Owen Rose Garden
300 N Jefferson St, Eugene, OR 97402, United States

Review №1

Such a really nice place to be! If this was closer to home, I would definitely be here for almost every day especially when the suns out and the temperature is 70 degrees or more. It was decent and neat and you can do all sort of things to hang out with family and friends. A nice place to have picnics, biking and just an area to relax. Im glad I had a good experience here and hopefully I get to go back someday again.

Review №2

The park is such a nice place for a picnic, or just to get outdoors. It is also next to the river trail where you can do some exercise as well or just walk your dog. The roses are beautiful and well maintained.

Review №3

The Owen Rose Garden in Eugene Oregon is a beautiful little sight to behold located right off of the Willamette River in the Whitaker neighborhood. The variety of different roses is splendid and the city does a great job keeping the area clean, dazzling to the eye, and open in these times of COVID. 4/5 Stars!

Review №4

Little bloomed out by late summer, but beautiful blooms remain on every bush. Sit in the shade, on the grass, or under the trellis. Lovely place to wile away some hours.

Review №5

It is super pretty!! When the roses are in bloom you can spend a good hour looking at them. Its also close by a waking / biking trail that has the river on the side and its really nice to just walk around and relax, or sit down and look at the water or the roses!

Review №6

Always a pleasure to visit the rose garden. Ive spent a lot of time there, having lived in Eugene my whole life. Its gorgeous when the roses are in bloom and still quite serene in the off seasons. Sometimes theres a wild bum that appears but thats par for the course when your in a 10 mile radius from downtown. Today was lovely though, lots of other people were there hanging out and taking pictures etc. So anyways got some good pics for anyone to check out.

Review №7

Beautiful landscaping, handicap accessible parking, and access to paths. Bathrooms with handicap accessibility from open to close plus portajohns for after hours. Be aware of homeless and junkies.

Review №8

Adequate size surrounded by various types of roses, and some areas with shade for a short rest. It seems pretty peaceful and quiet despite the location near the freeways. Love it!

Review №9

Went a lil later in the season. But super pretty. Lots of nice flowers. Plus its free. Easy awesome free date idea. Pic of my fav flower of the day

Review №10

This park was amazing, you can take a stroll and see over 400 different types of roses. No fee required. The smell is amazing. They even have a historic cherry tree from 1847. This was a beautiful stop and we will be back again.

Review №11

I love the garden. The roses are so beautiful during the day and even though you cant see them in the evening, it makes for a nice short romantic walk in the moon light before they close the gates for the evening. My only complaint is about loitering, mainly in the parking lot. We encountered people in a 5th wheel with their chairs out, drinking beer, being loud, and having no respect for the peaceful place that this is.

Review №12

Not only are there roses here but its also right on the river and theres some very beautiful trees and a very old old cherry tree maybe the oldest one Ive ever seen its a great place to just go and hang out and spend a little time relaxing by yourself or with your family and its location being right in the middle of Eugene makes it a convenient getaway

Review №13

This place, makes for a great walk. Especially when all the roses are in bloom. You should check ouy the historical Cherry tree.

Review №14

Beau-T-ful and serene️

Review №15

Beautiful gardens and park with walking trails by the river. This area has a large homeless population.

Review №16

Beautiful garden near the Willamette river, bike path and Skinners Butte park.

Review №17

Beautiful gardens, the gardeners do an amazing job and are super friendly! This is somewhere is definitely visit again and recommend to others. Its really a place the whole family can enjoy! The flowers were just amazing!!

Review №18

The most beautiful and biggest rose garden I have ever seen

Review №19

I come here every year to smell and take pictures of all my favorites.

Review №20

Beautiful park from one end to the other. Magnificent roses.

Review №21

Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful place to walk around amd right in the river.

Review №22

Beautiful place, pacific. The only problem is there is a lot of homeless when trying to get to the garden.

Review №23

Beautiful place took my pup and my daughter to take some beautiful photos

Review №24

I Love going to Owen Rose Garden in this season. The flowers are in full bloom theyre very beautiful. And the grounds are very clean. it.

Review №25

Beautiful, quiet place for a stroll in all seasons

Review №26

A beautiful public rose garden! Went to see it during sunrise and couldnt be more in awe. Gorgeous. And be sure to check out the massive Cherry tree thats over 2 centuries old!

Review №27

Beautiful Roses when in bloom. Grounds are well kept.

Review №28

Theres roses at the rose garden. Was not disappointed

Review №29

The rose garden is well tended and they seem to be updating a few things, the plaque in front of the Cherry Tree has been changed which is sad to see go but makes me happy to see we are still fixing things and taking care of the tree. Flowers havent grown in yet but it is still quite cold out. I look forward to seeing it in the late spring when everything is usually sprouting and blooming. Easily accessible and has parking and seating under a ivy terrace. Plenty of benches for those that need to take a break from standing.

Review №30

Very beautiful, especially the 200 yr old cherry tree,

Review №31

In wonderful collection of roses. My see for rose Lovers

Review №32

Amazing place to relax on a sunny summers day. The flowers are beautiful and being by the river allows for it to be cool on hot days

Review №33

All the Roses are in bloom and they are looking healthy and happy. I never have liked there planting scheme it has always looked thrown together but who am i.... and there are a couple that are out of place and it was surprising to not see them tagged so that could be transplanted at a later date. There was probably the most people I have seen there at one time. Our daughter loved smelling as many as possible. Good times! Only 3 stars because the bathrooms were closed and then no to in any of the johns and the amount of campers asking you for something every time you turn around. But this is eugene what else is new...

Review №34

Very lovely city rose garden, recent improvements make it even more wonderful. Always make a trip each year to enjoy the blooms.

Review №35

Beautiful and serene... with the exception of the drug addicts!!

Review №36

Beautiful place to stop and smell the roses.

Review №37

My wife and really enjoyed the walk and getting to smell and identify each individual rose plant. Very beautiful and well manicured. Only critique and the reason for 4 stars and not 5, is that a majority of the Roses labels were not present. This did not hinder us from having a very enjoyable time at all. Highly recommended visit.

Review №38

Beautiful! I love the ancient tree & the labels for the roses.

Review №39

Picturesque rose garden and covered eating area, with benches. right next to skinners butte park and the river. trails leading to riverfront make for a great place to enjoy legal eugene weed.

Review №40

I really like it here. They have the names for roses and I think thats pretty cool

Review №41

Nice peaceful walking park along with the pretty flowers!

Review №42

It’s a beautiful place to sit and be one with Mother Nature and all her beautiful roses, the smell of the roses will fill your being with happy times and hope a great place to meditate

Review №43

The Owen Rose Garden is one of Eugenes greatest treasures. Bordering the Willamette River, this is a beautiful, peaceful place to visit, whether or not all of the rose bushes and other flowers are in bloom. Theres often weddings and other small get-togethers happening at this city-owned park, and I hope to be married there myself some day! If you havent already , I hope you will take an hour or so to go check out the rose garden, or have a picnic at one of the several picnic tables they have here.

Review №44

Its always well kept and beautiful .plus it has a really old cherry tree

Review №45

Love coming here, all the roses are GORGEOUS when in bloom. I take tons of pictures whenever we go.

Review №46

The gardens have a variety of Roses with clever names. Their is a gazebo, short foot paths through and some arches, benches and cement picnic tables under a pavilion. They have a 175 year old cherry tree and some other varieties of plants like lilies, orchids, etc. There are large grassy areas throughout and it’s right on the river trail that leads down to Skinner Butte Park and Alton Baker Park.

Review №47

Nice and clean, well kept. Nice for a quick stroll.

Review №48

A beautiful rose garden that is well maintained

Review №49

This place is GREAT. Ignore the complaints about seasonal inconveniences- any idiot should know there wont be blooms in winter. Pruning spent flowers encourages more blooms and keeps up the plants health and energy- when you see cut stems theres a reason.

Review №50

Lovely, but it should be renamed the Rosa Parks Garden !

Review №51

Beautiful. Clean all together it was nice taking my sweetheart there.

Review №52

My daughter wedding was beautiful at the gardens

Review №53

I love the rose garden,I would love to get married there one day

Review №54

Such a beautiful place to walk around, have a picnic, stop and smell the Roses. Its worth many visits.

Review №55

Very beautiful place for a walk or picnic. There are three picnic tables with shade and lots of benches through out the trail.

Review №56

June 8th, at the peak of bloom, and the new concrete walkway is fantastic, the front half of the park looks really really good.

Review №57

When in season this rose garden is a truly beautiful and serene place to visit. lots of varieties of roses and lots of places to sit or take pictures. Access is free and very near Skinners Butte Park along the beautiful Willamette River. If you want to take a special someone on a romantic date this would be the place. Bring a picnic lunch and sit enjoy the cool breeze of the river, beautiful landscaping and romantic atmosphere of this great location. I would highly recommend this location!

Review №58

Me and my husband love going there and just walk and enjoy the fliwers

Review №59

Beautiful garden. Smells amazing when all the roses are blooming.

Review №60

Went for a walk along the river and got lucky that thw roses had bloomed! It was a perfect day for a walk in the rose garden

Review №61

Beautiful. Nice place to walk to.

Review №62

Quiet, tranquil, well put together, beautiful.

Review №63

Beautiful park. Very walkable for all types.

Review №64

This place brings fond childhood memories

Review №65

End of season late august but still a nice place to visit. info plates with bame if roses. meutermedia

Review №66

Incredible flowers, excellent grass. Food nearby.

Review №67

Beautiful roses, well kept grounds. Just beautiful! One of my favorite places to take an afternoon walk. :)

Review №68

Beautiful fall walk at the rose garden.

Review №69

A nice walk through a beautiful place, a favorite and special spot for my wife and I!

Review №70

A must see for its beautiful display of top notch variety of roses, as well as other flora. Meticulously maintained.

Review №71

Favorite: One of the first places I took my wife when we first met.

Review №72

Its really pretty. Its also near one of the most notorious stabbing trails in Eugene.

Review №73

My favorite place to visit when I need some nature. So many beautiful roses & a nice open field to enjoy

Review №74

The gardens are so gorgeous and its a beautiful place to stroll through.

Review №75

Must see! Late May it was beautiful ️

Review №76

This park is so relaxing on so many levels.

Review №77

Love this place! Cant believe I never knew about it!! Beautiful roses everywhere and a crazy old awesome tree! Best place ever!

Review №78

Lovely in the mornings

Review №79

So peaceful and so many beautiful varieties.

Review №80

Love it especially in the spring and summer. Its a little bare in the winter but still a good place to walk.

Review №81

Beautiful gardens definitely worth a stop!

Review №82

Absolutely beautiful, stunning roses. A joy to wander around and take pictures.

Review №83

The Owen Rose garden is unexpectedly awesome. The spring here had some spectacular blooms and the scale of it nearly rivals Portlands international Rose test garden.

Review №84

My favorite place to go in Eugene! Very relaxing environment. You can sit and read in the grass, walk along the path by water, and of course, stop and smell the roses!

Review №85

During full bloom season you will be able to see perfect examples of almost every color, love this place.

Review №86

Small (by municipal rose garden standards) but extremely well designed, well maintained and beautiful. Highly recommended.

Review №87

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved coming here to take in the beauty of what has got to be the largest variety of different roses that I have ever seen in one garden. This is an excellent summer spot for laying down a blanket and relaxing, or finding shapes in the clouds. Each rose bush is unique in its own way, but all of them are absolutely beautiful. The only real negative here is the area if town that this garden is located in. This place can get pretty spooky when it starts getting dark out, so be aware of your surroundings.

Review №88

Beautiful rose garden with great walks along the Willamette River just behind. The oldest cherry tree in the west!

Review №89

Owen Rose Garden is quite beautiful in the summertime and I would recommend if you havent been to see the roses during the summer, then treat yourself to the sight! Any other time of year its rather quaint and with the noise of the highway right next door its just another park.

Review №90

This place is very serene. It has many different varieties of roses in multitudes 9f colors. Pro-tip: The hybrid tea roses are usually the fragrant ones. I recommend the Tiffany rose and the Memorial Day rose.

Review №91

This is a beautiful well kept Garden. The staff is heavily overworked but if they have a chance they can offer a wealth of information regarding the Roses and the other plants in the garden. Theyre also always looking for volunteers through assistant with maintenance, so if you have the time and interest please offer your services.

Review №92

Great place to visit and meditate. Right next to the Willamette River. Lots of beautiful roses. I only wish they would select a few more roses that smell great even if they dont look as good.

Review №93

Went here 30 mins before closing time. it’s better at night guys.

Review №94

This is a wonderful place for a slow stroll among beautifully blooming roses. Kids might enjoy this if they enjoy smelling the flowers, or you feel ok with them running or playing in the groomed open grass areas while you stroll. There are occasional benches too sit and rest awhile, too.

Review №95

Id love it if tweekers werent all around it

Review №96

I stumbled on this gem while looking through the Eugene Weekly where I saw they were having a free play in the park. I was blown away with the beauty and smell of the roses..Ive never seen a public park like this. I got to live my life as a smartphone photographer that day and I returned many times since. Oh and the play was great.

Review №97

Very beautiful. Must see for visitors

Review №98

Needs a big water feature

Review №99

Beautiful and peaceful place to spend a few hours think walking and maybe writing some poetry

Review №100

Beautiful & well kept rose garden. Restrooms are always open. Great place to cycle to or park the car & walk around.

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