Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Montecillo
250 E Montecillo Blvd, El Paso, TX 79912, United States

Review №1

Love the vibe and decor of Alamo. Drinks never dissappoint, and the fried pickles are delicious! Food is a little pricey but if you are out to have a good time with your friends/family it is well worth the spending.

Review №2

Alamo Drafthouse is probably the most beautiful movie theater I’ve ever been to. They’re strict about people using their phones or interrupting the movie viewing experience and will kick your out for doing so, I respect this tremendously... there’s nothing more upsetting then a theater company who won’t kick out the one bad apple, and Alamo Drafthouse isn’t afraid to do so! The food menu is huge! The beer and alcohol selection is massive, and the service is fast. The reason why they got 4 out of 5 stars is the seats are not the most comfortable, I wish they reclined and you were able to kick your feed up some. They do tilt, but not enough to make them comfy enough. Overall the pricing and the experience is awesome! Highly recommend this theater.

Review №3

Alamo Draft house is awesome! Practicing social distancing with the seating, servers are wearing masks, and the whole experience was something very enjoyable. Almost, back to normal. At least for that hour and half during the movie. Thank you!

Review №4

We ordered the fish & chips, mozzarella sticks, and a pizza. Everything was great, the pizza was just ok. It was really hard to order in the dark (and eat), but I guess that’s the nature of the experience! I also wish they had reclining chairs! Otherwise, clean and standard movie theater!

Review №5

So I have to say it was a really nice theater. The location was easy to get to. The inside was nice looking. I really enjoy how they bring food and drink into the theater for you. The movie experience was good. The screen didnt have any blemishes on it. The sound was good, but I think most theaters have that down now.Really my only issue with this theater was the smell of the seats. It literally smelled like a sweaty stinky body had just got up and left its filth all over the seat. It was a very unpleasant smell through the whole movie.I dont know, maybe wipe the seats down?! It was just as bad as someone talking during the movie...

Review №6

It was a great experience! We watched, The Nightmare Before Christmas, my granddaughters got a cute halloween themed bag with candy and a juice. Julio treated us very well. Will go again.

Review №7

Good sound for the movie. Everything I tried on the menu is good. Several times I have been there we have not gotten refills on our waters. Unforuntely they got rid of the truffle popcorn! It was a fav!

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Review №9

Quite literally the best place to see a movie. Their loaded fries are the best!

Review №10

The service was friendly. The server was fully engaged throughout the birthday party.

Review №11

I love I just love how nice the staff is and I love how you get served at your seat it’s just so magical and it saves time from ordering things and leaving the showing room I just think it’s really convenient that they do that but I mostly love that they have a open menu it’s so cool!so I suggest you go to Alamo drafthouse cause it’s the best place you could ever go to to watch movies!

Review №12

DRAFTHOUSE is the perfect name for this movie house. Really a GREAT BAR and place to meet and get to talk and hang out either before or after a flick!! They must have 30+ different beers ON TAP! My wife and I saw a suspense movie-- Greta. We really liked it. It didnt hurt that the seats are super comfortable. The last row even has a table for your food and drinks. This was our first time there, but certainly wont be our last! :-)

Review №13

The concept is AWESOME! Seriously, the best first date night since the pandemic started.

Review №14

Highly recommended movie experience. There are certain movies that I only want to watch here. Theres something about their sound, their display that just makes movie watching good. Ive only had beverages here, and the service is consistently good. Theres always events going tied to movie premieres so theres this sense of community in there, as well. Parking lot is always full, but not a deal breaker at all, as its a top notch facility.

Review №15

This theater is great their food is awesome and they have a good free member rewards system. They also tend to have pretty cool promotional gear for when popular movies come out other theaters have started copying them but Alamo just does it better. The service is good and they try to be fast and efficient. With any movie theater loud kids can be a nuisance but if you really wanted to you could use an order card and someone actually will talk to the parents.

Review №16

I love this place. Their food is delicious. The service is quick and friendly. They have entertaining and interesting movie parties. The chairs are comfortable and the tables are convenient. I was really shocked the pizza was so good. We went for the Tremors 30 year showing. They gave us candy cigarettes, party poppers, a lighter and a keychain as favors to interact with the movie. I was very impressed.

Review №17

Loved this place. First time visit for a Geeks Who Drink event and was highly pleased with the customer service and quality of food/drinks. Food is fresh, and made with high quality ingredients.The staff is attentive and works hard to accommodate your visit. Highly recommended.

Review №18

This is my favorite Movie Theater in town. Its not only the comfy sitting or the amazing food, or even the fact that if you have people being loud, they can get kicked out. I love it because of all the movie parties that they host with both old and new movies, the sing along, the kids movie hours (where kids can be kids), the fact that they show Anime, Westerns, Classics, Broadway. It just has something for everyone.

Review №19

Covid 19 protocol includes checking temperature, one way entrance and exit, sanitizer available and distance between seats. Nice welcome back to Alamo

Review №20

Attended the Dirty Dancing Mothers Day Brunch. It was a great experience! The 3 course meal was good and we loved how it coincided with the movie. The service was on time and the servers were very friendly! My niece and I had a blast! Its our favorite movie!! Cant wait to attend another one.

Review №21

Customer service is awesome! I was at the bar and i was waited by everyone serving but still didnt feel bug either. Love the staff, food is good, and the seating is very comfortable. Thanks Alamo!

Review №22

The place is modern with a good layout. The food is tasty amd the menu varied. The staff are attentive to whenever you place an order. I enjoy the convenience of having tables in front of you. Would definitely recommend for a movie date, or just for those that like to eat while watching a film.

Review №23

Awesome fun. I asked for a specific addition to a dish and they tried to make it work. I was so thankful for their effort. I have so much fun here its fantastic. Want to be a regular!

Review №24

It’s definitely great cinema and draft house, you can order food and drinks (wine, beer, cocktails) before and during the show, popcorn is very fresh and tasty and portions are huge. The only problem that seats are not reclaiming, they are comfortable but still...

Review №25

Great experience at the Alamo Drafthouse. The only problem is that the chairs are unfortunately uncomfortable due to being made with vinyl. Great goodies when you go to the special screenings. Great food, but pricey. Great theater.

Review №26

One of my favorite movie theatres, very comfortable seating and dining experience. Usually choose Alamo for date night. Cant wait until Far East location opens as I am sure it will be very nice!

Review №27

Fantastic theater! Great food, terrific movie parties, all-around wonderful experience. Excited for the East side location!

Review №28

This is a very unique theatre. The atmosphere feels like you steped back in time and the customer service is always outstanding and accommodating. The best part about coming here are the previews before the movie. Always unique and entertaining.

Review №29

This used to be one of my favorite theatres, but it’s been losing some of its charm. The theatre has the most uncomfortable chairs on the west side of town, bathrooms are usually dirty, and what the hell is that smell in the hallway!? There’s always been a funky smell, but it has gotten so strong. The servers are still great and they host a unique selection of movies, but there are better, newer, and more comfortable options now on the west side, so this theatre has sadly dropped to the bottom of the list for me.

Review №30

If you talk or play with your phone during the movie they will throw you out and you receive no refund! Finally a movie theater that you can watch a movie at with other like minded people who are respectful to those around them! And thank you to you who are reading this that are a good part of the experience. Really classy place with kind staff AND clean, comfortable seating. You choose your seats when you pay and this allows you to see what seat are open.

Review №31

Great clean theatre. Super friendly staff and great movies selections. Bathrooms are clean and menu options are diverse. Definitely worth the drive.

Review №32

Good place to enjoy dinner and a movie! The only heads up I would give visitors is to not expect very comfortable seats. Dinner was decent and service was ok.

Review №33

Always relaxing and enjoyable. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a very comfortable place to sit back, eat, drink, and watch a newly released movie. The chairs are comfortable, however they dont recline. The food is delicious and there is an assortment of entrees.They also have a full bar giving you a myriad of drink choices. The theater offers a bar where you can go ahead of your movie time to enjoy a drink or meal prior to your movie. However, if you dont have time for a sit down meal before the movie, you can enjoy a meal while you watch your movie. The staff limit the noise and disruptions as much as possible and they are very friendly and hospitable.The theater holds various events such book signings and watch parties which make the movie watching experience much more fun and pleasurable. We look forward to the opening of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema East.

Review №34

This was a very unique experience for us as we do not have anything like this from where we come from. For one the popcorn itself was pretty good. The biggest thing I had to get used to is eating a very good meal in the dark, eating Fine Food is not only for the sense of taste but the sense of smell and the sense of seeing your food. Once you get used to the limitation of not really seeing what youre eating and understanding what you are eating the experience becomes much more pleasurable. I ordered the salmon which had a Asian taste complex, which had I been able to see exactly what I was eating, it may have had a different experience. As it was we had a wonderful experience the food was very good and if I am ever back in the area this will be on the list of things to do again.

Review №35

It was a great experience. Ive never been to a movie theater where they serve you. Its nice and clean over all good experience. Staff was friendly and ready to get your food and drinks

Review №36

I wish the screen was bigger. The cheese pizza we order was very greasy and the popcorn had too much butter. The seats are not recliners . Too, too expensive for what it provides to its customer. There are better places to spend this kind of money.

Review №37

This is one of my favorite places to go for a date night with my fiance! We really enjoy coming here and eating delicious snacks during the movie. The hummus is really delicious, so are the cauliflower wings.

Review №38

Best theater in area! I drive 80 miles to see a show here! My birthday wish each year! Enjoy the atmosphere, seating, food and drinks!

Review №39

This theater is incredible. Its the only thing Im going to miss about moving out of El Paso. The atmosphere is fantastic Ive got no complaints about the prices. Their family movies where the kids can run around really appreciate that as a father of two. The staff is cool the way the staff at Starbucks used to be 20 years ago. I always complain about ticket prices at theater and this theater bring some of the magic back of going to see a show. I dont even care how much they charge plus be able to get a beer while watch a movie is awesome

Review №40

The events and movies that are shown in this place are awesome! And I like going to Geeks Who Drink occasionally, too. The food served here is amazing and I love the food themes that they use.

Review №41

Great movie experience! Theatre feels almost like an old style theatre but with new digital screens. I really enjoyed the dinning experience the food was great! And not having to leave during the movie to get refills was nice. I recommend the wings. We went to see Black Panther after it had been out for a while. But I bet when this place is packed it seems like it be even more fun

Review №42

Relaxing atmosphere for a movie and comfortable and good service

Review №43

In El Paso I have not seen any movie theater there has been empty. At the Alamo draft house in my opinion is exceptional! I love the menus and the atmosphere. Got a chance to prance around in my shark fin hat as it was a Jaws movie party and just last week I attended the Prince movie party featuring Purple Rain. The movie parties are quite fun As well as the staff that are hosting. The service is always great! The popcorn in its buttery bottomless goodness is better than all the other movie theaters !

Review №44

Love the atmosphere. Great margaritas from the bar. While watching movie you can order from a full menu. The popcorn is my favorite.

Review №45

Not a huge place, theaters are great, not a bad seat in the house plus a bar w great food.. Highly recommend for a cool lil date night. Some drinks, a quick flick plus good food.

Review №46

Awesome experience. A great way to occasionally do the movies differently and more comfortably. Would and will definitely recommend/return.

Review №47

The theater has a fun atmosphere. I like that they play older movies and make events for them. The stuff they play on screen before previews is always entertaining. The charge for concessions is above average, but considering its a movie theater, not too bad. They have a good selection too choose from the menu. Highly recommend giving them a try if you have never been.

Review №48

The food here used to be incredible and some of the items still are, but the quality overall has really lowered. Ordered the caramel creme brûlée French toast with “Texas toast.” Instead, I got the thinnest bread you could buy at Walmart, the taste was pretty bad, and even the banana slices on the plate were inedible because of how immature the fruit still was. Have also ordered a sandwich that was supposed to come with sourdough bread and instead also got the thin Walmart style bread on that. Also, the portions that they give for the price of the items are RIDICULOUS. I used to order the buffalo cauliflower all the time, but stopped because of the changes in portions. For $9, you get 4 (5 if you’re lucky, the 6th little piece in the picture was literally just a lump of breadcrumbs) pieces of buffalo cauliflower. I’ve also ordered the mozzarella sticks and for $8 you get FIVEE mozzarella sticks with a TINY side of marinara. You’re literally paying almost $2 per mozzarella stick. There are definitely other plates that have completely let me down, but just can’t remember at the moment. Also, majority of time servers COMPLETELY ignore certain requests written in order cards.

Review №49

Extremely poor parking and inconvenient theater entrance. Whoever designed the theater did a very poor job. Once inside there are no visible movie times or availability, nor movie prices. Lighting within the movie is so poor that I had to use my cell phone light to write down my order. A waiter came by and told me cell phone use was prohibited so I couldnt place my order. The seats in the theater are very uncomfortable as well. This is our first and last time we will go to this movie venue.

Review №50

I absolutely love this place. I try to go at least once or twice a month. Their movie parties are awesome. We also do cereal parties and those are great. With or without the kids is great.

Review №51

Best place in town to go to the movies! Always a great experience and great food. Make sure you arrive at least 20 minutes before your movie to watch the one-of-a-kind pre-shows.

Review №52

This place is really cool. Great food, great service, and they play older movies as well on certain nights. Lots of people that go dress up, which just makes the whole experience more fun.

Review №53

The staff is very lovely, fast and caring. They once compensated me because they took too long getting me my food with 2 plates of food on the house, but if you ask me, they didnt take a long time at all. Their movie parties are always the best, along with the food.

Review №54

Consistently my favorite movie watching experience. Food can be somewhat expensive, but I suppose youre also paying for the convenience of it all. Altogether a fantastic theater.

Review №55

Would have been 5 but we had a gift card we wanted to use but for some odd reason the gift card reader was down . Over all good experience though . Will be returning... Hopefully theyre gift card reader works next time.

Review №56

If you want a fun movie experience that includes excellent food choices, wide variety of adult beverages and fun movie props, then this is the place! Went with my family and had so much fun. All seats are great for viewing the movie. I absolutely loved my experience there and will definitely go again!

Review №57

I have enjoyed every movie I have gone to see here.The additional capability to get food and drinks just increases the enjoyment.My only problem is I always miss part of the movie because I enjoyed to many Arnold Palmers and or shakes.Every food item I have ordered has been well prepared and had good flavor. There have been one or two lost orders over multiple visits but usually the service is quick, quiet and easy.

Review №58

One of my favourite places to visit in El paso. Its hard to go back to normal cinemas after going here. I love the food here and how the big movies have their own themed cocktails and food. Thanks for ruining other theatres for me

Review №59

Very slick place. Super fun theater with 9 screens, table service at your seat serving delicious alcoholic and not alcoholic drinks, and great food as well as standard movie theater fare. The popcorn is served in an actual bowl and includes free refills, all you can eat. The seats are spacious and comfortable and have large tables . The aisles are very wide between rows so you dont have to stumble or bump into people getting to your seat. Theaters are cleaned after each show.They have a very good loyalty program. They do accept movie pass. They have an app that allows you to purchase your tickets and choose your seats ahead of time. The server assigned to your area checks each seat ticket so you dont have people coming and going disrupting your movie. Children are welcome, cell phones are not, lol.There is a really nice, fun bar/lounge for before or after drinks and food. All in all a great place. Highly recommend.If this review was helpful please LIKE..

Review №60

Great location, plenty parking, comfortable seats. Food offered but we ate before the movie. Sound and quality of movie very good.

Review №61

Good movie, and felt safe and clean.

Review №62

I got use to the stadium seating. But food was great. And love the classic movie trailers that run before the actual movie starts.

Review №63

Very nice movie theater. A lot of art cinéma along with main stream release. A notch below the Raleigh NC one which has many features for movie lovers in the lobby

Review №64

LOVED this place! It was the first time I’ve ever NOT smuggled food into a movie theater, HAHAHA. While the food is definitely over priced for the quality of it, it’s worth the experience. We enjoyed the whole experience. The waiter was very friendly, and had amazingly fast service.

Review №65

Really cool theatre. I like the fact that when you arrive you go straight to your seat no need to wait in line for tickets or popcorn. Also, food options are great (unlimited popcorn for $8 ! And free soft drink refills!!).

Review №66

Definitely a 5 star theatre! This is the first cinema Ive been to where theres table service and good quality food! The viewing choices are unique in that new releases are available as well as the classics. I recommend signing up for their notifications so you dont miss an awesome throwback film. The atmosphere is a combination of modern with a splash of 1960s retro that is paired together seamlessly. A great place for everyone on every occasion.

Review №67

Always a good time at the Alamo Drafthouse. The seats in the movie theaters are comfortable. Food is chain restaurant quality, most of the items are good. Service is good not great but it is a dark theater so you cant communicate other than writing on a slip of paper. Prices are a little high but it is a movie theater. The movie parties they host are usually really fun.

Review №68

I usually love going there, the food is really good, I love that theres a full bar available, and I love the special events they have for certain movies. Just seems that theyre letting the place go a little with time. The bathrooms are often a mess and theres a funky smell in the hallways now...

Review №69

I love this theater is super clean, practical and customer service is good. A little pricey but totally worth it, perfect for a date since seating is super comfy and the facilities are nice!

Review №70

Great spot for a meal and a movie. We also like their happy hour selection and prices.

Review №71

This is a great place for dinner and a movie, all the box office hits with a pretty decent food menu. One of my favorite appetizers here is the buffalo cauliflower, sounds pretty simple or different but it is very good. The seating is comfortable and your table is directly in front of you as you have the movie screen. Some places have tables where you have to turn sideways to view the movie, this place is set up right.

Review №72

Food, film, action. The place is run quite well and the food was absolutely delicious. Chances are, Ill be coming back just for the food.The corporate fixings really show off their quality by having well trained staff and high quality in-house content. The events appear to be popular, and the company seems to be constantly pushing its thaters as public meeting places. Although that is not my kind of location, it really helps to create a properly relaxing atmosphere.

Review №73

This place was great! The food was good, and the atmosphere was perfect for a date night. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because it took us quite a while to get the attention of our server to get our second round of drinks. We will definitely be back!

Review №74

I love the Alamo Drafthouse, I have been to many of the Austin and San Antonio locations, and this one is right up there with them! I dont understand why so many people have left bad reviews, but from what Ive gathered its people that are cheap and rude. Stay at your dollar theaters, well be right here at the Alamo enjoying ourselves with their awesome events and great customer service! Thanks!

Review №75

Good movies. Great food and drink. Comfortable chairs with convenient table. Its like my own theater away from home.

Review №76

Easily one of the best movie theaters Ive ever been too. I spent many nights here while I was stationed in El Paso. Its probably the only reason I miss the city. The bartenders were awesome, I even got drawn into the art wall behind the bar. ( The g in the crown) I hope this place stays just as awesome as I remember it.

Review №77

Beautiful theatre atop a hill but didn’t bring us waters the entire movie.

Review №78

Hosted a training event here for roughly 300 people on very short notice. The staff went above and beyond accommodating every facet. They helped keep things very professional while providing a unique and fun atmosphere/experience. Cant say enough good things about this place. More so, its people.

Review №79

An absolutely favorite for my wife and I. You pay a little more but the experience and the food is incredible. Love this place.

Review №80

This place was wonderful. Being able to get food and watch a movie was fantastic. Would go there again.

Review №81

We did the cereal party for Frozen 2 and my kids had the best time. Definitely would go again and take advantage of the family days!

Review №82

1st time going to this show at an Alamo and I guess Im spoke to know how every other step there goes I got there on time because that on their website but you know Im not mind reading. So thankfully my wife and I went hungry and thirsty the entire time until about 15 minutes prior to the movie ending when we decided to look around because we were bored. At that point they werent taking orders from a city more so its not like we could have gotten anything anyways.

Review №83

Always a good place to watch movies. The waiters/waitress are great getting you what you want to order. Its a little pricey but worth it.

Review №84

I love this unique theater. It was an awesome experience to be entertained with a movie and served great food. I recommend this establishment, if you can afford it.

Review №85

Great establishment to watch a movie or grab a drink. The bar is extremely nice and clean with a great variety of beers on tap.

Review №86

I love this place. Its nice when you walk into a theater and are not overwhelmed by the odor of popcorn.

Review №87

This was my first visit to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. My wife and I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The movie had a 35mm option instead of watching it in digital. I enjoyed the experience. I have been to many Cinemas that offer food. This Alamo Drafthouse Cinema had the best foot I ever tasted. I was not expecting the food to be so good. Two minor draw backs that I saw. No lighting to see your food and if you or your spouse is short your legs will dangle with no support. That was my wifes biggest complain. I keep this Cinema five stars because my issues were minor and the food and experience was so good.

Review №88

Great seats and customer service! Military discounts on movie tickets make for an even better experience! I didnt try the food, pricey but good to know we have an extensive menu to choose from. Well try eating there next time!

Review №89

Great place to visit and watch your favorite movies,Great menu and popcorn is really goodThe cinema rooms are really comfortable image and sound quality pretty goodOverall is a good place to enjoy your movies

Review №90

Great family night! We ordered the bottomless soda and tea, but, never saw a refill. Other than that, was a great time.

Review №91

Great environment pleasant staff. Good food. Good service.

Review №92

Very nice and relaxing beutiful view

Review №93

Service for cereal party was amazing very attentive and all around solid if you have never been to a cereal party i highly recommend

Review №94

Great beer selection, drinks, food, and movie of your choice! Best place to enjoy the biggest new movies or the classics. Always a fun time. We drive across town all the time just to come here. Remember the Alamo!

Review №95

Came to watch The Fifth Element with 4 buddies. Service was very haste, the place was clean and the movie was great! Ill be back again

Review №96

I went here to celebrate my birthday with some friends to see End Game. The theater is great. The deserts are so good, especially their doughnuts. Comfortable chairs. Overall cool experience although I didnt exactly get the full experience I was hoping for. This was my first visit and they went through the rundown of how everything works, how you order, etc and told us that if someone is being disruptive you can discreetly write on the paper whats going on and someone from the team will help resolve the issue. I would love to give 5 stars if they stood by the policy of creating a disturbance free environment (and informing new customers of the kitchen hours) but despite notifying them multiple times of a very annoying and disruptive party of teenagers throwing food and making fart noises and talking the entire film (Alamo supposedly stands by a zero tolerance policy for behavior as such and will remove the party after 2 complaints), the team members didnt even give them a warning or say anything. I was very unhappy about this as I had really looked forward to enjoying this movie, which was hard to do with these people being so immature. Another issue was our movie was a midnight showing and despite them giving us the rundown on how things work, they didnt mention that the kitchen closed after a certain time. Because of this I wasnt able to order a meal for myself. I did get to order a little treat when I first sat down and told the waiter Id order food later, but they didnt mention to order before a certain time. This part was disappointing, especially for sitting in a theater for 3.5 hours. Overall tho was still a cool experience. Not sure if I would return again tho

Review №97

I LOVE Alamo. .. The movies and atmosphere are fantastic. Has become the only place I go to a movie. Serves great food. The movie parties are absolutely out of this world. Why wouldnt anyone not want to go here.

Review №98

Best movie theater in town

Review №99

Service, cleanliness, and movie screen and sound are always top notch. I would love to come back whenever I can.

Review №100

Great staff. Seating comfortable. Screen and sound system good. Mens restroom filthy and floor dangerously slippery. Please either change the flooring or put down some sort of mat

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:250 E Montecillo Blvd, El Paso, TX 79912, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 915-845-7469
  • Movie theater
  • Bar
  • Beer hall
  • Cocktail bar
  • Dinner theater
  • Event venue
  • Restaurant
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Live performances:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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