Hendricks Park
Summit Ave &, Skyline Blvd, Eugene, OR 97403, United States
Review №1

This is a top destination on my visitor site seeing list. Lots of different trail options in the park for various fitness levels making it fun for the whole family. A must see for for anyone interested in varieties of rhododendron or azaleas. Lots of other native plants to enjoy all year round. We’ve rented the covered shelter for events and found the process easy to accommodate and enjoyed the large benches, sink with power and fireplace for cozy gatherings spring- fall. Parking is pretty limited so car pooling is highly recommended.

Review №2

Me and the wife loved this park. Although when we went is was 2017 and haven’t been back in town to go again. So I wouldn’t know what it’s like today. But it was beautiful and well kept. Laid in the grass and enjoyed the sun when we went. It was perfect.

Review №3

I go to this park all the time to walk my dog and I love the little trails. Almost like getting to hike, but more convenient and less strenuous. Theres a decently clean restroom and picnic tables, as well as a setting set. Go in spring to see the rhododendron garden in bloom or any time of year to get beautiful views of the city. The only complaint I have is that dogs are not allowed in the rhododendron garden, even on leash, which stinks.

Review №4

Its a fun place to hike. There Different trails you can take

Review №5

Love going up to Hendricks. Sometimes Ill walk the trails, but mostly I just go to the park and enjoy the views. Bathrooms were sanitary the last time I went in. Its a beautiful park to take a date up to with a picnic.

Review №6

This place was really nice. A maze of trails cover the grounds. There is also a public restroom available, no fee to park, and bunch of turkeys that roam the land. There are a good amount of spots to stop and take a seat on a bench and relax. Before you reach the park there is a display of Steve prefontaines medals, shoes, and even a plaque with a photo. Nice family place to go hiking.

Review №7

Great park. Lots of flora and fauna to appreciate . Nice variety of mycological specimens in the area. . Great place for a stroll

Review №8

The gentle trails through the beautiful and varied collection of rhododendron are renown at this park. The cool breeze through the trees makes relaxing here a pleasure. We enjoyed a picnic late in the day at the picnic shelter (which may be reserved at times), and had a wonderful time.

Review №9

A great place. Many trails! A play area. Parking. Flowers, bushes. Great for hiking, walking, jogging

Review №10

Beautiful park with lots of plant plaques. Be careful on the forest trails; I had a homeless guy step out of the woods and block me from passing. I had to turn around and go back.

Review №11

This place is gorgeous. Watch out in May though... The pollen is real. After coming to this gorgeous park -- I couldnt breath the next day. Smell the flowers they say... Its hard to resist. Its so gorgeous here.

Review №12

We loved it! I cant believe its right in town!

Review №13

Its so beautiful and lush! A great place to take the family out and enjoy nature.

Review №14

My first time here and I brought my kids with for a quick walk just to get out since it had been rainy for about a week. It’s a nice place to go for a walk with a nice little hike. We went to the rhododendron garden and a lot of trees, flowers etc weren’t blooming so it wasn’t as colorful as I had expected it to be but the ones that were, were beautiful. Definitely going back in about a month or so to see if there’s a change.

Review №15

How am I not here every freaking day? I grew up in New York City and my standard for parks is high. A sanctuary for though, quite reflection, a place where it is ok to be doing nothing, to be active, to observe nature, to have intimate talks, focused discussion or aimless exploration, this park has to be one of the best Ive ever been to. I will return here to read study meditate walk briskly and bring a person who Id like to have an active talk with. Love this space.

Review №16

Its nice here for the most part. Great place to take my ferret for walks if there and not to many dogs around.

Review №17

Beautiful shelter with a fireplace an big heavy tables.

Review №18

The hikes are really peaceful and beautiful! Enjoy hiking here! ️

Review №19

Such a beautiful day for outdoor Stations of the Cross. Happy Good Friday. May the Lord Bless us all!

Review №20

I always enjoy my visits to this park -rhododendrons in the spring, maples and iron woods in the fall, and the native garden takes my heart all year round. There are trails going through the forested section that I highly recommend for running, walking a dog (be sure to keep them out of the rhododendron and native gardens please), or simply seeking some peace. Hendricks Park is a gem in our area, and one that is well worth visiting.

Review №21

Beautiful, large park with themed gardens and a small pavilion. Reminds me of mini Central Park. I proposed to my fiance here and it was a perfect, picturesque spot right in Eugene.

Review №22

Lovley place flowers are beautiful when you go in spring or in summer, wild animals roam around and theres a very beautiful family of turkeys that wander around.

Review №23

I ️ this park! The trails are all well groomed and every year they seem to put in new path improvements.And Hendricks Park is Eugenes 1st public park, with some of the Douglas fir trees being over 200 years old.

Review №24

Cool little park. Could use a little more open space for Sun.

Review №25

Beautiful public spaces to walk, hike, and have a picnic. The gardens are gorgeous in Spring especially, and provide free activities for everyone.

Review №26

Before moving to Eugene I would have never believed that a park of this size and quality could exist inside a city. The area is well maintained beautifully landscaped. Whether Ive come for a picnic, walk, or to read a book Ive never been disappointed by my experience.

Review №27

Awesome place in the middle of the city and good location just not so hot on parking

Review №28

This park is beautiful and has great, free parking. Bring a mask as some trails can become narrow and you cant keep 6 ft away.

Review №29

Such a beautiful park with a lovely diversity of plants, animals and people.

Review №30

A very beautiful park. Deserving of an afternoon stroll at any time of the year, but especially in the spring and early summer when so many of the Rhodies (an other flowers) are blooming.Paths are more accessible for those needing mobility aids than most parks.Two sets of restroom facilities that I am aware of.Great for family gatherings, romantic picnics, and more.Even a favorite spot for photographers. Theres no shortage of botanical beauty!

Review №31

Still beautiful and worth the bike ride. Thank you, City Works!

Review №32

This is such a lovely park with miles of well-maintained walking and biking trails! A really wonderful spot to get a nature fix right in the city. Easy to find and easy to navigate. Theres plenty of interconnecting paths and its really easy to customize to the length you want to go! Dog-friendly

Review №33

This is one of the best spots in Eugene for a relaxing walk in nature! Especially in the spring and summer. Beautiful, well maintained, quiet.

Review №34

Always peaceful no matter which season!

Review №35

Love this place!!! Lots of trails, pick nick tables and shelters for parties, lots of parking, wonderful views of Eugene and flora and fauna are amazing! Almost everything has species name on plaque below the plant!

Review №36

The trees are really pretty. The bathrooms have super hot water.

Review №37

Hendricks Park is beautiful! The flowers were stunning and the weather was perfect. Took some many pictures

Review №38

Beautiful park with good trails. Some are strolls through rhododendron gardens, others are more robust trails through low hills. Theres a covered gathering area for reservation and several picnic tables. All around a great spot to relax alone, on a romantic trail walk, or with your dog.

Review №39

We were in Eugene for three summers, and as our sons were two young boys, we often spent weekends at this great city park.

Review №40

Beautiful, accessible park located in a forest in the hills.

Review №41

Great park. Very clean.

Review №42

Incredible oasis of nature tucked neatly between beautiful residential neighborhoods. The views are stunning, the park is so lush that unless there is a deluge its still nice to walk in the rain. Great strong trees wind upward towards the light giving that gorgeous sunlit dappling that make for lovely photos.

Review №43

Very pretty well maintained trails and rhodadendren gardens. Perfect urban park. Saw turkeys too!

Review №44

Beautiful walk, seeing the wildlife up close makes it even more spectacular. Pictures cant compare to experiencing it yourself. Would go again.

Review №45

Amazing, beautiful, quite, lots if trails. Just 100% awesome, its a must go.

Review №46

Beautiful little park. Just sat and enjoyed it with my boys.

Review №47

Great park and photo opp place. Just beautiful any season.

Review №48

Very lovely place indeed. Bring a jacket though and comfortable shoes!

Review №49

Lovely woods to walk in still some flowers in bloom

Review №50

This is an amazing little hidden away Place. Go there in the early spring and see the Rhododendrons in bloom. You will not be disappointed. Bring a picnic.

Review №51

Beautiful Rhodys and many other plants.Easy hiking trails throughout.An excellent place to watch the sunset.I recommend it to young and old.

Review №52

Absolutely wonderful. Flowers are beautiful and smell amazing, very well maintained, plenty of informative pamphlets, and a great view.

Review №53

Very nice park, full of trails

Review №54

A shady and cool place to walk on a hot day.

Review №55

Beautiful park to drive or walk to. Gorgeous gardens with very pretty views of the University. Fall is beautiful, but its a beautiful shaded place to escape the heat. Thankful it is a pillar of Eugene.

Review №56

Beautiful hilltop city park. Many trees and plant varieties on well maintained paths. Event Shelters available by resevation. Paths have benchs and some open lawn spaces for picnics.

Review №57

Beautiful park with nice trails for walking/running

Review №58

I stopped here really... well only to take a picture of the sun setting behind the trees. There were people riding their bikes and it looked really cool and peaceful then I put the tripod down and got in one of the pictures too

Review №59

Plenty of walking trails. Nice picnic places. Seating and water fountains.

Review №60

One of my favorite places to be in Eugene!

Review №61

If you have ever wondered what a waterfall would look like if it was made of flowers, you can find a dozen here in various shades of gorgeous.

Review №62

I grew up in a small town in the mountains. This park reminds me of the forest that surrounded my hometown. Its a great place to seek out peace and quiet in the winter when nobody else cares to venture out. In the spring, everyone and their dog-literally-is there. The water fountains are shut off so its boyb. But, there Is open bathrooms with t.p. Thank goodness!

Review №63

My favorite park in Eugene. This place is exceptional in Spring when the rhododendrons are in bloom. There are a ton of variety of rhododendrons here. Every color one can imagine, every size.If youre looking for a park with peaceful esthetic and tremendous effort with the landscape beauty youve found the spot.

Review №64

Its a beautiful park! I ended up getting my dog from there through online (someone needed to rehome her), and its also a beautiful lookout over the city at night

Review №65

Beautiful park! Worth the visit. Lots of trails. Good place to get a nice workout!

Review №66

Beautiful park with walking trails. Gorgeous native plant gardens. A great place to relax or walk.

Review №67

Gorgeous park to get away while still in the city. The gardens are amazing when in full bloom and still relaxing when not. The trails are nice too. I recommend parking at Spring Blvd trailhead and hiking Ribbon Trail into Hendricks Park for about 2 miles of beautiful exercise.

Review №68

I love this place. Beautiful nice place to enjoy nature.

Review №69

Beautiful park with native plants and a wonderful rhododendron garden

Review №70

Magnificent! We could spend a week just strolling its paths and gardens. ***Finally found where that Keebler elves make their cookies.

Review №71

Great spot to relax and explore

Review №72

Beautiful place.

Review №73

Small and short several trails. Just neighborhood trails. It is good for take a walk with family and dogs. A Trail name is not shown when we entered into and started to walk. it is difficult to find which trails to start.There are beautiful small gardens

Review №74

This place is such a beautiful hang out spot bring your hammock or a pic nic walk through the flower♡

Review №75

Beautiful, peaceful place.

Review №76

Great hike beautiful views. Fresh air and friendly hikers!

Review №77

Well maintained trails, quiet setting. Can connect to the ridgeline trail

Review №78

Ill up grade this, when weve seen it in good weather.

Review №79

Beautiful peaceful place!

Review №80

Trails and Park are so Beautiful

Review №81

Beautiful park, bathrooms available, gorgeous picnic areas available, nice trails

Review №82

Hendricks Park (aka Rhododendron Park) is lovely. Located on a hillside above the University area, this park features well-maintained paths and a beautiful park-like lawn, perfect for weddings or picnics. We like to come here from April to June, when the rhodies are at their peak. Across the road from the rhododendron garden are some great trails, if you prefer a hike.

Review №83

Great place for picnics

Review №84

Beautiful park with a wide variety of habitat areas, gorgeous Rhody garden, and well laid easy to walk paths.

Review №85

Beautiful park, also connects to Ridgeline Trail System. Visit in the Spring to see the Rhododendrons.

Review №86

Beautiful and serene green lawn area serves as centerpiece. It slopes down into the various gardens and trails. Perfect spot for a picnic or just meeting with old friends. The rhododendrons are profuse with color in early spring but something is always putting on a show during the growing season; right now, its the stately Acanthus. Lots of ways up and down for biking and running that offer scenic vistas of the river valley, the university, and the quiant, manicured neighborhoods that ensconce the park.

Review №87

Well kept, great trails, good hills as well. Even in the winter very nice.

Review №88

This well loved city park provides easy respite from town life. There is a nice view point, rhododendrons blooming in abundance in spring, well tended walking paths, slow drive through, stone event shelter, lots of trees and filtered light. There are yearly volunteer groups who clear out invasive species. Highly recommend.

Review №89

Hendricks Park (aka Rhododendron Park) is lovely. Located on a hillside above the University area, this park features well-maintained paths and a beautiful park-like lawn, perfect for weddings or picnics. We like to come here from April to June, when the rhodies are at their peak. Across the road from the rhododendron garden are some great trails, if you prefer a hike.

Review №90

Sweet city park

Review №91

I love wild gardens to see, smell and learn.

Review №92

The park was beautiful this morning. I met a mom & four kids who were hiding rocks they had painted. I thanked them & told them what a great way to share love & kindness.

Review №93

Amazing climb I took through the town up the little community of homes near it. Just very beautiful, creative homes. Not a bunch of cookie cutters if you catch my drift.Once up there I saw the gardens and then declined into what they call the forest, and wow amazing trees.very wonderful and very much making me see it is time to quit smoking

Review №94

Very nice place for walking and hiking, trails are very easy to get around on, good for bird watching as well.

Review №95

There is a wide variety of flowers and so many paths to follow and explore!

Review №96

Love all the parks in Eugene. Hendricks is always one of my favorite.

Review №97

Beautiful park with very many points to overlook Eugene, would recommend to anyone on a beautiful day!

Review №98

Great place. Beautiful secluded. Just peace.

Review №99

First time at this park. Its beautiful and people seem very friendly.

Review №100

Hendricks Park (aka Rhododendron Park) is lovely. Located on a hillside above the University area, this park features well-maintained paths and a beautiful park-like lawn, perfect for weddings or picnics. We like to come here from April to June, when the rhodies are at their peak. Across the road from the rhododendron garden are some great trails, if you prefer a hike.

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