AMC El Paso 16
9840 Gateway N Blvd, El Paso, TX 79924, United States

Review №1

It’s a pretty decent theater. Often they don’t have salt. Right now during COVID they won’t give the usual refills on large popcorn, but still charge the regular price or tell you before hand .

Review №2

Good theater. Getting your own soft drink is a huge plus for me. Ive tried the flatbread (pizza) and they are really good!Great concept, I just think it can be a bit cleaner. The bathroom smell even though they werent excessively dirty. On a slow day, the tables in the center were all dirty with no one maintaining them.The seats are nice and comfortable. With heated seats the ability to recline and rather spacious.

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Review №4

Very clean and fast service. The seats were comfortable and heated if you like.

Review №5

They are in the process of renovating now that they are under AMC. I came here until I left for college 6 years ago when it was Carmike Cinemas. AMC has definitely stepped up their presentation and style. I hadnt been since last year, so coming gave me a fresh take.The seats are leather(feeling, doubt authentic) reclined with heating which is great when the theatre gets too cold. They have self serve Coca Cola machines now which is a big improvement having gone to many theatres that have this feature.I was able to reserve seats for our movie. Which, being from a city that this feature is a staple, I find so convenient when you are planning outings in advance or have a large group(such as with kids). No more worrying if everyone will be together or not.They gave a good rewards program that is about $15 for the year, but if you go to the movies as frequently as my family can, it is definitely worth the investment. They often get enough points to go several times a year without paying a dime, or, at least, extremely little(my familys experience). They do have a cap on points, Im assuming is 40,000 because we accumulated 37,000 recently and the concession woman explained it would cap soon.Some of the staff I recognize from a year or so ago when I came last, so I know they are very friendly and helpful. The ones I am not familiar with, such as the concession woman, seem to be equally friendly and helpful.Definitely going to be returning here more frequently.

Review №6

Theater and bathrooms are super clean. Employees and other customers were in compliance. It was a good experience.

Review №7

We stood in line with one person taking orders and selling tickets. The premier line had about three customers and of course they get preference. There were two other ladies in the background making hot dogs, I guess? Not for anyone who had ordered them but to stock. It wasnt until I said something, that they assisted the young man with the line that was even longer by then. There was no ice in some of the machines. There was no butter for popcorn on one side of the snack station. The theater was very cold. They have seat warmers but my arms were still cold. Take a sweater. The restrooms are poorly lit. There are no lights in some stalls. Overall clean and decently friendly staff.

Review №8

Serve real food like hot dogs Mac and cheese and burgers besides popcorn and soda. Seats now move so you lay down or sit up and everything in between. Seats heat up as well. Had a great time watching a movie here. Will go again.

Review №9

If you don’t mind waiting to see a movie, this place is great. You can have date night (movie, popcorn, soda) for two for under $20! If you’re a regular movie goer I suggest getting the rewards card. I was able to save a lot of money with rewards that built up. My last visit costs me under $1 for the movie, popcorn bucket, and large soda. The theatre itself is always clean and the seats are really comfortable.

Review №10

We loved the theater itself, but there were many disrespectful people in there who did not let us enjoy our movie. They came in and out the theater many times and while they were in the theater they kept on talking, laughing, & were on their phones. The staff was lovely but they should monitor the theaters just so they can make sure people are enjoying the movie without people being disrespectful. Come to a theater to watch the movie not to talk nor laugh.

Review №11

Nice place. Friendly staff. Excellent seating. Nice lighting. Good sound system. Bathrooms could be cleaner. Expensive food, like most other theaters.

Review №12

Comfortable seats, screen and sound system good. Friendly staff.

Review №13

Have had a great experience every time we’ve gone so far. Reservations using their website has been a time saver, and being an AMC Stubs member has some good benefits.

Review №14

My first time in this theatre. NICE!!! Lazy boy type recliner seat, very comfortable. Clean restroom, great candy and soda selection. Well stocked bar. What else can you ask for.....? If only people could be less of a pig and not leave seats and floor as if chicken had been eating there.

Review №15

Overall great theater. I have movie VIP pass- that is a good deal but concession prices are significantly higher than Cinemark. Realllyyyy overpriced on their food. Staff is nice though.

Review №16

Very nice since the recent remodel. Expanded food options, including a surprisingly tasty pizza. Coke Freestyle machine for drinks, so there are a ton of options for beverages. The best part of the remodel is the theaters themselves. Less overall seats, but they are all recliners (electric) with seat warmers. Be careful, if you arent very skinny you may accidentally press the warmer without noting. It seems the recliners on the ends may be slightly larger. Reserved seating. Each row is separated by a small partition wall. This will be fine for most adults, but if you recline the seat all the way it may be hard to see the bottom of the screen. Also children may have some difficulty, but it depends on how you sit. Apparently, they also have a bar now in the lobby. Great place to watch a movie!

Review №17

Very clean great service .

Review №18

Great theater. Very comfortable seats. Food is good also. And if you order it through the app, they bring it to your seat just before the movie starts.

Review №19

First time at this theater. Really enjoyed it. Also you can order food and popcorn online with your tickets.Then they take it to your seat. Definitely will go back.

Review №20

Love this theater. Go early its quiet. Get AMC Stubs. Its worth it! No more waiting in lines!

Review №21

Its not every day that a family of seven can goto the movies. With this being said, it was very enjoyable. Tiered seating is nice at any level for viewing pleasure and the reclined/heated seating just adds to the comfortability for everyone.

Review №22

Screens are either dark or (as of my last trip) have a flickering quality that is very distracting. The mens rooms are kind of gross. However, the staff is very friendly, the theaters are clean, the seating is in good shape, and the lobby is nice. All together a mediocre experience though. There are better theaters in town.

Review №23

The theater has had such a great facelift since changing to and AMC. All the seating is super comfortable and the delivery service to your seat for concessions is outstanding. A theater the offers so much for you to enjoy your theater going experience.

Review №24

The movie was good the seats were comfortable. Just too Damn cold in the theater. Next time I will bring my parka.

Review №25

Very nice and clean theater! Reclining seats, excellent sound. Great movie experience!!

Review №26

PICTURES SAY A THOUSAND WORDS.Very over priced for what they have to offer.

Review №27

Waited as 1st customers in the refreshment line, while the employees worked behind the counter. After 5 minutes, other customers had gathered in the premier line. When the employee finally was ready to assist customers we were handled was last, though we were there fully 5 minute before anyone else. In total it took greater than 10 minutes to get a popcorn and soda, even though the concession are had 3 total customers, including me.

Review №28

The renovations were nice but recently my experience coming here is sorely lacking. The bar got our drinks wrong and overcharged us. Today I showed up with 15 minutes before my movie only to have to wait in the concession line to have my ticket checked. We were late for the movie because there were only two people staffed in the entire lobby. Im going back to Cinemark even if I like the chairs better here, service is poor and theres never enough staff.

Review №29

We were told that the movie listed on the website was incorrect and shouldve been marked at pm instead of am. Of course this was brought to our attention after purchasing the ticket at the listed time of 930 am. I wouldve given 0 stars but 1 was given to the coke flavor I selected. Wouldnt recommend.

Review №30

Awesome venue. My mother is on a walker or in a wheelchair and this theater is handicapped accessible. We were in town for a family reunion and I had planned a movie as a beat-the-heat activity that we could all enjoy together. We saw Lion King and young and old enjoyed this outing. The seats are recliner-style and awesome!!!

Review №31

I live on the east side of EP and easily became my favorite movie theater. I make that drive anytime i want to go the movies. 5

Review №32

The theater seems to be running on the cheap. The ticket booth was never open, we always had to wait in line at the refreshment stand to get our tickets. What staff was present had a didnt care, going through the motions attitude. The theaters were nice but we wont be back.

Review №33

Customer service wasnt that great, went to a morning showing and we waited at the consessions for a good 5 minutes before being helped, female employee had her headphones and didnt realize we had been calling her, other than that the movie was great!! I recommend birds of prey.

Review №34

Seats are comfy, recline, and even heat, theater sizes differ but theyre all pretty huge, and the sound quality is pretty amazing

Review №35

I ordered on line my tickets and a pop corn and coke deal and brought it to my seat at set time no waiting for tickets or popcorn line I love it :)

Review №36

Amazing time and also first in line is great and i love saving money going here. it is always a good time and never have any issues if we do then they fix it right away

Review №37

Friendly environment. The movie new mutants is a must see

Review №38

Very nice, its changed so much, its spacious, it has a bar so you can drink a beer while waiting for the movie.i Love it...

Review №39

The seats are awesome! Lots of space and very comfortable. I enjoy the option of picking your seats ahead of time. The only issue I have is that the bathrooms are gross and theres always some sort of liquid leaking onto the bathroom floor that makes it smelly.

Review №40

Favorite movie place ever!

Review №41

It gets 3stars just because the movie was good. Staff was friendly. Unfortunately my husbands and my seats were not working. . . if they would have worked it would have been 5 stars. I will add that the theather and bathrooms were very clean.

Review №42

The theater was great. The heated seats really add a good touch. The lobby was a whole other story. The lobby was crowded wich is to be expected, but it was a total mess. Popcorn all over the ground, spilled drinks on the counter and nobody cleaning. It looked like 5 year olds ransacked the concessions. Whats worse is 2 hrs later AFTER the movie, it still wasnt cleaned. Not what Id expect as an avid AMC moviegoer.

Review №43

This has to be one of the best places to watch movies. Very clean and the seating makes the experience personal with electric reclining and heated seats. Makes me feel like Im at home. You dont feel tired after watching a long movie either. (Avengers Endgame was exceptional here!) The sound quality made the movie just come to life. My seat was rumbling during the fight scenes and pinnacle moments. Over all my experience has always been 5 out of 5 here! Good job AMC and I highly recommend this movie theatre...

Review №44

Nice looking.. employees super friendly Restrooms need attention but overall not bad.

Review №45

Great place to be with your family and friends have a great time . Come check it your self.

Review №46

The employees are friendly. Good servicio, fast and the cashiers are helpful. Had a good time there

Review №47

I know a lot of people love the new seating, but as a tall guy (6’6”) the leg rest just digs into the back of my legs & cuts off circulation. I just leave it down rather deal with that “pins & needles” feeling. Carmike used to be much homier & more welcoming. While the AMC re-brand looks slick, it’s just a facade. Service here has gone in the toilet, that awesome military discount just got cut by more than half, and their AMC Stubs system never seems to be working correctly. PLUS, they got rid of all the waiting area seating, so you have to stand there waiting when that awesome seating is full. I think I’m moving on to MoviePass...

Review №48

So much has changed about this place since I worked there in 2005 but its for the best.

Review №49

The folks in the projection room need to lower the volume on their personal music playing devices. It was a distraction while I was trying to listen to Knifes Out

Review №50

Pretty much the only movie theater I enjoy going to in El Paso. Ive been going there since I was in high school, and their standards have only improved. LOVE how spaced out the seats are now, the new set up has improved movie viewing for my son and I.

Review №51

Seat warmers were great. Popcorn and coke were great. Previews were funny not long, and the movie was AMAZING!!

Review №52

Its incredible if you want to watch movies in style. I love the fact that you can order all kinds of snacks online and they get delivered to your seats. I especially love their A stubs deal... 3 movies a week for $19.95

Review №53

Love this theater. The staff are great and the prices are low.

Review №54

Love this theater! The only complaint I have is that no one is ever ready to provide service at the bar, you have to ask a manager. Then, when they finally come, they never have the ingredients to make the featured drinks. So whats the point in heavy marketing if you cant provide?

Review №55

I took my granddaughter to a movie for her birthday and it was great, the service was very helpful & friendly, we had an awesome time

Review №56

Love this location. Ever since the remodel the experience is so much better. Nice plush recliners and reserved seating. Love it. I just wish there was more seating in the lobby or something to fill the empty space.

Review №57

Customer service was good, the movie was good.The heated seats didn’t work and the bathrooms were a mess and smelled of urine. It doesn’t look taken care of. It started out great when they first opened as AMC, now it looks dirty.

Review №58

Clean theater and very comfortable sests, but unless you buy your tickets ahead of time the process of buying at the concession stand is really slow.

Review №59

I am loving the new theater! Comfortable, private, warm, and delicious! Time for more popcorn and a movie! $5 Tuesday are great! Skip the line, priceless!

Review №60

The renovations made this theater the bomb!!Suuuuuper comfortable reclining and heated chairs (optional). The whole movies experience is so awesome!

Review №61

Love the 4.99 popcorn bucket. You purchase the bucket for 20.00 and use it anytime you go to the see a flick and fill up for 4.99. The seats are excellent and spacious.

Review №62

Leather recliners with heated seats! Very comfortable and great service. Rebecca is awesome!!!!!

Review №63

Great movie. The seats I purchased online one of the heaters DID NOT work. When I talked with manager she had short black hair. As a manager did not provide a solution and was rude. Worst customer service ever. Id rather stay home and wait for new releases then have that experience AGAIN.

Review №64

This AMC is a rather average movie theater, cleanliness varies from visit to visit. During an opening weekend, you can expect their soda dispensers and napkin area to be filthy with spilled drinks and popcorn all over the floor. They serve guest at the concession with AMC Stubs A-list or Premiere members first compared to non-members, at a rate of two A-list or Premiere members then a non-member (2:1). This can make wait time extremely long for non-member guests. They have reclining seats which is nice and you buy tickets with reserved seating. They offer $5 movies on Tuesday which is a plus.

Review №65

The screen got really bright and green before Rise of Skywalker for about a minute. There were no other issues.

Review №66

Cant say how the theater was, I arrive 5 minutes after the movie started and waited 15 minutes in line, and decided that was enough. The lobby was nice though.

Review №67

Loved it! Very clean. Awesome employees and the reclining seats are heated.

Review №68

Loved movie. Chair didnt recline back and the only chairs they gave myself and granddaughter was at front row hard on neck as adult.

Review №69

They have really improved everything at the theater. Adding the bar was a great idea! Grabbing a drink before a movie is great. The complaint I have that warrants the 3 stars instead of 5 is that the screen kept glitching during our movie. It was a bit annoying.

Review №70

This was probably the most comfortable ive been in a movie theater in a while! Seats were just incredible and lal for 10 bucks plus tax ~ only thing i really didnt enjoy was the screen a bit too small for my taste but the incredible surround sound makes you forget about it!

Review №71

Very comfortable place. Good for family.

Review №72

The movie theater is very nice. The prices are high. The seats are very comfortable in the theater. They have a bar there thats nice. They could get more food item choices. It had lots of parking outside the theater. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

Review №73

I had not been to this movie theater for a couple of years. The improvements are great. The heated seats are nice when it is too cold in the theater because of the a/c. I had a Caribbean Cooler and it was ok but way too much ice. But the screen and sound were good and the seats were fairly comfy.

Review №74

Review №75

It was excellent and the Premier Movie of Star Wars IX was in its Best. Family Loved it so much.

Review №76

The service was great. The over all feel of this place since my last visit was much improved. The self-service area has plenty of drink stations and well stocked. The theater was clean and lounge style chairs are up to par. Will definitely make the drive to see a flick there again.

Review №77

Excellent movie theater, for a long time again enjoyed watching a movie in a cinema. Less seats, more space, more comfort. More like home.

Review №78

Best mobie theater in town. Reasonable prices & excellent confortable seating. Snacks & drink options are great.

Review №79

The improvements here are amazing! Reclining and heated seats, great food at the snack bar. The chicken and waffle sandwich is so good!Staff is friendly and the facility is always clean. The way the seats are makes it a good view from everywhere in the theater. Even when sitting next to a stranger it doesnt feel like you are super close to them.

Review №80

So I booked my tickets on the AMC app show up and someone is in my seats. I tell them they are in my seats and show them my online email confirmation, he then shows me his confirmation with the same seats, auditorium and movie time. I go to guest services and they tell me they were double booked. Double booked reserved seats by the way. They tell me some seats were available in the row right below so I go back and guess what. Those seats have people in them also. Go back out to guest services and turns out those seats were taken also. I ended up getting a refund for my food and tickets since at this point the movie had been going for 20 minutes. As I look at my refund receipt I notice its not for the full amount. I tell the girl and she says I would have to call corporate since they cant refund fees. I just spoke to corporate and they stated that they dont refund the booking fees per their policy. Seems like an easy way for them to make money. Charge for something and dont give back full refunds per policy. Never going back to theses theaters again.

Review №81

Great changes. Staff is friendly. Comfortable.

Review №82

Comfortable. Quick service. Will definitely returnCould clean up better.

Review №83

One employee at the register. Serving food and tending the register. Seemed everyone was taking a break at the same time. Never going back.. Id rather drive a little further to Cielo Vista or Bassett than stay in line 15 minutes when theres only 2 people in front of me.

Review №84

Attentive staff, fresh popcorn, great tasting snacks, clean theaters! Great job!

Review №85

I enjoy the reserved seating the theater offers. The seats are also very comfy and they recline. You can also order the concessions straight to your seats as long as you order them in advance of the Showtime.

Review №86

I was home on vacation when I attended this theater, and even though its an AMC now for some time its still has some flaws.. the staff is great though, they were friendly and very courteous. What Im referring to is the set up, the design and build. For example me and my siblings were waiting for the new Spider Man movie to come out. My brother reserves the seats and he picks the ones on the very top, we get into the actual auditorium and we see this wall. One of my brothers is 11 and when he sat down and reclined his seat his view of the screen was very poorly. I tried it myself and I was just able to see the movie and Im 61. It just doesnt make any sense to have that wall as tall as it is (maybe privacy?) and unfortunately my brother had to struggle during the whole movie in order to watch it.

Review №87

Nice heated recliner seats. A little awkward in its set up to me but the lobby is not bad every time I have been there the lobby is kinda dirty. The staff is really nice tho.

Review №88

I love this movie theater, but always arrive early if you want popcorn or anything because concession stands are always slow for some reason. Make sure you order your tickets online prior to the movie so you dont have to wait in line and you can pick the seating you want. This theater has reclining and heating seats but not all the heating works. And the bar sucks. Over priced drinks, bar tender is the slowest Ive ever seen, cant multi task at all, cant pour drinks. But the theater overall is pretty nice.

Review №89

Love $5 Tuesdays and great seats.

Review №90

Awesome as always

Review №91

Since the remodel, AMC has been a vast improvement over Carmike. No more waiting in lines hoping to get a ticket to a new release at a decent time. Not quite up to the Alamo Drafthouse experience, but still a good place to watch a movie.

Review №92

Loved everything and seating was so awesome much much less crowded than cinemark.

Review №93

Nice remodeling job. Theatre seats were comfy. I miss the electric signs that announce the movie in each theatre. But, Ill get used to it.

Review №94

Very nice theater. Nice options for food and the movie screen and sound were too quality. Plenty of parking as well.

Review №95

The seats we had on J5,6, and 7, were super dirty, coke or something spilled all over the seat, paper and candy on the seats. Whoever was supposed to clean in-between movies, we went to the 4:45 Harley Quinn last night did a horrible job. We expect more with the amount of money it costs for movie and snacks.this late cation.

Review №96

Who ever built this theater Didnt even take the handicapped into account. Im on a walker and just to get from parking to the inside to get a ticket is unbelievable

Review №97

Love going to the movies here. BUT Im give it a 4 star because I hate using the bathrooms. There is always water and toilet paper on the floor. Just doesnt feel clean to me.

Review №98

I like it a lot! Staff is very friendly and are willing to help out

Review №99

The movie was good. But they didnt have good boys but Google said they should have it. But it was a very pleasant time

Review №100

Remodel came out great. Seats are comfortable, full service bar, clean. Aaron WAS GREAT had a problem w/concessions & he took care of it QUICKLY. .THANK YOU AARON YOUR AWESOME! !

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  • Address:9840 Gateway N Blvd, El Paso, TX 79924, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 915-751-5613
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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