Cielo Vista Mall 14 and XD
8401C Gateway Blvd W, El Paso, TX 79925, United States

Review №1

Love this place. Recommend over AMC any day. Thank you Cinemark for being being awesome. Great return prices. :)

Review №2

Staff is friendly and helpful and escorted me to the correct screen room. Theater is renovated, very nice, comfortable reclining seats, discount prices for matinee before 1pm. They have combo specials on popcorn and drinks too. Audio was way too loud when trailers for other movies came on, but volume good when movie came on. I really like the renovation of this theater and assigned seating, no cell phones, no talking.

Review №3

Great heated seats. They are going heavy on the covid cleaning. Good job. Jalapenos are no longer free. And as of this review they were not cheddar cheesing the hot cheetos

Review №4

I really can’t wait for them to open back up. I’m so proud of this place closing before they even had to to keep the community safe even though they’ll be losing money. I love the recliner chairs! They have military discount. Concession choices are very diverse. I love going here with my husband!

Review №5

Two words... Lounge chairs! They are do comfortable

Review №6

Loving the cleanliness during the pandemic and the reclining chairs are the best!!

Review №7

We love going to the movies, specially this theater. The theater close to us dont have the lounging seats, but worth the drive. After watching a movie we can go take a walk at the mall. Always have a great time.

Review №8

Theaters are properly heated and cooled! Food is fresh and prepared daily! Adequate parking is readily available and facilities are well maintained for the general public! Handicapped accessible theaters and bathrooms are provided.

Review №9

Becoming a member is probably the best thing anyone can do. 20% off of the concession stand. You get a free ticket when you sign up, plus a monthly free ticket. If you dont use it that month, it rolls over to next month. Reserving tickets online you get a discount, so I highly encourage to become a member. Restrooms are clean, staff has been great no issues...

Review №10

I love the new seats. Cushioned recliners with plenty of room. Assigned seating also. It may be a smaller theatre but it just makes for a more cozier atmosphere.

Review №11

Went to see queen and slim, great movie. would recommend to get your tickets online, so much easier. good seating, chairs are super comfortable as well

Review №12

I love it so much i really do I remember coming a lot but now they show very few showings like what’s going on!

Review №13

Such an amazing place to go see a movie with friends, family, you name it! They premier all the newest movies for a affordable price, the theatre experience is absolutely amazing and the memories you make are guaranteed to be unforgettable, I highly recommend going here to have a good time. :)

Review №14

This has been our favorite theater! I believe all screens having reclining seats.

Review №15

Been going here with my friends and my significant other. Love the movies. And always a good place to be.

Review №16

Like the picture did not like the chairs. They become uncomfortable after a while.Overall nice sound in theater. Very clean

Review №17

Extremely friendly staff and the theater itself was very clean and comfortable. Prices at the concession stand were, as expected, extravagant... but that is the norm in all theaters.

Review №18

Great movies place, and safe from Coronavirus

Review №19

Great theatre, comfy seats. Always enjoying coming here with friends for an enjoyable movie experience.

Review №20

I love that it is close to where I live! I love the surround sound and the luxury loungers. I can sit back and lift my feet up, pure relaxation watching a movie. Picture quality is excellent. There is a variety of snacks and beverages to choose from.

Review №21

Friendly staff and great prices for early bird showings.

Review №22

I went to watch Hustlers with my friends last night we each got a Mango Margarita from the bar and Brianna was so quick & sweet. She showed us how to use the app to get our tickets because we didnt know how lol!Everyone was super sweet. Probably my favorite theater to go to now!

Review №23

Excellent theater. Seats very comfortable and warm..

Review №24

Its a nice cinemark staff is helpful nothing really special but also no issues whatsoever in the whole movie going process.

Review №25

Great place to watch a movie nice neat and clean. The seating is awesome

Review №26

I dont like the fact that you have to reserve seats. The comfort lounger seats are not that comfortable. Its almost like the blood donation chairs.

Review №27

Huge shout out to the manager at this location on 8/03/19. Thank you so much for allowing us to seek shelter inside and providing us with food and water. My father, son, and myself were inside JCP when it happened and safely evacuated.

Review №28

Awesome customer service. Mr. Ramirez was very helpful and polite helping me out with an issue.

Review №29

The movie theater s are always a great time it was clean, the movies are always awesome to see, the auditorium was great also, the employees are always great

Review №30

They charge for one year olds even though they will sit on your lap throughout the entire movie. The girl in the box office couldnt provide an explanation for this until we asked a manager named Torres in concessions. We were able to understand and she was going to help us get a refund, but another manager said she wasnt going to let that happen and was rude to us. Guess the customer isnt always right according to that manager since she put customer service as her last priority. They should not tell us one thing if they are going to change their mind the next time. However the only good thing I can say was Manager torres helped us out and was very respectful and probably the only good experience we received from this theater. Thank you to her Torres for excellent customer service.

Review №31

If it had DBox it would be a 5. Super convenient to the fountains and ceilo Vista mall but still 5 less theaters than near by locations and no DBox.

Review №32

Great selection of movies comfortable seats excellent snacks

Review №33

Lots of snack options and big comfortable loungers. My only complain is that the floor was a bit gross in the main area by the arcade.

Review №34

The staff there were great! Super nice people with manners. Great experience...

Review №35

The line to concessions was so long it curved around and was blocking entry to building. There appeared to be only 2 registers open. We, along with a family ahead of us, skipped concessions due to the line. The theater seats are great but docked a star for concession line.

Review №36

Great location.

Review №37

The place is great just as all the other theaters of this type. My only issue is that they dont serve coffee. They have a bar in of course the standard concessions and even Pizza Hut but no coffee. I am one of those people who cannot have all that junk food and I dont drink alcohol but I can have coffee.

Review №38

Very nice sets with lots of space, full service bar too.

Review №39

I really enjoyed watching Avengers Endgame!! Great sound and picture on the screen, plus it wasnt too crowded for the experience. Clean restrooms, and the staff checking are tickets were friendly

Review №40

We always have a good time taking my little Granddaughter to see movies like the Grinch, A dogs way home etc...They have good pizza & snacks. The line goes fast, because they are efficient. The Customer Service is excellent.

Review №41

Love this location the most of all in el paso, its small and very quiet. Not huge crowds

Review №42

The theater is clean, great staff and very comfortable seating. Only complaint is the outrageous prices for popcorn and a drink. Really, $6 and change for a small popcorn?????????

Review №43

Its was my first time at this theater it was really nice loved that there was no lines and felt like my friends and I had it to ourselves.

Review №44

Man, that guy Adrian sure does a really great job. Id recommend this theater to anyone and everyone just for him.

Review №45

Theater was nice, staff friendly and professional, and discount day was a great price. However the movie was longer then I expected and I was too tired to drive when it let out and tried to grabbed a few zzz in the car but the mall cop chased me off completely dismissing my concerns about driving while exhausted. Cinemark have a word with your rentacops about customer safety.

Review №46

Its okay. I rather go to the one on tinseltown they have starbucks which is a big plus for me.

Review №47 this mall..every time we come to El Paso is a must to stop by the mall..

Review №48

I had a wonderful young man by the name of Adrian help us out yesterday his customer service skills were off the charts ! ! Keep up the good work young man

Review №49

Watch a movie in your own reclining lazy boy! Excellent movie experience in comfortable assigned seating in fancy clean theaters.

Review №50

Fairly clean. Not too crowded. Comfy reclining seats. Usual over priced snacks. They serve adult drinks.

Review №51

Seating was really nice. Unfortunately however, theater was way to hot. Myself and several others went to complain only to be told they were having problems with the AC..... This was during January. Asked if maybe they could just turn the heater off, but didnt happen until near the last 10 min of the movie. Nice theatre otherwise, was just literally not the only one literally seating during the movie.

Review №52

Very comfortable lounge chairs for watching the movie. Endless popcorn and soda. That includes a refill for the ride home. We went to see Green Book. Now Im torn between it and Roma for Academy Awards Best Picture.

Review №53

The seats are awesome like the popcorn...

Review №54

It was an exceptional experience! I was the only one who was watching Terminator Dark Fate lol

Review №55

Not only do I enjoy their comfortable seats and clean establishment but their friendly and understanding Staff! A friend of mine made a mistake and bought the tickets on line but got the wrong day! She didnt realize the mistake until we got there but the manager understood the mistake and let her reschedule for the following hour! She really appreciated it! We really enjoyed the Movie A Star is Born! Lady Gaga was awesome!

Review №56

We love attending the direct broadcascts from the Met opera and the Bolshoi ballet

Review №57

The theater and front of house really nice, the chairs recline, sound system is excellent, the bathroom was nasty as hell, literally bugs and feces on the floor, also no machine for prepaid tickets. Overall its good, buy I just cant get over the bathroom

Review №58

I like it but I do not go there all the time

Review №59

Great service staff and very comfortable theater seating!

Review №60

Date night with babes.

Review №61

I love this theater, I really wish the snacks were a but cheaper but its ok, its a movie theater.

Review №62

SHAZAAM! Nice comical and entertaining family super hero movie.Popcorn was perfect! Good recliner seats.

Review №63

Great place. But sometimes the staff could be a little more friendly and they need better hand driers in the restrooms.

Review №64

The cinema was clean and people were nice. Much better than tinsel town

Review №65

Much better to buy tickets online otherwise you find yourself waiting for a later movie

Review №66

The family and I had a wonderful time good seating comfortable seat

Review №67

Amazingly comfy seats. Prepaid the tickets ahead of time and easily was able to skip the people buying tickets outside and just walk to our theater.

Review №68

I really like the recliners theyve put in for seating especially because I no longer have to stand up to let people in or out.

Review №69

We love ( me and my family) the environment and pop corn . Great movie theater

Review №70

Movie theater has improved a lot compared to before, love the new seats and the mini bar. The only negative experience i had during this visit was the designated theater for our movie was a little stinky, other than that it was great.

Review №71

Good food. Great seats. Went before 5 on Wednesday. We were the only ones there.

Review №72

First time going to this theater and we loved it. No line for tickets or concessions. Theater was not over crowded and seats were super comfortable. It was a great way to get out as a family and have fun watching a 3D new release movie. The cost for tickets and sbacks was typical of any theater. I gave it a 4 star because I was freezing for the entire movie. The air was blowing right on me, but we will still go back for more. I will just have to bring a sweater.

Review №73

I thought they had deals on tuesdays. Not. Paid full price but saw an amazing movie.

Review №74

Great prices for reserved seating. Theater was nice and cool, popcorn was fresh.

Review №75

Im comfortable because Always have good movies

Review №76

Great power reclining chairs with heater. Small theatres make it feel less crowded and now as noisy as big theatres.

Review №77

Perfectly good theater with new reclining seats. Refillable popcorn tubs and soda cups are a bonus. I like theyre Cinearts specialty theater. Its a nice thing to have in El Paso

Review №78

Great service, comfortable seatings and overall great place.

Review №79

Great movie theater and comfortable accomodations

Review №80

Long concession lines. Sometimes the workers can rude and it must be hard to keep clean bc the concession floor is 90% of the time wet, sticky and there is popcorn on the floor.

Review №81

The employees are fast and friendly, the building and bathrooms are clean. But it took three people from a total of four families in the theatre that we were in to go to the front desk and complain about the previews not showing up on the screen and only having volume present for a theatre employee to go into the room and fix the blank view on stage.

Review №82

Meh. Lines were crazy long during a busy time due to only 2 lines open. They have the merch stand in the middle of the floor which makes it awkward and sups complicated for the kids. You can however choose your own seats... meh... meeeehhhhhh

Review №83

Customer service really helped me when I messed up my online order and missed my movie by one day. It was a 70 mistake they helped me recoup. Very happy

Review №84

Thank you to the Cinemark manager at Cielo vista . On Aug 3 2019 , during the mass shooting He provided shelter, water, food, drink and a free movie. This man cared deeply for the people affected by providing shelter and safety. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №85

Movie Bristo one of the best in the city, food is really good and service is exceptional! Very comfortable seats and the selection of drinks is awesome!

Review №86

The XD 3D experience is the best in class. This place is very clean and fancy. I definitely recommend this place.

Review №87

Please dont forget to hit the like button below for this review after you finish reading, so Google can credit me and all your local guide reviewers for all their hard work! Super nice staff, vip quality service, like flying in a private jet. Good food, nice decor inside, very clean environment.

Review №88

We went first went in the movie theater it was dark! We really couldnt find our seats. We had to use our flashlights on our cellphones to see. The lights eventually came on though. When the movie finally started they took their time about turning off the lights. My daughter liked the recliners they were comfy. The movie theater itself was a bit cold. The porcorn, cokes & candy too expensive prices too high. The staff could be a little friendlier. It was an ok experience couldve been better. The arcade was dirty some machines didnt work public doesnt take care of them. We took a photograph in the photo booth but the pics came out weird because public broke the window of the camera to take the pic! Management needs to repair their machines. Inspite of this experience the movie was awesome though. Gave it a 3 star because needs improvement

Review №89

First time going to the movies here. Great staff members, I liked the theater but they are just too expensive. Reminds me why we stopped going to the movies.

Review №90

My favorite theater to go to. Always clean

Review №91

Their new reclining seats are super comfortable! The prices are pretty steep though

Review №92

Great locale. Great seats. Wonderful staff, but the place had popcorn flying everywhere. Overall a good experience.

Review №93

I tried buying two tickets to a movie tonight and Mary Lou at the box office told me I couldn’t pick seats that were AVAILABLE because they left a one seat gap between my seats and others. That’s some BS, how can I not buy seats that are available?!

Review №94

Good movie - Midway!!!

Review №95

Nice seats and aesthetics and staff. I like the fact that they have an arcade, and I love the fact that they sell alcohol even more.

Review №96

Although some of the screening rooms were being renovated this theater proved to be a great choice. My ticket purchase was quick and easy. All of the staff were friendly and helpful. The entire place was immaculately clean. All of the creature comforts were above par. Deserves a return visit.

Review №97

Seems like they forget to turn on the AC alot .besides that its decent.....

Review №98

Highly recommend this movie house.

Review №99

Great people, comfortable seats and great prices, doesnt have 5 stars cuz its a bit dirty

Review №100

Its okay if you are just going to see a movie

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  • Address:8401C Gateway Blvd W, El Paso, TX 79925, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 915-771-0072
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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