Launch Trampoline Park Columbus
7607 Veterans Pkwy, Columbus, GA 31909, United States
Review №1

Ive done my daughters birthday party here several times. Well worth the price and it never disappoints. Everyone always had a good time when we come.

Review №2

We had so much fun at a B-day party

Review №3

We went to Launch to let my grandsons play and jump. An hour of jumping cost $15 each and they were worn out! Bought a couple pizzas for about $20 each. Pretty good considering. The double pepperoni didnt really look like double but other than that, it was good. We spent about $85 for 2 to jump and 7 to eat. Pretty good entertainment for a couple hours. Best advice: go online and complete the waiver ahead of time to save waiting in line when you arrive.

Review №4

Daughter loved it. Professional staff. Guy at the concession stand and gift shop were very friendly.

Review №5

My family had such a great time visiting. My baby turned 3 and had a blast jumping and playing on the indoor playground.

Review №6

My daughters love coming here! Its a great place to get some exercise and a safe environment for the kids. I love that the staff stay sanitizing the equipment.

Review №7

Its such a great place to go for the kids. They always have a great time. This is the first time weve been able to go since the new courses have been added and they loved it. I love that launch offers certificates to kids that make good grades. All the employees are super nice and took time to encourage my kids when they were nervous about doing the high swinging bar.

Review №8

Great place to bounce and play extreme dodgeball. Would recommend!

Review №9

Friendly and great customer service made my Sons 13th birthday awesome .And it was our first time there

Review №10

My kids loved it. Price are fair. We only had the pizza, but it was good. A combo costs slightly less than a comparably sized meal from any other fast food restaurant. Staff seemed friendly and competent. There are lots of different things to do and there are areas for all ages of children.

Review №11

Amazing, had a birthday party there and the party was great. Awesome host

Review №12

My grandchildren ad I enjoyed ourselves. My first time!

Review №13

Its a nice place 2 have fun wit da kids & njoy time 2gether. Good food & nice helpful employees!!! Enjoyed & will go back again!!!!

Review №14

Fun place for little kids. My 13 year old was willing to do an hour with his little brother. Great games to play too.

Review №15

It was fun jumping and playing in the BattlePit, the park inside, playing basketball on the trampoline, playing Extreme Dodgeball with my friends, eating snacks and playing other games!!!!

Review №16

It was a bit busy for my liking but that is to be expected on the weekend. Some children were unruly do to lack of parental supervision, running and knocking others over. Staff did what they could to minimize it. Will definitely not visit on the weekend again and will choose a quieter weekday.

Review №17

Extremely fun, extremely friendly staff, great food. My only complaint is when they turn the lights off. It gets way to dark for children to be jumping around playing. Also worries me with how many abductions we are seeing. Still needs to be some type of lighting during the dark jumping.

Review №18

We celebrated my sons 7th birthday withthe A list party and it was AMAZINGThe staff took care of everything, set up, serving, and clean up. The pizza was even pretty good. The kids and adults had a great time. The building and restrooms were clean. We will definitely PARTY here again.

Review №19

This was a very good place for the kids. It was also affordable in every part. The food was under $10 for 4, about $25 for 2 kids to jump enough to be ready for a break, and the game room has you purchase gift card thing and the games were cheaper than $2 for 2 people on most.

Review №20

This is the perfect place to just have fun!

Review №21

Loved it. Had my sons birthday party here and we had a party planner the whole time making it a very smooth process. An hour for jumping and forty mins for the rest of the party.

Review №22

Nice music appropriate for every member of the family not too loud clean environment nice for family staff is great and friendly am hoping to skate next time as am always enjoying watching others so entertaining

Review №23

Am AWESOME place to throw an active kids birthday party! So much fun!

Review №24

Very nice place for kids to spend a little energy. My daughter and I loves this place

Review №25

Very clean spaces, friendly and helpful staff. Also has a mini area for fitness enthusiasts if youve ever seen Americans Next Ninja Warrior. Pretzels were a little dryer than I wouldve liked but not that big of a deal.

Review №26

My school took 4th, 5th, and 6th graders for a field trip! Not only did they enjoy, but so did I!!!!

Review №27

The kiddo always has a great time here. Its a bit pricey at $14.00 per hour to jump per child but well worth it a few times a month to burn some of that energy off. Staff is great at watching the kids and keeping them safe.

Review №28

A day out with the youngest son and grandkids

Review №29

We had a wonderful first time at launch trampoline park!! Every member of the staff was friendly and provided a great experience for me and my family. Can’t wait to come back!!

Review №30

So we have been a couple times and omgosh how fun ! My kids absolutely LOVE this place ! The customer service is really awesome too! They have a snack area with food and drinks which is a bit pricey(we paid almost 5.00 for 2 bottles of water )! Its really clean and fun stuff besides just jumping. We want to check out the blackout sessions Friday night as we have heard thats really cool also! Cant say enough good things about this place ! Cant wait to go back !!!

Review №31

Just what you need to feel like home when youre home team isnt wanting to get worn down doing all the cooking! Great food and people!

Review №32

Awesome place. My son had a blast!

Review №33

Went for Sensory night and it was great! They really did a good job accommodating for those with special needs. The kids loved it!

Review №34

A place to hang out & chat with other adults while the kids have fun and play

Review №35

Needs better food

Review №36

Our son loves this place, and so do we! An hour of jumping and he is nice and tired by bedtime.

Review №37

The girls love it here!

Review №38

Love taking my little guy to toddler time on Sat 10-12

Review №39

I gave 5 stars because of the staff and the cleanliness. I think that it is a little over priced for a childs birthday party. I was somewhat impressed by the manager when 2 young ladies started cussing and screaming and threatening each other. He was quick to handle the situation. All this happened as we were getting ready to leave with our 2 grandchildren right at the front door so we had to backup to keep them from seeing how immature and filthy people can be in public. One of them was holding a small child. People need to learn how to act and interact when they are in public.

Review №40

I was searching for something I could do with my niece, who was just turning 2, and I decided we would try Launch. I dont get to take her for Aunt Chelle time very often, as Im a full-time student and a nurse, but I really wanted to do something Special, for our birthdays! We are both late October. My friend who has a 2 year old suggested a trampoline park closer to Auburn where we live, but I researched it and thought it might be too much for her. Shes never been to any place like these kids-entertainment places before.I saw the toddler-time listed at Launch and we made a date. Unfortunately, as things usually go for me, we arrived as toddler time was ending. But, since we drove from Auburn area, I decided we would give it a try, and I would be super observant and stay right with her.She was AMAZED at this place! The lights, sounds, and all the activity was a whole new world to her!We had an amazing time, and DIDNT spend all of the money I loaded onto the little credit card looking thing (you have to do this in order to play games and possibly pay for food).The ONLY negative about the whole experience, (it might be just a one time negative) was when we were jumping in the toddler zone. There were alot of kids in there who were huge! They didnt seem to care (maybe they couldnt read the sign) that it was for the littles!!! There are foam balls for the toddlers to bounce with, throw, carry around, whatever. The older bigger kids are much better in terms of balance and coordination, and they would bounce, run, and SNATCH, the balls as my niece was trying to walk/hop to gather a few balls. 2 times a giant kid bounced the trampoline right next to my niece and it would pop her right off of the thing. There was no staff in the toddler zone to make sure this type thing couldnt happen. So, I had to stop taking pictures of my little Punkin, and run defense for her safety and protection. It was irritating that the kids who were obviously old enough to know better, didnt realize they could actually hurt her.I guess the toddlers arent safe if you cant get here for that 2 hour slot on Saturday.We will be back, since we bought the socks and loaded the card with $40, but Im just trying to find an open Saturday morning from 10-12 so that my nerves and temper dont make it a stressful time.Overall its a great place and my niece LOVED it.

Review №41

The kids and adults always have a blast going here. We grew up flipping tricks on Olympic size trampolines. It’s so great to provide something like this. It can be pricey when the whole fam jumps.This was one of the easiest birthday parties! My son had his 5th birthday here. He enjoyed every minute of it.

Review №42

Its a good place but I feel like they could put more jumping areas, since its always packed and you literally have 1 square to jump in with your family basically.

Review №43

5 StarsLaunch trampoline park is such a fun place. It’s a great place to spend time with the family!! Recently i brought my my friends little boy to jump and he absolutely loved it there and the staff is awesome and super nice i would definitely recommend it to people in columbus it’s so fun and have a great environment

Review №44

Awesome, inexpensive fun for the kids (and parents). Good physical activity and a great way to get young ones to work their energy out in a really fantastic, safe environment. I cant wait until they open the new obstacle course!! Looks like a fun time. Birthday parties here are pretty great, too.

Review №45

Dodgeball was fun, the staff was terrible and my cousin did not have a good party. The party host was terrible we will definitely stick to skyzone. Where they ensure to make you party the greatest.

Review №46

Always a great place! Lots of fun! Clean establishment. My kids always have a good time. Food is good as well and reasonable priced.

Review №47

This place is a blast for parents and kids alike. We really enjoy the toddler time on Saturday for our four year old because it allows younger kids to jump without the wildness of teenagers. Its a great way to blow off some steam and get some quality cardio exercise!

Review №48

I took both of my girls and they love it and had a great time. It is wonderful to keep kids active and they dont have to be outside in the sun.

Review №49

A great place to go on a rainy day or if you are free for family day!! 10/12 recommend

Review №50

We had a fantastic first experience! The staff was awesome and loads of fun

Review №51

Kids will sleep great after a few hours here.

Review №52

Had a great time for my grandsons birthday party

Review №53

My kids love to come here and bounce off the walls.

Review №54

It will make them sleep good

Review №55

Fun & affordable. They also have family packages and specials.

Review №56

This please is great to let the kids blow off energy

Review №57

It was fun to play with people I didnt know but I also have fun with family

Review №58

My Princess had fun! She loves the pizza and the games.

Review №59

Wish I had more stars!!! I went for the first time to take my 5 year old great granddaughter. She was on cloud nine. Chattahoochee Weekend was offering 4 hours for $35.00. One hour is $14.00 regularly so I figured it would be a great treat for her. When you get there you just show them your confirmation email where you paid for your pass and they issue you a card. You have a year to use it, dont have to use all of it at one time and doesnt have to be used for the same person. Its a great deal. The team there is awesome!!! Everyone was so nice and one of the girls on the floor took time with my granddaughter to show her around and help her learn the rules. With it being our first time there we had questions but not a single person acted like we were being a bother. They were happy to help.Im taking her back next week. I wished she still lived here so we could go all the time. I had as much fun watching her as she did playing and her smile told the entire story. Its a fun, safe place to go. Oh....the snack bar also had a great variety and wasnt too expensive.

Review №60

Great place for kids wayyyyyy better than sky zone

Review №61

We love the trampoline park! Everyone is nice and we always have a great time! Very friendly environment!

Review №62

Great place!!! Very kid friendly!!!! And adults can enjoy themselves too!!!

Review №63

The kids had a great time but Im concerned that there isnt anyone guarding the door to keep children from wandering off or someone from taking them. Come on people lets get with the program, I think enough revenue is generated here to pay someone to sit at the door at all times. Lets think about the safety of the children, who in actuality are the ones who generate the revenue here.

Review №64

Amazing. Had a blast with my sister, neices and nephews. With ages 7-36 we all had a great time.

Review №65

Just celebrated our daughter’s fifth birthday with all her little friends and it was awesome! Our host Avery was wonderful and made what might have been a stressful event amazingly easy and beautifully excellent! Having a party at Launch in Columbus, GA - ask for Avery to be your host. All the staff worked well together and although there are multiple parties happening at once, the staff, especially our host made our daughter’s celebration special! Thank you

Review №66

My daughter had a blast. The only drawback was the ninja course was small and not for someone under 52in.

Review №67

Pizza was surprisingly good. Kids had a blast.

Review №68

Kids had a blast here. We came invited to a party so we got to eat pizza and cake. The bounce area is huge plus an added bonus are the obstacle course you can do. These courses look similar to what you would see in American Ninja or a Spartan race, minus the fear. The place was not crowded but we came on a Thursday. We will be coming back.

Review №69

The place was very nice and clean. My son had a great time burning off some energy. We plan to go back again soon.

Review №70

I almost died on the obstacle course. Had so much fun. Couldnt walk the next day. Great workout.

Review №71

Thanks for taking care of the issue. Very happy you guys have an awesome manager!!

Review №72

Hey, I just want to say the Staff was amazing when I came in great food love seeing my child play dodgeball with staff when he had nobody else to play with.

Review №73

The boom.!

Review №74

Toddler time was amazing. This place is incredible. Fairly priced as well.

Review №75

The children I brought had an awesome time (the pizza leaves a bit to be desired). Would definitely go again.

Review №76

It was mine first time. My son, husband and mother in law goes all the time. I had a grest time with my son and his friends. Pizza was on time and drinks was fine. Definitely go to experience the jump

Review №77

One of the best trampoline parks. Jump craze is the best

Review №78

Our son had a blast.

Review №79

We celebrated my daughter’s 3rd birthday party on yesterday, and we had a wonderful time at Launch Trampoline Park, Columbus, Georgia. Alex was our Party Host, and he did an outstanding job! He was extremely helpful and delightful. He was truly the best party host ever! We also appreciated all the assistance that we received from management, Jerry Bourgeois as well as the other staff. Everyone was so accommodating, from the time I booked the party...huge thank you to Jim the owner for answering all of my questions and ensuring that everything was executed as planned. Kudos to the entire Team at Launch Trampoline for making Carrington’s 3rd Birthday Party the Best Party ever!!!!

Review №80

Your employee Tura tukes was a very respectful & helpful employee today she had a very nice personality & awesome customer service she had a beautiful smile

Review №81

Toddler time 1000 to 1200 on Saturdays is awesome, one of my daughters favorite things. Theyre always making new, creative areas inside too.

Review №82

Recently we had an epic fourth birthday party for my daughter Ryan right here at Launch. Truly, the whole party was excellent. I loved how well everyone was working together! I got into mommy mode a couple of times and found myself tidying, but it didnt take long before I remembered, I get to relax! Shes loved coming to Toddler Time so much, as many Saturdays as we can make it. It just made sense to do the party here, and when I found out that I could get wristbands for parents as guests and not worry about a separate menu for the adults, since her friends are so tiny theyd need parents to jump with them anyway, it all came together really nicely.I think the thing that everyone at Launch should be congratulated on is how, in such a high pressure environment as serving customers, keeping children safe while having fun, handling food, and being responsible for such an important occasion as a childs birthday, they stayed focused and truly at peace. They kept their eyes on the prize and thought through any little questions that popped into my stressed-out-mama-brain. All in all, I knew the team had it sewn up, the whole time. Our hostess, other partners in party service, Heather at the front desk-- they had it down. That kind of confident service eases a parents heart, opening it to be full of joy that their child is safe, happy, enjoying truly awesome food (like, my brother delivers for Papa Johns and was asking who the pizza supplier is because he liked it just as much as Papa Johns!), and celebrating such a special day with all the joy and none of the headache that can come with hosting a birthday party.Thank you so much for the work every person at Launch puts in, whether its special occasions like Ryans birthday party and Christmastime bringing in that AMAZING Grinch (seriously-- he could even sing the Whos Christmas song with perfect pitch!), or whether its run-of-the-mill Toddler Time on Saturday mornings. Everyone is always poised to do their best. Thanks for that.

Review №83

Great service, birthday parties are ON POINT, and love the money saved after I signed up for discount information!!

Review №84

It was a great time for the kids and the younger adults. Definitely a good workout and gets the kids away from the IPhone and Ipads for some healthy activity. We had a an awesome time!

Review №85

My boys had a great time playing hear the other day and I had a better time watching them be little boys playing hard!!

Review №86

This is a great place for kids of all ages even some of us adults who still have a bit of kid in us. There is a toddler zone for the little ones and a game area. Then theres trampoline basketball and Dodge ball. And if your tired and want food or drink they have a snack bar as well.

Review №87

Kids had a blast good place for them to get a little workout. Really surprised at the amount of fun children under 2 have. Nothing but smiles.

Review №88

Very sweet employees. Great play area. We went for toddler time and my daughter had so much fun. Lots to do.

Review №89

My daughter said she had a lot of of fun

Review №90

Surprisingly, they had activities dedicated for my toddler. Very fun experience!

Review №91

Not a bad place to bring the kids. Clean.They had fun, very pricey tho for a short amount of time!They charged me full price for my 1 year old. Without having an area for him to play. They really need to find a better system of time of jumping. These wristbands & there time slots to me don’t work.All I kept hearing we’re employees yelling at kids times up, lost wristbands. Majority of the employees definitely need to learn better customer service.I wish there was a better indoor park for kids in town!

Review №92

If you have young children this place will be great. If your children are older go somewhere else. I’ve been to other trampoline parks that had many more activities, better trampolines & much better prices.

Review №93

We loved their toddler hours. So much fun for your little ones... And parents too

Review №94

Military discount is great!! Its clean no odors. You have to buy their special socks to jump. They have video games...and play pit as well. Remember is your baby is 2 and below they are free. I had been paying all this time and my daughter informed me of this. So we are there almost ever week and now I really save money. You have to do a waiver at least once then they can pull you up in the computer. Thought I had to do it every time I went but no. They sale expensive. They play dodge ball...they have a toddler section for safety from the older people. Their is staff to monitor for safety as well.

Review №95

They did a fantastic job with my daughters birthday party. The staff was very attentive and friendly. Couldnt have been better unless it was free.

Review №96

It was pretty ok. My daughter had her bday party there (not in the party room) and it was fun for them. If you have high anxiety with a crowd, I suggest not doing a bday party here unless in a party room.

Review №97

Staff was on point this older kid started to be mean to my toddler. Even though my son stood up for him he was going to continue his shangians but the staff stepped in and corrected his behavior. The sad thing this kid was probably 12 or 13 years old my kid is 2!! Since when do 12 and 13 year old kids hang out at trampoline parks dont they go to the mall anymore? Anyways my kids had a great time despite the set back and ended up having a very fun experience.

Review №98

We did a family day here a couple weeks ago and I was very pleased with every aspect. Yes a lot of the staff supervising on the trampolines are teens but they are assertive and very polite at the same time. The playground inside is built so that kids and adults can play together. We really enjoy toddler time. Cant wait to come back.

Review №99

Very fun. Yet very hard to keep track of your child. I wish they stamped hands of kids and checked at door.. For safety. Chuckie cheese does it..keeps you from having panic mode when you cant spot child. Besides that, 5 stars all the way. My daughter whos 5 and her friends had a blast.. They wont stop begging to go back.

Review №100

Fun with daughter & grandsons.

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