6101 Gateway Blvd W Suite 15, El Paso, TX 79925, United States

Review №1

Finally since the Pandemic started we were able to sit down and enjoy a movie. The theater is very clean and is enforcing social distancing and procedures. We were fortunate to have the theater to our selves but i do encourage more to go. Staff advised us the theater rooms and facilities are constantly being disinfected.

Review №2

Covid-19 did not ruin our opportunity to enjoy a movie. Premiere IMAX has done an amazing job at the concessions, purchasing tickets, the theater, the restrooms. You forget we are in the middle of a pandemic. Thank you premiere cinema for having us!

Review №3

The latest movies at good prices. Clean theaters. Plenty of goodies to buy

Review №4

First, they are open. Big plus. Thank you Premiere. I believe, they are closed Monday & Tuesday for cleaning or something. Then saw The Collector. Was actually a really good movie. Check it out... ;0)

Review №5

IMAX is great! Love it!Always clean.Free Refill on large drink and popcorn.The one theater that gives you plenty of cheese on your nachos.They sometimes sell the tickets at the concession, I guess when its not busy.

Review №6

They followed social distance rules and there was really not a lot of people. The new mutants was a good movie!

Review №7

Not bad, different from AMC. They have adjustable seats and you can consume alcohol. It is unfortunate they do not have double seaters for couples, but has its makeups for it. Good experience nonetheless.

Review №8

After standing in line and placing our order the guys tells us that only the last register to the left is taking cash payments.then when I asked him a question of what are we doing with our popcorn and drinks he just repeats the last registered on the left the lastIm asking him if he wants us to take the stuff down there or is he going to take it down there what are we doing no answers got so ticked off we just left

Review №9

Clean, Excellent Services, They are taking all the precautions necessary. Mask and 6 ft. My recommendation is buy the tickets online and that way you secure your seat

Review №10

It looks great now that they modified it defeating the sound the service was awesome we saw the movie Fatima

Review №11

Felt safe, clean... however a guy was on his cell phone the whole movie. Make your rounds and check in on the theater for that plz.

Review №12

Well placed screen, you can sit in front and still eye level.

Review №13

Amazing seating! The chars a large, recline, and have a large adjustable snack/drink table attached. Very spacious and advances the movie going experience. I wont go to any other theater that doesnt have these seats because it wouldnt be worth it.

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Review №15

The remodeling of this cinema has this venue looking great! They havent finished, one side is still under renovation, but the flooring looks great. The theaters now offer comfortable recliners with an adjustable head rest and lifting foot rest - all electric. Each chair has a personal food tray, with drink holder, that swivels towards or away from you.

Review №16

Went to see Doolittle at 3:15. The movie was on auto pilot. The movie started late and the last ten minutes of the movie the lights came on, the sound went off and the movie was still going. Last scene was barely visible and had no sound. Music score and full credits were cut off. For a first run movie theatre it was very disappointing. The manager apologized and gave us gift certificates but the experience was already ruined! At least the new seats were comfortable.

Review №17

Went to see a movie last week. The theaters have been updated and looks very nice. Reclined seats and side tables, new floors. Great updates.

Review №18

There is people who work there that are able to fixe things up in a fast and smile way. Is a great place to take your family.

Review №19

A young lady was off work at the cinema and took time to explain what I asked her.The movie, we all liked it slot. Jumanji

Review №20

We went to see Jumangi. The theater was top of the line with accomodating recliners & individual swivel tables that it made it more relaxing & comfortable to watch. The movie was at the right volume & not too loud & the theatre was nice, clean & presentable for customers. Id go again!

Review №21

We decided to go there last minute. We where not disappointed. The seats are fantastic and I loved that all seats had a little table.

Review №22

Nice theater. We went here to see Star Wars Rouge One. It is clean and the popcorn and candy are usual theater prices. We had to go through the mall to get in because we did not see an outside entrance. We only had one problem when we showed them we had bought our tickets on line they made us feel like we were lying. The front ticket booth was closed and we had to show our printed receipt four or five times before they would ok it. They had a hard time finding a manager who understood what was going on.

Review №23

We spent $40 on 2 movie tickets, 2 hot dogs, 1 drink, and the tub of popcorn. Ill let you decide if its withing your budget. Seats were comfortable though!

Review №24

Clean environment, friendly staff. Alcoholic drinks

Review №25

Card only. If you pay in cash, any change will be put on THEIR gift card.

Review №26

Comfortable seating for a movie theater. Food and drink are overpriced, but you cannot bring in your own. This is just how movie theaters make money and less of a problem with the movie theater itself. Security there was also fine and was kind to us in our visit.

Review №27

Premiere finally upgraded the seats they adjust more and better than cinemark. They are not as soft either but aside from that great new seats

Review №28

This is a great theater. They offer a full snack bar with decent prices. There is an arcade off the lobby. The staff was very friendly and cheerful. The seats were comfortable and the sound system was excellent. The theater was clean and well lit. They offered free refills on the large popcorn and drink.

Review №29

Love it! Movie was awesome

Review №30

Tickets listed at 9.00. Charged 11.18. I said wahhhhhttt???? Told that was taxes. No way. Oh, it is a new price and the prices on the board are old. Fine, but fix the price list on the board then.

Review №31

There was a good portion of the movie that was just really choppy. Almost like it was buffering.

Review №32

Our movie was scheduled at 12:30 but they forgot to turn it on. Previews didnt start till12:53, so the movie ran late. But I LOVE this place and their nachos are the best! So, I still have to give them a 5-Star rating!

Review №33

One of the worst experiences in town. Screens have burn in and they dont even pay attention to the experience during the movie. The curtain was blocking 20% of the movie the entire time. Try Cielo Vista

Review №34

I work at a non profit organization with kids of domestic violence, we took our kids for spring break here and the general manager refused to take out tax exempt!! We have NEVER had this problem, we have came previous times before without any issues. But today the general manager was u willing to help , even when they had just opened the theater so it’s not like there was a rush or crowd of people behind us. It was heart breaking to tell our kids that we had to post pone the movie outing. We will definitely be going to other movie theaters for out future outings!

Review №35

Amazing theatre that I think many people miss. Worth going here, great theater and staff!

Review №36

Great theater very modern, and has the least expensive movie ticket and concession prices in town.

Review №37

Way to dirty. Did not even bother to clean it before next showing.

Review №38

Great Nachos and food selections

Review №39

I love the place. Too bad I never had a chance to work there when I was I teen.

Review №40

Always been my favorite theater. Usually not as crowded and nice seating.

Review №41

Great relaxing seats area is really big. Has a table top for popcorn and soft drink.

Review №42

Ooohh really movies n sits plus I like it couse I can have a drink n hotdogs

Review №43

For all VIP card holdefters 7. They wont knock off the difference on the small popcorn when you get any of the combos... otherwise itd be a perfect 5 star. Staff was polite.

Review №44

Great movie experience... until you need to use their bathroom.

Review №45

I like it a lot but today they werent showing any movies that I wanted to see so what a bummer but next week I should have some better movies

Review №46

The theater is conveniently located. Easy to find the entrance and plenty of parking. The theater lobby is bright and modern. There is a large game room for the kids. Snacks and beverages were fresh and tasty. Staff was cheerful, helpful and efficient.

Review №47

Its safe to go.

Review №48

Fast service and great seats. Not a lit of people when I went.

Review №49

Great movies. Pricey food items.

Review №50

IMAX was awesome. The clarity and sound system are truly amazing. Other than that this is your standard theater. I always have a nice time coming to this one.

Review №51

Love it! Noticed it is a pretty clean and comfortable place to go watch movies. Just watched Good Boys today, and really enjoyed it!

Review №52

Only good thing I can say that s the movie selection, other than that prepare to be disappointed. They are generally understaffed at the ticket sales, and the concessions stand is EXTREMELY slow. You would think that they would move faster with lines as long as the generally are but that is where you are wrong. The theaters themselves are monitored poorly so if cell phones are a problem be warned. Plan ahead and prepare to be upset.

Review №53

I love this movie place! Always clean and nothing is too expensive and ppl are always so friendly. This is my movie spot.

Review №54

Watching a movie on IMAX is an experience you shouldn’t miss. The combination of a huge screen and the super sound is just amazing. The theater is very upscale, very nice and very clean, and the seat are very comfortable. Large variety of snacks, and fresh popcorn. The price for snacks is the same you find in all theaters, which is over priced.

Review №55

Small theater, remodeled and clean, comfortable, whats not to like.

Review №56

IMAX theatre is really worn out. Dirty floors with messed up torn seats and has an odd smell. Every premium theatre in El Paso has upgraded their except this one. It’s a shame, I really liked IMAX but this theatre puts it to shame!

Review №57

Friendly staff, clean theatres & restrooms. Saw Deadpool in IMAX, it was a great experience.

Review №58

They revamped the place so its even better

Review №59

My family and I enjoyed every moment..

Review №60

Nice place, wish it had more seating in the lobby , the 4 sofas are taken up quickly leaving persons standing when they are handicapped. & the Skittles machine was sooooo cool

Review №61

Great prices on popcorn and entrance highly recommend

Review №62

Best popcorn

Review №63

I love this theater they are so friendly and kind and they also hire individuals with disabilities which not many companies do and they take the time and have the patience to train them.

Review №64

Theater is really nice and clean, and the picture and volume is great. I did not get any drinks or snacks because of the price, they more expensive than a top end 5star restaurant steak dinner.I hadnt been to a movie in a theater years, and today I was reminded why it has been so long - the people. I spent the entire 1st hour of the movie in front of a guy with a big bucket of popcorn that had no idea how to chew with his mouth closed. Then there was the family with a baby that cried whenever the movie got loud and they just let the baby cry it out. Then there was the guy 2 rows in front of me that spent the entire movie texting and it was so distracting. There were two teenage girls in my row that spent more time talking than watching the movie, they were annoying as a splinter under your thumbnail. And, a first for me - the kid with the light up shoes down the other side of the row that would activate the lights on the seat back in front on him every 5 minutes or so.Again, the theater is great but other people just have no idea how much they make the experience miserable. I will go back to waiting for the movie to be released for streaming since it cost the same price as going the theater.

Review №65

Comfortable seating. Love the heated seats

Review №66

Nice atmosphere

Review №67

Always a great movie time at Premier 17 IMAX Bassett Place!Good customer service

Review №68

This is my place for movies. Of course i live in the neighborhood; So its easy to get there. I love the cleanliness. The sofas in the main lobby, somewhere to sit while u wait for the family. They serve all types of coffee n bottled drinks to have with ur nachos

Review №69

Its always nice and clean there.every one is nice there

Review №70

Love this theater it has good seats and affordable

Review №71

This is still my favorite theater to visit when it comes to movies. The prices are great and theyve had free refills on drinks and popcorn since way before anyone else started doing it. Not to mention their nachos are awesome! Free extra cheese? Yes please! Seriously though, definitely an underrated movie experience here

Review №72

The theater is nice and big usually not too busy and prices that are not so bad. The quality of the screen are too tier but for most it will be what you expect. The food is a little expensive but it is a movie theater what would you expect

Review №73

Newly renovated lots of room very nice

Review №74

This is a good Kinoporium. The stationary bikes you use to power up the projector are nice and comfortable and the perches for your cinema falcon seemed decent.Be advised though you have to bring your own anvil as the theater provides none.

Review №75

Good place to watch a movie! Popcorn was great! Movie was VERY loud bothered my grandson but was good for my hard of hearing husband!

Review №76

Way, way too loud. Turn down your speaker

Review №77

The IMAX theater is nice, and I do like the reserved seating, although the seats are a bit cramped. A real issue, however, is the rear left speaker in said IMAX theater is broken, has been for months. It cuts out and cuts back in randomly. At times, during a really loud scene, itll cut in and startle you if youre sitting on that side of the theater, or it will cut out and totally diminish the impact of the scene. It would be one thing if this were a one time thing, but this has being going on since at least December and has only gotten worse. Ive attended quite a few movies in this theater over the last few months, and each time this speaker issue has diminished the IMAX experience. Last night during Spider-Man: Homecoming was the worst its ever been. That said, I wont be returning to this screen until this has been addressed. Minus one star for the cramped seating, and minus two stars for terrible maintenance of the IMAX theater.

Review №78

Get access to the best movies here!Employees treat you with respect and make sure you get the best enjoyment.

Review №79

Love this place ,looks great nicely remodeled

Review №80

Good movie theatre. I really enjoy going there just wish they had more reserved seating like other movie theaters cuz it would be more comfortable instead of being crunched up but other than that I enjoy it.

Review №81

Everything was cool, but either they were out, or they dont offer ice tea

Review №82

This is a great theater. It has many screens and has a bar. The IMAX is pretty awesome. Its clean and screens look good. Weekends it is very busy.

Review №83

Really good cutomer service not like other theaters that get pack and you have to get seated where they tell you too

Review №84

A special thank you to the staff from mr. Faucet fix

Review №85

Ive always like this theater. Its never too packed. Im giving it five stars but management is lacking on the maintenance, like the couches out in the lobby (one of them is falling apart). The staff seem to be organized and prices are competitive. I like going to this theater.

Review №86

Honestly a very nice and entertaining theater. If you are to watch a movie made for IMAX then your money is well spent!!

Review №87

Had one of the worst movie experiences. I had to get a refund and leave. First issue was the dippin dots ice cream I ordered. Got the large for $6.75. When they brought it to me it was in a tiny didn’t even match the picture that was being shown. Immediately got a refund. Then went into the theater..noticed there was some garbage on the floor around seats..ok no problem. Sometimes cleaners miss stuff. Sat down and started to watch the previews..then I noticed on the top left of the screen it looked like something was on the screen...maybe it was even torn IDK. Ok, I’ll just try and avoid that and enjoy the movie.. now the movie starts...NO SOUND! What is going on with this place?!? One thing after another. I left and got a refund. Will not be coming back here.

Review №88

Comfortable seating, movie theater is always clean. Best time to go is during the week for an early show, you practically have the theater to yourself!

Review №89

1st off I have to say that the bathrooms and this theater are always super super clean! I also appreciated gratitude that they showed when there is a problem with the movie. They dont have the luxury reclining seats but thats not why I come to the movies plus that makes me sleepy anyway. I go to the movies quite a bit and a staff that serve are always great and friendly!

Review №90

The staff was nice enough, but the popcorn was overpriced and was not good. The arcade stole $2 from me

Review №91

Went to see Wonderpark for the summer movies. Would of given 5 stars if there was good seating

Review №92

Clean, not crowded, wish they have automatic cashiers to purchase tickets

Review №93

Great place. I like going when in the morning when there is no one really especially when I take my 2 yr old because he doesnt like sitting down for too long and I dont want to disturb anyone else, lol! The place is clean and the food is good. And of course the seats are comfy.

Review №94

Movie started at 1:30 but they wouldnt let us in until 1:10. So we had to stand around holding our food and drink for 20 mins. Wouldnt be so bad if they had tables and chairs to wait at. Either that or clean the theater quicker. Learn from Cinemark.

Review №95

I was treated very rudely by a popcorn kid named Alex. After buying popcorn and soda for $15, I asked Alex for an extra disposable cup. I assumed the cups were self serve as they were on the very front of the counters on all the aisles. I grabbed two cups and Alex snatched them from my hand, took my popcorn, and repeatedly told me in a hostile voice that I could not have an extra cup even if I am not using it for soda. Not that its important but I have rare medical disability in which I am required to rinse my mouth every hour with medicine and spit it out, hence the need for an empty cup. After getting yelled at by Alex for 10 minutes he threw my popcorn in the trash and I was late for my movie. Never go to this location it is the worse!!

Review №96

Imax Theater is having sound problems with the rear left speaker. So annoying. Cleanliness 3/5. Service 5/5.

Review №97

I’ve never had any bad experiences here. It’s not usually packed during the week.

Review №98

Love their tuesday discount days. Awesome popcorn and nostalgic small theatre feel.

Review №99

Love their IMAX

Review №100

Always my favorite spot to bring family!

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  • Address:6101 Gateway Blvd W Suite 15, El Paso, TX 79925, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 915-771-7900
  • IMAX theater
  • Movie theater
  • Video arcade
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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