Maurie Jacobs Park
Fir Ln, Eugene, OR 97404, United States
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This park is big and has a playground, a rose garden, viewpoint on the river and a footbridge that goes to Valley River Center shopping mall. You can have a picnic, watch the ducks (dont feed them), and enjoy the peace and quiet of the park.

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Part of the Eugene Oregon bike trails alongside the Willamette River, Mori Jacobs Park is just one of many to ride through or to arrive at with children in hand for a good Saturday afternoon. Even in the darker months (PNW life) - it has open, inviting, and is kept very clean. Summertime events make it even better. If youre a runner, stroller, or biker - this is a staple and an example of what river parks look like in mid-tier cities. 5 out of 5 stars.

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This Taco Bell is okay. I dont think its entirely the staffs fault though. I think taco bells quality has gone down just in general. The crew members are friendly and always get our order right so thats great!

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It is a good park. If i had a child, i would want that child to posses the qualities that i see in this park. It is pleasing to look at. Others enjoy being in its presence. It is quiet and peaceful.

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Great park!! It is not what you think based on the area before you turn off to the park. Beautifully manicured with a bike path and awesome footbridge across the river. There are tons of places to access the river. Just make sure you respect the cyclists. They move fast!

Review №6

A very pleasant park! Plenty of pretty paths to prance down, and a plethora of palatable patches of grass to perch upon

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Beautiful rose garden to walk through and view, nice wooded path along river to rollerblade, ride bike, walk, or run with bridge that crosses river if you want to stroll over to mall and catch some shopping or dine out at one of the many nice restaurants. Definitely a fun filled afternoon to enjoy!!!

Review №8

One of the most beautiful parts of the Greenway. The fall colors are spectacular and the trees provide a buffer that shields from the cold river air.

Review №9

Beautiful bike path . We got to see so many ducks. That’s a wonderful view

Review №10

Love talking a long nice walk thru the parka d rosegardens with my gra dkids they absolutely love seeing all the ducks as well along the bike path my gra dson especially likes to ride his motorcycle and say beep beep to anyone he is passing love walksthru this park and especially love to watch the sunset on a good evening over the river off the bridge to valley river mall!

Review №11

Nice good-looking part always clean the things with you fishing riding bicycle

Review №12

Beautiful, calm environment with wildlife to entertain. Safe access into the river.

Review №13

Walked from the Valley River mall bridge to the rose garden and back again. Fairly well shaded, especially when we walked more toward the rivers side. Played some chess at one of the picnic tables.Only downside is the cement table ate at my uncovered elbows.

Review №14

Nice park foot bridge to valley river center well maintained nice bike walking paths on the river

Review №15

I used to live just up the street from here. I have always loved this area and the easy access to the river when your on foot, or in a wheelchair like I am now. It took a little more work now that Im in a , but it was worth it.

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Love this park, has so many big areas, my toddler can run all he wants, he feels free and in control, isnt that what all toddlers want?

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Lovely park to visit. Ample parking, clean . Hidden little gem!

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Great, clean river beach with cool, gentle water (well unless you walk to the center!!), And a shallow area with rock boundary looks great for the kids. Not too busy, even in this super hot day!

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Relaxing stop by the river for a brisk cool breeze in the sun;)-

Review №20

Super creepy after dark with all this smoke in the air lol. But still had a nice walk.

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Its a tranquil get away,and nice people if you want them to interact with you.The Willamette River is luscious in all its moods.

Review №22

Large city park with Riverside trails, some secluded beach/swimholes, and a. footbridge over the Willamette River to Valley River Center. it is a well maintained, very pretty park, that is used mostly by local residents.A lot less busy than other better known Willamette river parks, well worth the trip!

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Serenity by the river... What else can you ask for?

Review №24

Its an ok spot on the river. Very public, and can be un safe. Be sure to buddy up ladies.

Review №25

Nothing trash needles and feces.But all of Eugene is this way now.

Review №26

Enjoyable stroll around the park along the river

Review №27

Gorgeous park! Well maintained, large walking paths, enough benches along path, lots of space, not an awful lot of wildlife and small amounts of child equipment.

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Beautiful park. Part of the North bank trail. Paved land some dirt trails right along river. Lovely view of the River, lots of dogs, park ambassador regulates leash laws. They ride around on bikes supervising.

Review №29

Beautiful foot-bridge with benches over the water & very nice clean paths.

Review №30

Its a nice park, I enjoy sitting on the bridge. I would recommend closed toe shoes though, unless you enjoy crack needles in-between your toes

Review №31

Always peaceful and a great walk by the river, quacking ducks in the distance makes it a great spot for a stroll

Review №32

Easy to get to and very big with great access to all the towns bike paths

Review №33

Beautiful, well kept! Great place to take the kids and enjoy all sorts of activities from walking, biking, frisbee, park, picnic, and so much more!

Review №34

Its was a great experience

Review №35

Great park to have a picnic and talk with friends :)

Review №36

Easy walk, popular place

Review №37

Always a nice place to walk, with convenient parking near the bike/walkways.

Review №38

Its a good way to walk the dogs its a nice park its good to walk by the river to see the Ducks and geeses and its a nice lovely park!!!

Review №39

Its peaceful, clean, and you dont have to leave town to enjoy nature.

Review №40

Willamette river just rocks...Eugene Oregon is the best place to live....

Review №41

A great place to walk

Review №42

Great park with a wide open field and leads to plenty of other recreational things nearby such as the river or the mall. Big open field to play some frisbee or other sports in. Plenty of geese to observe and smile at. Ive always loved this park :)

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Lovely large park with play ground

Review №44

Ive been here so many times. Usually just to pass through it in order to get to the mall or whatnot. But Ive spent a number of days wandering the path or having a little picnic. Its lovely and very worthwhile to visit.

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Great for a bike ride.. Lots of trees to cool off under if its hot.. Awesome River to check out as well.. Nice mix of people.. Nicely maintained. Restrooms and water.

Review №46

Probably the nicest park in Eugene.

Review №47

Love the smell of fresh mowed grass!

Review №48

By the river and close to town no bigger space can you find around. Soccer trails river crossings and more. Playground for the kids. Who could want more?

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Very nice, clean, and well maintained. Was there pretty early in the day (before 8am) and there werent too many sketchy characters hanging around. Everyone was on their way to somewhere.Lots of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite offerings, from inns to fortresses, to things I hadnt encountered before. You know, if you play. ️

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Beautiful scenery and beautiful sunsets!

Review №51

Great park. Good for biking, running and walking. Opportunities to go off the blacktop and walk a dirt trail

Review №52

Nice spacious a bike trail and river its like summertime lol

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Behind the mall best place to hang out

Review №55

Parked at the mall walked to the beach. . .short walk to see nature let your dog jump in the water.

Review №56

Perfect place for a great walk, starting at Delta Ponds to Ferry Street Bridge.

Review №57

Great park multiple play structures and walking paths large fields for sports and picnic tables for fun picnics

Review №58

Such a beautiful place, overall well kept, great river walk and trails, but sometimes is a little sketch.

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I love it here any time of year. It brings peace, and calming to your soul from its beauty and the the views! I have been coming here for as long as I can remember. I have many great memories here. I have taken some of my best floral pics here, and its just a great place to go burn off lunch walking through the paths.It is kind of a bonus to just sit and listen to, and watch the birds.

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Peaceful park with parking, pinic tables, bike trail, bathrooms and if you walk over the bridge you could go see a movie at the Rodge valley Mall..

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Theres a man on the bridge giving people kites to fly, it was so fun. My first day in Eugene and people are so friendly. It maybe use easier to be happy when everything is so post card beautiful.

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One of Eugenes large connected well kept river parks. All connected by a well lit concrete bike & pedestrian path that goes literally miles & miles on both river banks. All the way to Jasper Ore. Beautiful !

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Stunningly beautiful day at park. The playground is pretty bare basics, but there was almost no one there so the kid got to have a blast. The bridge was very much a hit with the kid too and the park seems to close to some other cool places.

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Love coming to this park for a nice long walk with a stop at a playground. Tires out the kids and dogs

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Clean fun for the family

Review №66

Would be better if it didnt have all the regulars. Not a place so wanna take my kid anymore, And the bike path gets overcrowded a lot with people not caring about others

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Beautiful park next to the river, near several shopping centers and a rose garden.

Review №68

Such a Beautiful park!!

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Beautiful park with miles of bike paths, walking trails. Plenty of shade, large soccer field, fitness areas, and views of the river. Very peaceful place.

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Loved going to this Park ... My favorite thing was the bridge that goes over the river to Valley River Center ... Its wheelchair accessible and fun to go over the river ... The park is good sized and always seems busy ... Lots of grassy area with not much trees in the center areas ..

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Beautiful, all walks of people, and geese!

Review №72

Youll find an eclectic mix of Eugenians here. Plus great bike and walking trails. If there is any doubt that Eugene is progressive, consider that they built a biking/walking bridge across the Willamette in 1978!

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Nice skate park

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Great park, playground, feed the ducks, long winding paths. Beautiful trees for shade with open areas of grass to sunbathe. Wonderful place to hike, ride bikes or just take long walks. Handicapped accessible.Please click on or LIKE below if you found this review helpful

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Great park to go to close to water and bike path

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Great for walking, and looking at nature, can walk across the bridge and your at the mall.

Review №77

Spacious, clean, friendly.

Review №78

Ducks and geese aplenty! Feed em popcorn and theyll love you. The park is nice too. Bridge over the water is still standing and play structures are fun

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No toilets busy place

Review №80

One of my favorite parks in town, great place to go take photos, relax with a book, and watch the river go by.

Review №81

Was beautiful

Review №82

Beautiful area. Conveniently located with . Playgrounds, trails and the Willamette River.

Review №83

This is place is always so serene! I love taking a walk here! Or even going out here for a great summer workout!

Review №84

Serene and peaceful, great place for a sun nap.

Review №85

Been going for years love it

Review №86

Beautiful serene park

Review №87

Cool place, close to Vally River mall just across the foot bridge

Review №88

Great park

Review №89

Beautiful clean park with walking or riding bikes for miles. Connects up to Valley River Center by bridge. Has a big field for groups to play soccer or whatever. A beautiful place to hang out and picnic in the shade! I love it!

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Nice to get away from the house admire the beauty, pretty much right from your own back yard. No mater where you live its pretty much easy access along the river.

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Nice park but since the city banned smoking hardly anyone there. Lots of unleashed dogs, could have sworn thats been a rule for decades.

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Beautiful scenery, park and river invite you on a bike path that keeps you several degrees cooler as you navigate either side of the river in either direction. Several breath taking rest stops on a journey that you never want to end.

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The ducks have no fear, they come right up to you and they are very large. If you havent experienced them go out and see them up close and personal.

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Great place to watch the gesse or the homeless

Review №96

Good parking. Lots of grass and trees for shade. Foot bridge to Vallet River Center.

Review №97

A lovely place to take a walk and reflect, especially beautiful in the mornings and evenings. One of my favorite places in Eugene.

Review №98

A nice quite park, lots of space for gatherings. Quick access on a bicycle, and to valley River

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This park on the south side of the river a beautiful place to walk to bike.

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Wonderful open space with great bicycle trail and wAlking trail. Nice place to picnic

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