Monroe Park
Monroe St &, W 10th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402, United States
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Nice little neighborhood park. Not a destination per se, but if you live nearby or want to meet someone, its a pleasant spot.

Review №2

Great park with big grassy areas, sand box, play equipment, restrooms, benches and smooth skating surfaces. Great local park. I do my plastic take back there and it often has family events.

Review №3

Not much space to do anything. But I am grateful its there. I would rather have more of those than not.

Review №4

Not to bad of an area. Seemed nice

Review №5

Nice park and lots of shade. Free lunch for the kiddos during the summer. There are swings, slides, sandpit, basket ball hoops and a strange concrete area that appears to have been a foutian at one point. History says this whole park used to be an elementary school back in the 60s.There Is tons Of Space For frisbee or kites.Low key and not hipster like Amazon Park. Love this place.

Review №6

Park has nice newer playground equipment unfortunately there are a lot of homeless that hang out around the park and smoke near the playground and by the bathrooms.

Review №7

Nice clean park, but it seems to be a hub for the citys homeless. Not a place to bring children.

Review №8

One day I will walk through this park and not be asked to spare some money.... not today tho

Review №9

Unique Eugene Experience! Beautiful [email protected]

Review №10

Nobody pushed me on the merry go round but its not the parks fault I lack delivery. Five stars.

Review №11

Too many people who are hanging out with no place to go or nothing to do or possably live on the street and hang out in the day there!

Review №12

Nice city park. Although like many city parks at times you will find homeless people there. Parks are one of the places people with no other place to be spend daylight hours there...

Review №13

It is a grassy knoll with a small child park at the end of the day it is a park

Review №14

Bums everywhere. Nice park otherwise

Review №15

Nice clean park most times.

Review №16

The Fun for All site there rocks! The staff are AWESOME!

Review №17

Its a great place to have fun and bring your children. We have a playground and Basketball court and plenty of grass and picnic tables to have lunch on. Come enjoy our beautiful park!!!

Review №18

Excellent for dogs to meet each other.

Review №19

Its a really pretty park, but its just not as safe as it used to be. Avoid this place after dark, and dont let your kids play barefoot!There may be needles or other drug paraphernalia on the ground or in trash cans.

Review №20

I love this park for purposes of safe & peaceful marijuana consumption... been told park is one of few remaining links of local Hippiedom.

Review №21

Beautiful location well.maimtained by parks staff.

Review №22

Place is beautiful my problem is the nice fountain that does not work. Other than that the place is great. If you go at then dont be surprised if you make friends.

Review №23

Beautiful little park with a few pokestops

Review №24

Park was clean. Social distancing was practiced.

Review №25

We love the big open sunny field.

Review №26

Nice park!! Basketball, grass. Playground and benches. No bathrooms tho, except In summer.

Review №27

Loved the open grass wish it was larger.

Review №28

This is a Nifty little Park in a lovely little neighborhood with an absolutely Bohemian group of people that hang out there. A very relaxing place.

Review №29

Nice park. Great place to take your kid. Sometimes has events for children.I play basketball here a lot. Good hoops and backboards

Review №30

Been coming here 18 yrs still my favorite in town.

Review №31

Great place to do LSD in the middle of the night not such a great place to smoke crack in the middle of the night

Review №32

Used to be a great Park

Review №33

Too many homeless people hanging out and laying around....otherwise would be lovely park

Review №34

This parks right down the street from my house. Really nice maintained 1 square block park. Has a playground, basketball courts, and a lot of space to play ball with your pup. Plus this neighborhood is awesome. Lots of good places to eat and shop within walking distance.

Review №35

A good place to bring the kids for an outdoor games.

Review №36

Nice place to sit outside

Review №37

Beautiful little park. I love just walking the path.

Review №38

Sweet little park. Right in the middle of the city. There some homeless people. But keep to themselves.

Review №39

Clean nice park with a walking trail

Review №40

This park ok. Its more of hangout park. Not overly populated with kids.

Review №41

Nice and beautiful green

Review №42

Good Place. = Very Weird on the West Side. Im tired of all the Homeless Animals. I had to recently change this review , after being abused by all the dirty animals from the ghetto. From A 5 star.

Review №43

Its a nice family friendly place. Its good for a nice quick lil walk to clear your head

Review №44

Pretty nice park. seems to be in a kinda hippie ish part of town. Grounds are well kept, appears to be fairly family friendly.

Review №45

Great Place... a Sweet Spot in the City.

Review №46

Weird stuff always happens at this park. Got asked if I was selling weed twice and mushrooms once. I guess thats why its so great.

Review №47

Rather interesting place for people watching, some what unique island of unspoiled lawn space, scenic tree scapes, classic local architecture, expansive playground, quick stop and go on Street parking.

Review №48

Lovely, quiet neighborhood park with basketball hoops, swings, playground and lots of green grass. Ample and free street parking.

Review №49

Kids had so much fun

Review №50

Nice and quiet during night time, however during the day the park is usually occupied by a fair amount of drug addicts. I am not just assuming either, you csn see for yourself if you just go by there and park n just sit and wait 10 or 15 minutes and you will witness numerous drug deals take place right out in the open!

Review №51

This park is pleasant to visit in daylight. But it gets very weird at dark. It seems to be crawling. It does not feel like a safe place to walk my dog in the evening hours. Even though he is an intimidating pit bull.

Review №52

Weve seen movies in the park here, which was fun. But we were eaten up by mosquitoes. Lots of transients here on off times and the park structures could use an upgrade.

Review №53

Ok atmosphere

Review №54

Very quaint. The bums at this park are mellow compared to the other Eugene parks. Not a bad place to stop to eat your snack while on a bike ride, not really a park for kids

Review №55

Great place to play with your grand kids!

Review №56

Clean, open space. Beware drug users loitering on benches.

Review №57

Love the needles and drugs around the park.

Review №58

I have a sentimental biase i have liked this park for any number of different reasons over the years.the flow of monroe changes with the seasons. Some times depends on demeanor of homless

Review №59

It has pokemon go best there usually pick up 3 to 5 of whatever is spawning. It was abraham one time

Review №60

Great place to bring the kids!

Review №61

Great when its tweaker free.

Review №62

Really nice well kept park with a playground and two bathrooms. My only gripe is that it is small enough that no matter where you are in the park you are still in eye and earshot of the tweaker drama that seems to lurk at the edges of most city parks. Its a little bit of a fish bowl.

Review №63

Its a cute small little park

Review №64

My dog likes this park -the grass and the tall statue- i like this park too.

Review №65

Has a nice path for the runners, joggers, and dog walkers. A fairly well maintained play area for kids. Nice grass for the homeless to sleep on. And plenty of park benches for crazies to yell at one another at. Over all pretty good during the day, less enjoyable as evening progresses into night. Also, bring your own doggy bags none dispensed or avaliable.

Review №66

Monroe Park has the old Spirit of Eugene still in it, and its untouched. One of the last places in Eugene like it, and if you want to experience how Eugene used to be go there and sit awhile.

Review №67

In the heart of the Whit. Sometimes at night it can get a lil rowdy from vagrants. Otherwise a nice park to read, relax or people watch.

Review №68

Great place to have lunch and enjoy the neighborhood.

Review №69

Favorite park in Eugene.

Review №70

Very well put together park, one of the more busy parks in town, right down the road from downtown. Allowed to bring your pups, (dog friendly). Awesome art installation, swings, playground, some basketball courts,and even a some trees to hammock in if thats your thing.All in all a nice park, with friendly people all over.

Review №71

The grounds are well kept but sometimes homeless people are sleeping there during the day. Id run them off but I dont like to. There are better parks.

Review №72

It wouldnt be so bad if it didnt have such a stagnant energy hovering upon it. Its played out park Im my opinion because I feel like the Police and local Government have allowed themselves to become these lurkers that act as if everyone else is the problem. F.y.i. its not everyone else. If people didnt have to worry to be harassed, the park would be a lot more welcoming.

Review №73

Great place to hang out with the family.

Review №74

We showed up & an ambulance was hauling out a heroin mishap and whilst sitting there around 830pmish on bench enjoying the night and amusement of the park foot traffic and twitter around us.Although I would not come here alone even in the daytime and I would always watch where I stepped.

Review №75

This park is a gem and a great place to go for many reasons but the best is Eugene Parks and Recreation programs for youth which are fully funded, provide all day play and one on one time for many families in need and lunch programs. More police presence but friendly reminders of rules than full on surveillance has improved quality and open spaces with screening hills, toddler amenities and bathrooms (rarely open, however) during events like movies, and often whole community celebrations makes it as great as the neighborhood.

Review №76

Sweet little shady spots.

Review №77

One of my favorite parks in all of eugene! Greatvplace to Pokemon go too

Review №78

Nice lil kickit spot

Review №79

Great park. It has a large spot of grass perfect for taking the pup on a run or just taking a nap

Review №80

Peaceful neighborhood park great for children of all ages.

Review №81

Quiet + small children playing area.

Review №82

Beautiful park! Well designed, has a nice park, and is located in an area with tons of trees surrounding it. Fantastic for picnics, walks, or just a quiet place to think or just have a place to hang out. :) highly recommend!

Review №83

Both the people and dogs were very friendly. Nice big open area and smaller one for smaller dogs. Pools so you can clean your pooch after theyre done playing!

Review №84

Great Sunday Streets events, great energy, great music, great food, great folks sharing the streets!

Review №85

Could use less campers but otherwise its nice

Review №86

Fun place to walk your dog or play Frisbee. Swings, merry go round, etc for kids. Benches for relaxing and picnic tables plus basketball and a big sculpture.

Review №87

Every other day I take my dog for a walk through this park and we get on the Merry-Go-Round together. I can be so quiet on the Monday mornings early Sunday morning.

Review №88

Great park with a decent playground. Usually a steady stream of parents and kids. The only downside is the homeless problem that Eugene is inadequately dealing with.

Review №89

Nice quiet park with lovely plants and trees.

Review №90

Not alot there, lots of homeless during the summer.

Review №91

Beautiful park to bring a blanket and kick back on grass

Review №92

Great park. Family fun and a great sculpture of...... What ever that thing is with the wood thats been there for ever.

Review №93

Very casual.

Review №94

We would sit and drink bottles together, and dance. If the empties stuck, that was luck. If not, that meant breakfast anyways.

Review №95

I like to have A good coffee and a burger there, but otherwise it isnt much of a park

Review №96

Three generations of my family have come to this awesome park!! Miss the merry go round though

Review №97

Beautiful place to go for walks with all the bike trails around theres numerous parks for children and its so close to Valley River

Review №98

Really cool spot!

Review №99

Dont go during the fall/winter it gets super muddy

Review №100

I love my neighborhood park! I take my puppy dog here and play fetch with her, she loves it

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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
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  • Good for kids:Yes
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