Full House Poker
808 Olive St, Eugene, OR 97401, United States
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I was a guest in the area and went to Full House Poker for an evening of NLH. There’s a $5 “guest fee” plus a seating charge, so my $300 buy-in for the 1-2 game had already taken a hit. There were 2 games going, with a must move rule to the main game. Most if not all were full members of the club...and many are rather loose. Good action! Staff is friendly and courteous. Place was clean and masks are required.

Review №2

Very friendly, fun, and energetic staff. This place is clean and full of action! Great place to become a member for a chance at one of their many bonuses. We really enjoyed this little gem on our travels.

Review №3

Good spot to train or have fun, but not if youre playing solely to profit. I drop in every now and then to play a quick PLO sit-n-go tourney, or some NLHE cash game (usually no more than two tables of each of these going.) If you play daily the membership might be worth it. If you came here to win money, there are a few players who will hand it to you, but it takes work just to break even due to the entrance fees for non-members, customary tips to the dealers, etc. however there is no pot rake in the traditional sense so that is definitely a plus. If you come in with a good attitude the players will accept you. Wish they played more Pot-Limit Omaha; still a fun spot all together. One thing to improve: teach your dealers to correctly calculate the max bet in a pot-limit is the amount after calling the last bet and then raising that current amount in the pot including the betted amount and its call. Also...seems like they let a few verbal angle shots slide, e.g. when guys say all-in or pot they are allowed to retract their bet and fold if they want, but youre not allowed to string bet despite having too many chips to throw in one motion, and also once I bet out of turn and lost my chips but leniency was given to other players.. Also they do weird stuff like rearrange your chips without telling you while youre on break during a tourney, rounding down to the nearest new full chip size.. Benefit this place has over Vegas casinos: you can wear hats or shades whilst you play, and use your cell phone. Also, 18 and up allowed.

Review №4

Super Friendly staff, except Travis, pffft that guy [] seriously though Trav is cool & Ms. Courtney stands out but in general the staff have all been a great buncha folks who have all proven very patient & helpful. Overall the place is in great condition inside with comfortable chairs and, it appears, new table tops & tourney chips & excellent cleanliness. Good tournament selection & solid cash games daily. It would be cool to see PLO & other Omaha & mixed games featured a bit more for tournaments & offered for cash games (limit HORSE would be cool as would PLO). I expected mostly NLHE tournaments but was kinda surprised to see multiple tournaments for games like Crazy Pineapple & Irish Poker & Courcheval over the course of this month but only one mixed NLHE/PLO tourney & just one Omaha H/L tournament as well, and no straight PLO or mixed game (like H.O.R.S.E.) tourneys at all...just an observation from an admitted PLO/HORSE addict though, lol . If ya like poker or are interested & want to learn you just cannot go wrong at Full House, in any capacity.

Review №5

Great room with multiple levels of buyins. Both cash games and tournaments nightly. They service $30 tournaments all the way up to 2/5 NL Hold-em games.

Review №6

Quality establishment. The place is clean and newly furnished. Dealers are well dressed, efficient, and friendly.

Review №7

Great customer service unfortunately There are not always consistent players that know how to play and there are some that will just sat there and by the pots they really need enough for lower limit on each table not AA blind man open betting 4 way there should be on macs on how much you can put down on a hand

Review №8

Very fun place to play poker. Super nice staff, good folks to lose your money too.

Review №9

Very nice and professionally run poker room with friendly staff and players as well as action packed games.

Review №10

Went to play on a tournament and had the best night out! The staff and players were very wonderful and kind. Great atmosphere and lighting. They will also order you delivery!!!

Review №11

Place couldnt keep a game open past 10:00 I walked in at 10:00 and there was nobody to play with so I probably wont be stopping there again

Review №12

Friendly place, real comfortable for new people, I had a great time.

Review №13

Great place for poker ....really professional poker dealers ...unlike the drugged up dealers at other poker houses.

Review №14

Great poker room! Fun, friendly atmosphere. Good tournaments, bonuses and vibe.

Review №15

Full House Poker is the only true Poker Club in Eugene. I have been playing poker in poker rooms in Eugene since 1977 and this is by far the best place in town.I am disabled and it is handicap friendly. Another plus is the location. It is easy to get to, and once here there is a lot of parking spots available.Since there is no alcohol you only need to be 18 to play and If you want a drink there is a nice Bar next door. I personally enjoy the nightly 7:00 Tournaments. Also there is a great cash game that starts at 4:00.

Review №16

Best poker club in town! Super nice clean facility, very professional, well managed, wonderful customer service, and everyone has a great time win or lose.

Review №17

Its okay. But the monthly membership is annoying. And they dont serve alcohol. Plus the few guarantees they do have arent all that great. $100 buy-in for $1000 guaranteed isnt worth it. $100 buy-in should be for at least $4000 guaranteed. But at least the atmosphere and lighting is nice.And to follow up, I feel that a $5 daily membership fee is far more reasonable for the occasional visitor. Im curious as to why a daily membership is not offered as opposed to a monthly one.And Im quite sure you had a $100 buy-in $1000 guarantee on 3/10/19, which is why I chose to stay home... especially since it would ACTUALLY be a $125 buy-in for me. On that note, Im also curious to know what the monthly membership fee goes towards....?

Review №18

Always have a good time

Review №19

The people are wonderful! Both dealers and players.... I look forward to playing every Time I come to town.

Review №20

Great staff with great cash and tournament play.

Review №21

Great vibe, atmosphere and staff.. Ill be back.. however, I dont get how they say they dont have a rake when they skim every pot, in addition to the 5% buy in fee.. I get they need to profit and thats cool, but why the contradiction re: the rake?

Review №22

Very nice cardroom with very nice staff. If you play cards this is the best place in Eugene.

Review №23

Nice, clean, friendly place. A great little, Centrally located Holdem spot in Downtown Eugene.

Review №24

Good tournaments and they pay a large portion of the entries for the prize pool

Review №25

The full house monopoly on water bottles must come to an end. One whole dollar for a bottle of water is an insult to the shared humanity of every citizen of Eugene. From the point forward I will be outside selling water bottles for 80 cents a bottle from 3:45-2:30 to bring down the tyranny of full house poker and their water bottle empire

Review №26

Excellent staff and venue. Good action.

Review №27

Update: Owner replied, which I appreciate. However, they have no sense of common poker etiquette and norms. Public information that’s easily ascertainable is not “information benefiting one player over another.” He quotes TDA rules for a cash game when any floor would’ve used logic and common sense. A player not in a hand relaying public information is not violating a rule nor benefiting any single player. This poker room seems to discourage table talk and encourages angle shooting.Nice room, friendly staff but odd rules. The dealers are independent contractors so it seems like they make up their own rules. 2 players were in the hand, one player asked the dealer how much was in the pot, the dealer said “I can’t tell you.” So another player, not in the hand, chimed in and said how much was in the pot. The dealer immediately chastised that player saying “this isn’t a team game.” I’ve played poker all over the world and have seen some weird rules enforced but for a dealer to call out a player for relaying public information, information that someone walking by could ascertain, that’s rediculous especially at a 1/1 table where there’s obviously people with a learning curve. This isn’t like a player not in the hand saying what they folded or giving info that could benefit one player over abother. Crazy.

Review №28

Best poker house in eugene! No rake and best deal for your money. Amazing staff! Wouldnt go elsewhere, they are the BEST!

Review №29

Friendly, comfortable clean going back today

Review №30

Great environment for poker. Because its 18+ you dont get a bunch of slobbering drunks at the table. Clean and proffesional dealers.

Review №31

Great atmosphere and dealers are friendly and know what they are doing. Games are good and there is always fun and laughters at the table. One of my favorite place to play poker in Oregon.

Review №32

House has half a dozen players with whom they collaborate. The sloppy apparently incompetent dealing isnt incompetence.Allowing house players to do things like verbally declaring hands they dont have.There dont appear to be cameras here like are present at any other house.

Review №33

Used to play here in college. Very clean establishment, excellent service. Competition is tough though, very good players here. Action packed on every hand

Review №34

I drove down here from Portland and let me say that I was more than satisfied with the professionalism and the customer service. I was offered compliments from the owner when I lost all my money and had to drive home at 2 in the morning.BEST PLACE IN TOWN!

Review №35

Pretty much my second home, a few days a week, after 6pm. Super place, super people. Live game action is generally nice & light so a poor fella with a poker obsession (like me) can fit right in and not be too afraid of losing the rent money. Tourneys are fun and well-conducted.

Review №36

Great place to play! Always clean, professional dealers, well ran floor, great tournaments and fun atmosphere.

Review №37

Great fun, the dealers are awesome. I highly recommend this place.

Review №38

Poker tournament took way too long i was chip lead but 5 hours later i had to go. theh need new format

Review №39

Whats the point of playing if the place doesnt follow their own house rules?!?!?People that showed up late were given their full stack of chips even though they were blinded out they still received his full stack. Also people had their cell phones out and according to house rules thats also against the rules. i suggest you look at your cameras. I didnt confront anyone at all. I was wearing a grey shirt with sunglasses on top of my head.

Review №40

Best poker room in town. Dealers are professional and the floor people are amazingly nice and helpful. Only room in town I trust.

Review №41

Very friendly staff, expierenced dealers, clean place. Rad poker room! Made me feel welcome on my first visit.

Review №42

Good neighbors

Review №43

Might be okay if you are a regular that is willing to pay for a $100 membership, but without it, you shouldnt expect to be able to play here. I waited in person for 2 hours and another 3 hours via phone call and never got a seat. I was first on their list from the time I arrived, but they bump their members above any non-members who are waiting and only ever have one table going. They also take 5% of your buy-in when you sit down and you dont qualify for their badbeat jackpot unless you buy the membership... even though they take money out of your pots to fund it. Dont waste your time here when there are other places to play poker in the area.

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Ive played Poker all over the world and by far this place is my favorite! Youll never regret playing here, I guarantee it.

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Ive played here since they opened in 2006 and its one of my favorite places.

Review №46

I love everything about this poker house

Review №47

Couldnt ask for more. Really great team and atmosphere.

Review №48

Only place I play. Good people

Review №49

Decent club. Fees are too high though.

Review №50

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Review №51

Its ok...

Review №52

Friendly and professional staff, no rake, good promotions, and daily tournaments + a monthly main event. What more could you ask for out of a poker room?

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The only house in town

Review №56

I hated it, rude dealers. Dont waste your time here!!!

Review №57

Favorite poker room ever. ^_^

Review №58

Great membership poker club!

Review №59

Its All Good

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