Wayne Morse Family Farm and Park
595 Crest Dr, Eugene, OR 97405, United States

Review №1

Less traffic than other dog parks which is very nice; its a lot bigger than most too.The main issue I have with dog parks in general is when people leave tennis balls there and then they get chopped up into little pieces when they mow the grass. I dont see a lot of this here which is very very good in my book.

Review №2

Friendly dogs, a few deep puddles but otherwise dry and clean. Well maintained oaths, no aggressive big dogs. Nice hose/buckets/pools/poo bags.

Review №3

Love the dog park here. Lots of space and friendly people. They occasionally have live music in the park on the upper hillside. Makes for a nice evening out.

Review №4

Nice dog park with several extended and connected areas. Good outdoor watering area for dogs and several nice benches and picnic tables for owners to enjoy the dog play.

Review №5

Great, relaxing dog park. Not too crowded, friendly dogs and owners, and kept clean!

Review №6

This is an old historic farmhouse in which the owner dedicated land for dog run. There are three separate fields in which to run your dog off leash. There is plenty of room for any sized dog to exercise.

Review №7

Hands down our absolute favorite dog park in Oregon so far! Off leash trails and 3 huge fields pools to roll around in, buckets of fresh pumped well water, plenty of parking and open til 9!! WOOF!

Review №8

Great place to connect with nature, let your dogs run free and hike.

Review №9

A great place for an evening walk with my family. We enjoyed the trails, creek, and open space.

Review №10

The dog park is nice, the grassy hill is pleasant and the structure is available.

Review №11

People who were there today Just so cool and there k9s

Review №12

Very nice spot.

Review №13

Peaceful, calm, beautiful, filled with memories of a great man.

Review №14

Large open space, well behaved owners and dogs. Highly recommended. Does get muddy in the winter months.

Review №15

I dont actually have a dog, but this has a calm atmosphere here and sometimes I walk on the trail near the dog park to get to the Asian market on weekends. Would reccomend!

Review №16

One of the more friendlier dog parks in Eugene. Beautifully located and equiped with community toys and allot of space.

Review №17

Nice off leash dog park. My pup had a great time.

Review №18

Best dog park around. 3 different natural dividers if you need to distance your dog from certain personalities but majority of dogs are well behaved.

Review №19

This is the best dog park in town. Three large interconnected fields and the crowds are minimal. Dogs here are pretty well behaved and it is never crowded. Watering Station is well kept and three kid pools available to keep your pup cool.

Review №20

This is an incredibly beautiful park, I was quite taken that some place this gorgeous was a quick 10 minute drive from downtown. Everybody in Eugene should be required to go here at least once a year or have their eyes taken away because they arent appreciating having them. Be sure to check out the rhododendron garden when they are in bloom, its quite the sight to see.

Review №21

Great fenced dog park! I love that it has the double gate so you dont have to worry about letting any dogs that are trying to make a break for it out of the park by accident.They also have a little pool and hose if your pet needs a drink and a bath!

Review №22

I have been to every dog park in Eugene and Springfield. The way Morris Park far surpasses any of them in terms both wonderful pets and such very interesting and cultivated owners.

Review №23

Dog park is excellent! Lots of room to run.

Review №24

One of the larger dog parks in Eugene, but usually occupied with other dogs for your pup to make friends with.Someone forgot their Gumby.

Review №25

Beautiful and peaceful. Great place for lunch with a loved one :-)

Review №26

Love this dog park. Theres three large areas meaning theres plenty of room for the pooch to run and play fetch. The walking path is great for humans to walk in as well. The multiple entrances make it accessible from all sides of the street which is really nice. The grounds are very well maintained. Theres plenty of parking. And if the park is too busy or has one too many rambunctious pups the walking grounds are quite nice as well.

Review №27

Best historical,woodsy fun fog park around. Steeped in history of Senas tor Morse but better still, the canines are in heaven on this parkland setting

Review №28

I love this does Powell my dog

Review №29

Im pretty sure this is privately owned but open to the public its very nice looking in a nice neighborhood it has a big dog park off the leash and theres a big grassy area people I have seen having picnics and girls tanning

Review №30

Love this dog park as do my dogs. Big with friendly fluffers

Review №31

Our local dog park and bit of urban wildland that preserves the memory of the Morse family. Wayne Morse the constitutional firebrand who was one of two US senators to vote against the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. Thanks Wayne and its a great park to boot.

Review №32

We go up here for the wonderful dog park (the people are great, the dogs are wonderful and there is so much room to let your dog run.) It can be muddy in the fall and winter but this is Eugene so it just goes with the territory. Theres a section with water for your dogs in the form of kiddie pools and buckets.There are also a few trails around if youre not going for the dog park and if you want to bring a furry friend please remember that your dog must be on leash.

Review №33

This dog park is huge. Friendly dogs and owners, but just wish the fencing was a little more secure.

Review №34

A really good park for going on walks

Review №35

Quality place. Very nice. This is a hidden secret.

Review №36

Morris park features some history and large open areas. This park Has a large dog park and some trails and wooded area. No children’s playground equipment. But Lafferty park is only a block away.

Review №37

Favorite dog park in Eugene bc it is so big and has shaded area in the summer time.. My pony-sized, white and fluffy pooch LOVES all the space and mud on rainy days. I have yet to have a bad encounter w other dogs or owners there.

Review №38

Huge, frolicky.

Review №39

Beautiful history about the area. The 3 field dog park next door is a great bonus.

Review №40

This is a very nice little park in Eugene. We were watching another persons dog over the weekend so I took her to this park. She had a great time playing. There is a place that you are allowed to let the dogs run a play. It is a very good park for a dog owner.

Review №41

This is an expansive/secluded dog park surrounded mostly by trees and trails in an established South Hills neighborhood. In winter wear rubber boots because of mud. Check out the trails outside of the park around the old Wayne Morris Ranch if you have time.

Review №42

This is my favorite dog park Ive been to.I have the same problem here sometimes as I do at the other park. My dog is often times the largest dog there and people get nervous about how loud she is. A lot of folks bring their dogs here too with no intention of interacting with other dogs so even though my dog wants to play with their pup they shoo me off. I understand wanting off-leash play but a huge part of dog parks is the socialization which is what my dog loves.During the summer the area outside the dog park gets poison oak. I am a bit paranoid a dog is going to rub those oils off on me.

Review №43

My favorite park. Not over populated with dogs and its HUGE.

Review №44

Great dog park, nice field and city trails.

Review №45

This place had a great dog park. The dog area is very large and several sections to it. The rest of the park would be good for small events, weddings and maybe a family reunion. However, it was not at all exciting for myself and my 2 young girls. We love trails, playgrounds or other farm parks. As for it being a farm park, you would have never known it was a farm.

Review №46

I go to the dog park on occasion. Dogs love it

Review №47

Aside from the wonderful dog park, there is a picnic shelter and large field that can be rented for events, and you can also rent Wayne Morses former house for events. The shelter has a nice fireplace available any time, and if you rent it you get the use of a basic kitchen and also some equipment for outdoor games.In the summer the city runs an outdoor day camp for kids up to age 11 or so. They get to run around in the forest, and go out of town to do fun things once a week. My daughter loved it!This park has no play equipment but if you cross the road by the driveway the short street there has a sweet little park for kids at the end.One of my fave spots in town!

Review №48

Excellent option for a nice walk with your four legged buddy....

Review №49

Nice place to let the dogs run around

Review №50

My favorite dog park and nature area in Eugene

Review №51

Takes you away to an earlier peaceful time. Victorian like.

Review №52

3 sections of the park gives the dogs a lot of room to run. On the top section there are baby pools and a hose, with a covered bench for the humans. Both of the lower sections have have benches, some in tree shaded, some in the lowest section for enjoying the sunny days.

Review №53

Brng your dogs, being your family BRING A PICNIC! There are picnic shelters with BBQs and bathrooms, extensive fenced acreage for dogs, nearby short hiking trails through the woods, and room for frisbee, football, and kite flying.

Review №54

Very nice place, very open. Nice views nice people. All around great place.

Review №55

It was nice and dry today, but in winter it is very muddy in spots. And the doggos know right where to find them. I went right around sunset and walked one of the trails. Birds were chirping all around. Met some other husky in the dog park and my doggo had a blast.

Review №56

Great dog park with responsible owners

Review №57

Big dog park with three sections, lots of room for a walk.

Review №58

Pick up your own dog do please

Review №59

My dog loves it here

Review №60

Nice park, but not much to do for the kids. Good if you have a dog.

Review №61

Best place EVAR! At least, that’s what my dog says. Muddy in the winter, not that your dog cares but you might.

Review №62

Nice natural area in the heart of town

Review №63

Love this place. Wonderful for family picnics, and they have a dog park. #winning

Review №64

Nice little hike. Beautiful location. Go hang out.

Review №65

Almost didnt want to review this place because one of the things that makes it special is the reletively lack of people found along the trails/dog park.

Review №66

Alot of room for them to run and get muddy!

Review №67

Our dogs love visiting the park. Best around

Review №68

Dandy dog park. Lovely place to enjoy trees, fields. Suppose dogs, owners would like as well.

Review №69

Historical home of Senator Morse, beautiful covered patio with fire pit. Also, largest dog park in Eugene.

Review №70

Very large dog park. You do have to walk a couple blocks down a semi-graveled road to get there

Review №71

Great place to socialize your dog. Lots of space to run for the pets, wading pools, and walking paths.

Review №72

Beautiful park with plenty of parking and covered BBQ area.

Review №73

Best dog park in Eugene

Review №74

Fantastic large dog park. 3 huge fields and a water pump with pools to clean up, it can get pretty muddy.

Review №75

Troop 282 eagle court of honor.

Review №76

Very nice place to sit and watch dogs poop and fight. Also ruminate about the impact of Senator Morse upon the Oregon sense of self.

Review №77

The best dog park in town & lots of family events, all year.

Review №78

My favorite dog park lots of space.

Review №79

A large and spacious dog park in a great setting.

Review №80

Different place for people with dogs and family

Review №81

Great park for dogs

Review №82

Nice park with history, a dog park and hiking trail.

Review №83

Beautiful park and surrounding scenery

Review №84

Lovely dog park

Review №85

Awesome dog park!

Review №86

Fun spot Forrest, playground, and indoor picnic tables.

Review №87

Great dog park.

Review №88

Best off-leash dog park in Eugene

Review №89

Pictures were taken in the Spring of 2009. The CDCA met to spruch up the farm a little. We have an invasive species problem too.

Review №90

Nice walk

Review №91

Lovely park

Review №92

Muddy and some crazy lady tried to sell me diet pills.

Review №93

Best dog park

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Dog spot

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Review №98

What a good feeling here

Review №99

Great dog park

Review №100

Filbert or hazelnut?

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  • Good for kids:Yes
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