Bethel Community Park
5700 Babe Ruth Dr, Eugene, OR 97402, United States

Review №1

Very awkwardly built doesnt fit together well the quarters have over vert and are difficult to ride the bowl is slanted so a pool of water builds in it and also we live in Oregon why not put something over the park so it stays dry and doesnt fill up with water

Review №2

Clean and well maintained. There are water fountains and working public toilets. The water features in the sand area are shut off durring the winter. Great place to come when hot outside. Lots of shady spots to sit. I recommend you bring lawn chairs.

Review №3

Really nice playgrounds , two sides one with sand and digging tooks and large playground equipment ,swings and benches for parents and picnic tables , skateboard park , basket ball court, area gor volley ball , bathrooms , clean , very nice beautiful trees

Review №4

Fun for all ages and stages. Picnic tables available. Skate park near for the older kiddos. A great gathering place.

Review №5

Live by this park, our dog loves it.

Review №6

Clean and safe. The occasional car peeling on the Babe Ruth side. No transients lurking about.

Review №7

The skatepark here is my favorite park Ive ever been to. It flows, has a great vibe, and the locals keep it as clean as possible.

Review №8

Restrooms available, multiple play structures, no transients, Shady areas and benches. Just has all of the good makings of a park and was a nice find in the Barger area.

Review №9

Cool little park, sand area, play ground, and skate park. We wosh they wpuld have turned on the water though.

Review №10

Well kept park in nice looking neighborhood! Great place to catch pokemon!

Review №11

Would be 5 stars but bathrooms are always nasty .

Review №12

Bathrooms, sperated play structures for older and younger, basketball court, skate park, covered picnic area. Over all it has it all.

Review №13

This is a great park with two separate play area for toddlers and older kids. Lots of benches, picnic tables and even a covered pavilion. Plenty of parking. One of my favorite local parks for the kids.

Review №14

Fun little park with an awesome skate park

Review №15

Great park. Cool play areas. My 19 month old willingly goes down the big kid slides on her own now. She is so brave.

Review №16

An amazing skatepark, defiently the best aspect of the park. Other than that their is a great playground for younger, and older children. Male and female bathrooms, and a nice picnic area. Their is also a basketball court, and a nice field for any sport you like. Oh and their are lots of parking spots. The medowview turf field is right next door, and so is the baberuth baseball field. A great place for any event!

Review №17

The park is clean, has a lot of activity for lil kids, sand boxes and skate board/bike riding area.

Review №18

This park is super cool and awesome. My biggest little one loves this park. We go there almost every day. One of the slides is a bit weird and scary. And a bit steep. Most if the young kids and adults I have seen have been afraid of it. The older kids dont seem to care. It hurt my hip earlier going to down that slide today(Im only 27). The slide I am talking about is the twirlly one. Half way down the slide you get stuck. Its a cool looking park though. It has a large see-saw that could be used by 2-8 kids. Even one kid and their adult. I sat on it on one side with my biggest little one(she is 16months) and bounced us. It also has a spider web climbing structure. It has some spinning things and swings for all ages and I think they have swings for disabled. Everyone uses them but I think they are designed for disabled kids/adults. They have a little kid part if the park as well. My husband takes my oldest to that part sometimes and the big kid part other times. I do the same.

Review №19

Nice park plenty of room for kids to burn energy.

Review №20

We love how clean and active this park is. Everyone is always nice and the park really caters to kids of all ages and abilities.

Review №21

Lots if fun playground equipment. Water play in the sand portion as well. Public bathrooms and a Skate park. There is a covered area with picnic tables and a basketball court too.

Review №22

Great area to let the kids roam free. Open and easy to see the kids from virtually any spot. Jason a skate park as well.

Review №23

Okay so this park has it all.. new play equipment with lots of cool be features. The sandpit it enormous has a large water feature and has built in sand and water play areas all throughout the night structures in and around the pit. Theres a parking lot you can comfortably park in and actual restrooms.. the trees surrounding offer great shade cover for hot days small equipment for the littles and large/tall for the older ones.. bicant name something this park doesnt have my kids can go bizurk in this park for hours on end ad never run out of things to do. Love love love.

Review №24

My nieces enjoyed both sides of the park, the sand lot and the larger playscape. Clean and good visibility.

Review №25

This is one of the best parks in Eugene and there are a ton of good ones! Bathrooms are cleaned and detailed every day of the week. The play structure is awesome for families with little ones. There are 2 separate structures with a beautiful lawn in between. One play structure caters to the smaller crowd, while the other is for some of our more mature players. There is a water feature at this park as well. Dont forget to bring your skateboard and basketball, both options are available!

Review №26

My kiddos absolutely love this park, and because they love it, I love it!

Review №27

Fun and clean

Review №28

Has sand yr round and water features are on in the summer. Large park, not around any bust streets.

Review №29

Really nice park. Good variety of things to do. My kid loved it

Review №30

Awesome place! Clean and variety of things to do. Good place for parties during summer

Review №31

Great park has a lot of activities for kids, past the Babe Ruth baseball fields. This park even has soap in the bathrooms, amazing! Kids had lots of fun with water fountain with sand around it, nice shaded sitting areas. Overall I was impressed with this park!

Review №32

Super clean, wide variety of structures for all ages, basketball court, skate park and restrooms. My son loves it, super fun.

Review №33

Love this park. Been going here since I was a kid. Its got most everything you want in a park. Swings, sand, covered food area, large field etc. In a nice neighborhood that loves to decorate come holiday season.

Review №34

Beautiful park for younger kids and older kids skating as well The skatepark is small enough that we can take little kids to it its usually not very busy in the daytime

Review №35

Great park structures and water features in arm weather and has restrooms !!!

Review №36

They should male the skate park bigger but other then that its really good

Review №37

Awesome park!

Review №38

My son loves this park and we love the water feature and skate park

Review №39

Great place for the kids to play. Stay away if ur a minority though. Have gotten mean looks bc I aint a cracker

Review №40

L jr

Review №41

Cool park for the kids to play in.

Review №42

Very nice variation of play ground equipment for all ages and clean

Review №43

Trees for shade, sand to play in, benches to sit and watch kids. Fun in the sun.

Review №44

This park has great amenities for every age. For the young children, a sand play area and water feature. For elementary kids, A barked play structure area . And for the older children a skate park with different ramps of difficulty. The park is very clean and well-maintained with bathrooms and a water fountain. The surrounding neighborhoods are full of familys that provides a safe family atmosphere to this park

Review №45

This park has basketball hoops, two play structures, covered picnic benches, shade, decent bathrooms, and a water feature (a little pump and some channels to run it through). Nice park for the whole family.

Review №46

A very nice and large park. Exceptionally nice with (stadium like) baseball field. A skate park and basketball nets. Plenty of wheelchair access with nice bathrooms. Large open field and multiple play areas.

Review №47

Had our sons 1st birthday party here. Pretty happy with the outcome

Review №48

This park is great! Many options for kids, smaller toddler playground and bigger kids playground, shade when it’s hot, water play for summer, lots of swings, an awesome teeter totter, and a bathroom!

Review №49

Its a nice place with a cover area for big parties. 2 basketball hoops but not a full court. 2 big playgrounds for the kids with water and sand. In June, they turn on the water, so bring things for the kids. There are bathrooms for the everyone. A nice skate park for the more advanced kids.

Review №50

Family playground

Review №51

Very clean and updated play structures.

Review №52

Sensory park! This is an amazing park for all kinds of exploration. Sand area has a water play also not too much but not too little

Review №53

This is a great park with good climbing, swinging, spinning and sliding for littles and bigs. Plus there are seats and shade for grown-ups.

Review №54

Small and quiet community park that is out of the way, and away from the noise. I was tempted to give it one star so people dont find it!

Review №55

Great skatepark, and great park for kids to play. Free bathrooms and water. And its in a quiet park of town.

Review №56

My daughter loves the sand.

Review №57

Almost died like 8 times but still fun.

Review №58

Best park in the neighborhood

Review №59

Great park. They have lots of fun stuff. They have sand, things to climb for every age, a skate park, and a very nice neighborhood.

Review №60

I love this place its perfect for having birthday partys for young kids!!!

Review №61

Great to walk dog

Review №62

This park is large with many activity options. The playground is equipped with platypus for young and old children. My kids and nephews enjoyed playing with the sand/water canal thing that is there. There is also a skatepark, baseball field, and large open field for tossing a frisbee. The field wasnt watered in the summer which resulted in dead grass that wasnt so nice to run on.

Review №63

The park has creative and wonderful structures to play with/on, but putting the skate park right next to it was a terrible idea as it attracts all the local teenagers with their terrible fowl and offensive language. The things Ive heard them talking about are unspeakable in any environment, much less a childrens playground and is an abysmal influence on young minds. It makes my blood boil and their parents should be ashamed. Were they my kids, theyd be feeling a mighty burning sensation on their backsides.

Review №64

Not the best park Ive EVER been to, but definitely the best for miles.Honestly, the only bad thing about it is the punk teenagers who hang around there sometimes spewing utter sewage and all manner of perversions from their filthy little mouths. Theyre an abysmal example to the children.My brow is furrowed even thinking about them. Ugh!!! I never take my kids here when the teens are around.

Review №65

Not very easy to find. But worth finding it. Western pond turtles can be found there.

Review №66

Lots of fun things to do for all ages.

Review №67

The skatepark need to be expanded but the park part is good for young kids and is very safe

Review №68

Great fun park, sand are as well as bark. Skate park area and lots of sports fields near by

Review №69

Great park with a skate area, and 2 separate but connected play areas for smaller and bigger kids. Theres a sand/water play area on the playground. There are bathrooms with flushing toilets, but no stall doors.

Review №70

The skatepark is more for BMX bikers, skateboarders beware of the cracks!!

Review №71

Its a great place to take your family and have a picnic. Many things for our kids to do. Starting from skate park, sand playground, and a bigger playground.

Review №72

This place is more for bmx mostly vert and Im a skater

Review №73

Very clean best park in the valley

Review №74

Super cool park, the first and only time Ive been there they where having a movie in the park!

Review №75

This is my favorite park EVER!

Review №76

A great place for families and children of all ages.

Review №77

Has something for everyone

Review №78

Great Park place for little kids as well as older kids

Review №79

Some people are mean there but good structure

Review №80

Park with restrooms and sand box with water features.

Review №81

Very nice park. Lots of things for kids to play with..

Review №82

Its a nice park :)

Review №83

Beautifully built park.

Review №84

Gorgeous place!

Review №85

I really like the skatepark there

Review №86

Great park for all ages.

Review №87

Great fun

Review №88

Get ya some

Review №89

Nice, clean park in a great community.

Review №90

Lots of kids to play with

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Review №92

Love Saturday Movies in the Park.

Review №93

So nice

Review №94

I like it.

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Review №96

Gorgeous and clean park

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Lots of sand

Review №100

Beautiful park

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  • Address:5700 Babe Ruth Dr, Eugene, OR 97402, United States
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  • Phone:+1 541-682-5010
  • Tourist attraction
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Working hours
  • Monday:6am–11pm
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  • Sunday:6am–11pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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