Amazon Park
22 Amazon Pkwy, Eugene, OR 97405, United States

Review №1

Very safe. Huge. I love taking my two kids here. And I love the trees. Perfect for sitting in the shade when you need to take a brake to cool down. It also had wheel chair access and nice, new swings with shoulder harnesses for kids and teens with disabilities. The soft, fake grass is a plus too. If your kid falls, you dont have to worry to much.

Review №2

Wonderful park my son and nephew love going here its clean and has nice updated structures.

Review №3

Great park lots of very nice well trained dogs for your pup to run around with.

Review №4

Always has bags, and water. Lots of well behaved dogs. My girl loves it there, and always gets alot of her energy out. Its a great place to take your pup for socializing.

Review №5

Decent size parking lot, didnt take long to park in almost full lot. Was a lot of dogs there, at least 40. All pretty friendly. It was muddy, but there was a hose to wash off with. Plenty of seating. Lots of water bowls/buckets. But area to run in. Everyone seemed friendly.

Review №6

Excellent service. A little expensive. but personnel is very professional and they were veey, very helpful when making a last minute appointment

Review №7

Good size park if I do say so myself lots of fun things to do at this park

Review №8

A great place to take kids. There is a Lot of space, for them roam.

Review №9

This park is SO cool since its been redone! Theres squishy astroturf under the playground which is nice. Kiddos can run barefoot and their feet dont get hot. They have lots of cool toys and structures that other playgrounds do not. Theres also grass all around to picnic or do whatever!

Review №10

This was such a great park. Its FULL of dogs for your animal to play with. There are also paths for walking but I believe they are on-leash walking areas only.The dog park has a path and there is also a speration for the smaller dogs.LOVE this place!!! Its a playground for your dog

Review №11

People complain about the city of Eugene but I appreciate how decent they keep the area, especially with the growing homeless population.

Review №12

Nice little loop for the dogs to play in, smaller area for small dogs

Review №13

Very cute local park with a playground, skate park, and dog park. Connects right to bike path. Wish there was more public art though.

Review №14

Lovely trails in the shade, great bike path to take across town. Incredibly family and pet friendly. Check out the recreation center for events

Review №15

Nice park and well maintained. Nice people in the dog park with awesome dogs

Review №16

Huge running/walking/bicycle trail around the park, the dogs were happy at the dog park and the kiddos were happy at the skatepark. Had a good time there

Review №17

The park has a large fenced area available with picnic tables and chairs spread out in the park. Bags and scoopers are available to clean up after your dog. The walking/running path is well maintained. There is also a walking/running path surrounding the dog park.

Review №18

Bought beautiful produce and bakery goodies from the vendors set up at the park

Review №19

Loved the pool definitely! You can take deep breaths and walk in this park and see the nice dogs. absolutely beautiful.

Review №20

Its a great place with beautiful art!

Review №21

Its been there forever! Nice spaces.

Review №22

Beautiful place with friendly people and happy pups. Nice and clean too.

Review №23

I visited the very nice dog park in Eugenes Southtown area. the parking area at 29th on the Amazon Parkway is immediately adjacent to the dog park.

Review №24

Pretty wide open spaces.

Review №25

A nice park with big open spaces. Not a fan of the AstroTurf around the playground, but it is what it is.

Review №26

Great for kids! My nephew had great time

Review №27

Just passing through Eugene and my puppers needed to get some energy out before continuing our roadtrip. Shed been in the car for far too long. She had a great time. It is a well-kept and I could tell the human users take pride in the park so they can offer a safe, clean, and joyful space for their companions. Interesting, inquisitive, and friendly lot of folks too. Great fun and play for my doggo and riveting conversation for myself. Probably, one of the best dog parks weve visited on our cross-country trek.

Review №28

Kids love it large clean playground

Review №29

This park has so much to offer. Walking trails, a varied playground that mustve cost a pretty penny. Close to dog park, main roads, but also enough space from roads.Very easy to see kids from the other side of the playground.No trees blocking.Easy to walk to lunch.Bathrooms open year round (although the doors are tiny, but better than no doors! *Alton Baker Park has no stall doors*)

Review №30

Big roomy dog park and I have yet to see a fight between two dogs.

Review №31

Always a treat going there and something different ... Nice big park easily accessible with great trails for biking and a nice playground and Shakespeare in the Park and ... And ... And ... And ... And ... Theres never an end to things available in this Park ..

Review №32

Beef cans/trash laying around,needles on ground, graffiti on park objects.

Review №33

This is a nice park.

Review №34

Always fun place to go

Review №35

Its clean and safe

Review №36

A lively place to spend some time with grandkids.

Review №37

Went to Amazon pool. Great pool. Not crowded yet.

Review №38

My puppy is socializing and Im grateful for all the other dogs and their wonderfully patient owners.

Review №39

Lots of space - lots of friendly dogs and their huMans!

Review №40

Really great park and pool. Lots of space to fly my model airplane.One of the better neighborhoods and close to the U O.

Review №41

Wonderful place to take your dog to run. Split into two areas for small dogs and large dogs. This is a beautiful park. Hurricane is usually available but you might have to be patient.

Review №42

Great dog park!

Review №43

This is the most wheelchair-accessible dog park I have been to, although there is not a completely paved path from the entrance to the shelter.It can get muddy - but its a dog park in Oregon. My dogs have a lot of fun here.

Review №44

I really like the dog park.

Review №45

Very fun for the whole family. I do wish they would bring back the wipe out obstacle course and build a rock wall. The main warm pool is always so full.

Review №46

I cannot even begin to describe the amazing off-trail tour. It was the most thrilling, educating, challenging, rewarding, absolutely FASCINATING tour of my life. It was incredible. The tour guides were angels, and we had a blast! Highlights include bear and bat bones, amazing crystal and rock formations, and living out all my Tomb Raider fantasies. 10/10 would spelunk again.

Review №47

Well. Fun fun fun!! Get up off your ads and go here this summer you will not regret it.

Review №48

I enjoy going to the park and so does my dog. For the most part this has been a positive experience. Its so much fun to watch my dog splash in puddles and its a great way to tire her out before I have to leave for work.However, I have a big dog though and she she has a big voice. Ive had folks be very rude towards me because they perceived her as playing too rough.The other problem with this park is that sometimes its the wild west. Folks hunker down on their phones or to study in the middle area and stop keeping tabs on their pets so Ive gotten almost attacked by one dog, witnessed a dog bite a woman on the arm, as well as had to step over many piles of poop that never got picked up. I wish people were more mindful.

Review №49

Its great for people watching

Review №50

Very fun place. Great place for all ages. I love coming here

Review №51

Eugene has some of the must beautiful parks. You can bike, rollerblade or stroll through this one. If you like running, try the trail adjacent to the park. Come picnic, swim, soak up sun or take a class at the community center.

Review №52

Great park! Well maintained, fun and safe equipment. Great family atmosphere. Pet friendly.

Review №53

Love this pool complex. Pools for everyone, lessons, classes, diving boards and platforms, hot tub, grass, some shade and healthy food. My summer hangout!

Review №54

I love how much this park is used by all sorts of people. People of all ages walking together and walking their dogs, runners, cyclists, roller-skaters, and skate boarders. Ive seen people meditating, playing music, writing, drawing... Its clean, well maintained, not overtaken by the homeless population, and people who use it are friendly and smile at you as you pass each other. Love the bark chip trail for running and the trails and little skate park for roller skating. A great place to watch the sunset too.

Review №55

Nice place to just enjoy a walk or tke the kids to play. Also for the dog lover there is a good dog park near by!

Review №56

My dog really enjoys this dog park! Then the trail to run/walk and the other for bicycling or other wheels are terrific too. And of course, the pool is great (only open in summer). I know theres a street hockey rink(?) I really appreciate the community resource that is Amazon park. Theres something here for everyone and every age.

Review №57

Nice place to go chill

Review №58

The swim park has become a destination with multiple water features: fountains and falls that kids can control, multiple kids pools, high fives, curvy slide lap pool, and of course a hot tub. Beautiful lawn and trees to lay out your family blanket. Being a picnic.

Review №59

Great park for all kids, with public restrooms.

Review №60

Great pool for the whole family. Shade for watching Moms. Gkids loved it didnt want to leave.

Review №61

My dog koko had a blast, the park has two separate areas, one for big dogs and one for little dogs, its fenced with plenty of room for the big dogs to run.

Review №62

The upgrades that they have done here are amazing. The structures ate fun and interactive, the main structure is wheelchair accessible, they have accessible swings, and the music feature is super fun!My only con is that the artificial turf gets *really* hot on summer days.

Review №63

I dont have a dog but Im sad and lonely so I go there on my lunch breaks and wistfully smile at other peoples corgis I hope thats not weird

Review №64

Most beautiful dog park I’ve ever been in! Super big and lots of cute dogs too!

Review №65

This place is so AWESOME! Baby and I had the best time ever. This place is so clean and there is so much to do. Definitely worth it.

Review №66

One of my favorite parks in Eugene. Fun for children, plenty of parking and a nice mixture of sun and shade. Clean and well maintained.

Review №67

Amazon park is a great place to stretch your legs, ride a bike or run. There are amazing things that you can do like the outside pool and the skate park or take a class at their center always lots to do

Review №68

Great park. Good fences. No squirrels. Lots of mud except in the summer so definitely bring towels for dirty dogs!

Review №69

On my Grandsons Birthday we took him to Amazon Park for the first time..he just turned 2 years and Wow ! He sure had a blast ! 35 years ago I would bring my children here..What a different and Gorgeous playground this is ! The Equipment is VERY safe , plus there is Turf with spongy material many unique items to learn and grow on...from Musical Xylophones to Drums to Slides to Swings ! Trees, Grass. Restrooms, Tables, Benches and lots of great Parking ! Bring a picnic basket and enjoy !

Review №70

Really nice park it has everythingKids playing structuresDog parkWalking or running trailPoolsAnd moreWe love to go here and have fun

Review №71

This is a wonderful dog park. They have separate areas for big dogs and small dogs. There are always several dogs there. Parking is limited so if you have the ability to walk there I would recommend that.

Review №72

Great place to take the kids and or hang out with your friends!! I moved here in 1984 I used to bring my kids!! Now I bring my grandkids!! Safe place to be !! They added stuff so its even better than ever!! Lots of kids for my grandaughter to rum around with!! Shes 10!! She loves it here!!

Review №73

My son always has a blast here and theres always other kids to play with.

Review №74

Food is always good

Review №75

Amazon is a Great park. There is Amazon pool, and Amazon dog park. There is also a Community building for different activities. A skate park too.Places to picnic with tables.Lots of trails to walk on.You can get a shower for 50¢.The grounds are kept beautifully green.The one negative, I can say is their WIFI does not work very well. The strength is low quality or has been turned off, so if you are traveling be for warned.

Review №76

The dog park here is great.

Review №77

The dog parks are good sized; although, it would be nice to at least have a port-a-potty

Review №78

We visited the small dog park while in Eugene today. We appreciated the comfy chairs and all the amenities. Everyone was so friendly, the dogs were all well behaved and having fun and the whole park was so clean. I didn’t feel like I was sitting in the middle of a dog toilet. We will definitely return when in Eugene!

Review №79

Great public pool. Grass and sand areas, fun obstacle course, diving boards and slides. Food as and snacks available. Admission was slow or Id rate 5 stars. I wish there was one in Portland.

Review №80

Big park, plenty to do! Revamped playground for littles featuring weird astroturf, dog park, bike/walking paths. Pretty views of Spencers Butte.

Review №81

This is my favorite dog park. The dogs and people are normally real friendly and the place is always kept really clean.

Review №82

Excellent park. Lots of play equipment to explore, its mostly turf so crawling babies can play, bathrooms (no soap though), trail to run or walk on, large trees to sit in the shade. We really enjoyed this park!

Review №83

Ots just as cool as the swimming pool

Review №84

The running trail at Amazon park is really awesome! Bark beautiful trails with trees and good people.

Review №85

Amazing and fun atmosphere, many special age-appropriate venues for play for the kids. Theres a very shallow pool for toddler wading and an older child shallow pool with water fountains and a fabulous twisty slide. In addition, another large pool is divided for older kid play, lane swimming, an inflated obstacle course, diving boards, a high dive and high platform dive and high tube slide. There are plenty of lifeguards keeping an eye on everyone and making sure things run smoothly. I appreciate all the thought that went into making my afternoon enjoyable and worry-free.

Review №86

It was wonderful to rent bikes and ride around this park. It was especially nice to play on the giant musical instruments there!

Review №87

Clean place, nice environment pool was close at the time but is great to know they have this at the place for the summer.

Review №88

Huge park with at least a few dogs at all all times. Really popular and can get busy.

Review №89

Amazon park is always a great run for my dog. It can be muddy this time of year, but if you expect it, you can be prepared.

Review №90

Nice place to chill in a nice neighborhood. Lots of room to roam if you dont want to be around other people. Great for a pic nic or taking the dogs out, or for just soaking up some vitamin d.

Review №91

Really fun acoustic features. Dont have a good taste because my kid moves too fast. Generally a great park with nice people. Could use some more sun cover.

Review №92

I was at this park for my nieces birthday and it was very nice. The playground near us was well kept and parking was pretty good given the size of the park. I wish Id been able to see more but very pleased with where we were.

Review №93

Parks are where I play + pray.. swing + sing ÷ repeat as needed = Lighter Heart Uncluttered Head and The Fortitude God Helps me Find when he renews my Spirit....Now Im Able Father 2 Carry On.. And Love2LiveJ.p. 5 Stars

Review №94

They finished the update and it looks great! They even kept some of the original structures!

Review №95

GREAT park for the younger kids, I think it is best for 10 & younger because of the level of equipment.

Review №96

The play structure is perfect for younger children and wheelchair accessible plus the slides never got hot! Awesome walking path/ exercise area and a outdoor pool.

Review №97

Great place to take the kids. Plenty of life guards and they are very vigilant. Just remember to being a warm top cause when the sun starts going down and the wind picks up it gets cold.

Review №98

Nice people and nice dogs.

Review №99

A great community of dog owners!

Review №100

Just another one of our amazing parks!! And also has .

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