City Hall Buffalo City
65 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY 14202, United States

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While covid is going on you must call and request an appointment from your desired selection.. here is a picture with numbers. However they do not return phone calls in timely manner or emails. I didnt get a return email for almost 3 weeks. But my appointment was made within 3days.

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Cool Art Deco piece to see if you’re an Art Deco fan. Inside has a lot of cool pieces of art to see. The observation deck is alright if you enjoy views of metropolitan cities. Truthfully unless you do the tour you could see and experience the building in under an hour. Still cool to see if you need something to do.

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Saturday morning well spent. This is my second time in Buffalo city but visited city hall for first time. Given the Covid Conditions I could not go inside but from outside it is visually beautiful and well maintained. A must visit place in case are visiting Niagara Falls.

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Its a beautiful art deco building. One of the largest city halls in the country.

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Extremely beautiful and historic building. Definitely my favorite building in Buffalo.

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There are some beautiful buildings in Buffalo but the city hall building takes the cake. I dont know of a city hall anywhere that looks as impressive as this one.

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Excellent city to live, restaurants and bar was good. It’s a fun city, it’s got personable people and I like it.

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Beatiful historical, educational needs a good power wash

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Always a 5 star rating each time I go to City Hall.

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Great place to gather with family and friends.

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I worked here for a while. Our city’s center of business and local government. ️ Some of the upper floors and beautiful views of the city

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The top of the City Hall gives you a wonderful view of Buffalo. The building itself is beautifully designed and built. Check it out if you have a chance

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I just called and was on hold, then hung up on. I can’t believe in 2020 people are still like this in buffalo. You can never have hope in this city

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Hello!In my years of having to go yo City Hall. There have been good and professional out come towards me.cometowmeme.Everyone. Id

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Looks very nice from the outside. Saw a couple getting married infront of it. Brave couple, seeing as this is the sketchiest area Ive ever driven through. Didnt see a lot of homeless, but felt the need to lock my doors at traffic lights

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A beautiful place to go and explore and the people awesome

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YOU WILL DIE LAUGHING WHEN YOU READ THIS!!!So here it goes. You are walking around this old building. You will fall in love with how old and hip it is. You will love the observation deck when you take the elevators to the top. It is old musty and quiet. But here is the joke. What is a lizards favorite type of building? One that is art gecco.

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Wonderful piece of depression architecture. Worth your time to take the elevator ride to the top.

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Very beautifully designed roadway to Niagara Falls.

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Went to go get my birth certificate copies its just your average giant City Hall. Lol

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Beautiful place to visit.

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If touring Buffalo, I recommend you stop here to check out the incredible view of the city from the observation deck. This is also a great stop if you have an interest in architecture.

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Anyone here from the years I worked in this great building, 1979-1983?? Treasury Department.

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Cant go marvel at the architecture just for the sake of it anymore

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Horrible experience

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Worth going to the top to see the views!

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Incredible entrance and very friendly staff! Went up to the observation deck and was blown away. It’s a full walk around which definitely adds to the experience. Can’t speak on its accessibility because you do need to walk up a few flights of stairs. Good workout though especially for someone my size . t_t

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Historic and beautiful building, with free access to the rooftop where you get a good lookout.

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First off if you never grew up in Buffalo its not the best place especially on the east side and the downtown district seems to have all the intention far as development. The other parts of the city are struggling no wonder people who can leave the area do. The city isnt geared to help afro americans. but can be a great nesting place(sanctuary city) immigrants, no disrespect. The city civil service takes care of South Buffalo connected people. Unsolved little crimes, murders, shooting occur very few days like come on. People are rude and how we got to be the city of good neighbors is a joke. I havnt met any caucasian people looking to have a conversation with me they walk right by and some act as their petrified when on the transit system or metro bus. Avoid this City along with Detroit, Chicago no jobs unless you chose to work part time or become a political chrony

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Free and fun! Buffalo from a birds-eye view. Also, if reading this in May/June 2019 or so, be sure to indulge in the Pre-K Picasso artwork in the lobby. SO cool.

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A majestic landmark erected in 1930. The architecture is exquisite, breathtaking and timeless. A must see in the City of Buffalo, Nee York. You can also go to the top and get a great view of our beautiful city - make sure to check online for times it is open. You can visit City Hall to see the architectural genesis during the open times.

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The most beautiful City Hall I ever see! Its a amazing building, decorated with a Indian elements, making a unique building. From the observatory hall is possible see all the city.

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Old building with observation tower open to public for free. The tower has 360 view. You should visit the city hall and the observation tower if visiting Buffalo.

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Truly spectacular Art Deco masterpiece highlighting the unique qualities of the City of Buffalo from the friezes on the exterior to the paintings in the lobby - fantastical! Don’t miss the stained glass ceiling in the Common Council Chamber (on floor 13), and the outdoor observation deck with 360 degree views (on floor 28). NOTE: the elevator only goes to 25... must walk upstairs to 28. You won’t be disappointed!

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Beautiful piece of American architecture yet city needs to move on from that Art Deco era and operate outside of the backwards mentality. Would make a wonderful museum on American Culture though.

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It was amazing

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Was there because of parking tickets, the judge for the parking ticket was a white lady with blond hair, she was so unfair and cruel. She made me pay a total of $550. I think it was cause i was black. The system is a money pit, we just want a live our life, pay our taxes and not bother nobody. The system is designed for us to fail, they Harass us for money and punish the poor. Like really ? You made me pay $550 shaking my head,she needs to realize people don’t make her type of money, not everyone can afford that expensive coat. Anyways I paided it and thought to myself GOD is the real judge. How do you sleep at night knowing your taking advantage of the less fortunate. The whole system is broken and unfair. Also there’s this young white lady that work there, she needs to fix her attitude and treat people with respect.

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Nice view of the city from the top. Outside is starting to fall apart though

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Love the observation deck on the roof! Also if your going for any paperwork, everything is fairly easy to find and clearly labeled!

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Beautiful art deco building with a great observation deck. 100%free.

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The art-deco style of Buffalo City Hall is amazing. The artwork that makes up the building is very nice because it includes a tale of the history of Buffalo as a city.The tours available are very informative. Since last year an organization known as City ration hosts an event Thanksgiving weekend called Take Another Look, which encourages Buffalo Expatriates who are in town to watch the sunset, and take another look at the changes happening in the city.The event it a great time to check out city hall for a tour and entertainment.

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I needed my birth certificate. There were complications. But they did not act like bureaucrats -- they treated us as human beings and compassionate in the birth certificate office and got the job done. It was a pleasant surprise. Good people work in the city of Buffalo, NY. Government workers could learn from these people! They are great.

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Beautiful building

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People from all over the world come to see this architectural masterpiece. My favorite highlights include the beautiful Council Chamber, the observation deck & the 1st floor entrance and Hallways! Worthwhile to schedule a tour!

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Very cool building. The architecture is really nice and a cool place to walk around and enjoy the sites of the city

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Beautiful city

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Awesome place to visit if youre in Buffalo. The observation deck on the top floor gives you a great 360 degree view of the whole city. Its a great place to check out.

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It sucked

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1930s Art Deco building with Native American architectural highlights. During business hours on weekdays take the elevators and, eventually, stairs to the observation deck. The best view of Buffalo is had here.

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There are more potholes in the city than there are residents you cannot go 10ft without falling in a pothole 6 to 15 in and a foot 2 3 foot by diameter. There garbage pickup is horrible they leave trash all over the place cleaning of the side streets horrible

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Buffalo City Hall is the seat for municipal government in the City of Buffalo, New York. Located at 65 Niagara Square, the 32-story Art Deco building was completed in 1931 by Dietel, Wade & Jones.

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Great tour, with many Native American culture influences, the tour guide was exceptional, a must see.

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Beautiful building. From the gorgeous exterior to the lobby and council chambers...makes for a great tour.

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Went here on an amazing, sunny, Friday afternoon and went up to the observation deck. What a great 360 degree view of the city, the Lake, the river - you can even see the mist from...The Falls!

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Incredible piece of architecture & a place with incredible presence. A huge Art Deco masterpiece, like a gigantic throne for the Genius of our City. It combines Classical, Germanic, & Native elements to visually represent the elements of Buffalos greatness. A historical text - or a roadmap for the future - it can be read either way. If you visit make sure to note the elevators, the murals, the pneumatic mailing tubes - & of course the unsurpassable observation deck, possibly the best view available of our fair Queen City.

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Beautiful architecture and an excellent free tour.

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Vert beautiful view of Buffalo from the observation deck at the top. Highly recommend.

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Awesome building to spend some time and learn a few things about history.

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Beautiful building , good volunteer tour guide. Views from observation deck

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Looks like a giant hand flipping the bird to Canada. Observation deck is awesome, and free. Check out the artwork on the ceiling at the entrance too.

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The observation deck is second to none in the city. Buffalo looks like a European city from this vantage point, with grand boulevards radiating out from Niagara Square.

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What a great place to pay bills!

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One of the notion best city hall

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Observation deck is cool. Also, you can almost feel the corruption in the air.

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The Art Deco architecture used on this structure is amazing

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Very disappointed

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1st amendment protections? Nah....

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Really nice building. Security and staffers eager to help.

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A beautiful structure in desperate need of restoration.

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Open the observation deck on weekends!

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Beautiful building. Lots of history.

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Best view of Downtown Buffalo totally FREE!!!

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Very rude unhelpful people if you are not born and raised here in Buffalo NY good luck getting anywhere they just do the NY shuffle

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Night viewing on street 8/24/2018

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Very interesting

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Very helpful ty

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