El Paso PREMIERE Montwood
2200 N Yarbrough Dr, El Paso, TX 79925, United States

Review №1

List several companies you can take advantage of from hardware store to Dollar General to even a dentist and of course the anchor is Albertsons good place to shop.

Review №2

Its not the cleanest place, but good for the cheap price $2dlls, and matinee $.50 cents. Bathrooms are very clean as well as lobby. Refill in popcorn basket for $1 dolls more and free refill in large soda.

Review №3

Seeing this place and knowing that it is still open makes my heart happy. I went to this theater quite often as a child in the 90s, so Im glad to see that it is still around. Ill have to catch a movie the next time Im home in El Paso. Whoever continues to invest in this theater, please keep investing in it!

Review №4

I really liked this theatre for it only costing $1.07 for admission including tax. Its nice to just get the kids out of the house, and it not cost so much. My kids liked the theatre experience, and I liked that the theatre was well kept and clean. Also, we went in the middle of the day and it wasnt very crowded. Like around 4. Happy movie going, movie lovers!!!

Review №5

Movies at an economical price. One free refill on popcorn and drink.

Review №6

It was amazing! Had a nice time out with just my husband and I all alone in the movie Theater! Can you imagine all the stuff we got to do being in there all alone through the entire movie!! It was epic! Loved it!

Review №7

Very attentive and Great Staff! Warm personalities. Great way to start a Saturday with $.50 cent Movies. Thank you Premiere...

Review №8

Decent theatre, affordable prices! Seats are just ok... But tolerable considering the price. Screen and sound quality were great. Popcorn was just as good as Cinemark! Not crowded at all for a Friday night.

Review №9

Usually clean whenever I take the family. Staff is young but courteous. 50 cant Tuesday is a fun and frugal outing. Screens can be small depending which theatre screen your movie is showing. But you get what you pay for. been enjoying this movie theatre since a kid.

Review №10

It was somewhat clean, the volume was low on our movie, no one ever went to turn up the volume, but the food and beverage was good.

Review №11

Ive been coming here since I was a kid. I cant believe how well maintained it is. My kids love it. Great place to escape the heat at an amazing price. We have been to over dollar movies and the theater quality just didnt compare to this theater.

Review №12

Seats werent premium like at amc 16 or any other movie theater Ive been to kind had to see when you first pull up also kinda sketchy and awkward walking in if your not use to seeing a tuxedo shop and a for lease sign on another shop. When you walk in its only 3 people working there real nice people though must be lonely there poor people they dont get a lot of action when people go to the big known movie theaters not a lot of candy to choose from you actually get to enjoy the movie since there went many people maybe like 3 and thats it so other then that it was actually pretty alright.

Review №13

Do not recommendThe store seems understaffed. There was one employee running the concession stand that was also the ticket booth. So with just 3 people in line you would wait for 8-10 minutes. That could be the defining line between missing out on key moments of a movie or not.The room I went to (6) was off putting. The chairs were noticeably old, and uncomfortable. If you say straight in the chair, your derriere would start hanging out a bit out of the back of the chair. The edge of said seat is uncomfortable on a bum. So it forced me to lean back on the chair to avoid the problem. Furthermore the lights in the room and on the walkway did not really dim and were a nuisance through the movie.The screen itself seemed to have a few folds or crinkling on the top and bottom. That made those area a bit darker and while you can get lost in the movie, every now and then you will stare at it, and it will piss you off. Second of all, the projector is set to show you a more squareish projection despite the fact there is enough empty space up front for widescreen to be used. So the movie I was seeing (Joker) which was widescreen, when the title shot came out, the screen showed oke, with the J and the R being cut out of screen. And through the movie this consistent lack of portions ruined several scenes in the movie. I dont know if this is the case for all their rooms, or if its just that one, or even if this was a one off thing, but it absolutely ruined the experience.I didnt expect anything fancy, but the issue with the screen and lights completely ruined the experience. That said, the staff was friendly and the place was clean, so I cant give it a 1 star. The employees have my sympathy.

Review №14

Great place to take the kids... affordable prices and friendly staff. Ive been coming to this theater for over 4 years and I have not been disappointed with the services.

Review №15

50 cent movies on Tuesdays. Clean facility. Sound and picture was on point!!! My daughter and I had a blast

Review №16

$2 movies! Also Tuesday/Saturday is only.50...Love it

Review №17

Movies are cheap but sometimes you wonder if its worth to pay more and be comfortable. The chairs are horrible and not taken care of. There was no A/C turned on and it was hot. We ask the workers if they can turn on the air and they never did. You pay for what you get. At least upgrade the seats. Not expecting the seats like the more expensive movies but to feel some type of cushion, not like you are sitting on the floor. Overall you cant complain on the price for the tickets.

Review №18

Wow was I surprised by how clean and well kept the theater is ! I guess I was thinking because it is old that it would be really run down but it wasnt.. yes its an old theater but we had a great time.. the employees were friendly and helpful.. the popcorn was fresh and the cokes were cold !!!

Review №19

Great hidden place where more. Of the community and school need to be at. Showings a little history that was right in our back door

Review №20

Yes its an older theater but it was clean and comfortable and the staff was polite and helpful.. the popcorn was fresh and the cokes were cold.. bathroom was clean.. well go back !!!

Review №21

Good service. Only bad thing lady on phone during movie.

Review №22

Had a very good experience here. Facilities are clean, theater doesnt have stadium seating but the screen is completely visible from every seat. Seats are comfortable. Restrooms are clean & staff is friendly. Will be returning.

Review №23

Please invest in a good cleaning. Sad to see it in such bad shape. Came here all the time years ago. Look and smells like its getting run into the ground. Ticket prices are great tho.

Review №24

This theatre is really good. The price is so good (its usually $1 for a standard movie ticket and $3 for a 3D movie.) Its pretty clean inside and the staff are really friendly too. You feel comfortable all way around. Its a good theatre.

Review №25

Not bad for the price you get to watch movies in my case I liked you catch up on movies that I have missed in regular theatres keep up the good work guys you guys have the best prices.

Review №26

Great family budget cinema, we have fun here.Love to take a couple of hours from work to watch what I like, get caught up on the missed movies, for a small price. I like to relax away from work, with affordable tickets. I buy concession popcorn, drinks, nachos, etc. Fun atmosphere. Plenty of parking.I am sure you will enjoy this cinema. Just a regular guy who frequents when I visit El Paso, TX.

Review №27

One of the only movie places that stayed original

Review №28

Price is great and the movie theater has so much charm because it’s vintage vibes. I love it here.

Review №29

Small but cozy . And good prizes and clean.

Review №30

The staff is kind and sweet. They have their popcorn refill buckets and large refill drink cups available. Good deals. Its an older theatre but it still a nice place with good deals.

Review №31

Truly am awesome value for what you pay and even better on half price Tuesdays

Review №32

Went to today to watch the lion king. Great service and the popcorn was excellent

Review №33

Very clean, very nice service great price for 1st showing before noon! Awesome price!

Review №34

A great way to cool with the family without having to spend a lot of money

Review №35

Great prices. Old theater to include low quality screen and old school seats. Not to mention the smells that come with it.

Review №36

It was a fumny movie but we were kinda late so we bought candy from store and said that we can eat it was okay

Review №37

Personally I love this place. Sure its not as fancy as the newer theaters but the tickets are way cheaper. Im not really into buying snacks so depending on when I go, I can watch a movie for .50 - $1. How can you complain?

Review №38

Great ticket prices and specials, the theatre has a dirty feeling to it but decent. The hot dogs arent that great and they make most of their money from the food but the rest are delicious

Review №39

Had fun.... Love there .50 tuesday movie speacials they have all day.... Its a great way to kill a couple of hours without breaking the bank with the family... Had a good time with my family...we will be back there definetly..

Review №40

Simple movie theater good popcorn at a low price :)

Review №41

The tickets are cheap but the snacks are pricey AF ( the popcorn was pretty good though)

Review №42

Love going to movies & cheap movies. Cant complain! I like going to Montwood theatres & that its still open. I will continue going.

Review №43

Clean, not over crowded, and cheap. Nice place to take kids and relax in air conditioning while enjoying a discounted movie or two. Specials offer fifty-cent movie tickets on certain days of the week. Candy, pop corn and drinks are same price of normal movie theaters. Staff is professional. Restrooms are clean. Games are a fun way to pass time while waiting for movie to start. Wheelchair accessible parking, seating and restrooms. Big parking lot and low crime. Grwat place to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

Review №44

Great deal Saturday morning movie

Review №45

I love it me and wife enjoyed movies there!

Review №46

They need to get better seats

Review №47

Dollar movies good for a cheap date

Review №48

It really needs to be remolded its pretty beat up but over all customer service was good.

Review №49

Better than Cinemark at East Montana...sound wasnt muffled

Review №50

Inexpensive Movie ticket prices hide the outrageous snack prices luckily theres a Family Dollar store right next door.

Review №51

Loved the customer service and the movie. Popcorn good too but chairs and screens need to be updated.

Review №52

Prices are outstanding for movie theaters nowadays! Concessions are the usual- pricey. Overall great family experience!

Review №53

While the theater does not have much to offer in quality, they make up for it in price. Tuesday tickets are $0.50 and any movie is good at that price!

Review №54

Love that the movies here are really cheap.

Review №55

Went on a date, watched captain marvel for 1.08 (or so) for the both of us. My only complaint is the seats were so old and uncomfortable, but with the ticket prices you can overlook it :)

Review №56

Movie prices are great! Snack prices are way too high. Might as well go to the new movies. Seats need to be fixed.

Review №57

Its a blast from the past but with 20 dollars movi for 2 and popcorn and soda and candy

Review №58

Movie was good. Could hear movie sounds from the movie next to us.

Review №59

Great prices and fresh popcorn.

Review №60

Great place to spend time with family and friends. Great prices! Titles are great for the price.

Review №61

I loved rocket man it was so good

Review №62

Great theater. Relax enjoy a movie.

Review №63

So theres a listing that a movie me and my boyfriend wanted to come see at 1150 am. Were here an the theater is closed. They should just post it that it will be closed.

Review №64

I just love the movies

Review №65

I love Montwood 7 they have the most courteous staff. Love their combos.

Review №66

Great theater very affordable You can’t beat the prices!!!It’s Clean and has a friendly staff

Review №67

Great place to watch movies and pricing doesn’t get any more better than this.

Review №68

Nice place to pass time. Cheap tickets, good prices on food. Dont forget refills are over at 10:30pm just an fyi for those late nighters!

Review №69

I love the dollar movies, not only for their value; but I love the Customer service @ the snack bar.

Review №70

Interesting. Cheap tickets.. Expensive snacks.

Review №71

Great prices. Theres always great service.

Review №72

Ticket Prices are Great..ran out of all food besides hot dogs & popcorn for our 6:30 show

Review №73

Cool movies at good prices

Review №74

Staff very friendly and clean

Review №75

This is the most artistically designed movie theater in all of El Paso and probably one of the top 10 most magically designed movie theaters in the entire United States.I first started coming here about 30 years ago. I grew up here. They have done an excellent job maintaining this movie theater like a fancy classic sports car in a museum.I really love the lights on the wall in the front entrance, the carpet is awesome, and the layout of the theater is perfect but it is just so cozy and enchanting being inside here. What a special place.Please be sure to hit your like button at the bottom of this review for my review if you find it helpful. Thank you! Sincerely, Chris Grohusko: published and past contracted photographer for Canon Cameras Tokyo Japan, National Geographic Magazine Washington D.C., and Discovery Channel agency Lion Tv New York City and current public outreach Astronomer.

Review №76

You can tell the theater we were in needed some work. Overall very clean, staff friendly.

Review №77

Good place to watch movies with the family. Very good price and customer service. And the lines are never long. Ive been coming to this theater with my family for over 15 years. I took off 1 star because the theater floors sometimes need to have previously spilled soda cleaned up.

Review №78

When asked when they would start seating she told the exact time of the movie when I said we can seat until 6:30? She said yes. There isnt even a bench where you can sit, so we stood for 30 min. At 6:25 we went to where the movie was going to was already half full!! On our way down the isle we saw a trash can it was there to hold water dripping from a hole in the ceiling and they had taped around about three rows of seats so no one would sit where it was wet. Why didnt they just close that theater? What if someone gets hurt especially with all the children in this particular showing. It was also really dark during the previous my girls could barely see the way to a seat. The chairs are at the same level so if someone tall sits in front of you or your child... The staff was nice other than the lying girl, cleanliness was ok except for the wet seats and hole in the ceiling. I however will not come to this theater again. Ill stick to movie 12 thank you very much!

Review №79

Great prices with good people and movies

Review №80

Great prices and variety. Popcorn n soda combo also decent

Review №81

Movie was too dark and make sure the cashier knows the price of the movies. We were charged for the 3D movie even though we saw a regular movie.

Review №82

I take back what I said 5 years ago. This movie theater is actually good. About the popcorn, it tasted good. And yes, the tickets are at a great price.

Review №83

Discount movie house showing older first-run movies before they go to DVD. $2 tickets and they have 1 or 2 old arcade video games, too.

Review №84

The little theater that everyone loves

Review №85

Great place to enjoy excellent movies.

Review №86

They need to upgrade all the seats they are very uncomfortable !

Review №87

Awesome value for the family. Concessions are very reasonable also

Review №88

Identify Stars it was a small theater pretty well cats the only disappointment that I had was there wasnt enough seats on the outside of the Just sit in the lobby they have one little table and two chairs and then we went to go see a movie and theres a lot of elderly peopleTo sit down and there was nowhere till he said it I complain to the manager he said it was a corporate office that they werent going to spend any extra money for seats for people to sit down in the lobby It was a nice of a manager he said hes been trying for 2 years to get tables and chairs they just dont want to spend the money I still gave him five stars for the service and how clean the theater was

Review №89

Super friendly, great prices and bathrooms are always clean

Review №90

Cheap movies! And on Saturday only 50 before 12!!!

Review №91

I gave it two stars because the price was great .50 cents before noon on Saturdays. But!!! We wanted to see the Smurfs village, I got popcorn and a drink and that was 12$ plus. The movie started and the darn projector broke! Sorry. It just ruined the fun day I had planned. Then they tell us to get a 1.50$ refund or go watch boring beauty and the beast I have two boys, and one is a toddler, so yeah he was wicked bored. Anyway, my son called the theater crusty. That was funny, but ehh it was suppose to be fun. Crusty indeed my child, I said as I left. Didnt eat my popcorn or drink, kids were disappointed, didnt get a refund, and I had to make up for it with something else so a bargain Day turned to an expensive waste. Go to movies12 off lee Trevino. They are getting with the times and updated.

Review №92

Decent theater, but a little small. Fun place to catch recent movies without spending much.

Review №93

Rude staff. Employee Luis Cortez was very rude and did not treat me fairly. He harrassed me by making a drawing of me and posting it on the minifridge behind the concessions. I proceeded to press charges for harrassment of a customer but luis and his pals removed the drawing before anything could be done. Do not go unless you wish to be treated rudely. Popcorn is crispy tho.

Review №94

This was on a Sunday, the 23rd I believe, and it was full. There were many people waiting in line whole only 2 cashiers were attending. More and more people began to come in and one of the workers said hed take the next in line, and a lady that had just come in went to him. Then, those waiting for over 10 minutes fought with the worker saying that they were first and have been waiting and he simply said there are two lines when there was just ONE line formed. Long story short, after arguing with the worker, he simply decided to attend the ones who were barely coming in rather than the ones who had been waiting. That worker is the reason why my family decided to leave.

Review №95

Super cheap movies, offer rewards card, and friendly staff! I totally recommend

Review №96

Great theater. $2 movies. Only reason that I rated it 4, was due to the picture being black twice during the movie, but they fixed it promptly.

Review №97

So cheap and fun. Cant get enough. Great for budgeting with a huge family.

Review №98

I couldnt believe the price of $0.50

Review №99

Its always a great movie theatre but I suggest going during the day. We are at the movies right now and we were watching Batman vs. Superman. But the movie stopped without finishing. No one from the staff helped us and most of them already went home. The staff member was rude and didnt seem to care so we snuck into nice guys just so we could watch something to compensate for our loss

Review №100

Cheap but good place to take family on a budget

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  • Phone:+1 915-591-4858
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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