Cinemark West and XD
7440 Remcon Cir, El Paso, TX 79912, United States

Review №1

Love that this theater is so close from home from Cruces. Had a great time watching this thought provoking movie!

Review №2

We went to watch the croods 2 and was great, the seats were clean and the screen was huge! The quality was also great. Definitely recommend! BTW, the croods 2 is a really good movie!

Review №3

Concessions stand girl was very rude and not friendly at all. You would think they would be happy we are giving them business in this unknown times but no. Attitude. Wknt be going back to this theater in quite a while

Review №4

This has always been my favorite movie theater in El Paso for the service is excellent and top-notch and the quality of the theater is above 10.

Review №5

Great theater and the best seats in the XD rooms!

Review №6

Great experience. Very clean. Loved the seats!

Review №7

Great place to relax and watch movies peacefully and handicap accessible

Review №8

Cinemark has a great cleaning system in these time of pandemic.I strongly recommend this cinemark.

Review №9

Very clean theater on the west side all the employees are very helpful and always have a smile I do wish that they had hands-free flushing in the restrooms

Review №10

This theater has been a go-to place the last couple of years for my family. The service is outstanding and the staff are super friendly. Theres a bar on site and the concession stand has a lot of choices including pizza from Pizza Hut. The reclining chairs are super comfy. They have an early-bird special here, too! This place is great and very clean.

Review №11

A felt save with the new process with covid 19.

Review №12

Just a few people, clean, safe.

Review №13

Not only are the Cinemark employees amazing, but the movie theatre is just phenomenal. There is was a couple or arcade games that did not work but that did not ruin our stay. Will definitely be coming back.

Review №14

If they had better food and coffee options Id give them 6 stars this is our go to theater. It has comfy good. available for adults. No ?

Review №15

Easiest place to watch movie. But concession is expensive. It also had closed caption available since my sister and I have hard hearing is helping me to watch movie the script.

Review №16

Love the new pricing and cleanliness.

Review №17

Love it. Clean. And. Safe

Review №18

If I had a option of listing this as a 4 and a half star review I would, but I’ll be generous because this has been my go-to theater of choice for years (literally), despite some stiff competition. My ONLY complaint about this place is the time spent in the concession lines. Other than that, nothing beats the non-interruptive nature of sitting in a auditorium with recliners and not having staff run around during the movie. It’s the best place to go if you solely want to focus on the movie playing in front of you.Thanks to the staff and management for keeping the place clean and making us feel safe with all the security and adding the recliners.

Review №19

Allen Ortiz and the staff go far and beyond to make our visit special! Good job.

Review №20

Saw a movie here this weekend the some friends. Seats were more comfortable than eastside cinemark. Signed up for their membership so I save now every time. Recommend this theatre

Review №21

This was my first time watching a movie here at this theater and it was very nice. I loved how the seats recline. The staff there were all very nice. I will definitely come back again.

Review №22

Good job getting things back where we can watch movies again.

Review №23

We really enjoy everything about this theater. Love the recliner chairs. No complaints here!

Review №24

Comfy seats! Awesome screens... enough light and marked aisles for older people to see where they are going :) and Pizza Hut!!!

Review №25

Good seating. Big screen. Decent price. I didnt buy so very decent price.

Review №26

Kewl place. Consistently dirty floors from popcorn etc. Good seats that kick back. Very comfy. Awesome sound, and big screens. One of my favs.

Review №27

Everyone working here is very nice, fast and polite. The screens, sound system and seats are the best!

Review №28

The people there are very friendly. Place is very clean. And the atmosphere is fantastic. Not to cold nor hot very comfortable to watch a movie.

Review №29

This place is way better than the flix. I didnt like the fact that I was told I could pay for my food at the end of the movie, and I had a waiter asking for payment like 4 times during the movie, plus the popcorn and drinks are way better than those at the flix. The flix has more of a bar setting, so if you wanna drink I guess you can visit the place... Also seats are way bigger and comfier at Cinemark as well.

Review №30

We enjoyed our movie. The seating is phenomenal and the experience enjoyable. I recommend this theater.

Review №31

Awesome movie theater. Gabriel Marrufo and his team are great and provide excellent service!

Review №32

Great and convenient place to catch a movie. Would have left 5 stars but last night the theater was way too warm/hot inside. Went to see Spider-Man at the xd late in the evening and the theater was too warm. Will go again but hopefully with a nice cool setting to visit like movies should be.

Review №33

Love the convenience always a good place to enjoy a movie with great tasting concessions

Review №34

I always love going to this theater which happens to my nearest theater too. The recliner seats are the best, the popcorn tastes great, I always love grabbing a fruit punch, and I love the auditoriums. The XD auditorium is very cool too. I cant really complain about this theater.

Review №35

The quality was great! We saw It Part 2 and it was really comfy. The cashier was friendly even though she was swamped. The a/c was off and it was pretty warm, but all and all it was a good time.

Review №36

Always enjoy going to the West side to visit Friends and go to the Movies! Pricey food items! Comfortable seats!

Review №37

I really enjoyed coming to this Cinema. I am not sure if the luxury reclining seats here are different from the newer ones. I believe these are a bit wider and extended a bit further than others Ive tried. The whole experience was excellent from the movie all the way to the concession stand. . A little to far from home so I dont frequent it as much as I would like. Besides the construction on the West Side discourages me often when making a choice.

Review №38

The seats are excellent but I dont care for the pretzels here.

Review №39

Never had a bad experience here. We drive from far NE El Paso, over Transmountain for recliners and comfort. Staff is great, and the theaters are always clean.

Review №40

Love the seats staff is great.I forgot my phone at my seat and the staff went and found it for me.

Review №41

This is a great movie theater to attend. The service is fast and accurate.

Review №42

Clean. Competitive with other theatre prices. Has very comfy seats that lean back as much as you want electrically. And the rest is up to you.

Review №43

Always such a great experience, we love coming here.

Review №44

Nice theatre. Enjoyed the different food options, like Pizza Hut pizzas and Icees. Friendly staff. Enjoyable experience.

Review №45

I take my kid there sometimes, we love watching cartoons together.

Review №46

I lost my keys in the seat and they are so honest that they had found them and save them for me

Review №47

It was great. The lobby was clean and the services were fast, friendly, and courteous.

Review №48

Very comfotable seats, very clean , and great selection of movies. Great prices and wonderful staff

Review №49

Honestly I love going to the movies and relaxing with the family, today was a special day my sister in law was with us, we went to the 6:50 showing for captain marvel. As the movie reaches halfway mark the family in front of us of course has kids and they say sorry when they get a little to loud, what really bothered me is that one of the oldest siblings got a smaller one and started taking selfies with full flash on, we let it slide the first time then again and again with the flash so I went and told a gentleman that was outside and he said he would be in shortly I waited and waited movie was close to the end and all I could see was the woman’s flash in her phone. I love going to the movies but when I go and ask for assistance on something like this I expect some help. I paid good money to enjoy my movie that I couldn’t. I did not approach the person because then they could turn it the other way and say I bothered them.

Review №50

Theater itself and movie was very good. Comfortable seats and spacious theater. Reason why im giving it 2 stars is the speed of service. It took at least 20 mins to get snack at the snack bar. After waiting and having a seat in the theater my cherry coke tasted awful. Went back down and waited 10 mins and the line at the concession didnt move. I overheard the concession stand on the other side was open. Waitied another 15 mins to be helped on that side. I understand it was a Saturday and busy but the workers had no sense of urgency to them. I almost missed the start of my movie.

Review №51

Clean, seats were super comfy and good pour on the mixed drinks. Little pricey on things but thats the movies nowadays

Review №52

This theater is great. Its got reclining seats that are very comfy, the option to heat your seat, and delicious snacks. The sound and picture quality are also great.

Review №53

I had a pretty routine experience viewing Captain Marvel. The lobby and halls were very clean. There werent too many people waiting in line for concessions, but I felt they shouldnt have had only one register open. The theater felt pretty warm and popcorn lacked flavor. Other than that, the recliner chairs seem to have held up pretty well over the time. The upholstery still feels new and the electric buttons worked as expected.

Review №54

Although the food is pricy, the seats are very comfortable and my viewing experience was pristine. But seriously, the food is ridiculously expensive! 4.35 for an ICEE? Id rather just drink from the water fountain.

Review №55

Love the comfy chairs, nice and clean, good selection of current movies.

Review №56

Great theater, clean bathrooms, comfortable seats, and very friendly employees. This is my favorite theater

Review №57

No complains good movie theater just food and drinks are expensive Id sneek in a water bottle if i had a purse..

Review №58

Love go her the my dad and his wife.

Review №59

Why do you increase ticket prices online or if not buying your stupid subscription! it does not make sense! you save money with online ticketing, that should be reflected on the sales price, now I understand why people prefer to make their own cinemas at home taking 6 to the movie be prepared to expend $200 easy! per Movie

Review №60

Great selection of movies. Very comfy seats. There is a small arcade and bar at the side of the concessions. Very packed on Sunday morning and Friday and Saturday nights.

Review №61

Theatres are always very clean. LOVE the reclining chairs. Wish prices for food and drinks wasnt ridiculous. Id actually buy things

Review №62

I have 2 small boys and we love going to the movies, but pricing is ridiculous. Not to mention you now charge 25¢ per very small container of jalapeños, not worth it. This is why people prefer to make their own home theaters or bring their own snacks. I just spent $50+ on 3 people during early bird.

Review №63

I saw The boys. This movie was hilarious but definetely rated R. But you can take ur teenagers. However, i did tell this girl can i buy my tickets? The girl told me can I borrow your phone. Then, the girl gave me the tickets. She was weird! Rude!

Review №64

Always awesome. Friendly service, good location

Review №65

This is the best theatre in El Paso! We travel from Las Cruces for the superior screens, audio, and luxury recliners. Bigger is better when it comes to movies! Cnemark West and XD rocks!

Review №66

Great food options! There is PIZZA HUT!

Review №67

Cinema art. Comfort seating. Easy parking. Highway access. Shopping and restaurants very close by.

Review №68

Very comfortably spaced and recliner seating makes for a awesome movie experience!

Review №69

Awesome llace to watcv new movies!

Review №70

I love this theater, the reclining seats and great customer service..

Review №71

I go to the movies frequently. In the last couple months I feel that management is dropping the ball at the concession stand. LOONG lines for snacks/drinks, few lines open. I went to a 10pm showing to find long concession lines so decided to head to the movie and come back hoping line would die down. It was about 10:45pm and theentire main concession area was closed off. On 2 other occasions, I was unable to get pretzel bites in the evening because the oven was down and again already shut down for the night.Isnt this how movie theaters make money nowadays?? Makes sense if you want to close main concession stand to get ahead for closing, but at least have the smaller / hall stand open, or wait until the last movie is half over to close, or have back up employees to help ease the line, etc.If you want food or drinks, get there at least 20 min early. On a positive note, love the spacey aisles and the recliners.

Review №72

Love cinemark theatres, we enjoy every minute we are in any cinemark theatre especially on the westside, we hope that one day we have one in northeast el paso

Review №73

This theater is very enjoyable. The amenities are very nice, clean, and welcoming. The loungers are so relaxing ..and the room you have both in front and to your sides is just fabulous. Theres no way you cant enjoy a movie when you have a place like this. Shout out to management for doing a great job in having their employees keep up with the maintenance and cleanliness of the place.

Review №74

Nice place to kill free time

Review №75

Always clean, great place to see a movie.

Review №76

The movies r good but to many commercials at the start.

Review №77

Have been coming here for years, long before any remodeling took place. Brought my daughters here when they were kids, and now I bring my grandkids. They do a very good job of keeping it up and not letting it get run down. The remodeling was a very good upgrade and made it very comfortable and more enjoyable. Staff is always great. Great theater to enjoy a movie.

Review №78

Overcomer movie was so good. I like this theater, new, clean, staff polite, seats are a plus, wide space, close to home...

Review №79

Super comfy, nice service, great selection of snacks and drinks. Pizza is a plus!!

Review №80

I frequent this theatre about 2 to 3 times monthly and each time am so appreciative of the seating. The seats are so comfortable. It was a little chilly today but those heated seats help so much. I love the extra space between rows of seating. Recommend this theatre rarely overcrowded!

Review №81

Overall sound was good, however the AC was turned off in a sold out show as soon as movie started. A theater with luxury seating charging top dollar should not feel stuffy or hot.

Review №82

Great place for current movies. Seats can be purchased in advance. Great for large groups. Large selection at concessions. Very friendly staff! Clean theaters and restrooms.

Review №83

Loved the new seats. Clean and fun

Review №84

Comfortable chairs. Good popcorn.

Review №85

Clean cinemark and costumer service realy helpful

Review №86

Friendly employees fresh popcorn all the time

Review №87

My granddaughter and I had a wonderful time viewing the movieThe Addams Family. Never ate so much popcorn.

Review №88

Great place, always clean, very confortable seats and very kind personel

Review №89

Great theater with nice reclining seats.

Review №90

Good and very clean place to relax watching a movie on Tuesday’s $5 movies! Expensive popcorn and snacks, but refillable popcorn tub and drink cup is worth investing in; refills for $4 each. (Small popcorn tub)

Review №91

Comfortable seats, but like any other movie theatre the snacks are too expensive.

Review №92

Really nice cinema. XD screen and sound is perfect!

Review №93

Big screens, nice sound..friendly staff

Review №94

Great experience, excellent seats and very comfortable screening overall.Definitely recommend

Review №95

Went to see a movie in XD. Youre definitely going to pay premium for the ticket but if its a movie with special effects or lots of CGI as ours was, its totally worth the ticket price. Super comfy seats. And you can enjoy several adult beverages there in the theater. Fun experience for a movie youre really looking forward to.

Review №96

Its always clean, and the new comfy seats are so worth the price. Ive been to several other theaters in other cities with similar comfy seat approaches, but the Cinemark seats take the prize. The only place that I think can beat them is the VIP theater in Juarez (simply because it is, in all fairness, cheaper, blessed be the devalued peso)

Review №97

Great place

Review №98

Love this theater, compared to all the cinemark around El Paso, this one has bigger seats and trust me Im a big guy so I need room

Review №99

The process for purchasing tickets was really hard and inconvenient, i had a gift card and its listed as an option for online purchase but it wouldnt be accepted, i called this establishment 5 times before getting an answer and the person helping me said giftcards arent available online and he couldnt hold a seat for me and he cut the conversation really short.

Review №100

Lines too long at concessions, they need to have more than 2 registers going.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:7440 Remcon Cir, El Paso, TX 79912, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 915-587-5145
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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