Skinner Butte Park
248 Cheshire Ave, Eugene, OR 97401, United States

Review №1

Great park for kids. Bring a cardboard box to slide down the hill. In the summer there is a great splash pad

Review №2

Love this place, always pretty packed though. The paved path is nice to walk

Review №3

Very beautiful location with great views in all directions. There are many trails to explore and the parking area is a great place to relax or hang out with friends.

Review №4

It is so beautiful. Willamette River flow along this park. Big playground is here. It is good for walking with dogs and family. It is connected with the road to Owen Rose Garden. South and West summit is so beautiful. We can see the Eugene city with one view. It is good hiking trail.

Review №5

This was a great little park, lots of options for the little. However the water features couldve been on and it would have been better

Review №6

Such a beautiful place! Plenty of parking, well maintained and no litter. The community is lucky to have such a place.

Review №7

It is very green and quiet. Nice place to enjoy a meal with a friend or family.

Review №8

One of the most beautiful parks my family and I have ever been to! Fun hikes, trails, playground is just beautiful, even has a two sand boxs, can get close to the river. 10/10

Review №9

A great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. There is an awesome park, for kids to enjoy. One of the best spots in town, for qualtity family time. One should be cautious and aware of the surrounding areas, due to the homeless population.

Review №10

Its always been a clean beautiful Park to go play at with my kids. We have their birthday partys and BBQs there during the summer.... We love Skinners Butte Park ...Its fun for the whole family️

Review №11

There is no where for people like myself with a child to walk to the top. I understand its a very curvy road. But that should be a reason why the cars should not be going so fast that they are inches away from hitting a pedestrian. It is the same for the bike riders i witnessed. Someone stopped my family and told is we should get as close to the edge of the road as possible or we could get hit. Scary. We made it to the top but i was ready to go.

Review №12

Very good view of all the surrounding areas from The summit a real nice little workout trail it has a pretty good grade most of the way upif youre looking for solitude forget it there are a lot of people that use it

Review №13

This small but beautiful Butte is located in the very heart of Eugene Oregon right alongside the Willamette river. It is an absolutely wonderful location to visit, as it surrounded by a multitude of other parks between it and the river, near good food, bike paths are many at the base, and it has many diverse hiking trails, and also, a challenging rock climbing wall if thats your cup of tea. Whether youre hiking or driving the summit (a popular option for star crossed lovers) - this place is part of the very soul that is Eugene. 5 out of 5 stars!

Review №14

Despite the closure of my kiddos favorite playground, there is always fun at Skinner Butte. Today he is lead engineer on the dam building incentive...

Review №15

The park was fairly decent except for the car playing extremely loud music and the homeless camped out around the area. But every park is like that. It was well maintained and lit up enough after dark that I could cross the park without any danger. Though I certainly wouldnt go there after dark alone.

Review №16

This Park is first class of any. I always have somewhere to go and chill here

Review №17

Large playground that my kids love, beautiful river and paths to walk or bike best park in Eugene or Springfield. Some homeless community pretty close but they havnt been a problem anytime Ive been there.

Review №18

View and history plaques are great. Too many kids bumping music. Competing one hoopty with bad sound system against another. Other than that, nice history, space and view.

Review №19

Great place for a good view of Eugene. We went up on a Saturday morning in August while it was still cool. We made our way up the trail at around 6:30 if you go after 7:30 you can drive further up and not have to hike that much at all. Either way it is a short hike. We only ran into 3 people the whole time and they kept to themselves. If you go around the back you can see the rock columns for a cool picture. You can also take the small trail leading to the Oregon O. They view for sunrise was a little obstructed with trees, I think we will try again in the evening sometime to see how the sunset is from that vantage point. Enjoyed the location and do plan to go again in the evening in the future.

Review №20

Love taking the kids here to play and hike.

Review №21

All the parking at the top was taken by people openly doing drugs in their cars. It did not feel safe to walk the trails.

Review №22

Nice place to chill and eat lunch with a great view of the city.

Review №23

Always a great place for a good view of the city, but when its later at night, theres little to no parking, so go early

Review №24

A lot more homeless people then before but still pretty.

Review №25

Besides the homeless community, its a very pleasant/peaceful place to go hiking, site seeing, and theres even a rock climbing area thats perfect for inexperienced climbers ️

Review №26

Mega impressed! This place has much more than what appears at first glance. We swung by here from out of town with our 1 1/2 year old daughter and was taken aback by the cleanliness of this park! Theres actually quite a bit to do here that kept our toddler pretty happy ... and people of all types and age ranges were busy at play and leisure. The water feature was amazing! If I had time I wouldve hiked the butte, and just might if Im back in the area. Well done, Eugene!

Review №27

This historic hill in the middle of Eugene Oregon, has a panoramic Vista of the entire city. There are parks and trails and many places to hike. It is one of the best viewpoints of the city.

Review №28

Wayyy too overcrowded and people like to blast their music and get angry at each other because they cant hear their own. People in this town are becoming more and more toxic. Right now its a breeding ground for disease as no one socially distances or wears their mask. If youre in for the hike, or the nature, though, thats still a pretty good spot. Just dont expect to want to hang out at the top and enjoy the view, because you very well might get bullied out of there.

Review №29

Love this spot such beautiful views.. especially at sunset

Review №30

Beautiful place, clean. The road going thru it is usually packed full of cars, be careful some people will walk right out in front of you.

Review №31

Loved this big beautiful park next to the Willamette River.

Review №32

Great park, but the bathrooms have no doors, only reason why there is not 5 stars

Review №33

Its a nice park for people of all ages. Close to the river with a pathway. Kids seem to like playing here as many parents bring them.

Review №34

Beautiful hilltop view of the city, plenty of hiking and trails, as well as direct access to the Willamette. Wonderful place to take a walk with the dogs, or a picnic with your friends and family. Definitely a regular spot for me.

Review №35

A great jaunt for hikers of all levels, from beginner to experienced, and theres even a rock face for climbers. The stairs make for a good butt-workout, and the trail to the river ends the hike with a relaxing view.

Review №36

This place is tiny but this is really nice park.First I found some people who enjoy rock climbing(crack and top-rope). I walk on the trail and climb up to top. Kinda steep but enjoyable. Top have great view of Eugene and I regret that I forgot to take some picture. I could imagine that this place have different view with each season.This is the place which make you feel very relax!!

Review №37

Beautiful place. Great little hike. Views of the city. Wear hiking boots. Dog friendly.

Review №38

I think its an amazing place especially the kids play area.... The rock climbing and the places to nature walk.... They are all amazing.

Review №39

Very cool, nice views.

Review №40

Beautiful. Would of loved to walk path️

Review №41

Its a fun walk. Lots of people

Review №42

Cool spot to hike or just chill and at night time the top of the mountains like a party.. lol

Review №43

Nice place to do some rock climbing hiking what to look out over the city..

Review №44

Ive climbed this butte dozens of times. Love this place! The trees are gorgeous, particularly during spring. Its a lovely hike.

Review №45

A lovely place to enjoy your surroundings with a loved one!

Review №46

My daughter had a great time at this park. Loved the little water pad the most.

Review №47

I love going here to sm0ke and chill

Review №48

Beautiful views and plenty of hiking trails from which to see them. Great place to bike from, but a real beast of a ride back

Review №49

Wonderful trails and lots of places to bike, hike and also kids friendly. They have nice kid play ground. Bathrooms available too.

Review №50

Easily one of the best parks I have ever been too. You can hike the Butte with the family and check out the view of Eugene. You might spot a Turkey Vulture or Bald Eagle. The trails are easy enough for children. You can walk or ride on the bike path along the river. You can even rent a bike there with an app. Its really fun I recommend it. The playground is new and amazing. They have so many different activities you could keep your child entertained all day. There is a ton of grassy areas as well to play sports or get groovy with flow arts. The owen rose garden, skatepark and community garden are all within a close walk. The only thing is that the restrooms dont have doors on the stalls. But overall magical!

Review №51

Liked it better during the week than the weekened. Its a nice area to do a picnic.

Review №52

Very enjoyable park. Meandering trails, however dogs are not allowed in the rhododendron garden. The native garden area has paved and unpaved choices for dog owners.

Review №53

Excellent short hikeGreat views of EugeneIt’s a great to see it onceClean and well maintained trailPicnic areas

Review №54

The kids play area is amazing but closed at the moment

Review №55

A wonderful hike and view of the city, but a lot of people at the top loitering and not necessarily safe to go alone or at night.

Review №56

Its a beautiful place to look at the city

Review №57

Great park! The rose garden is lovely.

Review №58

Picnic tables, nice walk paths along the river, kids play structure & water sprinkler pad for the kids.

Review №59

I love the two dif ferent hikes, and the view is gorgeous!!

Review №60

Love this Park, lots to do and plenty of running space. Safe for animals and kids. A few different spots to check out. A rock climbing section bring your tie offs, a childrens Park with water fountain, walking/dog trail and lookout spot.

Review №61

The park itself is big and plenty of things for kids to play and plenty of benches to sit. The only problem is the occasional homeless person rummaging in trash cans for food

Review №62

Even in winter this place is hoppin! Plenty of kids for my son to play with. Thanks for a clean & F-U-N play structure that is well maintained. Also for a safe & clean restroom. Not to mention, what incredible views of the river!

Review №63

No matter what time of year, this park is my familys favorite. From village to playground to shade- its got it all. Its a beautiful,short walk to the Rose Garden and great bird watching on the river. One drawback-the lawns around the play area are very soggy- especially in winter. Even on a sunny day, I recommend you wear boots or stick to the paths!

Review №64

This a beautiful park. They have a fantastic kids playground, a bike trail that goes on for miles, you can take a shortcut over the bridge to Valley River Mall!! The best part they keep this park clean and the grass is nice and green and the bathrooms are clean too!! Go for a walk , have a picnic, theres long benches everywhere so u can relax and enjoy this great park. The river is absolutely beautiful and relaxing!! Unfortunately the spot where we went down to the river there was what looked like an abandoned campsite with alot of garbage everywhere!! I know its tough being homeless I have been there myself, but please clean up after yourself as we all should!! Saturday I walked from one end of the park to the other end!! Its gigantic and spacious with alot of focus on everybody!! Great playground area with swings and slides, then away from that playground are the cement dinosaurs and lots of sand. I love it here . Theres people everywhere, laughing, talking , celebrating birthdays, a nice place!! Theres benches spread out all over!! The grass is green its so nice here!! You know I was reading other reviews and I just want to say if theres loud music that you cant handle the park is big enough for you to remove yourself from the music!! Nobody is forcing you to stay there!! Not all parks are full of homeless people!! Thats actually incorrect. I live on Irvington and I dont see a bunch of homeless people!! One more thing, homeless people are people too!! We dont know their circumstances to be acting holier than though!! They have as many rights as we do!! For whatever reason homeless people are on the street, we dont know?? Always be kind and treat people how u want to be treated!!

Review №65

Too much fun! Fun for kids big and small!

Review №66

Always beautiful at the top of the butte

Review №67

Real pretty park but i wish people would clean up after them selfs

Review №68

Their in 70s not safe for a brotha

Review №69

The rain circle is a god send on hot summer days like today!!

Review №70

Its a lot cleaner by the river. Not a lot of garbage and homeless people there.

Review №71

The place to go in order to see a lot of the city of Eugene. I love the trails. They rebuilt one steep trail to have a handle too. Nature walk for the heart.

Review №72

Great park to go for a walk or take the kids to the playground

Review №73

Neat park with nice view

Review №74

Gorgeous views, beautiful river with lots of spots along the river bank to relax and enjoy the view. Plenty of wildlife. Will definitely come back!

Review №75

Nice hike, not too taxing, decent views at the top, and a nice river walk at the bottom.

Review №76

Nice park setting with the river running through it

Review №77

This time of year its really hot and humid, but fun overall.

Review №78

Its the best view in town aws ok me clean park very popular

Review №79

Beautiful park for family fun along the McKenzie River with viewpoint overlooking City of Eugene.

Review №80

Great place for the family to see a sunrise/or sunset.

Review №81

I love to come here and look at the beautiful view of downtown Eugene

Review №82

Great playground. Water features on for summer! River path is so convenient. Cant get enough of throwing sticks in the water

Review №83

I love the views at this park

Review №84

I love the awesome hike and and absolutely loved the pair of bald eagles it was a real treat getting to see

Review №85

Very nice paved path, beautiful rose garden, large homeless presence

Review №86

Couldnt see the comet, but a lovely location to see the city lights at night

Review №87

Love it! Good people and a great playground for the kids. Super tall slide that is good even for my large frame (250lbs). Plenty of seatung too. Very green grass and good view of the river. Next best place is Amazon park. My new park of choice.

Review №88

Beautiful view of Eugene and surrounding area.

Review №89

Great for recalibration of the mind.

Review №90

Beautiful trails, lots of space, picnic tables, benches... lovely.Great for a stroll by the river or a picnic or for the kids to play on the swings or playground. Very peaceful spot. Trails nearby.

Review №91

Just Just had the most amazing beautiful picnic in the warm sunshine with my boyfriend and his dog.

Review №92

Cool park with some fun trails. Would like to come back and climb the columns, was too cold this go around.Climbing area is a lot smaller than I was expecting. Looks to have a lot of easy beginner routes.Lots of graffiti though, as a portlander it kind of reminded me of a rocky butte type area. It was cleaner though

Review №93

Great place to have a view of the whole city. Short hike down to the park.

Review №94

Beautiful park with access to the river.

Review №95

Walking trails on one side and road to ride bikes up to the top for a pretty nice view!

Review №96

I love bringing my grandsons here!

Review №97

Nice place to go to see a view of Eugene. There are walking/biking paths as well as a playground. Unfortunately, you can encounter homeless or drug users on the paths so please be vigilant. In several years of going to the park only 1 encounter was very uncomfortable so we left. The play area for children is nice and our son enjoys it.

Review №98

Easie walk uphill than Spencers Butte! Nice park at the foot of the Butte too!

Review №99

It really dose remind me of the Simpson lol

Review №100

Any time you can get away from homeless jerks for a little while its always good

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