Cascades Raptor Center
32275 Fox Hollow Rd, Eugene, OR 97405, United States
Review №1

Great place with very friendly people. I love supporting a good mission! As we went through the raptors were being feed and trained and that was so interesting. Loved the biographies of each raptor next to his/her home. World definitely go back and support this wonderful place!

Review №2

Absolutely amazing. The birds are rescues and they are magnificent. The center has gone out of its way to document the history of each bird and teach about the species. We saw Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and other birds of brey. Very cool! Both of my teenage boys were amazed, too.

Review №3

I highly recommend the Ultimate Raptor experience for both members or non-members. I visited it while traveling to Oregon. It is every bit worth the money and helps support a good cause. Take a group of up to four people to cut down on costs. You arrive early for the tour, so it’s usually just your small group, the trainer(s), and the raptors up close and personal. Arrive on time or else it could complicate the feeding schedule. I was able to see multiple raptors up close, learn interesting information about them, watch them work with their trainer Kit (who is wonderful) and feed, take photos and videos on my phone, plus see a flight demonstration from Dimitri the Owlat the end. These raptors all have their own story, personality, and relationship with the staff. The center also follows CDC recommendations for COVID-19, so you won’t feel unsafe while interacting with one another or the raptors. Consider volunteer opportunities, becoming a member, or adopting a raptor also. The center appreciates any support.

Review №4

The view from the top is amazing. Not a very long hike, youll love to be here. The views are much better on a sunny day.

Review №5

This is a great low-cost outdoor activity during the pandemic. We got to watch the birds eating which was kind of exciting. They are very fond of rabbit parts. The keepers did a great job of educating about the birds.

Review №6

Really neat! Lots of cool birds up close. Favorites were the eagle owl and the snowy owl. Not a good place for anybody thats not really steady on their feet or is that any risk of falling. The gravel and crushed stone is really slippery and the hills are pretty steep.

Review №7

Such a cool place, its beautiful and the birds are awesome. The individual stories are very interesting. $9 a person is a little expensive for what it is, but I do understand that they need to raise funds to keep operating, so I didnt mind paying it.

Review №8

A wonderful experience. The volunteers are so nice and helpful. If you see a trainer with a bird they are happy to answer questions. We learned a lot about all the birds they rehabilitate and release back to the wild. Each cage has a statement about why that bird can’t be re released and it was very informative. Beautiful, majestic birds.

Review №9

Majestic creatures, and its a wonder how much they do for them. With no gov funding they still provide so much just from admissions and donations. A lovely experience.

Review №10

Beautiful setting for captive birds. The staff was so friendly. They even had a walking stick or cane I could borrow. Most of the birds are education ambassadors which makes them receptive to being viewed.

Review №11

They really care about their birds! Its great family fun and educational. You can get a year family pass and go as many times as you want! You can also adopt a raptor to help pay for feed and care costs. Its at least a place you should visit once! We loved Kali the Turkey Vulture. She would follow my wife and I back and forth in her exhibit as we walked around it and she came right up to us to say hi. It was so cool!

Review №12

Beautiful place to see lots of raptors up close, but also ethical since the center is a rescue/rehab. I would not recommend for toddlers, since crazy antics, running, and toddlerisms freak the birds out. Older kids would love it.

Review №13

Amazing, always a great experience. I don’t think they are doing the demos onsite anymore? I would come back more often if they would. Also bathrooms are closed for now so go before you head up there.

Review №14

Amazing place. Totally volunteer and donation driven. We had an amazing afternoon seeing so many raptors up close. Awesome selection of many types of raptors that have been rescued. Each one has a name and a story. Take time to read these. Very fascinating indeed. Grounds are well laid out, but be sure to wear proper shoes for slight inclines and gravel. All of the staff / volunteers that we encountered were so friendly and knowledgeable. Even got to have some squirrel time with a fuzzy little lad who loved running over the enclosures. These are truly majestic and beautiful birds. Tucked away in a very wooded area. You drive up through a very wooded neighbourhood and then it is right there. Parking is in two lots.

Review №15

Great way to see some endangered and protected birds up close. Each display has two or more information pages telling about the species and about the specific bird. Fun with the family. Everyone working here is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №16

This place is awesome! Its a great place to see, and learn about several different native bird of prey species. They also do a lot of awesome rehabilitation work.

Review №17

The birds are amazing. You can get up close to them. We visited with a handler and now my grandson wants to be a falconer. Just out of Eugene City limits on the side of the hill. Caution gravel on hillside trails. But worth it. They help many injured birds return to the wild.

Review №18

The first day of reopening, and I’ve waited for that for awhile. 6/5 experience. Would definitely come back for visits! Birds are lovely and staff are super kind too. Features one of my fav owls, Archimedes!

Review №19

My kids loved; two boys (4 & 6). It was really hard to get them to keep masks on their faces and keep them 6 feet away from others. They got really excited to see all the beautiful birds.

Review №20

Rustic facility in a beautiful setting. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and answered lots of questions. The brought some of the birds out of the cages and others they went in the cages and fed them and did a really good show. This is a great family activity and I highly recommend it. The staff should be commended for going beyond the expected.

Review №21

This is an amazing place especially if wildlife is your thing. The people here are nice and you can tell Care about what they do. This makes a great little stop for a few hours while youre out and about. Parking is up a big hill. No RVs allowed or would I recommend to try. There are several Falcons towels and other birds that youll get to see and most importantly youll get to read about their story and why they are there.

Review №22

Small, but very nice place with owls, hawks, and other birds, rescued in the wild and living at the Center now. You can adopt a bird you like

Review №23

Great place to visit with family and friends. A limitless walking involved but well worth it. Thanks to places like this, as these raptors from the wild deserve a chance at life. Thanks for the work you do! If I lived here I’d visit often.

Review №24

This was a bitter sweet treat. The birds are beautiful and the people caring for them are doing great work, but the birds stories are very sad in that theyve had to be rescued. They are now being cared for in good conditions in the foothills. Its a none profit organization, so please do visit.

Review №25

So amazing!! Highly recommend. We had a 2 yr old and 4 yr old. Spent 2 hours. Got to meet pip and get some deeper knowledge thanks to an employee who was weighing him. Such a great experience.

Review №26

How wonderful to be able to learn about and experience these magnificent creatures! These are rescued raptor birds who cannot be integrated back into nature because they would not survive. Each bird has a story and personality that you get to experience as you walk the grounds from enclosure to enclosure. Get out there and support this excellent cause!

Review №27

Family friendly! Learned so much about these beautiful rescued raptors. Friendly staff.

Review №28

My children and I went to the Cascades Raptor Center as a school field trip. The drive alone is beautiful! The staff is very friendly and informative and answer any of your questions. We really learned a lot about the birds and their differences of design in the wings and claws and why each one is needed. Not a very big place but you do get to get up close to these awe inspiring birds of prey.

Review №29

Such a beautiful location. The birds seemed well taken care of and had nice large enclosures. I really enjoyed the signs explaining about each bird and why it was at the center.The staff wasnt very friendly to guests but wasnt rude either. The only down side is price being high it makes it hard to bring the whole family.Make sure to wear walking shoes that you dont mind getting dirty.

Review №30

What a wonderful rescue habitat! It was fun and educational for our family, and the volunteers are very caring.

Review №31

This place is awesome! The volunteers helping the raptors thrive are amazing and we are so thankful they are here helping these beautiful creatures! Located on a very steep hill so if its raining wear grippy boots! Have fun!

Review №32

We took our 2 1/2 year old daughter here because she LOVES birds. The woman at the front desk was very friendly and made sure to point out an enclosure that some people dont realize is there so that we could make sure to not miss it. We didnt get around to seeing all the birds or reading all the info on the ones we did see since we were there with our busy toddler, but its awesome that they have a lot of info on display in front of each birds enclosure. And we got to briefly watch a hawk being fed when a handler had brought it out of its enclosure. Overall a fun and informative center.

Review №33

You can clearly see they care about these animals. I love that each bird has its bio available to read.

Review №34

Great spot to visit and learn about the birds of prey. Was very interesting and informative. Lots of information about the birds and how they came to be there. We didnt get to see the presentation but it was still fun. Only drawback was hard to get good shots of the birds through the grating, but thats a small price to pay to see them. Hopefully it helps people be more aware of their impact on the wildlife and finding wounded animals and taking them where someone can help without impacting their ability to be released back into the wild.

Review №35

Really neat place with quite a few birds. It was a lot of fun to be there during feeding time! My favorite was one of the vultures, so much personality! Great fun for the whole family.

Review №36

Its amazing here! And you are helping a local wildlife advocacy group educate and help protect these amazing raptors. Its a very unique experience.

Review №37

This is an absolute must for Eugene visitors and residents. They do amazing work rehabilitating these birds. The staff is fun and informative. The birds are majestic and beautiful. One of my favorite places in the entire PNW. Go. Adopt. Love.

Review №38

What a great place! The whole family from 2 to 75 years old had a wonderful visit. The raptors are such magnificent beings and well worth any effort and support we humans may be able to offer them.

Review №39

Fantastic experience and obviously a great and caring staff. About 2 weeks earlier wed visited a game park on the Coast and it was a sad experience. However the Raptor Center was totally different. We could see the birds were well cared for. And based on their limitations, they cannot survive in the wild, but the staff provide stimulation and interaction for them to prevent boredom that is seen in zoos and elsewhere. Well worth the visit and well be back when were in the area!

Review №40

This place was so cool! I honestly wasnt expecting a bunch of birds to be all that interesting and I mostly went because my husband wanted to go. But I had a really good time. It was neat to get to read all the stories about how each bird got there and about their personalities. We got there a little late and were there like 20 minutes after they closed and they didnt hassle us at all. Super nice people. Really interesting place. Highly recommend.

Review №41

I went with a friend, who used to volunteer at a similar bird rescue. The enclosures were all well maintained and the birds seemed well taken care of. I liked that they had signs telling you how the birds ended up there.

Review №42

If you are a fan of Raptors (bird of pray), this is a chance to get a close up look at various hawks, eagles and owls. It does require walking up and down slopes and parking g is limited.

Review №43

I saw three bald eagles and many cool birds. Also there is strange yet cool rocks in the lobby!

Review №44

Raptors are amazing. I could have looked at them all day.

Review №45

Excellent conservation and educational value combined with the fun of viewing a number of quite majestic birds rather closely. Yet, It is not a zoo.The avian enclosures are all outdoors, so plan for the weather. -We went when it was raining once and it was kind of nice to enjoy the center in solitude, sharing the rain with the birds.Additionally the visitor parking lot is small so you may have to park down the hill and walk a short distance uphill to reach the center. Once at the center the trails are broad and easy to navigate. The trails are lined with gravel.The birds on display each have reasons that they are unable to return to the wild. The enclosures’ information panels tell the story of its inhabitant as well as interesting facts about its species. By getting to know the birds here through their stories and their striking beauty, one begins to see an overall picture of raptors as an intelligent, interesting, and beautiful part of the natural world. The Raptor center makes it uniquely possible to experience and see them this way first hand. Recommend for anyone who enjoys nature.

Review №46

Great place to walk around - kids enjoyed seeing all the variety of raptors, and staff in the visitor center and doing demonstrations were friendly. Note that it is all outdoors except for the small visitor center, so the visit would be best on a nice day. Also, paths are all gravel and a couple fairly steep hills so might not be the best if you have any mobility issues.

Review №47

Up close with birds of pray. Excellent stop.

Review №48

The CRC is a wonderful place to visit with your family & friends. Get an up close & personal experience with all the birds of prey. The raptor center provides rehabilitation & care for countless birds all done with the efforts of volunteers. Consider becoming an annual member or volunteer 4 hours of your time a month to share the wonders these birds have to offer.

Review №49

Wonderful place to visit. I took my granddaughter from Washington and she loved it!

Review №50

Really a great space. ️

Review №51

Very educational. Friendly and caring staff. Enjoyed reading the stories about each bird and why they were there.

Review №52

Great, quiet place to visit and learn about raptors. We really appreciated learning each birds story.

Review №53

Educational and fun if you like large birds. Super hilly and outdoors. Wear good walking shoes and prepare for weather. All outdoors. Glad to have an umbrella!

Review №54

Had a fantastic time at the Cascades Raptor Center. Staff were knowledgeable and fun to talk with. Dmitri, the Eurasian-eagle owl was fantastic to view and even chat with.

Review №55

So neat to see these animals have somewhere to call home after being disabled.

Review №56

An amazing place doing great work for the local wildlife. Plenty of interesting birds to look at and learn about. Staff are incredibly nice and helpful.

Review №57

Very nice place to visit, you can learn a lot about raptors and how they are being cared for.

Review №58

It was really neat. They had about 30 birds of various species to see. We went at about 11am and the birds were mostly active and being fed which made it a unique experience for us. We spent only about 1 hour there because our younger kids werent super interested, but I enjoyed the stories about each bird they had. Nike was my favorite!

Review №59

Very nice staff and informative had a good time checking out the birds of pray

Review №60

The enclosures were beautiful and spotless, and the property is lovely. Helpful staff.

Review №61

Great place to see some fascinating birds of prey! The CRC also does an excellent job with education and wildlife care.

Review №62

Great place that does great work for both the community and rescue birds. Fairly inexpensive with friendly staff and a great atmosphere. Something you could do in a couple hours or shorter depending on how much you love birds of prey.

Review №63

They have recently expanded and a large variety of raptors.For the birds that have been injured, theres a focus for rehabilitation to release back into the wild.Easy access to the individual aviaries with descriptions.It is set along a hillside so there are some ups and downs, but nothing demandingHas gift shop and books for ornithologists.

Review №64

The birds are really amazing to see so up close. Youre lucky if you catch feeding time

Review №65

Great experience with up close interactions with some majestic birds of prey

Review №66

The animals were looked after. Their enclosures were clean, they had plenty of room to fly from one perch to another. With this being a rescue some of these birds cant due to injury or unfortunate circumstances. The layout was in a natural setting with well defined safe pathways. Just a wonderful experience all together!

Review №67

Really lovely and calm place and impressing animals !

Review №68

This place is amazing if you are into birds of prey, many nice exibits!

Review №69

This is an awesome place to visit with kids, or without. They are doing incredible work by providing education to folks while also rehabilitating these amazing raptors.

Review №70

Family fun time. Or alone time. Great for either!Definitely gonna come back.You can also check out family passes via the library with yer library card!

Review №71

First time there. We all had a great time. It was nice to be able to read the stories about why they there.

Review №72

We became members because my 7 year old daughter loves this place. Friendly staff and fun events throughout the year.

Review №73

I love this place and never have a problem donating extra funds... They do great work here.

Review №74

We had such a great time here looking at all the raptors! It’s definitely worth a visit and I felt like I was supporting a great cause. If you’re in the area it is definitely worth a visit. We stopped by here on a drive back from California. I’d never seen so many birds of prey up close before! Just wow!!!

Review №75

This place is amazing! We stopped here on a road trip throughout Oregon and this was one of the highlights of our trip. The birds here are very well-cared for and there a large amount of information on the individual birds as well as their species as a whole. I love that this is a rehabilitation center and they are doing great work here. Its a 100% must-stop if you love animals and are traveling through the area; you wont be disappointed and your entrance fee goes to a great cause.

Review №76

We really enjoyed our visit to the Cascades Raptor Center in the hills just outside of Eugene. While the center provides medical and rehabilitary assistance to injured raptors outside of public viewing, they also have an awesome viewing collection of raptors who could no longer manage on their own in the wild. The birds are beautiful. Sometimes, you can watch the staff feed the animals both in and outside of their enclosures.

Review №77

Beautiful birds, big enclosures. The place looked clean. Enjoyed our visit.

Review №78

Always a great experience at the Raptor Center! Kids love it and the staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable!

Review №79

This place is amazing! We stopped here on a road trip throughout Oregon and this was one of the highlights of our trip. The birds here are very well-cared for and there a large amount of information on the individual birds as well as their species as a whole. I love that this is a rehabilitation center and they are doing great work here. Its a 100% must-stop if you love animals and are traveling through the area; you wont be disappointed and your entrance fee goes to a great cause.

Review №80

Reform facility for raptures. Not easy to find parking but worth the effort. They are working on the issue with a plan in process. Very dedicated and enthusiastic employees and volunteers. So much character in the many birds. The facility does training and works to educate on donations. The price is a bargain for what you will see and learn. If you can spare a few extra bucks consider joining as a member and take others in with you. A great shared experience. Very humbling.

Review №81

Beautiful birds, great job rescuing and rehabilitating.

Review №82

Great, I like both the idea and the implementation. Totally recommended if you passing Eugene on your way to the north :)

Review №83

Because I got to learn about different birds of prey

Review №84

Love everything this place stands for amazing beautiful creatures if it isnt should be a school field trip location

Review №85

Fantastic facility that cares for birds of prey that need rehabilitation before releasing back to the wild. They have around 50 permanent residents - bald eagles, hawks, owls, vultures! Our favorite is Valentino the Great Horned Owl. Great place to take the family!

Review №86

Incredible place! The birds are beautiful and the setting is gorgeous. Super educational experience. Parking was bad-my car almost slipped and hit another car next to me as I was parking because of the steep hill and very loose gravel. Totally worth the hassle though! Go early, right when they open, and parking shouldnt be an issue.

Review №87

Awesome place to visit in EUGENE OREGON.

Review №88

Has a lot of cool birds in large cages. Each one has a name and a story, some of them seem to like humans. The only downside is that you cant touch/hold any of them, but thats probably for good reason.

Review №89

You get up close and personal with lots of intricately beautiful birds of prey that are usually just dots in the distance, if you see them at all (like owls). The species here can, all but one, be found in Oregon too! So we can better understand our ecological surroundings.

Review №90

Great collectiion of birds all in thier own enclosures. Friendly staff. All in all a neat place to visit and support.

Review №91

Amazing collection of raptors.

Review №92

This is a wonderful center. Informative signage about the species along with background information on each resident rescued bird. My daughter and I spent an hour or so strolling the gravel paths, admiring and learning about the raptors. The enclosures are spacious and meticulously maintained; all of the birds looked healthy and well cared for. You get a real sense of the deep and joyful commitment the staff have to the centers mission. They have a very affordable sponsorship program and a sweet gift shop with reasonably priced items. Well worth a visit...or two!

Review №93

This place is amazing! We stopped here on a road trip throughout Oregon and this was one of the highlights of our trip. The birds here are very well-cared for and there a large amount of information on the individual birds as well as their species as a whole. I love that this is a rehabilitation center and they are doing great work here. Its a 100% must-stop if you love animals and are traveling through the area; you wont be disappointed and your entrance fee goes to a great cause.

Review №94

Beautiful different kinds of birds

Review №95

A wonderful exemplar of rehabilitation and education. Hilly gravel walkways, sturdy shoes recommended. See the birds up close!

Review №96

Not only is this a sanctuary for injured birds, it is also a rehabilitation center for birds that will eventually be introduced back into the wild. Money well spent. Birds that live in the sanctuary are very well taken care of, with huge and clean enclosures. Please visit and support this wonderful sanctuary!

Review №97

If you like birds youll like this place all kinds of owls bald eagles and golden eagles

Review №98

A delightful walk in a natural setting with birds of prey.

Review №99

We loved it . Lots of birds to see

Review №100

Lots of amazing birds you can view from very close. This was better than expected.

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