ZipZone Outdoor Adventures
7925 N High St, Columbus, OH 43235, United States
Review №1

This was amazingggg! As a newbie, they were extra supportive, breaking up the heart flutters with hilarious jokes. Jane and Grace were super great guides. My friends and I really enjoyed the Tour (I forgot what its called)...the 5 zip line one. Guided gave us info from trees to scenery to the lines and history of the place. I will definitely be back in the spring.

Review №2

If you are a true nature lover you must visit this place, plus its a first-rate enjoyment. On top of all that they have great customer service. See you again soon!

Review №3

Zip zone is an exciting & super fun place to take your family! The guides were awesome! Making you feel comfortable & making sure that everyone had an amazing time! I highly recommend zip zone for anyone with an adventurous spirit! Youll love it!

Review №4

Great customer service! Very eco-friendly. Check out the obstacle course/adventure park as well. The zipline course features about 5 zips. Although the highest is only about 85 high- it was still exciting!

Review №5

Great first zipline experience. Beautiful, semi-shaded woods. Very nice guides that helped us feel at ease and made it lots of fun. Felt very safe and secure using their equipment. I’m hooked now and can’t wait to zip again. Highly recommended!!

Review №6

Wow! The Adventure Park courses are challenging, even for the physically fit. I would highly recommend this for your next company outing. Great time for those who were participating, just as fun for those who watched from the below. Great way to get staff to overcome fears. ZipZone staff was very helpful getting our event organized and encouraging while we were on the course. Thanks for a great afternoon adventure!

Review №7

It was absolutely life changing for the kids. They both started out fearful of the initial height of the first section of bridge, but with every step you could see them both getting braver. Its definitely a confidence builder to say the least. Also fun to witness, next time I will try it too.

Review №8

I took my two boys to ZipZone for their birthday surprise and we had an absolute blast. The employees at ZipZone were great in showing us all the safety gear and helping u she’s started for our first time doing this. We chose to do the Adventure Park which also includes some zip lines. The obstacles were amazing and very challenging. We will definitely be going back.

Review №9

My sister and I went on the zip tour last week and had so much fun! The guides were great at communicating as well as entertaining! Additionally, I felt they took all the necessary safety precautions to keep everyone safe. It was an enjoyable experience and a great way to see the beautiful outdoors!

Review №10

Great adventure course and fantastic staff! highly recommend! The only word of caution is that a an athletic six or seven-year-old may feel a bit unchallenged in the kids park.

Review №11

SO MUCH FUN! Guides Jerrod and Eli make you feel very comfortable, theyre knowledgable and made the entire time enjoyable (even for those that were afraid of heights). Gorgeous views and surprisingly a lot of wildlife! Were already planning another trip!

Review №12

The Kids adventure park was a pretty awful experience for my 8-year old. We didnt realize that this is not a canopy tour style zip line, but truly an adventure course where each line has about a dozen obstacles, which necessitates the rider to clip in and out for each one. Obviously a benefit for safety, but my daughter weighs about 50 pounds and really had a hard time with the large heavy clips and buckles. It seems she was not alone because her training session with about 6-7 other girls took nearly an hour. The staff were kind and helpful as much as they could be, but this leads me to the worst part about this experience. Once your child starts the course, they get no help whatsoever. There is one staff member at the entry point, and then they are completely on their own. There were 2 or 3 staff scattered around but when my daughter was struggling the best they could offer were words of encouragement and verbal tips (this was after I had to run and find someone, because no staff member was actually watching her part of the course). Thats right, your child is 50 feet up in the air and unless YOU are watching them, they get zero help and the staff members NEVER TOUCH the safety clips. I assume this is deliberately set up so that the staff members and business are absolved of any legal liability if a customer is injured, but it is totally inexcusable. Even as an adult I would not be comfortable going on a course like this with zero staff up there available to help.The end result of this was that kids were getting stuck on the course and lines were building up, both on the platforms and on the zip lines themselves. So there is ZERO social distancing. I watched one kid get stuck for nearly ten minutes (he had a parent attempting to help as well). He was only about four feet off the ground but still when a staff member eventually ambled over, she gave some half-hearted advice and WALKED AWAY before he was even able to get his clip unstuck.Also the only bathrooms on site are porta-potties. If I could give this zero stars I would.

Review №13

We had a fantastic time! I recommend this adventure for people 7 and older. The staff was super friendly and encouraging. We plan to get a season pass sometime so we can keep coming back! It was lots of fun and great exercise.

Review №14

This was our first time here and we took our son, his friend and my daughter for his 9th birthday. My husband and I participated as well. It was so much fun. My son said it was the best birthday ever. The one thing I will say is that going from the yellow to green courses was fairly easy however the blue course was super difficult! I kind of wish they had warned us about it because my sons friend (age 8)didnt make it through (was lowered to ground by staff) and my son was crying on a couple of the transitions. The staff was super helpful in coaching us through it. We were super scared but my husband, daughter, son and myself made it to the end. The true blue lowering rope was so cool although my daughter had to give me a little push as I was too scared to jump off lol. Overall, it was super fun and we would definitely go back!

Review №15

We did the 2 hour Canopy Tour for my husbands birthday and had an excellent time! Our guides were very nice and made us feel at ease, and very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend!

Review №16

We had a great time! The staff is kind and informative. We felt very safe the entire time. Everyone wears masks and there’s plenty of room to stay socially distant.

Review №17

Navigating the courses was challenging yet exhilarating. It woke up the inner ninja warrior in me. LoL! Great way to spend time with my kids! The only reason why I gave this place 2 stars is because of guest or customer services issue. Just a warning, the time indicated when you book the ticket is not the exact time that you will start your adventure. First you have to wait for other people to show up then listen to the demonstration so this can take up to 1 hr or more depending on the pace of the other people in the group. I was surprised that a staff declined snarkily when I asked if my family can go on another course. He said our time was up. I could have argued that it didnt start until an hour later so we should be allowed to go on another course. Another staff also snidely mentioned that my 9 year old should not be playing in the playground. He could have said it politely but he said it with such annoyance and authority, which is very unbecoming for a customer associate. I will write an email complaint so management knows that they should be more considerate and polite to their customers.

Review №18

Great location and customer service. Top notch equipment. Experiences for all age groups and abilities. Highly recommend.

Review №19

My 5 year old LOVES the kids park (ages 4-7). It is a great, safe way to go on an adventure while still staying physically distant from others. We like to come and climb for a while and also explore the nature nearby, too.Its especially great for my kiddo, who has some sensory processing challenges because he gets tons of vestibular and proprioceptive input while also having to plan and sequence his actions and practice self-control as he gets himself clipped into and out of the obstacles. Its cheaping than his OT appointments, too. I only wish he were a bit older, so we could do obstaclse together at the Adventure Park (ages 7+).

Review №20

So much fun! The staff was super nice. Will definitely go again.

Review №21

Really challenging, especially on the black course. Staff are very professional and helpful in navigating courses and helping people who get stuck. Felt very safe.

Review №22

Joe and Eli were such fun guides!

Review №23

We love ZipZone! Our first time there was great. Staff is super friendly, & understanding for people like me who are afraid of heights. There is a variety of levels available for different skills from easy to extremely difficult. The forest is beautiful & shady. Cant wait to go back!

Review №24

It was very fun and the staff was great. They emphasized safety and they were very patient with people that were scared. I will probably be back to do the adult course because I took the kids. Despite that it was a fun place if you enjoy outdoor adventures and activities.

Review №25

Had the beat time with my son during this tuff time but the staff made it work and let us have fun thanks Patrick and Jane

Review №26

The staff is so friendly and is a great outdoor activity!

Review №27

Had a wonderful and it was a beautiful day. Will definitely go back

Review №28

I had so much fun I wish I could do it over again!

Review №29

Very organized facility that makes safety a top priority, especially in light of Covid.

Review №30

Excellent, challenging experience for adults and kids! I did the adventure course with 2 adult friends. Honestly thought we were signed up for traditional zip lining and didnt realize the mistake until we were on the adventure park lol. Im glad for the mix up because it was so much fun and probably not something I would have chosen if not by mistake. The adventure park is like an obstacle course while hooked to a line 50+ feet in the air. Im a 200 lbs female and was able to get through the yellow and green courses with no issue, but struggled with the more advanced blue course and didnt attempt the black course because of this. As the courses advance, some obstacles require good upper body strength. Even with that being said, I so enjoyed my time and would do it again. Will definitely be back for traditional zip lining. Spend the 45$ and take your friends or date for hours of fun! Dont forget to bring some water. Ive recommended this to so many friends already.

Review №31

Great experience with excellent [email protected]

Review №32

We did the canopy tour that started at 11 AM. The guides were extremely helpful, friendly and made the entire process feel safe. The bridges are fun and our guides gave some bonus challenges for each part of the tour. All the equipment and construction was in great shape and you can tell they take safety seriously. Absolutely a gem for central Ohio. Beautiful grounds and an exciting adventure.

Review №33

Awesome place to come with some friends, the staff is very helpful and there is options of easy and hard Zip-lines you can choose, if you want to do all I recommend it! a bet challenging but doable. It will take 2-3 hours depending on your speed.I recommend week days as well, because you can relax and do what ever you want.

Review №34

The instructor was super friendly and thorough! Very fun and out of the box activity to do! I was there with a group of 22-27 year old adults but saw families and people of all ages there!The only reason I gave them 4 stars is due to the location, you have to make a u turn to find it! And the path to the “parking lot” is super narrow

Review №35

The little kid area is so fun! My 5 and 8 year olds love it.

Review №36

What an excellent time! We decided to stop here on our way to Hocking Hills Park. The girls (ages 7 & 8) both had a wonderful time. The instruction was very helpful, even with 2 different groups of people. The employee was a great help, especially patient/helpful with the girls. First we did a GREEN course. One girl loved it, the other not so much - we spent about an hour on that one. We then tried the BLUE course, which we turns around before the second element (that one is more of a physical course, there is no zipline). Instead we opted to do the YELLOW course, while a downgrade from the GREEN, it was very easy for both girls and still a challenge for the adults. The STAAAFF at the top of the treehouse (I think his name was Matt) he is a great guy, friendly, made conversation and helpful. The price was very reasonable for 2.5hrs of fun.We would definitely return, I think next time we would do the zipline tour.

Review №37

Great experiences are here. The zip lines are really fun and the staff is awesome. The adventure park has plenty of challenges that are pretty unique.The 4-7 year old adventure park area is a really great start for the little ones!

Review №38

We had so much fun here! They train you and help you all along the way. We did the zipline in the trees and the scenery was amazing! Staff members were funny and very helpful. If you want a fun trip to do something different I highly recommend this!

Review №39

This place was unbelievable! I feel like if you’re going to do the canopy tour I would make sure that you work on your upper body strength a little bit, especially if you’re going to try a little bit of the harder courses. These guys are super safe, and made sure we were comfortable the entire way. I would say that you should double check to make sure you are under the 270 pound weight limit. Before you go.

Review №40

Had fun for mothers day

Review №41

ZipZone is very easy access and they offer a high adrenaline tour thats swift and wont eat up an entire afternoon which is scary and rewarding! Of course if you have more time their other tours have a great variety of obstacles to play through! Definitely bring friends, its a great time.

Review №42

They train you and help you all along the way I had so much fun.

Review №43

We had such a blast here! The staff was so great and it was so much fun. Would highly recommend.

Review №44

The staff were great! Very friendly and kind and very educated on safety and did great to make us comfortable and relaxed to have a great time. The scenery was amazing and I really enjoyed it! Cant wait to go back!

Review №45

Our guides, Tessa and Nate were AWESOME!! The entire group we went with was awesome and we had the best time. Definitely will go back.

Review №46

Anybody and everybody should go zip lining at least once in their life... just let go... adventure is natures version of a reset button.

Review №47

Kids had a blast

Review №48

Took my little cousins and they had a blast! Staff was extremely friendly and took their time working with the kids that were a little nervous. We all felt very save the whole time. Very professional. Highly recommend.

Review №49

Great date night activity! The guided Zipline tour was fun and the guide were awesome. Highly recommend checking this place out. Kid friendly.

Review №50

This was my first ziplining experience and Im glad I can say it was AMAZING!! Sean and Tessa are 2 of the best guides I have ever encountered. Im leary of heights yet they made me feel so secure and I even got daring at times. They injected humor into the tour and explained everything so well. They made the experience unforgettable. I could have zipped all day long. Fantastic place!

Review №51

Wonderful guides, particularly Nolan and Noah! I felt very safe on the course and the scenery was beautiful! If you are in central Ohio, I would certainly recommend this place for a zip line tour!

Review №52

Very good for outdoorsy kinds of activities. This place is good for exercise and getting a good workout. Has many levels to it so that you do not have to start at the hardest one. Easy levels and training included for first timers. Safety equipment is triple checked for safety precautions. There is a weight limit, but your weight will not be displayed in front of everyone.

Review №53

Amazing experience and great fun. Only recommendation is to not do it in the cold weather. Best times to enjoy this are the spring and summer. You must go if you are looking for memories!

Review №54

Awesome experience for my whole family. Scheduling, payment, and waivers on their website was super easy. Reception when we got there was fast. The entire staff was friendly, helpful, and professional. Our guides, Jack and Noel, were amazing. Very knowledgeable and their narration really added to the tour. Our kids are 8 and 13 and the guides explained everything thoroughly. We felt safe and had an absolute blast throughout our entire experience. Thanks!

Review №55

This was the best of three Ive been to. They have a unique braking system where the guides control your stopping at each platform. I was skeptical that it would take away from the experience. It didnt take long to change my mind. It allows you to enjoy each, um, zip more. You dont have to stop enjoying the view to concentrate and judge your own slow down. You get to take more in while youre zipping from tree to tree. The guides are awesome. Well trained in this process. Highly recommend.

Review №56

Nice place, but they were hosting the Yo to the Bus reunion, and no one expected to have that many people there. I say great for small group of maybe 200 but when you get bout a four hundred families their to small. Hope we didnt mess up that beautiful lawn. I will be back to do the Zipline. Also, thank you for having us there even for the one time opportunity to enjoy the park, we underestimated the size of our group and the weather was not on our side. Maybe we can do something else with a smaller group in future.

Review №57

Enjoyed the experience, would have loved for the course to be longer

Review №58

The tour guides I had were a lot of fun and made the zip lining easy and enjoyable. Theyre confident in their ability as guides which is reassuring.

Review №59

Had an amazing time doing the aerial park adventure with my family. The time we were supposed to originally go on our adventure it started raining pretty hard so the very friendly and professional staff worked with us to reschedule our visit.I am pretty scared of heights but felt comfortable because the equipment was so secure. The money was more then worth the great time we had, we will definitely be back.

Review №60

Fun experience, its like being at summer camp. Great staff and easy to learn. The hard course is pretty challenging, so make sure you are up for some work before you dive into that one. Had a very fun experience and will definitely be back.

Review №61

Had a blast! The staff and service are amazing. Who knew such a cool adventure is tucked into Columbus! Go, take the family, your friends.

Review №62

The tour guides were amazing, safe and kept us in stitches! Our entire family zipped together and will be doing it again either a night tour or in the fall when the leaves change. Facility was clean and the tree top views incredible. Worth every cent! Recommend this experience for everyone of any age!

Review №63

Marcie and Nolan are the best tour guide! My siblings came from CA and they loved zipzone. Marcie and Nolan made them feel comfortable.

Review №64

Lots of fun, guides Marcie and Nathan were great.

Review №65

Nice locationThey actually paved most if the road now.Parking may be an issue.Remember to always call ahead especially when the weather is nice.

Review №66

A fun place to go and have fun. My son had the greatest time zip lining and participating in the adventure activities. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Plenty of parking. Clean and safe. Highly recommended.

Review №67

Exciting, but wish it was a longer zip line.

Review №68

Nolan & Caitlin were our guides for our group of 6. They were awesome & explained everything to us. We did the canopy tour. It was rainy & cool so I was a little nervous if it would make it miserable. But, it didn’t at all. Perfect course for us. Definitely recommend.

Review №69

Friendly helpful staff. Great little fun place for both adults/kids.

Review №70

Had a great time here. Great place for novices. Was a good way to ease into ziplining. Opted into the freefall drop, while nerve racking, it was fun.

Review №71

9 of us went from 7years to 56years. It was one of the best experiences I can think of for a family gathering. Our guides were patient and very informative. They took care to make sure we were all safe but also that we were enjoying the thrill of it all. We drove from Chicago and it was worth the it.

Review №72

Our family of 5 went and had the best time. Youngest was 7. The guides were phenomenal at empowering the kids confidence. All around fantastic time. Will be back!

Review №73

Customer service, equipment, guides, instruction provided, and the actual elements themselves were all top notch! It is apparent that everyone at Zip Zone is fully committed to both fun and safety! We were given several hours to self-explore the adventure course and had an awesome time! Great for both solo trips, day dates, and larger groups! Theres something for everyone!

Review №74

Its hard to imagine an outdoor adventure like a zipper in a busy city center like Columbus, but ZipZone Outdoor Adventures has done it. As a zipline tour, you can cross the treetops north of the city centre. These trips include canopy tours and moonlight tours as well as zipper tours that include a short free fall and rope experience. The ZipZone offers a children-friendly outdoor experience at the Children’s Park, including small adventures and an air park with challenging classes.

Review №75

Wonderful adventure! Kids had a great time. It was nice that they were encouraging each other to do each course. Will go again.

Review №76

Our 4.5yr old grandson had a blast. Hes gone twice in 2 weeks. Great staff! Thinking of going back with our friends to try it. Fun for all ages

Review №77

We had an awesome day at ZipZone! We went on Sunday 10/22/2017. We did the Canopy walk and zip lines. My husband and I took our Grandsons, ages 10 and 12. Our guides, Noah and Kyle were so much fun. I have been in Emergency medicine for close to 30 years and was very impressed with their constant concern for safety, and yet maintained a laid back attitude. Our youngest was a bit nervous, but the guys made him as comfortable as he could be. The equipment was all in excellent condition. We will return and highly recommend this park to anyone. Beautiful setting!

Review №78

I recently visited ZipZone with a group of co-workers and we all LOVED it! We were looking for a team building activity and ZipZone was perfect. We had two tour guides and they were great. They were very thorough in showing us how to do everything, yet entertaining. I felt really safe yet it was still thrilling. I highly recommend ZipZone Canopy tours for your next adventure!

Review №79

Definitely a fun place! Great idea for spending the afternoon with friends & family doing something different than usual. All of the employees were friendly, the explanations & demo of all the gear is very thorough. Plenty of staff available to help if you so happen to get stuck on a course.

Review №80

Awesome experience, great people! The guides were amazing, funny, knowledgeable and just generally very personable. The zip lines were loads of fun as well. Highly, highly recommend!!

Review №81

Great overall experience! Excellent facilities and equipment. Zip guides were very entertaining and accommodating. One young girl in our group was too scared to zip by herself or even with her own dad, so one of our guides took her tandem for the first 4 of 5 zip lines. By the final zip line he got her confidence up enough to do the last one by herself.

Review №82

Our office enjoyed an excellent team building event zip lining to kick off Memorial Day weekend! Our guides, Noah and Sean, were the perfect pair to facilitate a thrilling and laughter-filled time for all 9 of us in attendance. Zip on, Zip Zone!

Review №83

Awesome staff and fun experience! I loved that the staff came around encouraging my kids (13,9) to challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zones. Such a great time for our family Sunday, funday!!! We will be back

Review №84

Our 10 and 12-year old grandchildren from New Jersey had a wonderful time at Zip Zone and after spending 3 hours in the trees and in the air, they said they want to go back the next time they visit. Im sure they will. Thanks for a fun, safe and healthy place for all to enjoy nature!

Review №85

This is our second visit to ZipZone and it was another great adventure! The staff is always helpful and courteous and the rope course is well maintained and always challenging! Fantastic family outing!

Review №86

We had a wonderful time at the Adventure Park! All the staff members were super friendly and always made sure we were OK. Beautiful location and very family friendly! Highly recommend!

Review №87

Kyle and Shawn were our guides and made our first zipline experience well worth the money! They were funny and made us all feel more comfortable right away. We will definitely be back for more fun!

Review №88

Go at your own pace. Friendly helpful staff, in office & out in the woods. Love the deals & giveaways! Wish they had flush toilets but port-olets are okay. Continue to go back year after year for same and new adventures...gets better every year!

Review №89

Had a wonderful time celebrating a friends birthday. We couldnt have asked for better weather in November. The location was easy to get to with the directions provided, and everything was ready for us at our scheduled start time. Our two ziplining guides, Thomas and Sami, were wonderful and very experienced! They made sure we were safe while also having an awesome trip. Cant wait to go back when they open for the spring!

Review №90

I brought my kids to this place and I have to say, I was impressed with the young lady behind the desk welcoming us to the place. She was kind and acted very professionally and shes cute too. I would recommend this place for anyone wanting to challenge thier fears as they use extremely safe protocols to ensure fun and safety.

Review №91

First time going to Zipzone & I absolutely loved it! Awesome staff & environment! Worth every penny, will definitely be going back on another adventure! Highly recommended! And don’t worry, even if you get stuck like I did, just yell “staff” lol

Review №92

The best experience you can get

Review №93

Guides were friendly, fun and helpful. The course was beautiful. Felt safe for every step of the way! Fun experience to try out!

Review №94

Sami & Jack were our guides for the 2 hour tour. They were so good at making us feel comfortable. Jack has a great dry sense of humor. So relaxed & calm. Sami did a super job of learning our names & called us by name after the first run. They were very detail orientated, which is important at 43 feet in the air. Highly recommend this fun excursion!!!

Review №95

Fun. Challenging. Empowering. Great exercise, too!

Review №96

A blast. The courses are great and can be challenging. But its never dangerous. Not every course has a zip line. We had family in and did this with no experience. Super fun.

Review №97

This place was a lot of fun! The instructors take the time to set you up and walk you through how to do everything to make sure youre comfortable before sending you off on your own. The obstacles are challenging, but not so challenging that it isnt fun. Plus, there are different difficulty levels to choose from, so theres something for everyone. Overall, it was a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it!

Review №98

I took my 8 year old nephew and we loved it! The staff was great and knowledgeable. Highly recommend trying this.

Review №99

Great staff and great location. Our guides for the two hour Zipline tour were fantastic. Stephen and Marci did an excellent job.

Review №100

For the money spent..... running restrooms would be nice

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