Sweet Cheeks Winery
27007 Briggs Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97405, United States
Review №1

So beautiful. The winery has a special vibe that is fun and relaxing. Enjoyed the Reisling and harvest cheese platter.

Review №2

Great winery just SW of Eugene. Their expansive patio and outdoor seating made it a wonderful place to look out over their vineyard and the hills of Oregon. Even in a COVID world we were able to enjoy a wine flight. I recommend the Pinot Gris

Review №3

Loved this winery! Staff is incredibly friendly, and their service is great. The temperanillo is my favorite!

Review №4

Beautiful day. Beautiful setting on the patio with gorgeous surroundings listening to water fountains and looking at mountain vistas. Tasty wine flights and pate. Exceptional table service. COVID-19 precautions observed.

Review №5

My friend doesn’t really drink and when he rarely does, he doesn’t drink a lot. I’m the exact opposite of that, I guess opposites attract. When we’re hanging out together, I feel like I need to have one drink for Stephen for every drink I have. It makes me feel like I’m not drinking alone. This is why I get so drunk when me and Stephen drink “together”. Most of the hangovers I had in college I blame on Stephen. Fortunately, we went to Sweet Cheeks Winery as a group, so I didn’t have to take full responsibly for Stephen’s lack of drinking. I ended up having a blast at this winery and I’m glad we went as a group. If it was just me and Stephen I might have not remembered most of my time here.

Review №6

A lot of wonderful flavors to try. A beautiful view to enjoy . I have been enjoying their wine for years and I usually dont drink wine.

Review №7

Amazing! Lindsey was amazing. Coming back!

Review №8

Servers wore masks.Everyone socially distanced...felt safe...Atmosphere lovely, servers very friendly and helpful.

Review №9

Great wine and I recommend a membership!

Review №10

Great service, awesome wines. Beautiful sunny day!

Review №11

Beautiful setting. Wine not so good. Not serving food when we were there. Our $33 bottle of Pinor Noir seemed about equivalent to a $9 bottle at the grocery. Wine at Sarver was much better.

Review №12

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions still a lot of fun to just sit up there and drink a few glasses of wine and enjoy the view.

Review №13

Stopped by to do a tasting. Beautiful tasting room. Great view. The woman working the tasting bar was so helpful and kind. We bought a few bottles. Very nice wine at good prices. We will be back

Review №14

Great selection of wine in a warm and friendly place. Great service and a great place to bring friends for some afternoon wine and noshing.

Review №15

This is my favorite winery to visit on a sunny fall day. The view is beautiful the wine is always a fair price and they let you bring your own food. Often, what I do is stop by Creswell Bakery and get their awesome roast beef sandwich and bring that along and then get a bottle of wine from Sweet Cheeks.The last time I was there I also tried their Crab Apple cider which is dry, crisp and really good. They dont sell it by the bottle so bring your growler, its worth it.

Review №16

My server was great,and very helpful!!

Review №17

Amazing!!! Delicious wine with knowledgeable staff. The view cant be beat. Please go here.

Review №18

Relaxing atmosphere, live music, good wine, good friends, great weather. What more could you ask for?

Review №19

Spectacular views, great wine, wonderful service

Review №20

First, giving my spouse a red Solo cup twice for his beer was a rip-off. You said there werent any beer pints but we saw you give them to others both before and after our orders. You basically treated us like we were less than other customers and the cost of the flights was ridiculous too. The only good one was Rosy Cheeks...Ill never go back again. Ill stick to Silvan Ridge, at least they treated us like people and not second class citizens.

Review №21

The beautiful view is all this winery has going for it. We went early, just after opening, to avoid any crowds, but were still greeted by inattentive and obviously disinterested staff. The girl serving me would pour my wine, lamely proclaim this is the merlot, turn her back and walk off to discuss whatever nuance with her coworker. Your customers are here for the wine. Talk about it. Tell a story. Drop some statistics. This low quality wine can barely speak for itself, so itd do you well to hire someone with an actual interest in selling it. Ive had better tasting experiences at the paint store.

Review №22

Probably one of the best Vineyards in Oregon.

Review №23

Leo is a great winemaker! The wines are fantastic, the view is spectacular, and the staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. Love this place!!

Review №24

Great winery setup with frequent live music. Indoor and outdoor seating and amazing views of the hillsides. Helpful staff, tasty wine options, and plenty of room for large groups or events. One of the first local wineries I visited when I moved here and still a frequent stop.

Review №25

We had a lovely afternoon date at Sweet Cheeks, despite overcast weather. Memorial Day tasting menu was a great deal, live music was a lot of fun, and the crowd was lively and relaxed.

Review №26

Fun times with family

Review №27

Beautiful views, classy tasting room, and great tours of the facility. Enjoy a bottle of wine on the patio. You can even bring food from home (I recommend bringing your favorite cheeses).

Review №28

Very friendly people and good wineSurely will come back

Review №29

Rachel was amazing had great customer experience.

Review №30

I did not try the food. The wine and music were top notch. Staff get an a+ for explaining wine to a beer guy.

Review №31

Our favorite winery in the Willamette Valley. Spectacular views from their hilltop and amazing affordable wines. Joined their club and pick them up at 5th St market. Love it!

Review №32

Leo is the most amazing wine maker... I highly recommend drinking wild child. You will love it.

Review №33

Unfortunate bee/wasp situation. Disappointed by the lack of communication about the infestation prior to our event. Also disappointed in the winerys [lack there of] attempt to correct the issue. It distracted attendees from the event/celebration itself.

Review №34

Hello i had a great time a sweet cheeks winery . I love Sweet Cheeks Wine its my favorite wine. Sweet Cheeks wine never disappointed me. My wife Alice and her friend Vonda also love it. 5 stars for the great wine from Oregon.

Review №35

The Wine at Sweet Cheeks Winery is unbelievable. It reminds me of the wines of California but better. I am from Greek dissent and it also reminds me of the great wines of Greece.

Review №36

Great place, staff can get a little sidetracked with conversation when it gets busy but overall they do a great job. They are dog friendly and have indoor/outdoor patio seating as well as the interior tasting room. Great views as well.

Review №37

We came here on a Sunday afternoon. The atmosphere was amazing, with live music, friendly staff, a happy and relaxed feel, and great views. The wine was delicious as well!

Review №38

Always a bad bottle, never stored at proper temps.I need to vet my wineries better and stop taking chances on the poorest of quality.

Review №39

They had live music, the scenery was incredible and the wine was fantastic.

Review №40

Our favorite winery in the county!

Review №41

We ventured to Eugene to taste wine last weekend and were pleasantly surprised by the caliber of wine we tasted at Sweet Cheeks. Out of 12 wines tastes there were only two I didnt like but that was really just because of personal taste and not a flaw in the wine. Their 2009 Syrah is honestly one of the best I have tasted in a while. Their wine is stellar and the winemakers knowledge and love for it shines through in brilliantly flavorful wines!!

Review №42

We had a wonderful time. Lots of room for the children to play while the parents relax with a glass of wine.

Review №43

The wine was great and the view was great. But the staff were on the rude side which ruined the experience a little.

Review №44

Some days, its just the right spot. Some days, its not. But theyre doing good stuff and making good wine, so deal.

Review №45

The best wine in the world. Vonda the mother is a great person . 5 stars I love this wine. Again best wine in the world.

Review №46

Great place to relax and taste some wine. Tasty wine!

Review №47

Fun place with great wine. They had live music on Sunday afternoon when we went.

Review №48

My favorite winery! Staff is wonderful as is the wine. I loved working with Mallory and Jenn to make my sons wedding an unforgettable event. The view is spectacular. A wonerful place to spend time and kick back.

Review №49

Beautiful grounds and building. Delicious wine, great service!!

Review №50

Such a beautiful place and excellent wine thank you Amy for making us feel welcome

Review №51

Staff was so friendly and helpful. Ive never been to a winery and my 1st try was AMAZING!!! Views and service were outstanding as well as the wine. My fav was the Syrah.

Review №52

Great winery, great place to enjoy a variety of wines.

Review №53

I was there for a very special wedding and it was perfect.

Review №54

Great wines, fantastic staff and unmatched location.

Review №55

Great wine, great food, great staff

Review №56

Great place if you like getting bossed around about where you park and like paying too much for average blended wines

Review №57

I LOVE this winery, it has the best views in that the Lorane Valley! Their wine club is well worth it, with a wide array of wines and great staff.

Review №58

Great community atmosphere, very relaxing views. The wines are my favorite especially the merlot.

Review №59

Wonderful spot to enjoy, wines and views

Review №60

Beautiful views and brews/wine beer

Review №61

Good wine and great views.

Review №62

Such friendly people,everyone having a good time. Beautiful venue, definitely more wedding venue sort of accommodations than some other winerys in the area.

Review №63

Rosy cheeks is my favorite. The people here are always so nice. The view is beautiful.

Review №64

Great place to gather your friends !!! Beautiful setting, drink GREAT wine, play cards, lovely !

Review №65

Beautiful scenery lovely winery and vineyard. EXQUISITE wines...especially the Reisling BIT their VERY BEST WINE in my opinion is ROSY CHEEKS!!!! YUMMY!!!!

Review №66

Not only does Sweet Cheeks have excellent wine, their atmosphere is as easy going as your own backyard. My family loves picnics at Sweet Cheeks!

Review №67

Extraordinary setting, service, and staff make this a great place to stop. Memorable Chardonnay, Merlot, and Syrah. Live music was also enjoyable.

Review №68

This was my favotite vineyard while I lived in Lane County. Not only was the wine very good, the setting on a hill gave a nice view in three directions. The feeling was a down home place lacking in pretension and making customers feel at ease.

Review №69

Great place, great wine, remarkable employees.

Review №70

Not impressed. We visited Sweet Cheeks on a tour and it was the only stop that we did not enjoy. The tasting room staff acted as though it was an imposition to serve us and was very slow and took no time to talk with us. Their mistake. we bought over 10 cases of wine on our tour, but none here - just didn´t want to reward their poor service with our purchase. Too bad, because otherwise what a nice place, great view and the wines weren´t bad either.

Review №71

Great day with my girls.

Review №72

Can get busy at times but the staff is great and the atmosphere is great

Review №73

Very good staff and wonderful wine....try the rosé

Review №74

Beautiful views!!! The wine by Leo excellent!

Review №75

Wonderful place to hang out with friends

Review №76

Fun, friendly local spot with great food and spirits

Review №77

I love this wine..

Review №78

Great place, great wine. Try the rose.

Review №79

I used to love this winery a couple years ago, but the last couple of times the service was incredibly poor and the servers were rude. I think I will skip this place on the next round.

Review №80

Beautiful Setting, Friendly Staff

Review №81

Wines are not that good. Dont think Eugene is really a wine region.

Review №82

Wonderful experience on a Tuesday afternoon

Review №83

Always great

Review №84

Love this place

Review №85

Beautiful place

Review №86


Review №87

Great staff!

Review №88

Under and inattentive staff, okay wines, busy atmosphere.

Review №89

Beautiful setting and fine wines!

Review №90

Great wines

Review №91

Very nice people here!

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:27007 Briggs Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97405, United States
  • Site:http://www.sweetcheekswinery.com/
  • Phone:+1 541-349-9463
  • Winery
  • Tourist attraction
Working hours
  • Monday:12–6pm
  • Tuesday:12–6pm
  • Wednesday:12–6pm
  • Thursday:2–8pm
  • Friday:11am–6pm
  • Saturday:11am–6pm
  • Sunday:12–6pm
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