Cinemark 20 and XD
11855 Gateway Blvd W, El Paso, TX 79936, United States

Review №1

I still remember the first movie I watched here, when they first opened this location. It was Men in Black in 1997. I loved this place then, and I still love it now.. Great memories here, don’t stop watching movies at Movie Theaters, it’s truly an art.

Review №2

I had a great experience at cinema 20 this evening in company of my great friend Kat,it is amazing how dedicated the staff is to maintain the area safe and clean for us.... Thanks you staff from cinema 20 XD.

Review №3

One of the places in El Paso not only for movies but for car enthusiasts and people learning to drive. When this place is empty its donuts galore for me!!! Especially when it rains!!! Just know they do have private security that goes around the whole complex...if they try to stop you , you have NO legal obligation to do so!!! I recommend just exiting the property if they do pursue you. Once off they cant follow ya!!! Happy Drifting!As for the theater its self. Pricy but nice. I wouldnt go to the restaurant though, staff there usually gets order wrong and then get all mad when you want it corrected, and continue to do it wrong, and get upset for finally asking for money back...its not that hard to make a burger, or give good customer service especially when they are in the wrong! I have more fun in the parking lot then inside the theater theses days...

Review №4

It was a really nice movie theater and they put Anime movies which was really cool.

Review №5

Comfortable no one in the theater but us. Personnel was waiting with fog machine and wipes to clean the area we were at.

Review №6

The staff is doing amazing on keep the amount of people in the theaters to a minimum. The place is clean. The staff is doing all that is necessary for their part in the prevention of continuous spread of COVID-19.

Review №7

Awesome service love this theater been coming here for 15 years love this place.

Review №8

This theater is nice. Has the reclining seats. Greta place to watch a movie

Review №9

Clean.. felt safe... you can also just buy a huge bag of popcorn for$10! Great idea guys!

Review №10

Hotdogs & Popcorn... Are you kidding me - is this a little kids party. Please add Hamburgers & Nachos to the Menu soon... or next time We will just Netflix at Home like we have for the last 5 months... But the Movie- UNHINGED was Great. ...I drove carefully all the way home... Youll see what I mean...

Review №11

Im so glad theyre open! Its very clean. Everyone had masks on and staff had gloves as well. No cash accepted at the concession stand. Unfortunately no StarbucksTheres hand sanitizer and wipes pretty much everywhere you turn. Keep it up guys! Thank you for being cautious and having a really clean theater and facilities.

Review №12

Kept very clean. Lots of space and very comfortable. Everyone was very kind. Love it!

Review №13

Awesome cinema. The new assigned seating is perfect.

Review №14

Clean place, well maintained- the luxury loungers are super comfy and popcorn is good.

Review №15

Good place to go to, with lots of safety measures. Wish they had Cherry Coke though.

Review №16

Hands down best place to watch a movie. Comfortable seats and super clean. A1A.

Review №17

Got a private viewing for my kids bday and was happy to find out how clean the theater was.

Review №18

Love ️ the lounge seats. Comfy.

Review №19

Good strategy to keep you safe due to Covid.

Review №20

After coronavirus... this place is super clean.. everyone wearing masks... and taking social distance

Review №21

I have been coming to this theater my whole life basically and ive never had a bad experience. yeah the snacks are a little pricey but its a movie theater, what do you expect? the popcorn is delicious with and without butter and the seats in the theaters are very comfortable! the screens and sound is very good too (of course) and its always a good experience even if i just watched a terrible movie.

Review №22

Courteous and helpful ticket person. Very helpful. Concession personnel attentive and speedy service. Comfy seats and clean theater. Plenty of trash bin drop it in before you walk out.

Review №23

This is our go-to theater, and since they remodeled it, its even better! Love the spacious reclining seats and the available DBOX seats! The concession prices keep going up... but what hasnt? The good thing is you can eat something in the nearby shopping center before the movie and skip the popcorn if you wish...

Review №24

Great place to spend a couple of hours watching a movie.

Review №25

Not my home theater, but this one is still great. Big, comfy chairs, big screens, great sound. Maybe a little too much salt on the popcorn, though. But I think that about most, if not all, theaters. Overall, a great theater experience.

Review №26

Saw Sonic the Hedgehog. GREAT movie BTW. Received quick ticket and concession service, which was great. And the staff was very welcoming and friendly. It was kind of a mess, but they were very busy so...

Review №27

Best popcorn of all cinemark

Review №28

I like watching a film when I travel and this place was convenient. I did not rate it higher for three reasons. I wanted a snack popcorn they had only one person serving and the film was starting, I do not like lining up outside, and finally may sound crazy but because I do not know the theater picking seats can be difficult. It turns out row B was fine even though they suggested it maybe too close. Did like the reclining chairs.

Review №29

This place is really well run. The staff was super fast and attentive (and friendly!). Lounger chairs are freaking super comfortable. They have beer and wine (and pizza hut pizza??) The dude sitting next to me was eating a piping hot medium pepperoni pizza he got at the concession counter!!! Wow! Buy your tickets online and save a few bucks plus you get to reserve your seat. Pretty awesome!

Review №30

Great theatre. Clean, has special event showings. Food and snacks are good, especially the Angus hot dogs. Stadium and reserved seating, giant XD screen. Just about has everything.

Review №31

Our weekend treat a movie at our neighborhood Cinemark. They have everything you need great snacks and very comfy recliner seats. We have the Cinemark movie club which has really worked out great foe me and my husband.

Review №32

Watched infinity war and picked D-Box seats. We go to this theatre a lot since is close to our house. I still prefer IMAX, but this place is always clean and never had any issues what so ever.

Review №33

Nice theater and good popcorn. Could have used a couple more to help the busy team behind the snack counter. Started on time, comfortable seats and relatively clean. I would go back if we werent just passing through.

Review №34

Where can I start! First its great when we can pay through our I Phone, no waiting in line. Snack bar, get percentage off. The great thing was the seats. I sounds like I was there for the first, well it was. I did go to the Cinema because of the long lines.The last thing I have to say is GREAT!!

Review №35

In my opinion, this is El Pasos best movie theaters. Comfortable seats. Good vibes everywhere. Staff members are attentive and friendly.

Review №36

Great theatre for new features. New theatre seats are plush, with cup holders in movable arms for cuddles. Seats can also recline for a more comfortable veiwing. Fun displays for photos of a memorable time. Excellent game room has electronic basketball, video games, air hockey. Concession stand has a great variety as well as an outer resteraunt style one. Coupons available online and movie membership specials for food and tickets can be bought online to reserve and avoid lines. Gift cards also available.

Review №37

This place was a so dirty!! Floors had not been mopped and there was food and garbage all over the counters and all over the floor.The bathrooms were just as bad. Two of the stalls had no toilet paper.

Review №38

We waited long to get to the server and I did not get my order correct, and I was overcharged :-( but since we were late for the movie I let it slide. Im checking twice now for my orders after this happened. I love this place but they need to be more careful on customers orders.

Review №39

The new reclining seats are super comfortable. Upgrades were much needed but makes going to the movies pretty fun again

Review №40

We enjoyed the movie at Tinseltown today. Frozen 2 was interesting. I felt that the movie was not for ages below 10 years. The concept is not entertaining for them. I observed some of the very young there (ages 5, 6, 7) they were bored.

Review №41

Always an awesome place to go to, if anything the only complaint are when its packed and they have long crazy lines for the concessions with only 3 registers open. New arcade looks awesome as well.

Review №42

Wanted to get a frozen alcoholic drink and asked for a 50/50 mix of 2 flavors. They said they couldnt mix flavors which is just silly. The product will get dispensed no matter what but I guess company policy is not keeping the guests happy or accommodating their request. I dont blame the employee, its management that should think outside the box here. The drinks are already overpriced so how about giving it to me the way I would enjoy it.

Review №43

Decent theater, could use dimmer walkway lights during movie screening due to reflection red tinting is on the screen. The theater is huge so sitting somewhere shouldnt be an issue. Volume needs to be slightly turned down or wear ear plugs. Not sure if thats in every room. Some snacks were not available. Wouldnt say it was worth a 40 dollar night out. Overall clean, comfy, and temperature was comfortable.

Review №44

This is one of our favorite movie theaters with the XD theater. Pizza, burgers, hotdogs, and nachos available. The ice cream is also pretty good. The customer service is good and seems to be pretty clean. There is a nice variety of games in the game room that includes Ms Pac-Man, basketball, and a good air hockey table. This theater is also right by many restaurants and department stores just off I-10

Review №45

Clean, free of crowds, free wipes for seats and sanitizers mask policy

Review №46

As always a great experience. I just wish people would be more considerate about cleanliness.

Review №47

Reclining seats, good drinks and the usual movie theater. Service can be a bit shotty on busy nights but otherwise thumbs up!

Review №48

I really like the seats here are so comfortable and huge leg space ,popcorn and everything else same price in all movie theaters...

Review №49

Its a very nice clean relaxing theater the staff is friendly it pays to buy your tickets online to avoid the massive lines

Review №50

I love that they now have reserve seating. Seats recline and are not close to the ones on the back or the front which means you no longer get kicked on the back or have people place their disgusting feet on top of the chair next to you. Very comfortable seating.

Review №51

Nice and clean theatres

Review №52

Who doesnt love movies. Being the in the middle movies where people from all over come around its kind of always packed but the service is amazing everyone always attentively paying attention to what you want

Review №53

I liked how you buy tickets online and instead of waiting in line outside and you go inside to scan code and he tells ya where to go. Great service too.this theater made a difference on my anniversary today.

Review №54

Recliner seats. Alcohol and they upgraded the arcade to be like a chunky cheese its by far the best theater

Review №55

Had a great time at the movies. This theater was clean and staff is wonderful!!

Review №56

Love those recliners! I have back issues and the recliner is so comphy my back doesnt hurt to sit for a movie. :)

Review №57

These two employees, Raul and Veronica were very helpful and made it easy for me to make an exchange for a Grinder I bought I didnt need for some thing more convenient for me to use and Ms. Veronica made it easy for me to exchange the merchandise and rang up my new product! I love how the enmplyees at this Home depot on Lee Trevino and Rojas go above and beyond to help the customers!

Review №58

Big change from the old Tinseltown, the theater has been updated and looks very nice, I love that now you have more room to actually extend your chair and enjoy yourself without bumping into your neighbor, however its always very messy and dirty which takes away from the appeal of this place.

Review №59

Comfy recliners, delicious snack options and a magnificent sound system on spectacular screens from the massive to the small and intimate

Review №60

Its home away from home

Review №61

I like going to this theater because of the comfortable seating and the ability to reserve your seat. I ordered nachos and they were very dry. They needed more cheese.

Review №62

Theres no one in the theaters !!!

Review №63

Movie was great that we saw. Love, love the reclining seats. Prices are to high at the refreshment stand. How can a family of three, just saying afford movie tickets, and then buy treats for the kids to keep them busy and quiet during a movie?

Review №64

I have never had an issue/problem since the first day I came here in 1999. Just saying if I keep coming back 20 years later, they must be doing something right.

Review №65

Love this movie theater. They can work on providing faster service at the adult drinking area. Its a bit slow when we want to get a drink.

Review №66

Cannot believe this movie theater makes millions on movies and there is no ICE the drinks were hot and disgusting and not even a discount for their inconvenience I will never come here again!! Very disappointed

Review №67

The control manager and employees on the phone were very helpful and understanding to our situation. I called the theatre because the previous day our child got sick as soon as the movie started. We wanted to see the same movie that we paid for the day before but didn’t get to watch. I explained our situation and all the managers were so helpful and accommodating. We showed up and they took care of us right away. Tevin made sure we got tickets for the same seats we chose the day before. Our family is here for a short visit before my husband deploys so the kindness of the theatre helped make our visit memorable despite misfortunes of a sick kid. Thank you Cinemark!

Review №68

Cinemark is the best place to enjoy the latest movies. Comfortable seats, fresh popcorn and the best picture quality.

Review №69

Finally hot buttery popcorn!

Review №70

Great atmosphere for a family good time. Comfortable seats and good service overall

Review №71

Love this theater. The seats are reclining and they are very comfortable

Review №72

The theater is nice. Nothing fancy or extravagant. Obviously the drinks are stupid expensive at $4 for a 20oz drink. The movie tickets were fairly priced. The actual theater room was nice. With reclining seats, good sound, and the giant screen that looks great. There is plenty of leg room and the seats recline just far back to where you are comfortable and dont have to lift your head to enjoy the movie. Other than the price of the food and drinks, the place was good.

Review №73

Cielo Vista location is the best! Heated seats

Review №74

My familys go to theater, love the seats, popcorn and selection of movie times.

Review №75

Very comfortable seating. Great theater experience.

Review №76

Lots of parking, very comfortable seats. The sound was great and the movie was fantastic. I usually dont go to the movies, but this theater is so nice, I would not mind going regularly.

Review №77

Had a great time

Review №78

I love the seats. Very nice fancy movie theatre.

Review №79

Comfortable place. The popcorn is gooood.

Review №80

Seating is very comfortable. Of course the pop corn is very good.

Review №81

Great place.

Review №82

I love the luxury loungers! They can be a little bit too comfortable at times lol

Review №83

Some of the best seats Ive ever sat in. Beverage selection could if been better that is all.

Review №84

I love that they have XD and now they offer pizza hut one topping pizzas ready to go. They also have a nice little bar. Some beers and some liquor drinks

Review №85

I give a low rating because they always make me miss the start of movies due to the long lines for snacks. They are ripping me off by doing that. The manager will not open more registers probably she wants the bottom line to show she has high earnings by not highing more people...

Review №86

The guy gave us all diet coke instead of regular coke and the movie was to good for us to get up and exchange it.

Review №87

I live this movie theater been coming here since I was a kid and its still an awesome place to watch movies! I bring my daughter now and we have a great time!

Review №88

Service is good , but food prices are expensive . Id rather go to the $2 movies on I-10 and Lee Trevino , its more economical , and popcorn is great !

Review №89

Love the movie. The XD theater is super comfortable and nice. Everything was clean.

Review №90

Definitely my favorite cinema with big screen and very comfortable seats!

Review №91

Excellent service. Food is good. Expensive but worth the cost

Review №92

Safe and clean.

Review №93

Best place to go with friends and hang out, food is great the bar is great 10/10 would watch movies there again :)

Review №94

Great place to see movies. Excellent seats, plenty of parking, restaurants nearby and easy to get to.

Review №95

I love tbe movie theater here,my go to when I want to see my movie.

Review №96

The new button operated lazyboy seats are awesome. Im tired of them making sooo much money off of us for popcorn. How close are the smaller sizes priced to the biggest size, its a nasty trick. Dollar tree candy for 3-4$. Oh well all movie theaters do it.

Review №97

Great experience at this place great customer service, great reclining seats !

Review №98

Loved the seats and theatre, but theyre dirty around the restaurant and concession stand area.

Review №99

Good deals

Review №100

Great theatre. I just wish popcorn wasnt ALL OVER the floor.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:11855 Gateway Blvd W, El Paso, TX 79936, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 915-590-4676
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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