Dreamscape Columbus
AMC Theatres, 275 Easton Town Center Level Two inside, Columbus, OH 43219, United States
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Tons of fun for me and my two teens. We did all three of the virtual reality adventures...Alien Zoo, Curse of the Lost Pearl, and theBlu. The latter two were our favorites. We screamed in excitement and a little terror during Curse of the Lost Pearl which is like an Indiana Jones adventure. We wondered in amazement at theBlu which is like a real deep sea diving adventure and a chance to swim alongside whales. Would definitely go again!

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First off, the GPS directions took us to the wrong place. The staff went out of their way to wait for us and be understanding, the other guests were also patient and willing to wait. They were super fun and we appreciated how energetic they were.Now, the experience. It was so real. I loved how it actually made me react instinctively. I have a fear of heights and it actually triggered that for me. Thats not even a negative. Like I was actually trying to avoid the wall saws and solve the puzzles.They sprayed up with mist and wooshed air. It made to where I was very immersed the whole time, so much so that when we were done I found the real world a little disorienting. I absolutely loved and and I wanna go back all the time, but with my friends cause I know it would be super fun. I wanna take my sisters cause it would scare my little sister silly and my older would love the scenery. My mom would freak out.I definitely recommend.

Review №3

My only complaint is I wish it lasted longer! However, for 20-25 minutes you leave Easton Town Center. You left me wanting more of this incredible fun... give me at least 45 minutes!

Review №4

This is truly an experience unlike anything we’ve done before. What a fun evening with my husband and his family! Highly recommend!! Wow!!

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This was so cool! I’ve done VR experiences before at Disney and this was right up there. Very creative and immersive. Loved it. I wanna go back and try all of them!

Review №6

I brought 3 tickets for Alien zoo and 4 tickets for the next day for the Tomb thing. 1st experience I got disconnected 2 minutes into it. So i get to watch my kids in a dark room. Manager apologizes offers tickets to the deep blue sea. So I had to wait around for an extra hour. Only for my son to get disconnected from 2nd one!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS. Thats has been my experience this far $70 for frustration this is not good- $90 tomorrow Im not feeling excited. refunds dont create a memory that isnt likely to happen.opening

Review №7

I love the feeling of being somewhere totally different

Review №8

Purchased tickets over a week ago, drive to the other side of town to be told its broken and we cant couldnt go. It would be nice if you let your patrons know this before they drive 40mins through rush hour. Waste of time. Unreliable. Inconsiderate.

Review №9

Gonna get right to it. This place is amazing! We had an incredible experience here and definitely plan on coming back to do the other vr adventures. The whole thing took about 30 minutes from start to finish (we were in a smaller group and blazed right through it). The VR equipment ( 2 hand sensors and 2 foot sensors, a backpack and a headset) is pretty good. The 4 body sensors are very responsive (although the foot sensors need to be tightened extra as they can become loose) and while the backpack is a little hefty its still very comfortable and I soon forgot I was wearing it. Lastly the headset was very comfortable and even allowed me to still wear my glasses. The experience was very immersive, we grabbed torches and when close to your face you could feel the heat, Walking through a water fall got you wet. The adventure we chose (one of three currently available with a 4th on the way as well) was akin to Indiana Jones and was exciting to play through with the group. Cost was 19.99 per person and was definitely worth the price. Some small things, when your in the VR experience be aware that you may feel unsteady and off balance walking around the real life room while also being inside the VR experience. Thankfully they have many railings placed in the real world that are also accurately shown in the VR experience so you can have something to hang onto. Even if you end up not liking it its still a very cool thing to experience and know how far this technology is coming along. I cant wait to see what they come up with next.

Review №10

Sunday visit to Easton Dreamscape, disappointing and expensive.Just got back from the 6:40 viewing of Alien Zoo. I had been to the Star Wars VR at Downtown Disney and was hoping for the same great experience.Its new, so be patient with the staff, some are still learning their job. Went into the staging area to get my feet, hands, backpack and headset sensors on. The backpack is like a giant heavy xbox. One little kid in are group struggled with the extra weight on his back.Its okay, not worth the $49.34 price for two people. Your VR experience is limited to walking onto a platform to watch the local Dinos. I heard one of the other VR experiences you move around a little more. The VR is a little off at times and the graphics especially at the end felt a little PC like and dated. The Dino attacking our platform, who was afraid of our flashlights was fun, not worth the price though.

Review №11

Horrible experience. Was disconnected before it even began and they could not reconnect me. I was really looking forward to this experience, but they need to iron out these technical difficulties. They should have just rebooted the entire experience since. Won’t be coming back

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It was great!! Wish it was a little longer.

Review №13

So much fun ! I was amazed.

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