AMC CLASSIC East Pointe 12
8300 Gateway Blvd E # 300, El Paso, TX 79907, United States

Review №1

We missed going to the movies at this location!... We were pleasantly surprised how well prepared AMC is during the pandemic. This location was extremely clean, sanitizer dispensers, gloves boxes available and sanitizer wipes throughout the theatre.

Review №2

Good to go back to the movies. I got a free large popcorn for my birthday which was a month ago but they still honored it which was really cool. No refills on the popcorn which was a bummer and they are not accepting cash. Still a fun visit.

Review №3

Great value. Inexpensive spot for the whole family or perfect spot for a date night. Well kept, clean, friendly staff, great theaters. Cannot go wrong here. No need to spend so much on a movie. Leaves some cash for the snacks.

Review №4

If you have missed a good movie when it first came out. This is the only way to catch up Love the economical entertainment option. Great price. Great entertainment. Its definitely a thumbs up for me and my family.

Review №5

Atmosphere is welcome. Employees were helpful. Cleanliness was kept up. Food and theatre experience was vary nice for the price.

Review №6

I love this place, yeah the movies here are probably already on video but this place is great for those that are patient and dont mind a smaller theater room. The sound, picture, and snacks are great. Its always fun to get out once in a while. One thing I do love is the variety of drinks. The place has been well taken care of because it is still almost all original from when it opened. A little remodeling wouldnt hurt but I dont complain, I actually like their 90s style chandeliers and walls. Great movie theater and the staff is also nice from my experiences.

Review №7

Awesome theater for the price. For us that we are a big family and want to enjoy the experience of a movie theater for the price. Definitely a great option.

Review №8

Everything is great... except... they No longer have $1 hotdogs!!! That was the only reason why I would love to go to the movies. I wish Movie 12 Cinema was back.

Review №9

I didnt know they had a bar that serves patron margaritas!!!

Review №10

This theater has always has been great on cost and movie options. The only bummer now is that hot dogs are no longer $1. So what you save on the movie youll end up spending on food and beverages.

Review №11

Fast friendly service. If you have your points card take advantage of the offers. They still have buckets ..on sale now for 9.99 and get your popcorn tub filled each visit for only $5 and u get a refill. Automatic upgrades on your drinks with your amc card. Its worth the investment if youre a frequent visitor here. Start early in the day for a movie marathon.

Review №12

If youre looking for cheap movie tickets to current movies, this is your ticket! Not cushy seating, but all thats needed for a great time with friends or family.They feature movies already post box office reviews and have a membership club online which provides even more savings at the concessions.Kid meals and kid seats available. Clean bathrooms, a butter bar and great movies without the big box office price.

Review №13

We got there around 4 and there werent any lines. We could go straight into anything we wanted. The staff was friendly and kind.My only critique is that I wish they offered more food options, and water fountains.There were covered places to sit as I watched my son go on the smaller rides, and the staff running the rides were kind to the exited children.It was an awesome afternoon.

Review №14

It was awesome! Elvira Fernandez gives great customer service.

Review №15

Love eating hot dogs but they put mustard bottles and relish, etc and that is so nasty people are so dirty the mustard bottle was all dirty hardly had any and it squirted on me. Dissatisfied I like the small packages better. Wont buy anymore hot dogs till they have packages.

Review №16

Needs to be cleaned up. Sticky floors. Only one person helping customers with food and tickets.

Review №17

Very nice theaters with cheap tickets. Though its kinda not their fault, the people who go are often rowdy and take the movie for granted, being since its so cheap to go in and out. They should definitely invest in an usher

Review №18

Cheapo movies for a great but value loving evening out. Nuce and fun little theatre

Review №19

Its a Dollar Theatre so if youre looking for the grandeur often found in the larger chains you wont find it here. However, theyve really stepped up their game with the available concessions, picture quality, and movie choices over the past few years. So if youre looking for an inexpensive theatre treat for you, a love one, or large family this is the place to go. Spacious seating, quality picture and sound. Easily located although parking can be a challenge, but definitely worth the trip.

Review №20

Well. The dollar hot now 2.75. Not sure how that worked out. Also beer is 10 bucks for 16oz draft. Thats like not even how that should work. Its still 2 bucks a movie ticket... just gotta sneak in your own items now. They ruined a good thing here.

Review №21

If U want to see a $2 movie. U better get there 2 hours ahead. They have one kiosk machine with no assistance.. waiting for 45 minutes n wasn’t able to get my tickets on time had to leave. Then u still have to get in line for popcorn!! GOOD LUCK. No thanks rather go watch new releases and paid full price.

Review №22

Great movies and comfortable place for family enjoyment. Enjoyed the movie with plentynof room to watch at great price.

Review №23

I love going to this place good price and I have fun with the family, affordable hot dogs and recommend you to buy the yearly bucket for popcorn if you are a regular

Review №24

Its an older theatre. Its ok. Clean...understaffed but ok.. i would definitely go again

Review №25


Review №26

We purchased the movie tickets at the concession stands along with our Popcorn and soft drink cup which you fill at the soft drink machine which includes a multiple of flavors. Remember to ask the attendant at the concession for the small cup in order to fill with jalapenos. The butter, jalapenos and other condiments can be found on the island located in the center of the theaters main lobby. The theater serves alcoholic beverages including hard liquor and beer. The concession prices are fair but not the best I have seen. Once in the actual theater the seats are very comfortable, the sound and picture quality have been upgraded. Overall its a great theater for the price please take note, the show movies that have been released for a while. You will not find new releases at this location.

Review №27

Hot dogs are $4 now AND it’s the same hot dog - not a cheap date night anymore

Review №28

Went to see Aladdin. Place was sorta a mess in the lobby. No one was checking tickets tho. Chairs are super comfy. And they have a bar now.. awesome!

Review №29

It was a very fun time to spend with my mother. The line to purchase tickets was long but very swift, excellent service! The only complaint I have would be about other customers.

Review №30

Its a dollar/budget theater but it has all the AMC stuff like a little bar, food, and the Coke machines with all the flavors. Good deals, comfy seats, and good prices for tickets make this a good place to see a movie you missed on its first run. The screens are just as big and wide as a regular theater so youre not missing out on the experience. I love that they have a ticket kiosk in the lobby, too.

Review №31

Excellent customer service!! Love coming here :)

Review №32

Dollar theatre. They are going to start showing live NFL games. Also Walking Dead new series. Of course the goodies are where youll spend your money but youre still saving money. Seats are old ones but wasnt a problem for enjoying a Sunday movie with the family.

Review №33

Since renaming it to AMC Classic East Point 12 from Movie one cinemas 12 they have made a few upgrades, like the new drink machines you can get your own drink refills, they’ve expanded the snacks with more variety, and added the adults drinks. They didn’t make any upgrade to the seats or theaters inside. The seats are still small and a little uncomfortable, the theaters are still small, but that at least makes any seat with a good view of the screen. The snack prices are the same as any other theaters, but at $1.50 for a movie you can afford the snacks, and you can watch a movie you may had missed when it was at $10 a few weeks before. Still a good place to catch a movie you may had missed, at a more than reasonable price.

Review №34

Good discount theater. If you get the refillable tub for the year, it worth the price; especially for a family. The theaters and stadiums are old and outdated but serve their purpose. Cleanliness improvements could be made but understandable due to the stadium turnover.

Review №35

A quiet day at home. Decided on a movie to break up the day. Good scary movie. Great service and entertainment for under $5 bucks for 2. Will do it again next week.

Review №36

The $1 hot dogs are the best . Clean comfortable seats . The screens look great . Awesome sound. You fill up ur own soda cup with the Coca Cola freestyle machine . I’m not a big fan of those machines . It gets crowded and people take forever to finish . 2$ bucks a movie ticket. You can beat that.

Review №37

This place used to be the bomb!! NOT ANYMORE, at least the hot dogsat the carmike and tinseltown are huge , its the same hotdog for the double the price . And whats the deal with being a premier member if you have to wait in line for for food or tickets with everyone whose not a premier member. whats the fee for????? Really disappointed with this place ,its just not worth it . id rather pay full price for a new release somewhere else.

Review №38

2 Dollars for a movie? Can’t beat that. Yes they do have a full service bar but 5 bucks for a bud at a dollar movie theater kind of defeats the purpose. However it is clean and well lit. They definitely need to hire more staff because we stood in line for 35 minutes to buy tickets.

Review №39

For such an inexpensive theatre they take real good care of their bathrooms and theatre seats. I didnt step in popcorn or anything sticky on the way to a theatre seat! The seat was clean! LOL amazing. Most full-priced theatres couldnt boast that.

Review №40

Its cheap and a good place to take the kiddos when they want to go watch a movie. However the snacks are a little more expensive than cinemark and its super packed on the weekends!

Review №41

Its a good place for the price. Gets a little messy though and the restrooms could use a renovation. But I actually like this place better than the other AMC because this one always has enough staff on hand to handle the customers.

Review №42

Staff was great, the theaters themselves are nice, bathrooms are a bit outdated/worn and the lobby pretty much looks like it did 25 years ago, but overall for dollar movies a nice facility.

Review №43

I alwaya enjoy going there but some of their movies stay on for too long. Like Dispecable me 3 and Abominable.

Review №44

For only the price of a 2 dollar ticket, this theater has awesome sound, picture and great and comfortable seating experience altogether. I will definitely be frequenting this theater.

Review №45

I only gave it 4 stars because I really dislike that my last 2 visits I cannot buy tickets outside. I have to stand in the concession line to purchase tickets. Aside from that, you cant beat a $2 movie ticket with decent theaters that are pretty clean.

Review №46

Not too expensive to go to the movies here with the whole family. Beats the higher prices elsewhere just not as fancy seats.

Review №47

I am very impressed with the way this theater has upgraded. Seats are extremely comfortable, and ticket prices are good. I signed up for their rewards program, which is free and you earn points every time you buy tickets and concessions.

Review №48

Movie prices were great. Food cost over $40.00 for 4 medium sodas, two hotdogs and a large popcorn.

Review №49

I love this theater!!! Their popcorn is great and you cant beat the prices... Their reward program is amazing...

Review №50

Saw the movie countdown it was pretty good havent been scared in a while

Review №51

Kids enjoyed themselves! Summer program is a great deal. Tuesdays are the best days. 1/2 off!

Review №52

For being a dollar movie theater, this place continues to surprise me! Its very clean and the staff are professional. The seats and floor inside the theater and not sticky or broken. Its the best dollar theater you could ask for! Good job AMC making El Paso better!

Review №53

Great value! No more $1 hotdogs :(

Review №54

Its a great and affordable place to watch recent film releases..

Review №55

Been going here for 15yrs. Love this theater. But they changed their popcorn. Its tough chewy and just no. But the theater is nice

Review №56

Be weary the dollar movies. It is easily accessable to most people. But when employees take bribes, then be careful the encounter. Especially a dark place, as was the case within these theater walls. On my way to my movie destination, I was bombarded by a group of men that forced me to sit with them. They played the card that I was friend and by doing so they got away with such abuse. I even tried to jump from row to row and so they were forced to lock hands on legs. The employee yelled out to us that if we didnt calm he would kick us out and so obliged I ask if he would (as to seek protection). He said that if they did they would call the cops on me and only me. Not only did these mystery men drink my coke and eat my popcorn, but they also took my keys. They ordered me to walk and as I got to my car they threw them out. My keys inturn hit someone else and they hastefully blamed me. I was forced to ask again for help and they ignored my plea. I had to return to the theater once again to retreive my keys before another rumble rose to be.

Review №57

What I loved from this place was the dollar hot dog. I was very disappointed when they maximized the price to almost $4.

Review №58

This place needs a major renovation it smells the seeds are very uncomfortable people are like animals they dont have no Kosher no respect the cutting lines very disorganized thats why I only gave him one star

Review №59

Nice movie theater. But why complain about the prices it will never change.

Review №60

I always have a great time here every time I come. They have upgraded the place with new machines in the lobby and more food choices. The seats were comfortable and the visual of the screen from any side of the auditorium gives you a great view.

Review №61

I really like been able to catch up with movies Ive missed. They have good customer service and good prices on the popcorn and drinks.

Review №62

My kids n I enjoy the movies n the popcorn, we dont gonoften butbwhen we go its a Family Night movie!!

Review №63

Comfy seats a great place to see a movie and not too expensive

Review №64

The concession stand is where you pay big bucks! Love the popcorn refill for 5 dollars. Love this place

Review №65

I thought that due to the time if year it would of been full but it was not. They have alcoholic drinks, special order food, n the basics snacks for the movies. Seat were comfortable not to close together. Free refills on drink self serve n they have these boxes that u can ask for to put ur popcorn in n get a refill right there so u do not have to come back. Nice staff.

Review №66

Its fun i mean its the movies. but definitly not cheap. Tickets are like a 1 or 2 and some change but the popcorn and drinks are expensive.

Review №67

Friendly, service was great and nice atmosphere , really a great place to spend time with the family and kids

Review №68

The cashier that i got was soooo not listenin to my order n i felt rushed to order. Ugh that gross even got my order wrong n the theater was pretty messy.

Review №69

Why would anyone pay a lot more money to see a movie. Dollar hot doggas?

Review №70

Service was good! Pop corn and drinks good too! Theater area wasnt too clean! Restrooms needed cleaning

Review №71

Snacks are so expensive now. Hotdogs that used to be a dollar are now $4. Id gladly pay the $20 difference in ticket prices and just watch the newly released movies at cinemark with my family. They need to get their things together. Ran out of small so had to buy a regular but didnt tell us that til after we payed.Update: restrooms were disgusting and the $4 hotdog made me sick.

Review №72

Although it is older, the place is awesome to see movies. You cant beat the price and the popcorn. Perfect for dates on budget!

Review №73

Awesome prices. its pretty much empty during the day. best time to go. i usually have the whole theater to myself any time before 4pm

Review №74

Awesome get their eraly to avoid the lines!! And very fast cust service!!

Review №75

Great place to relax and enjoy a movie during the first show

Review №76

It was great place to take the family cheap clean and affortable Ill be coming back to this place.

Review №77

Could have someone keep the drinking area clean and dry and perhaps clean up the popcorn in the waiting area

Review №78

Make the popcorn cheaper, there is never Jalapeno juice, fountain drink machine is nice, More fizz and carbonation then the other movie theaters in town.

Review №79

Place is great if you have nothing to do but have a budget. Not much people and cooling is there.

Review №80

Very comfortable settings to drink and enjoy watching movie shows

Review №81

Cheap movies for a semi decent theater if your not willing to spend the big bucks on a movie for the big cinemas go here

Review №82

Love coming here during the week the early shows are awesome for a quick break from work school kids and reality!!! Great clean fresh place to come enjoy a a movie. Also great on weekends with the kids.

Review №83

Best costumer service!I have been coming here since I was a little girl and is now my favorite Dollar movie place. The bar seems to be overpriced, but again everything in any movie theatre is, right?

Review №84

You cant beat the movie prices. Still, the hot dogs and other food items are very much on the expensive side.

Review №85

Love coming here to watch movies. Great prices!

Review №86

We love going there. Staff is great and the food and drink is also good.

Review №87

Great prices on tickets free soda refills & the Coca Cola machines are #1

Review №88

Love this movie theater, the price is shockingly low but the service they provide is wonderful.

Review №89

Friendly service, good place for a night out if you dont have a lot of money to spend. Pretty good movies with nice theaters. Food is a little bit pricey but other than that its great.

Review №90

Saw Gemini man awesome 2 tickets, popcorn ,soda,candy,hot dog 20 dollars

Review №91

Nice place, good seating... Could be cleaner in the bathrooms

Review №92

It was ok, I guess Im used to going to the Montwood theaters but I think that the screens are smaller here & the seats comfortable.

Review №93

The Prices are reasonable. They did upgrade the drinking fountain. However the bar area is always empty not a good move. The restrooms are always filty. They constantly need maintenance. The area to get condiments is always dirty too. They need to hire hard working adults and not lazy teenagers.

Review №94

Great prices and good customer serviceWhat else can you ask for. Place was relatively clean and kept up.

Review №95

Its the dollar movies. The floors are sticky, chairs squeak, they close concessions right at ten, and are not very polite. But its the dollar movies and I have never encountered another dollar theater in all the states Ive lived in and or visited. So 5 stars because I still get to watch all the disappointing horror movies at a decent price!

Review №96

I say skip the hot dogs and be ready to be in line for tickets for at least 20 minutes...even if youre not buying snacks youll be in line with those who are. Movie was great though.

Review №97

I ordered the tickets on-line and printed them out once I got the the theater. Concession prices were on the high side but I did get free refills large popcorn with a stub membership, which is free and soda refills are also free, no membership need. The seats are comfortable, the sound and picture quality are good. Overall a good time when your on a budget, missed the movie when it first came out, or simply want to get out of the house.

Review №98

Excellent place to catch a movie. Suzanne at the concession stand is exceptionally nice and very knowledgeable about AMC STUBS, which offers promtions for the theater. I definitely recommend this theater and you cant beat the prices

Review №99

$2 movie and the popcorn bucket just $4.5 w/reffil drinks all you can drink lol i think is a good option for a low budget

Review №100

For the price they go above and beyond to make you happy with your food and time there! I love this movie theater!

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  • Address:8300 Gateway Blvd E # 300, El Paso, TX 79907, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 915-590-2383
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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