Flix Brewhouse El Paso
6450 N Desert Blvd Suite 12, El Paso, TX 79912, United States

Review №1

Good menu! Great food! Fantastic people! Beer... totally set up for sanitized viewing. (I was really impressed) come it out.

Review №2

This has become one of my favorite theaters. The food is always delicious! The workers are always friendly. I’m looking forward to going back to the movies here.

Review №3

Great staff, great food, great beer, great service! I felt entirely safe and taken care of. I would encourage everyone to come back out and enjoy the movies!

Review №4

Combine the best of Cinemark and Alamo Drafthouse and you get Flix Brewhouse. Huge theater. Lounger seats. Cool slide out tables. Had the Brownie Shake and Avocado Steak Salad. Both great. Will go again for sure. Want one on the far east.

Review №5

I was very impressed with Flix and the styling of the theater. Very nice and clean. The staff was great and the sitting was awesome. I will definitely return. I highly recommend this Theater.

Review №6

Smalle theater with very good food and beer. Their brews are not plentiful but tasteful. Very clean with good measures taken and friendly employees. I thing this might be my new favortite movie theater...

Review №7

I am in love with this place! I am not a big fan of beer but my boyfriend is and they have a great variety of beers. The seats are really comfortable and recline quite further than other movie theaters Ive gone to and the sound system is stunning!! I wish i had a system like that in my house but if i did I would probably never leave. We ordered the flix supreme pizza and the tuxedo cake. I was a bit disappointed at the size of the pizza but it was so good that i wasnt even mad. However, i didnt get full so if you eat a lot like me just be aware that you might have to order more to be full. The tuxedo cake was so delicious that i just gave my boyfriend one bite and i ate the rest. They will charge you an 18% gratuity fee so just be aware of that when you go in. Overall i absolutely loved this place and cant wait to go again and try more things.

Review №8

Great place, comfortable, great food and service I was impressed keep up the great work I shall return

Review №9

The food is a little expensive but the theater and bar is GREAT! Milkshakes are my favorite there. STAFF is friendly@

Review №10

Great experience and food!This was our first time here and it will not be our last. The service was prompt and courteous. The food was delicious. They have appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, tacos, chicken strips, and mac and cheese is about everything they sell. Good variety and much better than your typical cinema. We ate the wings and pizza (Flix Supreme) without the onions, which was substituted for jalapenos. The pizza rivals pizza from pizzerias. We also enjoyed the apple and pineapple cider. The seats reclined and were comfortable. It was a great experience overall.

Review №11

Think I found my new favorite place to go watch a movie! The food was good as well as the fries cause Im picky with fries! Service was good as well as the drinks! Didnt have to wait long for my food before seeing the movie and the reclining chairs are so nice! Enjoyed my overall experience here will definitely come back to this place!

Review №12

I drive across town from Horizon any chance I get to watch the latest movie at Flix. The food, Beer, and ambience is unmatched any where else in town. The staff is always awesome and attentive. Anyone who loves the movies as much as I do, dont hesitate to go! Its worth every dollar Ive spent and will continue to spend here.

Review №13

Freaking great place! Good food, and you can drink beer in the movies!!!! Local breweries represented, service was prompt, courteous, and the place is immaculate! Only drawback? One bathroom-? Wth? Still, it was clean, looked modern, and well appointed. Great place, Ill visit again for certain. Definitely one of El Pasos gems. Enjoy!

Review №14

1st. Time here. Beautiful Environment..Clean and Awesome Staff...Food Delicious ..

Review №15

Comfortable, convenient, a little overpriced for the quality of the food. But I get it. You pay for the convenience, and it is not a bad thing :)Follow up review: Thank you guys!!! Just to clarify that I dont think that your food is not very good! I guess I just was trying to say that if for anyone pricing is an issue, just to keep in mind that we pay for the convenience of being served in our seats :). Or the issue may be that we are broke!! Lol. I updated the review to 5 stars for your great costumer service and reaching out to me.

Review №16

Loved this place! Great service, plus the selection and quality of the food and drinks were on point! Loved the strawberry watermelon rita, and green drink, their Duke burger and loaded brisket fries were both really great too! Will definitely return and reccomend.

Review №17

Amazing . Best one . Worth the price.....nothing but the best movies located in town

Review №18

I really enjoyed this movie theater. The seats are so soft and credible and relaxing. I love the food there was pretty good and fresh. I love all the extra like space you get there also. I cant wait to go back soon and have an awesome movie experience again.

Review №19

Wow... This place just put Alamo Draft House in the rear view..Food was outstanding, everyone that worked there actually were amazingly polite and informative.Seats are motorized recliners and there is a button to call staff for drinks and food...(No more being forgotten about!!!)Loved it... Highly recommended!!(How do I become a member??)

Review №20

Don’t sit at the front row! You won’t be able to see much, we told our attendant he moved us. It is just like Alamo but I like the call buttons instead of the order cards better! We ordered some things we did not get but they took it off at the end. The seats are better too.

Review №21

Fantastic surprise. comfortable armchairs. craft beer and good food. good

Review №22

This place is nice! The seats recline very well. Service was great. FYI: they charge 18% gratuity on the first receipt they bring you. You have the option to remove the 18% by checking the box. They come pick that up and bring you the final receipt which gives you the option to add a tip if you havent already done so.

Review №23

Just went there for the first time. It was a new fun experience. Ive been to bistros before but the service here was great along with the huge selection of in house beer. Loved it. Looking forward to returning again.

Review №24

Most incredible experience Ive ever had at a movie theater. Seats were very comfortable. Service was outstanding. The food was delicious. The best pizza in the city. For anyone who had a bad experience you should definitely give it another chance.

Review №25

Absolutely loved this place!! Our server was super fun and energetic! Our food was delicious and quick! Melissa came and checked on us and she was beyond amazing!! I have no complaints about anything! Thank you to your friendly amazing staff!

Review №26

Flix really gives you that experience that you want at the theater! Great food, friendly service, and comfortable chairs!

Review №27

Best movie theater in El Paso!! The food is delicious! The seats are very comfortable and the place is very clean. The staff is friendly and helpful. Will definitely go back soon!

Review №28

I enjoy the seats very well. The viewing experience is 5 stars! The food is nice. I am a bit disappointed by their drink menu. While I might enjoy a beer here or there, I prefer cocktails. And while their beer menu is nice, their cocktail menu is poor. Overall, a 5 star experience!

Review №29

For those who are complaining about certain things that happened during their visits, they should give the place a second chance, since they hadnt even been open a week at the time and places need time to iron out all of the kinks, and also stuff happens.When you walk up to the theater you see the brewery from outside. Walking in you see a bar with a large selection of beer. Im not a beer drinker, but my husband enjoyed the two beers he had. There are tables and booths in the lobby for those that just want to eat, or drink without seeing a movie.Inside the theater the seats recline and are very comfortable. There is plenty of leg room for the servers to run by without knocking into your legs. When ordering during the movie there is a button you press when you need anything (which you write down on a paper), and the server arrives promptly to see what you need and bring it to you. The servers are very attentive and friendly.The menu selection looks very appetizing and its hard to decide where to begin if youre anything like me when it comes to deciding what to eat. I decided on the steak wrap which was delicious with a touch of spice.. My husband had the fish and chips which were hot and crispy.. The black tie cake makes you drool like Homer Simpson with its chocolatey, spongy goodness..Give it a try and be patient during the first month or so while they continue remodeling..

Review №30

Great movie theater. Loved the popcorn. The beer was delicious. Awesome brews. We went on Wednesday when the movies where 5.25. The service was still amazing. Dani our waitress was on point. She was fast and efficient, like a ninja. Highly recommend to anyone. Its fun and super cozy. The whole family enjoyed it.

Review №31

Rude bartenders. Our movie didn’t start for another 2 hours so we were trying to drink until then; but bartenders were not nice, which was odd since the place was so empty. We waited for our bartender to offer another round but none seemed to even come around to check on us. It was our first time but honestly will not come back to this place. Horrible service. I do truly believe the service was horrible due to the mandatory 18% tip at the end of your tab... we normally tip 20%, but it was literally horrible service with a mandatory tip. Do not recommend this place. We went for our anniversary date.. so decided to leave due to feeling so uncomfortable.

Review №32

This place is awesome. Best theater experience Ive ever had. It can be pricey but I went on the soft opening so it was free #blessed. The beer made by jono and Scott is amazing and the nebulas is great. Cant wait to see the future of this place.

Review №33

Been there a few times. Love the theater. Had breakfast there twice. Once during the movie. The food is good. Its great you can get closed caption viewer if needed. Great experience every time.

Review №34

Excellent beer.... even better service. Server Anthony was professional, polite, and went above and beyond promoting his place of business. I’d recommend this place for both its service and beer!

Review №35

It is the best movie theater I’ve been to, the screen is huge, the seats recline and the tables are great. I love the fact they make their own beer, it tastes real good! The food is not so good though, there is a lot of potential in service and the place is expensive.

Review №36

Best movie theater Ive ever been too! I wish they had one in California! The prices are great and the food and drinks are delicious! As soon as my husband and I walked in we loved the atmosphere! The staff were helpful when placing orders and were respectful when delivering food while the movie was playing.

Review №37

An El Paso experience for sure! We read reviews about the mandatory 18% gratuity. So we were unsure if it would be worth it. But it was. Paying 18% for someone else to bring me food and drinks in under 5 minutes? Yeah its worth it. Our server Dani was friendly and explained the process of being at Flix. So the 18% shouldnt be an issue when you think about the quick unobtrusive service you get. The beer we tried was delicious. We are not much of beer drinkers, but we might become one now. The popcorn was fresh and fluffy, not stale and tasteless. This is not a place to take a hungry group if you are on a budget. Prices add up quickly. $9.00 for a medium size bag of popcorn plus 18% can break a budget since one bag serves only 2 people. We will go back again. We really like the souvenir tickets we got at the Joker movie. Pretty cool.

Review №38

The best, modern, clean, excellent customer service, food is good

Review №39

Great food. Infidel is a good movie!!!

Review №40

Wings were not cooked right. Service was ok

Review №41

This theater has ruined me. I refuse to go watch a movie at any other theater. The food is delicious but the service is off the charts great. Everyone is so friendly and they will go above and beyond any opportunity the get. I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Review №42

Good food and good service. It was a full theater and the service was excellent with minimal waiting. The restrooms were very clean. Good attention to detail. Ill be back soon. Thank you!

Review №43

Very high scale theater, very modern, and clean. Very nice and helpful employees. Prices are reasonable. Ordered the Belgium waffles with sausage, werent great but they were acceptable. Could have used an extra syrup though. Very nice experience and enjoyable.

Review №44

Cool atmosphere, but not for children. They dont have the typical movie theater treats that kids like and the automatic gratuity makes dining in theater more pricey. They also dont have kid cups. They have glassware. I was surprised they didnt have something plastic or paper for children.....

Review №45

Our bartender Anthony was nothing short of amazing!! Give that man a raise! Will be coming back in the hopes he will attend to my partner & I again! Our cocktails were made to perfection, and he answered all our questions. His recommendations were spot on.

Review №46

Beautiful theatre! Comfortable chairs, delicious food, great service, everything is worthy of 5 stars. Highly recommend arriving early to order. I appreciate that the gratuity is already included and especially that they have my card info ready to go ahead of time so I don’t have to pull out my wallet to look for my card during the most exciting part of the movie.

Review №47

The services at there bar and grill was severely slow. We waited 30 minutes for a simple hamburger and a wrap. Fries were cold. Soft drinks we asked for Took 15 to 20 minutes. We finally went and asked ourselves for a refill. Will never eat there again.

Review №48

The staff is extremely nice. Yes, it is pricey compared to other movie theaters. However, you are paying dir the quality and movie experience.The food was delicious and I love the leather recliner chairs. There is more than enough space for people to pass by you and you are able rotate your tables.If you have the extra cash to treat yourself, I highly recommend doing so.

Review №49

My wife and I have visited twice and enjoyed our stay. The food, service and price were on the mark. Amy was our server, she was very friendly and attentive.

Review №50

This is a really great place! The seating was amazing and the service cannot be beat! The only reason for four stars is the handicapped accessibility. While it meets all the requirements there are a couple of things that my wheelchair bound mother pointed out, especially not being able to open the doors to the restroom and the front door without assistance... But otherwise amazing experience!

Review №51

Wife and I dropped in Saturday afternoon just to check it out. The service was amazing. Staff were friendly and welcoming. Marisol our bartender explained everything the establishment had to offer and we took her up on her suggestions. The craft beers were served cold and were just as described. We ate the BBQ brisket fries, and they were delicious. Over all we enjoyed our visit and the only reason I did not give five stars is they just opened and we were not there long. I highly recommend this place even if you dont want to watch a movie.

Review №52

Had a great experience for my first time. Starting from the bar greeting us and taking care of us while waiting for our movie. While watching our movie, our server was wonderful and our food was on point and fast. Will be definitely be back!

Review №53

Excellent food and service. Very clean establishment. Comfy and exclusive theatres. Very pricey... but definitely worth a try.

Review №54

Service was very slow. My daughter had to wait 15 minutes for her drink and ranch, of all things. My wifes jalapeno poppers were not cooked all the way. The jalapenos were crunchy and the bacon was floppy...... AND they charged us 18% gratuity! Alamo Draft House beats Flix by a mile. Now to the recliners..... horrible! If you are 52, 101 lbs, then these seats are for you. Wont be going back.

Review №55

I rarely go to the movies because I don’t like to put up with fools on their phones during the movies. So I was pleasantly surprised that Flix will not put up with these types of people. Our experience was extremely pleasant and will certainly be back. The staff was very friendly and the place is clean. I will return to this cinema and try one of their brews. This is a nice place for date night.

Review №56

I went to Flix in El Paso to watch a movie. I wanted to try something new, as I have never been there before. I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge fan of Alamo Drafthouse, and have seen over 100 movies there. I can tell you that after my first experience at Flix, I will never go back the Alamo Drafthouse. My wife and I were waiting for our movie and decided to have a drink at the bar before. When we sat down, we were greeted by a young lady named Amy. She was very upbeat and even asked us how we were doing. She seemed interested in us and genuine in our responses. I told her it was our first time there and that we wanted to try something new. She asked us question about our favorite beers, and what we liked and what we didn’t like. She recommended some drinks to us and even gave us descriptions on how they taste. My wife and I always go to the movies. We tend to bring a bunch of people with us also. Next time, and every time after, we will be going to your location because of Amy. Thank you for having a person like her on your payroll.

Review №57

Excellent high end Breehouse movie theater. Having spirits serve will be a must. Great food items and soft drinks. Comfortable electric reclinable seating with plenty of space. You shall visit this place to enjoy yourself or with your family having a great movie night.

Review №58

A friend and I went to an early showing (10:45 AM) today. The theater was nice and the server was friendly and explained how to order food (you write down your order, then press a button for service). Unfortunately, the buttons at our seats didnt work (F5 and F6 in Theater 6, in case management reads this). We pressed them multiple times in the first 45 minutes of the movie, but the server never returned, so we never got any food. I suppose we couldve left the theater and tracked down someone to assist us, but who wants to get up and look for staff in the middle of a movie?

Review №59

If you’re looking for the perfect date night, look no further than Flix Brewhouse! This is definitely the place to be, here’s why...- The freshest homegrown brews in all of El Paso- Zero preservatives in the beer and this definitely adds to taste and enjoyment factor- Vibrating seats that match up w/the movie- Try the fish n chips, with a side of dill tartar sauce- The steak and avocado wrap is def tasty- Crispy Fries- The most comfortable seats of any theater in El Paso and fully adjustable via automation- Amazing Tuxedo Cake!!!- Really friendly staff who are super attentive to your needs- I’m sure there’s more, it’s awesome!Definitely worth checking out & a guaranteed great time!

Review №60

This place is so nice compared to the Alamo drafthouse. The food is delicious and the burgers are huge. The employees were really nice, friendly and helpful!

Review №61

I had a great experience. The theater is top notch visually and in sound. The reclining seats are very comfortable. Food and drinks were very good. There is an 18% gratuity added, but I didnt mind since the service was excellent!!

Review №62

Omg, this place is amazing, the bartend Amy was so nice and courteous. 1st time ever being here, I had great, great time. Excellent happy hour, fast attentive services. If you ever want to watch a movie come here totally recommend Flix Brewhouse

Review №63

It just opened so it has limited screens and showing of films however it was very nice. Some of the chairs went all the way back and lifted the chairs while unfortunately some dont like the one my sister sat in. Her feet part of the chair wouldnt go up and it was a bit awkward for her at some points. The popcorn is delicious but you dont seem to get refills on it. The service was fast and the light buttons were cool but the menus were a bit awkward to get out and put back in the table. Overall I really enjoyed this theater.

Review №64

Awesome food , snack Seats and Movies!!!

Review №65

Definitely the best movie experience in El Paso. Ive been a few times already and dont like to go anywhere else. The food is good, the staff is friendly, and the screens and sound are awesome! I definitely recommend!

Review №66

The best beer I’ve had in El Paso! Amazing appetizers and for a good price

Review №67

I love being able to reserve seats online, it enables me to leave the house later than other theaters. Food is tasty, staff is attentive and the seats recline!

Review №68

Definitely not my cup of tea. I guess the hype was to high and didnt match my expectations. It feel I was going into a mall instead, I guess I enjoy more the retro intimate atmosphere of an old movie theater.

Review №69

Great food and atmosphere. The seats are the most comfortable in town and their team is super nice and efficient. Great place to watch a movie and have food and drinks.

Review №70

Chairs here are legit! And beer is very good. I will definitely be back.

Review №71

Man this place was awesome. The price wasnt as bad as I thought it be. Closer to Cruces so an extra plus for me will be back for more

Review №72

Not bad. I prefer Alamo by far in terms of food , price and staff. They charge a 18.5%gratuity when using a credit card. Service/staff was nothing to rave about. Food came out quickly but it was a monday night. Not sure how it would be on a weekend. Seats are ok, comfortable but the recliner portion is kinda weird. The cup holder is nice and so is the sliding table.Overall same thing as Alamo except for the recliner and added gratuity right off the back. Same food choices but the portions are smaller. Will stick to Alamo.

Review №73

The food tasted great, the movie is nice sounding with surround sound and great quality overall. Unfortunately, went to go watch Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker, and had a group of kids at the top right of the theatre yelling out things throughout the movie trying to be funny, while the rest of us trying to enjoy the movie tried shushing them, they had persisted. The thing that angers me more besides spending $50+ for the night ruined by those kids, was the fact that staff was actually inside that particular theatre, I guess to take orders for food or check up on refills and what not, but obviously they can hear these kids screaming their heads off being abruptly annoying right? So why didn’t they kick them out? It ruined the experience, if they’re trying to hate on the movie so much, why wouldn’t they kick them out? They obviously didn’t want to be there. The staff is very friendly and what not and bring you your orders very fast and precise, but it’s upsetting to know this was allowed when it’s unacceptable, no matter what movie is being previewed. I hope this changes for Flix Brewhouse, till then, definitely not going back..

Review №74

My husband and i enjoyed our beer and saw a great movie loved it good place to go relax best in town ...

Review №75

Amazing food, great beer, and best place to watch a new movie! The staff is quick and super attentive.

Review №76

Great service!! Comfy seats!! Huge selection of brews and yummy food!! Truly amazing experience! Definitely recommend Flix!!

Review №77

Great beer at a decent price. I like that they brew plenty varieties and IPAs. Spacious seating and good quality audio/video. Staff is always nice.

Review №78

Comfy chairs, good food, and great beer. A little pricey but nothing outrageous. I look forward to going back.

Review №79

The spicy chicken sandwich and street tacos are amazing! The Craft brew was very tasty and good selection. Popcorn could use some work. The real disappointment is the reclining seats that go about 45 degrees at best.

Review №80

I went and saw IT yesterday & the experience was amazing! Everyone was very kind & friendly & the service was exceptional. It’s definitely pricier than your average theater, but this theater isn’t average. Great for date night!

Review №81

Theater awesome. Bloody Mary fantastic Brisket mac and cheese dont even bother youll be severely upset with the product and how much you paid for it. So disappointing.. 5 stars if you start using real brisket.

Review №82

Ticket purchase was good, beer and food were good, service was terrible! Tipped a different waiter $5 just to get the rest and my bill. Didnt see the auto tip of 18% until later, customers should never get a surprise like this! Net, a lot of money for a very bad experience.

Review №83

I enjoyed my experience tremendously. Their in-house beer is fantastic and very reasonably priced, and the seats are the most comfortable that Ive yet put my tuchus onto. Watched 1917 by Sam Mendes, great film in a great theater.

Review №84

Good drinks, food and comfortable cinema adjustable seats. Personnel are polite and attentive. Note: This place will charge an additional 18% gratuity in your total amount.

Review №85

This place is really nice. The food is good. The seats are super nice

Review №86

This place is awesome the people who work there are awesome the food is fast and amazing the service is friendly and always awesome every time I go the best movie experience i had in forever so glad they brought this movie to el paso

Review №87

Ive been to this place multiple times, very nice seating and good service when watching a movie. The reason for my rating is because service at the bar and restaurant is not very good. Numerous times weve had to wait for service and literally no other customers are there.

Review №88

Edit: Had a few issues, but they have reached out and they are going to make it right. Will definitely be going back in the new year.Revised: 12/24/2019

Review №89

Found this spot by luck Im glad I did. Great beer and apps. Must go to place.

Review №90

Great food, amazing beer, comfortable seats, and good service. A little pricey though, go Wednesday for discounts on movies and between 3 to 6 for happy hour.

Review №91

My bartender Erin guy with curly hair wipes every glass with his fingers which is very unsanitary. He has no manners and customers service was terrible. I dont usually write reviews but this was a terrible experience. I definitely wont be going back again.

Review №92

First timer today to watch Jumanji 2. The place is really nice with tables, booths and large seating bar. The theatre recliners are top notch and the sliding tables are helpful. The drink and food menu is extensive and has something for everyone. Pricing is reasonable and the 18% gratuity did not bother me. It would be awesome if they build one on the Eastside since this location is closer to Las Cruces than to me. Overall great experience and gives Alamo a run for its money.

Review №93

Close to home. Comfortable atmosphere. Menu choices were amazing, a little pricey but still good to the belly.

Review №94

Last night the hubby and I went to see, A Christmas Story. Love that movie. Anyways this is my third time going and just a couple issues, the burger was overcooked and I had to send it back, but I realized I never was asked how I wanted it cooked. My drink the second time was different from the first one I ordered, service was a bit slow to bring my food back, still very dry...especially if you do not put enough sauce on it. Now the remedy was I did not pay for the second drink, and they remade my food, but I wished someone would of come back to make sure it was okay 2nd time around. I do enjoy this place, and had no issues b4, maybe it wasnt a good night. Also can please find a way for our discount to work when ordering tickets online. Ty

Review №95

I was really impressed with the brewhouse. The home brews were awesome, the food was delicious and the place looks first rate. Friendly staff too! I would go there even if I wasnt watching a movie.

Review №96

Both my brother and I have tried to order tickets to shows from the website at least an hour ahead and each time we get an error message, so the site is not exactly up to par. We went to see Rambo about a month ago and though we had asked for separate tabs, we ended up getting everyone billed under one receipt including a beer that was returned.Despite the theater only being about 5 minutes away, I’d still rather take my business to the Drafthouse or Cinemark. I like to be able to secure my seats in advance online which is a more convenient feature than having food brought to you. Movies come first, everything else should be secondary.

Review №97

The food here is amazing! Great for large groups or date night.

Review №98

First time, had a great time. Great service & cozy environment

Review №99

I had an awesome IPA and watched the movie Ford vs Ferrari. Seating was comfortable and the sound system is out of this world.

Review №100

Great experience. Food was awesome. Stuffed jalapenos were on point/delicious, had the flix pizza four stars, overall a total must try was the tuxedo cake OMG that was the GREATEST!

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:6450 N Desert Blvd Suite 12, El Paso, TX 79912, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 915-995-7500
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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