Candlelight City Park
1165 Welcome Way, Eugene, OR 97402, United States
Review №1

There are 3 different fenced areas here. One specifically for small dogs and 2 for any kind. All the areas are large enough for the dogs to run and not be crowded. Theres running water here all year round and people generally keep kiddie pools for the dogs to cool off in on either side of the park. There are also usually bags in the bag stations in case you forget. The only reason its not 5 stars is because I wish it had more shade and, like every dog park Ive been to, theres poop lying around (although there does seem to be slightly less here than elsewhere).

Review №2

What a gourgous veiw!! The hike was amazing, felt free and alive! If you are visting Oregon,you definitely need to take a hike up there.

Review №3

Very nice large dog park, when Im in town with my dogs I stop here everytime so they can play

Review №4

Amazing Ppl nice place to let my pups play then my little one at the park there for kids!

Review №5

Beautiful park, kept very clean with plenty of water areas and 3 separation areas for dogs of different sizes. My German Shepherds love it.

Review №6

Large w 3 fenced areas including small dog

Review №7

So many cute dogs with ancient souls. Many gather to spill secrets at night, are you one of them?

Review №8

Theres nothing RUFF about this dog park! It was my first time bringing my pup to a dog park & everyone (pups & humans) were very welcoming. Its an Incredibly big space with 3 separate fenced areas which provide an environment where pups & people can relax & just enjoy the park. One of the areas is designated small dogs only & 2 are for all dogs over 35lbs. Most people bring their dogs into the largest fenced area, but if 2 dogs arent getting along or maybe a persons pup is anxious around the other dogs, they can be easily separated yet still enjoy the benefits of the dog park. Definitely gonna go back for another afternoon of playing soon.

Review №9

Very nice doggy park with fences to separate small and big dogs. Spacious and neat.

Review №10

My dog loves this park, lots of dogs and its very big. Needs more trees and its hard to find parking sometimes.

Review №11

Awesome park! Everyone had really friendly dogs and the people were nice too. I could see how it could get muddy but wasnt a problem for me and my crew.

Review №12

Good park. Usually lots of kids to play with when the weather gets warmer. Lots of dog friends to visit with too.

Review №13

Saw some aggressive pitbulls there trying to get at othe nice dogs and owners didnt seem to care

Review №14

Great park ...segregated small dog area

Review №15

Very nice and it could use more shade at the dog park.

Review №16

Best dog park for little dogs.

Review №17

Great park. Good size area and 25 pound and under area for the small dogs. I like it. Not enough shaded sitting area for the humans though.

Review №18

Great dog park with three separate areas. Water, seating and limited shaded areas.

Review №19

Great place to bring your dogs

Review №20

This park is great, whether you have doggie friends or have kiddos!

Review №21

Its good dog park. But the amount of people who think they own it and try to boss other people around can bug off.

Review №22

Great park with good people and socialized dogs. Having to large dog areas and a small dog area is wonderful so you dont have to worry about your little dog getting hurt.People are friendly and pick up after their dogs so you probably wont be stepping in poo.

Review №23

Huge park, very well maintained. Three separate areas, one of which is specific to small dogs.

Review №24

Its a good dog park with a separate small dog enclosure. Sure you have some dog owners that are all about socializing and never mind or pick up after their dogs. But most people and dogs are pretty good! Once they quit flooding it to get the grass to grow it will be even better.

Review №25

We love taking our puppy yo the dog park. Its a good place for dogs to run free.

Review №26

The dog park is a great place to let your dog off the leash and get some exercise. Clean safe place. Looks to be well taken care of, grass mowed, fenced play areas.

Review №27

Amazon gets all of the heat for being the worst dog park in town but I’ve seen way more dog fights at candlelight. I’ve also never seen people get into a fight anywhere else. It’s great that they added a small dog side but it’s still not a safe place to bring pups

Review №28

Very friendly family dog oark

Review №29

Liked the devised areas for the dogs. Plenty of room to run and play.

Review №30

Candlelight has a dog park and kids playground, and plenty of space for everyone The dog park has a designated area for small dogs, another for big ones and an area for mingling. Since I have a little squirt and a husky mix, we get the best of all worlds! The humans here are kind and friendly too, I always enjoy visits to Candlelight Park.

Review №31

Seems like all dog parks offer a little something different at each one. But they all have one thing in common. Dogs love to smell everything! And whats better than a familiar smell to a dog? A bunch of New Smells. ! So go visit all the difference in our dog parks. After all. Its for our best friends.

Review №32

This might be a wonderful park and dog park.But not for our family, when crossing Royal from the Thorne Dr side to the dog part side, my daughter was hit by a car and sustained several broken bones and had to have a huge, long surgery to place a titanium rod and 10 screws. Her shoulder blade and a piece of her pelvic bone were broken and she also punctured her lung and has air trapped between her lung and shoulder. Our other daughter who was walking across with her and saw every gorry detail, she was emotionally effected and is very shaken and has anxiety over all of the accident.Im telling all of this, because there NEEDS to be a flashing light at this crosswalk.

Review №33

Great open space and large park. Definitely my favorite in Eugene. I just wish more people and dogs went! Theres tons of space!

Review №34

Really enjoy this place

Review №35

Beautiful dog park

Review №36

Great people, lots of friendly dogs. Happy with how they dealt with the creation of a small-dogs-only area. I have large unaggressive dogs, but I understand that it can be scary to have a tiny little friend running around with dogs 7 or 8 times their size. Ive never met someone there that wasnt friendly.

Review №37

Love this dog park. There are a total of 3 fenced areas, one designated for small dogs. Stays pretty dry and theres plenty of room for all the dogs to run and play.

Review №38

There are at least two or three gated areas. All different sizes of dogs, they all seem to get along real well! Nice grassy area. Very little mud Durning rain season. Mobile chairs available for all puppies hoomans

Review №39

Excellent park! My old boi loves it, the other people here seem super friendly and the grounds are very well maintained. Also, theres a bonus, fenced off area for even more space if the main area is full. There are usually bags, but bring your own just in case.

Review №40

The grass was very wet. A very clean place to bring dogs. Wish there were more toilets there. Or portable potties.

Review №41

Awesome park, clean, kids love it, dog park next door. Whats not to love?

Review №42

Nice little park with playground and connected dog park that is actually pretty large AND FENCED IN. Adequate street parking, as well. Good place to pick blackberries in the summer. The playground area has a few dedicated patches that provide a good amount for kids to pick over.

Review №43

What an AWESOME park. Be aware that parking is on the street and sparce. Ti this park ALSO has a great little dog run FULL of playful pooches!

Review №44

Candlelight Park is a dog park. If children feel comfortable around dogs then they should come. Also this park is fenced in. I have driven past this park but not to use it.

Review №45

Its a very nice park. Though people do need to understand there is three different dog parks there. Please do not bring your small or teacup size dogs into the big dog park and complain that they get stepped on or sat on.

Review №46

Nice place, not too big, but perfect for me and my nephews dog Lucy... not too shady, the two shady spots get taken quickly but Lucy loves it so no complaints there :-)

Review №47

People were the worst part. Unpleasant

Review №48

Good place for the kids to practice their soccer, with multiple dog-size parksl.

Review №49

Dog park there is awesome! Two areas for larger dogs and an area for the smaller doggos

Review №50

My little BaaBoo LOVES this park! Never had a bad experience here. Plenty of water, strong gates, and LOTS of room to run.

Review №51

Nice little park.

Review №52

Super cool place to take my dog!

Review №53

It needs trees, big trees. And less mud. And fencing. But its fenced with grass so it serves its purpose.

Review №54

Nice and peaceful. A great place to walk your Squirrel, or dog.

Review №55

Solid Dog Park. Only drawback is how long it stays wet. Drainage seems to be an issue. Clean and people always donate bags for waste. Thanks to everyone who keeps it nice.

Review №56

Lots of room for the dogs to run. 2 separate areas for large and small dogs.

Review №57

Id recommend Candlelight City Park in a heartbeat. Lucky neighborhood surrounding the park, those folks can enjoy the beauty year around, just look out for those flying worms.

Review №58

Lots of fun. The bummer is no bathroom.

Review №59

Good size dog park, has an area just for small dogs if youre worried about them playing with dogs larger than them.

Review №60

Decent dog park. No trees so no shade, a bit muddy in winter. Dogs like it.

Review №61

Great dog park. Like the improvements.

Review №62

Great dog park but no shade to speak of

Review №63

Great place to take your dog with a large fenced dog area. Great playground for the kids. Friendly people.

Review №64

No real shade... Nice to have a marry go round tho

Review №65

First time to this delightful dog park, in the Danebo area of Eugene! Nice and grassy, we even sat on the grass, while throwing ball and frisbee for our dogs. I definitely wouldnt do that at Alton Baker dog park, where we usually go.

Review №66

They seem to keep the dog park clean only problem is its to close to the playground... people takethere dogs that people cant pet to the playground instead of the dog park..but thats the only bad thing

Review №67

The dog park isnt taken care of. Poo all over the place and the patches of muddy water dont help. Not a good dog park. Go to Amazon or alton baker.

Review №68

Dogs were very friendly was well as the people! May have made some friends!

Review №69

Huge dog park! lots of space for doggies to run!

Review №70

Love taking my dogs that wood rekimend it to anyone who has dogs

Review №71

Nice park. It was clean and had a nice selection of playground equipment.

Review №72

This place is awesome! The park is always super clean and tidy. If you have a pet dog there are two separated dog parks as well, a place to let your little ones off their leash to run! Doggy poop bags provided as well.

Review №73

This park is close to home and has been very well maintained over the years thanks to our excellent city parks system. Playground, basketball hoops, soccer field, tables and a dog park are all located at Candlelight Park.

Review №74

Very nice and clean

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Review №76

Has two separate dog parks so you can easily move if your dog isnt getting along with another dog.

Review №77

Its a good size dog park split into two different Gates. There is no size recommendation from one side versus the other side. Most people here are very very friendly and pretty responsible of their dogs.

Review №78

Great place, not sure about devision of park though?

Review №79

Did a Pokemon Go Raid here and everyone was super cool and friendly!

Review №80

Good dog park! My dog has always had fun with all the dogs at this park and it has two huge separated fields just in case some dogs need space.

Review №81

Wonderful, spacious dog park. No trees for shelter, or to block long runs when playing fetch. Can be very muddy - wear your boots. Dogs dont mind the mud.

Review №82

Great for the Doggies.

Review №83

Nice dog park and nice dog owners. Everyone responsible and respectful.

Review №84

Snakes scared my daughter

Review №85

1st time there and our dog was in heaven

Review №86

Great place for kids

Review №87

Great dog park, the creek is outside of the fence. A good way to rinse off after the mud puddles from the often Oregon rain.

Review №88

Great place to take the Kids and/or Dogs. A lot of fun for every one to have here.

Review №89

Great playground for kids with dog park attached. Plenty of space, sun, and fun!

Review №90

Very nice park, its not very good for kids 4 and under because the play structure isnt too safe, but they do have a few things for the little kids

Review №91

Green grass, chairs, tables, benches, water, free poop bags, friendly people, convenient, free, large park for dogs to race & play safely

Review №92

Bleu loves the dog park!

Review №93

Always torn up for one reason or another!

Review №94

Great dog park good environment

Review №95

Great place for the kids to play

Review №96

Dog park near Coburg is better feel like this one thinks they high class or something lol. Lot more dogs. I was onpy person with a tennis ball. Coburg has like 50 all over park. dogs were almost fighting lol. Not a bad place. Parking free

Review №97

Its a nice little park with a small play ground for kids and a place to walk a pet. It seems nice and well maintained.

Review №98

They have three separate fenced areas, small medium and large dog areas.

Review №99

The doggos seem to dig it

Review №100

If my wife is smiling and happy my world is at peace she was all giggles and very happy my world is at peace God bless peace be with you AMEN AMEN

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  • Address:1165 Welcome Way, Eugene, OR 97402, United States
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  • Phone:+1 541-682-4800
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Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:No
  • Good for kids:Yes
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