know, act like you care. Eventually my mother in law was the only one left inside crying asking if anything could be done. They eventually gave us some free merch just to go away. Awful experience, awful customer service and just all around awful on how it was handled.

Review №89

Went here as part of a corporate event and had an absolute blast. The kart racing was great and all the staff were friendly and encouraging with the racing. If you have the time, try out the escape room. If youre really smart itll make you feel like you arent so after all!

Review №90

Fun time, but cold in there

Review №91

Fun place, could be better. Event host was not friendly at all. She yelled at the kids and made them travel around the place like cattle. The laser tag girls, Crystal and Steph, however, were incredible. The girls loved them, and they even let them play a third match. The set up was amazing, but the noises might be too loud for younger children. The people up front appeared to not be confident in what they were doing. Overall the place was clean and everyone had fun. Just pick a kid friendly party host.

Review №92

Was pretty good until they turned the carts on to junior and then would not make it right after that

Review №93

Was there for a birthday party and the team was somewhat unorganized. The kids had a blast once they actually got to drive the go carts.

Review №94

Went there with my 2 sons, had a great time. Went on a Monday, good prices and no waiting

Review №95

Its very cool!

Review №96

Great place for the kids too have a good time

Review №97

Just wanna thank everyone for your reviews you definitely helped me make my choice for our sons birthday Sunday Ive decided to go elsewhere based on reviews I dont want to spend the day waiting nor do I want to deal with poor management. I work in sales and management and feel a customers experience with employees is over allm the most important part of any visit. A bad experience with equipment, long waits, games, merchandise etc can be over looked by most when management/employees provide excellent customer service experience. With that said my advice to management is to start putting your customers first, make them have a great experience, dont ever blame a customer, show them compassion even when u dont feel they deserve it and remember customers always right even when their not. Smile treat everyone how you want to be treated

Review №98

What a great place for people of ALL ages!! My husband and I went with our 2 friends, We raced go-karts and played laser tag!! Honestly, I had more fun than I have in almost 10 years!!! I felt like a teenager again!!!! If you havent ever been then I very strongly recommend stopping and taking part in the activities with or without the kids lol!! I promise youll have more fun than you have in a while!!!

Review №99

Expensive! Paid $100 for four boys to ride go karts for 6 minutes, and then they got shorted on their time. I know this because I was filming and they were pulling off the track before 5 minutes. They had fun, but if your going to charge that much for only 6 minutes, then make sure they get their whole 6 minutes, even if they have to go over a few seconds. Oh, and make sure they wear closed toe shoes!

Review №100

Had a great time racing, however be cautious of workers racing along with you. It seems they are more than welcome to jump in with any group at anytime they please and act as if they own the track. We get it, you race here everyday, however during peak customer hours you should probably not have them race. A lot of these people are not accustomed to racing and do not have the knowledge of letting a faster driver pass. Also dont be a dick about because you are putting people in harms way. Just my 2 cents.

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:1300 Alum Creek Dr, Columbus, OH 43209, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 614-246-3278
  • Amusement center
  • Children's amusement center
  • Corporate entertainment service
  • Escape room center
  • Event venue
  • Go-kart track
  • Laser tag center
  • Party planner
  • Racecourse
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
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  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:2–7pm
  • Friday:2–9pm
  • Saturday:11am–9pm
  • Sunday:12–6pm
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
  • Veteran-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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