16-Bit BarArcade
254 S 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States
Review №1

Wheelchair accessible but not wheelchair friendly. There are no tables that a wheelchair user can reach. They make you go to a table for drinks before gaming, but I couldnt. Worst thing was Id been emailing them for a week about their wheelchair accessibility here and at the Dublin spot. I was never informed about not being able to get to a table. Hubby and I brought our dinner and was excited for date night. We drove from down near Logan, Ohio.

Review №2

Great atmosphere, my only complaint is that cocktails tasted a bit diluted. I’ve enjoyed Pam Anderson. No food, but you can bring take out from nearby restaurants

Review №3

Very savory. the staff was very sociable and kind. the prices are fair for the quality of food.

Review №4

Retro Modern vibe. AMAZING drink options. Great craft beer selections. Among the video arcades they have, they also have pin ball and a couple monitors to play video games on console. You can drink and play for free.. They do have an ATM machine available and coin changer machine.

Review №5

Alcohol and arcade machines....What more do you need to know? Theres no food here, but I have seen some people bring in stuff from the area. Many arcade machines and cool old systems such as the Nintendo 64. Also some pinball machines in the back of youre into that kinda stuff. Must be 21 or over to come in as you do get checked on Entry.

Review №6

An excellent selection of beer, booze and games. Had a great time here. The no food part was a bummer, but since they allow food from trucks outside to be brought inside, this isnt a huge issue.

Review №7

Smaller bar from this company, but i prefer it to the bigger ones. Very attentive staff. Fun games. 50cents for pinball, but they have change machines :)

Review №8

Let me take you to, Funky Town !!!...Alcohol and 80s video games...Fun, fun and more fun.

Review №9

This place is cool. Play for free when you drink

Review №10

Just visited for the first after an out door music festival. Good prices which was surprising considering its downtown Columbus. Super awesome selection of beer and mix drinks. If you’re and old school video game nerd you will fall in love with the place as it’s loaded with classic games! Sometimes you’ll even meet famous people too! John Campbell from lamb of god happened to drop by, so I bought him some drinks.And remember... don’t drink and drive!

Review №11

Absolutely incredible happy hour specials! And some really creative and unique cocktails you arent going to find anywhere else. And the best part.. video games to play while you drink them!!

Review №12

Came after Margarita Fest and absolutely loved the bar and atmosphere. Cocktails were a little pricey, but delicious nonetheless. Will definitely come back if in the area!

Review №13

Excellent place!!! Game bar plus Drinks Superb Combination.I would love to visit this place again and try the other things in their menu as well.Only go there to grab a quick snack.I have had the Pizza Slices which are pretty good.Be mindful of the crowd and your surroundings.

Review №14

Was in town for a work event that wrapped up early, ended up at 16 bit on a Tuesday night but it might as well have been a weekend because it felt like a party inside! The bartender with rose quartz earrings made my night by being so warm and welcoming on a chilly night. Other patrons were jovial and happy to chat, I had a great time, hopefully Ill visit again soon.

Review №15

Superb food. Natural ambiance. One of the few independent restaurants worth going to. I would just like to say thank you for the excellent service we received at your restaurant last night. Although the place was very busy we still had a great time and really appreciate the amazing vibe too!

Review №16

Entered near nine, it wasnt busy. The service was very friendly and attentive.

Review №17

Pretty solid beer selection and friendly staff. Two main areas lined with Arcade cabinets, of which 90% are of the 8/16bit variety. Small numbers of more modern (think early 90s) 3D games sprinkled about. Was slightly disappointed by the amount of selection, given the size of the structure, was expecting slightly more games. Still a very fun time.

Review №18

One of my all time favorite hangouts. Awesome staff, free arcade games and 50 cents pinball! Plus fun drinks and one of the longest craft beer lists in town if you don’t mind a can. 10000/10.

Review №19

The wife and I went out with another couple and had a great time. I didnt know what to expect from it but it was packed and had good atmosphere. Having grown up spending a fair amount of time and tokens in aracades, it was a cool trip down memory lane playing a lot of old favorites, except to enjoy an adult beverage while doing so made it even better.

Review №20

Fun place and good adult beverages. The drinks are a little pricey but good. The one thing that kept me from giving 5 star is that when I ordered drinks, it cost $8 but when I went to pay, the bar tender charged me $9. Watch what they charge you compared to the price on the menu.

Review №21

Place was really cool. The games are free play. A lot of different fighting games, which was awesome. Some really cool ones I havent played in a long time. They also had some classics, NBA jam, and blitz. Really great selection of games. They have some older gaming systems hooked up too. Drink prices werent the best but it wasnt too bad.

Review №22

Visited the place on a Sunday....it was more a family day gathering. And I just kind of found it a little bit funny with it being a bar, and kids in the bar. I have no problem with that but I would probably give it 4 stars if it was just adults or if I went during the time that it was just adults. All in all its a good place together with friends and enjoy a beer/drinks and play games.

Review №23

Love this location - always a fun, interesting and eclectic crowd!

Review №24

You get to play old school video games while drinking... Whats not to love? Best part is games are free to play (except pinball) so you dont have to worry about having cash or coins to enjoy yourself.

Review №25

This place is fabulous! First of all, Shay knows her bourbon and is happy to pour one for you! Plenty of video games at no charge! There are pinball games as well that are quarter driven games. Angels Envy Rye available!

Review №26

I was in town for a week a couple of months ago and I have still made it a point to write a positive review about this place. The games are free (they have galaga), the drinks are reasonably priced, the staff is nice, and the bathrooms are clean. Id gladly return and I wish there was a bar like this in my town.

Review №27

I love going here when I get the chance. They have awesome drink and immensely fun arcade games. The staff is also really friendly and helps perpetuate the fun environment that you get here. If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend stopping in here and playing some games.

Review №28

I want to love this place. The drinks arent too expensive, the staff is all friendly, and the machines are all in good repair. But it is simply far too loud. Massive improvements in acoustic treatment would help rectify this, but there are none to be seen.I shouldnt be hoarse from shouting into the ear of the person standing next to me, and yet, it be this way.

Review №29

Nice chill spot. Good atmosphere. Free arcade games. Great drinks. What more can you ask for really??

Review №30

Neat place! Lots of variety in arcade cabinets that are in really good shape. Themed drink menu made me smile and huge offering of beers on tap or in bottles/cans. Staff is super cool too!

Review №31

Great place!!! I love this place. It has a great variety of drinks at bargain prices. The staff is friendly and kind. The atmosphere is super laid back. Highly recommend!!

Review №32

Wont be going here anymore thanks to their lawsuit against the city.

Review №33

Awesome place , loved the cocktail drinks & the games options. surely will revisit

Review №34

Good drink selection, not terrible prices, all video games I saw were working. Would be 5 stars if the bathroom had been stocked.

Review №35

I was very impressed. Classy bar with great vibes, good music and decor. They offer a good selection of drinks and service was great.

Review №36

Fun bar with no cover plus the games are free! Being free means it will usually be packed at night, so most of the good games will be taken. It will also be crowded to the point where you bump into everybody playing a game. Its a fun concept with some pretty good games and drinks.

Review №37

What a great idea. The theme here is the old video arcade games from days gone by. The walls are lined by the actual games which are free to play. Seriously no charge unlimited play. The bar offers all the usual Drinks, Craft & domestic beers, and some very creative, deliciously crafted and fun, signature house cocktails. Did I mention the digital games are FREE. They also have a few pinball games but you will have to pony up the quarters for these.If pinball is your game of choice the same company opened up a place called Pins right up the street thats for you. Thats a whole other review for later but lets just say you wont be disappointed.

Review №38

This place is so nice fun! Fun free games (if you order a drink) and all the drinks are named and themed after pop-culture references! My husband and I are both in our mid thirties and we absolutely loved it!

Review №39

My drink was a bit too sweet but good games and good vibes

Review №40

Excellent safe bar environment and that drink 16Bit was delish!!!

Review №41

Great atmosphere, a must for retro game lovers! Cocktails are fun and tasty, nice selection of beer, friendly staff - what more could you ask for? Some of the games require a bit of TLC, but Im sure theyll get around to it.

Review №42

All the games are free minus the quarters required for pinball, drinks are unique & all delicious! Had a great time!

Review №43

Old school FREE games as long as you have a drink.

Review №44

I LOVE coming to 16bit whenever I visit Columbus. They have many excellent old arcade games that are great to play. Playing games at home on an emulator is just not the same as being at a machine in an arcade filled with more machines and people. They have a good selection of beers and have many mixed drinks also.

Review №45

Great way to spend an evening in Columbus. Delicious cocktails, decent selection of draft beers, and great happy hour prices. My only gripe is that the pinball machines are not free to play, which wasnt stated on the website.

Review №46

Great place and great concept. Buy from the bar and all the games (except pinball) are free. Only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is some of the games have sticky buttons or faulty joysticks. Most of the games are in great shape though

Review №47

This place looked fun and I was looking forward to grabbing a drink and playing some games for my bachelor party. Upon arrival however they turned out group away at the door because my younger brother was only 20, a company policy. I understand the liability, however, my step father (his legal guardian) was present and in Ohio a minor is allowed in a bar with their legal guardian (even allowed to drink if its given by them).

Review №48

Fun places their drinks are amazing. The best Bloody Mary I have ever had

Review №49

Great games and delicious drinks! Honestly, I cant decide which was better: the Hulk Hogan or the Kevin Bacon =) I definitely love being able to play in an arcade setting. Great atmosphere and attentive staff!

Review №50

This place is pretty neat. Free play on everything except pinball. Drinks r cheap. They also had console games and outside seating. A few games I played werent all that controller responsive. Thats y the 4 not 5 stars. Also great hotdogs place right beside this place.

Review №51

Great spot to visit with friends who love old school video games! Bartenders are fast and helpful. Atmosphere is retro and fun. My best friend cant drink alcohol due to medical reasons, and she was able to enjoy herself just as much as someone who can drink alcohol. 16-bit is my bar of choice in Columbus!

Review №52

A few nice games and drinks. Good way to spend a couple of hours.

Review №53

We had never been there before and had no idea what drinks to have. So we walked around for a second to check the games out. We finished and asked the person behind the counter for a speicals menu or something to look at. The long haired man behind the counter growled at us and said its 12 we dont have any specials. Then instead of talking to us he walked away. At the time it was 12am Saturday night/Sunday morning. Either way we walked out and never even touched a game or bought a drink. They lost our business. There is similar places in the area that we get good service in.

Review №54

This place is amazing! Go on in, grab a beer or a Snoop Dogg n play some classic old arcade games!

Review №55

My boyfriend and I love coming here for date nights! Nothing like playing some old school arcade games and enjoying a drink! The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because of the over priced drinks and it can be hard to find a place to park on the weekends because it gets busy. Regardless, I still really enjoy it and definitely recommend it!

Review №56

Free arcade bar games good mixed drinks must visit if youre an 80s early 90s kid

Review №57

Great place, great bar, buying one drink you get to play any and all of the games they have available. Would 10/10 recommend especially if you love old arcade games

Review №58

The service here is attentive.

Review №59

Great place. Cant say enough about the service. Great beer selection. A huge plus about this place is if you buy drinks the arcade games are free to play. Great Arcade game selection as well. Would definitely go back.

Review №60

Not as big as the Cincinnati location but great service and selection of games.

Review №61

Had a great time here! Especially since all the games are free except pinball, had a friend from Texas with me and he has never seen anything like this definitely a really cool and original place

Review №62

Really cool place. Tons of old arcade games. Drinks are a nice addition. Though they will shorten the time you can play any given game.

Review №63

Good for gamers and non gamers I would say! Games are free and the drinks are on point. Pretty affordable too.

Review №64

Moderate selection of arcade games as well as several consoles with limited games all free-play. Creative humorous drink names and non-alcoholic beverages available as well. May be hard to get a turn if you are going for solely playing Mario games as they were highly sought after. Clean establishment open to ideas for new game suggestions. No food served here. Down side for women is single bathroom.

Review №65

Great drinks and fun games in a cozy setting. The patio is small but perfect for soaking up the afternoon sun. Loved the bloody Mary and the Burt Reynolds. Yes, hes a drink.

Review №66

Travel back to a time of arcade games, happy hour drinks and friendly service..

Review №67

Cool vintage games! However, there’s not enough of them for the amount of people who go here. Good location with delicious food within walking distance, but they offer no food at this location. The games do not all work and those that do are typically taken with a couple people in line to play next.

Review №68

From 16-bit games to the finest brews and boos that Columbus, OH has to offer. They have all the classics that any 80s or 90s kid would know including the likes of Killer Instinct for the 16-bit fight game enthusiast to NFL Blitz 98 for the sports fan that grew up watching some of the greatest to ever set foot on the gridiron in the 90s.The one place that you can drink and drive in a 16-bit world in the company of the common folk looking to unwind after a long day or week at the office. I am referring, of course to Mario Kart 64.PSA: Drink and game responsibly

Review №69

This place will never disappoint you. The food is really tasty and the place is extremely hygienic. The place is the best food serving restaurant in the area. The staff is amazingly helpful and cooperative. The place enhances its charm by the beautiful and very subtle music that they play. This gives an absolutely amazing vibe to the place. I love all their dishes which Ive tried till now. Definitely worth more than one visit!!

Review №70

This place is awesome! Went here for the first time this past New Years Eve, and now it’s a staple when I go out in Cincy! Drinks are reasonably priced, there is no cover, and the games are so much fun! Perfect for a good night out with friends!

Review №71

Super cute place with fun games which is included in the price of drinks! The drinks are great too! Fun names. Fun times.

Review №72

Very friendly and relaxing environment. Drinks were reasonably priced and the games were ridiculously nostalgic! Only needs original Street fighters to round out the collection. Spent most the night on Gauntlet reliving my youth :)

Review №73

Excellent bar staff, excellent crowd. Great place to celebrate or just hang out

Review №74

Awesome place. Great games and drinks. All coin op games are free

Review №75

Pretty decent place I would say. I went there on 3rd July before red white and boom, and all games were free. Didnt order drinks, but they have a high variety of games. I enjoyed my time there.

Review №76

This place has great vintage arcade games that you can play for free, its spacious and the drinks are great

Review №77

I liked the selection of games and drinks, everything was very clean and all but one of the games were working. On a Friday night it was busy enough to be pretty noisy, but it still wasnt hard to find an open game to try out. I would only comment on the selection of games. There was variety and some classics, but sometimes its hard to separate nostalgia from quality. Maybe it was just my personal preferences, but for some reason I really had bad memories from some games. I wouldnt go again, but I did enjoy my time there.

Review №78

The best classic arcade games Ive ever played or seen in a long while!

Review №79

Really enjoyed spending my time here, came in for a pint and left several hours later after several more pints. I love the fact that all the retro arcade games are free to play and the bar attracts a very friendly crowd. Cant wait to come back here!

Review №80

I love 16-bit the service is great even when the bar is packed, most of the games are free and the drinks are delicious! Its a great way to spend a Saturday night especially if you want to have fun but dont feel like dancing or something. I highly recommend this place!

Review №81

Very cool bar! Great specialty drinks. All the retro arcade games you remember from long ago. I went on a weeknight, much less crowded.

Review №82

Great spot, awesome games, awesome drinks! Ate at Mikeys Late Night Slice before hand - highly recommended too. This was my 2nd time here - 1st time was an amazing experience, so I made sure to stop in again on vacation since this is about 9 hours from home. Nice selection of craft beers on tap & in cans, as well as crafted mixed drinks. 4 star rating only because the verified hours on Google state that theyre open till 2:30am, but we were promptly kicked out at 1:30am. Had we known this, we would have gone here first instead of Mikeys (which is open until 2am), as we ended up only being able to spend 20 minutes at 16-Bit and had to slam our delicious drinks (a 22oz beer and a high abv mixed drink).

Review №83

Great nostalgic bar with all the old video games! Awesome

Review №84

First time here. Loved how clean it is. Sri is are reasonably priced, staff is amazing. Extremely comfortable and fun atmosphere.

Review №85

Super creative drinks, and I appreciate the fact that they had lots of retro games that you can play once you order a drink. Wish the pinball machines were the same as well since theyre my favorite!

Review №86

First visit to the S 4th St location. Went on a Sunday evening and it was busy but the crowd thinned out as it got later. We were easily able to play several of the games and one of the Nintendo games on the flat screen. Some games I remembered from my childhood and some I didnt but were fun to discover. Time just flew by as we had so much fun! The drinks are delicious and the Slush Puppies remind me of stopping by the convenient store as a kid. This location isnt big so might be better going on a less busy day/time of the week like we did.

Review №87

Visited this place a while back visiting some friends here. I personally loved the feel of the place and the games were great as well as the drinks. The cherry on top, oddly enough, was the bathroom that had multiple stickers and stall grafitti that made me feel right at home in my punk dive bar days. Highly recommend this place and will absolutely visit if Im ever in the Columbus area again.

Review №88

Great place to have a few drinks and play some old school arcade games with a few friends

Review №89

Fun place for us downtown folks! We needed a new place to enjoy around here.

Review №90

This place has the best arcade games and theyre all free! (as long as you buy a drink). The staff was friendly and the drinks were good

Review №91

Wonderful place to spend an evening. Some issues with broken games but fun non the less

Review №92

This was the first arcade & bar I had ever visited. I came with friends to celebrate my sister & brother in law moving. And then I came for my birthday.As long as you are drinking then you can have all the fun you want playing a huge variety of arcade games from Asteroids to Rampage. The last time I visited there was a small but rather awesome selection of pinball machines, which you will need to pay to play.Dont worry about food because there are several great places in walking distance. Does get a little crowded & loud on the weekends but well worth going.

Review №93

Its pretty good, most of their arcades work pretty good, and playing n64 is awesome.

Review №94

This place is great. The staff is awesome, they have a great selection if draft beers, video games, etc. Allowing kids to come every Sunday between noon-5p is really fun.

Review №95

Super fun spot for friends to get together, show off their skills and make you feel like you should have prepared for this. Also, drinks are strong and yummy so dont drink too much (unless you want to wake up the next morning looking like a bruised up banana).

Review №96

Grabbed some beers with friends in a weeknight good crowd great service. Played n64 for like 2 hrs really fun way to hang out better then normal bar games. Definitely check it out if youre in the area

Review №97

Great atmosphere! If you love classic arcade games and beer you will fit right in here. Friendly service and clean restrooms. Games are all free if you’re drinking except pinball (50 cents).

Review №98

Wait staff is awesome. Fun and clean!

Review №99

This place is awesome! They have lots of really good old arcade games that are all free with the exception of the pinball games. So much fun!

Review №100

First timer for Friday Happy Hour! Very very good $6 (Cheech Marin) Margaritas and super friendly staff! Very accommodating and attentive! The classic arcade games were all great! Highly recommend this place when you want to bar hop or before/after dinner in the area!

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:254 S 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States
  • Site:http://www.16-bitbar.com/
  • Phone:+1 614-222-1616
  • Amusement center
  • Bar
  • Cocktail bar
  • Event venue
  • Pub
  • Video arcade
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:4–11pm
  • Thursday:4–11pm
  • Friday:4–11pm
  • Saturday:12–11pm
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeaway:No
  • Bar games:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Happy-hour drinks:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Outside food allowed:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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