Buffalo Museum of Science
1020 Humboldt Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14211, United States

Review №1

One of the most amazing museums Ive ever been to I went to see the golden mummies of Egypt exhibit which they extended just for me because I was back from the dead I filed for an extension, I told the girl they thought out my tomb in Antarctica and they better let me rest in peace but Im here to see my friends. She thought I was kidding Then the rest of the museum is amazing too interactive stuff very well set up and some of the most thought-provoking exhibits you can find we werent able to view the other two levels apparently they were closed possibly during quarantine but the first two levels there is plenty to see they probably took me and a girlfriend at least three or four hours to see it all. Huge dinosaur bones rebuilt looking like Jurassic Park large animals in one section. I was thoroughly impressed.

Review №2

Awesome, really enjoyed the mummy exhibit. Many covid safe exhibits. Great afternoon with the kids, a bit pricey but still worth the trip.

Review №3

Nice museum. We went for the Egyptian exhibit which was very informative. I greatly enjoyed it, but dont expect grandiose exhibits. The actual museum was cool too! Unfortunately all of the interactive exhibits on the 3rd and 4th floors were closed due to Covid.

Review №4

Excellent museum that gives visitors plenty to see and learn about even at a time of social distancing. The Mummy experience was a little uncomfortable because they had too many people in the area after we were told they had only booked one set of people to enter every half hour.We went to see the Golden Mummies of Egypt and were intrigued by the visiting Manchester collection of eight mummies and the various artifacts. Beautiful display in a small and controlled, walking space in a single one direction traffic. Some of the scary music was a little too much and they should have presented the contents in a more dignified way for the deceased visitors (mummies).We went to see the other exhibits on the second floor (Biodiversity, artifacts and dinosaurs) afterwards and enjoyed the quiet and spacious environment that was created to accommodate for Covid-19.Staff was very polite and informative. We asked about items that were no longer and they were very helpful. They thanked us for coming and enjoying they museum so much!

Review №5

I had a great time educating myself and being with my family at the museum. The staff are very accommodating and helpful.

Review №6

The Buffalo Science Museum is a fantastic place to educate oneself on scientific progress and relearn the notions of yesteryear. Young children will especially enjoy this Buffalo based gem.

Review №7

The Golden Mummies of Egypt was cool. My daughter and I enjoyed it very much!

Review №8

Has good variety of exhibits. They handed out styluses to use on the interactive screens in order to be COVID safe.

Review №9

I was there for the golden mummy exhibit which did not disappoint. Im so glad I finally got there. The m museum had gone above and beyond to make sure proper sanitizing Id in place with standing sanitizer locations throughout the museum. As always the museum is staff is friendly and very helpful. Thank you for bringing the mummies to Buffalo.

Review №10

Went to see the mummy exhibit and it was really good. There was only 2 floors open not sure why so that was a little disappointing. Im thinking because of the pandemic. I still enjoyed my visit with my family.

Review №11

This is a great place to take the family with lots to see and do. Lots of interactive exhibits. And they just recently updated their telescope which I cant wait to use. They have some Buffalo themed things on display such as ,Stuffy a Buffalo Iconic part of history. Its a clean and fun place for all to enjoy.

Review №12

The Golden Mummies exhibit held over until January. Great exhibit reflecting mummies of the Roman influenced years of Egyptian history and art.Make sure to watch the video presentations at different locations in the exhibit.

Review №13

Had a great time at the Wreathed in Reading event. This was an adult craft event of which they apparently have quite frequently here! Who knew!? Not that I do I will be paying more attention. Havent been here since I was a kid. Also on the way out we met a gentleman, Jason, who was very knowledgeable and even gave us a demonstration. (We werent even museum patrons at this point). His infectious passion for science was really the highlight of the evening and he was just a staff member we happened to see on the way out! I swear I learned more from this man in 15 minutes than I ever did in school. Thankfully he also mentioned he is a part-time substitute teacher. We need people like him in schools and in our museum. If all the staff is only half as helpful it will make a future trip here much more enjoyable and much anticipated.

Review №14

It’s like stepping into another space and time. I love it !

Review №15

It was nice. Had a lot of interesting stuff there. Unfortunately I went when they had 2 different sections closed down. Kind of annoyed there was no information about it, and kind of annoyed that I had to pay $26 to get into a museum that I couldnt FULLY enjoy (its $13 per person) but oh well. What I did get to see was really cool.

Review №16

Such a great museum to help bring out the love of science in kids and adults alike!!! The dinosaur exhibit is really cool to experience. We also love the independent health room. Our forever favorite is the bug exhibit. We didnt visit the observatory this time but hope to in the future.

Review №17

Visited the museum today, and all of the precautions they put in place make it feel like a safe environment to have fun and learn in. We brought our 5 year old and he had a great time!

Review №18

I absolutely love the Buffalo Museum of Science. The prices are very reasonable for the exhibits and admission. I was at the opening weekend of The Golden Mummies exhibit. Theres an astounding variety of fossils and artifacts and other exhibits. This place is fantastic, I would absolutely recommend this site

Review №19

This is a great museum. We travel down to Niagara Falls USA frequently and always make the trip a little further down to visit this museum. It is ridiculously hands on for the kids. There is so much for them to do. My little guy has never gotten bored. By far one of the best museums we have ever been too. So much to do and learn.

Review №20

Only part of the museum was open due to COVID caution, but everything that was open was spaced well, they had hand sanitizer everywhere, the employees were helpful and super friendly. The mummy exhibit was very nice and interactive. My kids had a great time.

Review №21

What a great museum! So many things to look at and try for kids and adults. Tons of learning opportunities. My 4 year old was thoroughly engaged for a few hours. Would highly recommend!

Review №22

We have been here twice with the family. Its a nice local museum. Not the biggest or most action packed place, but its a nice place to spend a few hours with smaller children. It is spread out over several floors so you dont feel cramped or rushed. Even if its crowded, its not that bad as you are spread out. Nice areas for smaller children downstairs and planetarium up on the roof with a nice view of Buffalo. We went for the LEGO exhibit and it was really cool! I would recommend this place for families with kids between 3-12 years of age. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. Free coat check and parking was nice as well.

Review №23

Excellent exhibits. This place has a learning based that is great for all ages.

Review №24

Great museum to take the family. I’ve been many times. We love the Mummy exhibit. I was disappointed that the visit was full price considering the exploration area for children was closed and the explore you area was closed and the observatory was also closed. I also believe the planetarium was closed too. For 3 adults, 1 child 1 infant it was $70 after Military / Health Care discount.

Review №25

We went an hour before close on a Sunday. We were able to complete in that amount of time. For what it is, it was fun to do. However, compared to pretty much any other city it is quite underwhelming. Would love for more funding to go here as this would be an ideal tourist spot to bring people to the East side/medical campus area.

Review №26

The museum is always great. My kids love the first floor pump display. The water exhibition is their second favourite. I cant wait to see what they are doing with the gift shop it was under construction last time we went. The Lego exhibit we bought tickets to was amazing!

Review №27

First time there. Awesome place, lots to see. I took 144 pictures because I had an art project to do for achoo. And couldnt decide what to pick. I did go for the beaded bowl and hats at the end for my project. Discount of you are a college student.

Review №28

Well maintained for distancing. I really enjoyed the Golden Mummies special exhibit.

Review №29

Is just a good experience love it thanks for everything I hope to comeback

Review №30

Super engaging displays and activities! Both myself and my 4 year old had a blast and quickly ran out of time before we had to leave. Building blocks, feel what a hurricane wind feels like, control a gantry to move boxes, build a race car, and the list goes on of fun things to learn about!

Review №31

Gone to the museum to see the Mummy exhibit that was on loan from Manchester. Loved it. There are activities for kids. Recommend a visit.

Review №32

Education on Vacation is a must and Im so happy we stopped at the Buffalo Science Museum. We all had a great time in the Lego exhibit and in the In Motion exhibit. Highly recommend!!!

Review №33

Great place. A lot of nifty things to see and info. Went on Space Day so there was even more to enjoy. Could have been a little more clear on where the space stuff was exactly.

Review №34

They are doing wonderful things at the museum. The special exhibits are great to see and interact with. The volunteers were very friendly and willing to help with any question. The museum is physically challenged friendly, with an elevator and benches for resting. Definitely worth the trip!

Review №35

This is a great museum for the whole family. We stayed about 2 hours and there was still more to see. They had a great variety of exhibits - health, nature, weather, and an amazing area for younger kids. There were several hands on areas for kids - building blocks, electronics and crafts. The hurricane machine was our favorite. As a bonus, the prices at the snack bar were very reasonable and parking is free. We look forward to visiting again.

Review №36

Great time.. the Lego exhibit was great.. staff was friendly and informative only complaint is a fee exhibits were not functioning properly. But still had fun!!! Definitely take your family here rainy day or sunny day its fun!!

Review №37

The curators were very engaging!!! The atmosphere was very positive even with Covid protocols. Grandkids loved the Golden Mummies!!!!

Review №38

I always enjoy going to the Science Museum. I love teaching my children new things and allowing them to learn hands on. Theres always so much to do with our family membership. We are looking forward to visiting the observation tower soon.

Review №39

Love the museum but wish they had left the gift shop... now its on the 1st fl and cant really call a gift shop. Some exhibits are fun and interesting... some really boring... should include more interactive exhibits..also, the live animals could be better cared for(domino roaches have dead ones in their tank..and just because they are bugs doesnt mean they shouldnt have a clean tank

Review №40

My favorite exhibits in the museum were the art of the brick, the health, extinct animal, and animal exhibits! the art of the brick was at the buffalo museum of science today!!

Review №41

The staff are all so friendly and helpful. The Golden Mummies exhibit was wonderful just like always

Review №42

Exhibit closed due to weather. Much closed due to the corona virus. What we saw was good.

Review №43

Egyptian mummy exhibit was really neat , great interactive exhibits, film, interactive maps. Great fun for all ages.

Review №44

Nice visit over there. A lot of things to explore and see. First Level not attracting. Often not clear if skeletons are authentic or replica. Additional exhibitions with extra entrance fee also like theatre. This should be included. Lots if posibilities for kids, families, classes. Plans for orientation only digital at certain points.

Review №45

Great museum with plenty to see and do. There are a lot of hands on exhibits, actually I would say most of the museum is hands on. There are a few walk through exhibits, but even those have interactive stations. This place needs a good amount of time allotted to it. We were there for about 2 hours and didnt even get to half of it. The kids, 3 and 5, loves it and so did we. Great museum and good for any age.

Review №46

Extremely disappointed a group of 9 and paid $145 out of 4 floors and hands on activities there is only 1 floor and a half of viewing... and the mummy of Egypt wich they say its supposed to be an extra charge but because of the fact that 2 floors are closed theyre including it in the price.. Honestly saw everything in less than 45 minutes wich for me was not worth at all... I would not come back until normalized (covid-19) because what they have is not worth spending the money

Review №47

This was a great find on our way through town and finding that they honor reciprocal membership with our local museum was even better. Our 3 year old engaged on every floor, so much so that we missed the younger kids area all together! Bonus points for the family care room as a nice quiet calm space.

Review №48

We came here for the Art of the Brick for a belated birthday present for my 3 year old. I loved it more than he did, but he liked the play area. The museum is way bigger than it seems it will be, and theres a lot of really nice exhibits. The parking wasnt great and we had to walk a distance even though we got there just an hour after it opened on a Monday, and some of the exhibits dont seem as kept up on. But overall it was fun, and we got a membership so we can go back for my daughters birthday and my sons birthday again next year because its so cheap.

Review №49

Always have a good time here. Most recent trip was when the Lego display was here. What an awesome experience.

Review №50

Good amount of things to do no bad review here

Review №51

Great museum with many things to explore.

Review №52

This place is great for families looking for something to do on a rainy day. There are 3-4 floors all depending on what time you go the observatory might not be open. Even if it isn’t open the other three floors are great. You have different room that facilitate some things like artifacts, and others that have play areas where kids can unbury fossils, and build wooden track cars to test their speed. Even as an adult I had a good time with the interactive exhibits they have.

Review №53

Great museum -- absolutely time and money well spent here. Our five year-old daughter loved it. We will be back here again.

Review №54

We did a painting with metal paints which was fun. It was affordable and interesting. However, the place itself was confusing to navigate. Its a cool place and Ill definitely visit again.

Review №55

What a great place! 4 floors of exhibits was really taken back of how awesome this place was..a must go

Review №56

We absolutely LOVE this place. I have 4 kids ranging from 3 to 14 and they ALL love coming here. There are 4 floors of fun. Animals, dinosaurs, interactive science stations, astronomy, bugs, an entire play room for younger kids with all sorts of cool stuff for them to play with. A water station, costumes, stem projects, train sets, and more. We could probably come here once a month if we had the time. It never gets old. Also, if you are a low income family (qualify for Wic or snap etc...) you can get an ARTS access pass. (Its not through the science museum but you can look it up online) with this pass you can come to the science museum once a month for free as well as other museums in the buffalo area, and theater shows etc... Its to help lower income familys experience more art where they wouldnt be able to afford it otherwise.

Review №57

Good Museum! Exhibits are cool! Some cool interactive stuff to do and there is something for all ages. Smaller in size but that is good because you can get though everything in one day! The space exhibit was cool and is newly renovated.The reason for the 3 star review is that the cleanliness of the facility needs improvement,some of the interactive stuff is broken and that the changing exhibit is closed half the time! Other than that is is a good museum!

Review №58

It was a great experience even amid covid!

Review №59

What a fun, but a great place to learn. My boys had a blast with each room we entered. I found myself be a child again also. Highly recommend for all. We will be being later this year.

Review №60

Much better than youd think for the size of of city Buffalo is. You have to check it out

Review №61

Had a great time at the Museum with my hubby. The Lego exhibit really brought out the kid in us! Would definitely recommend this to families as it is beautiful and stimulating to the mind!

Review №62

Best place for kids in buffalo area. so much fun and learned a lot.

Review №63

Good and safe outing. Enjoyed.

Review №64

I think its worth to visit this museum. The second floor is my favorite. Lots of kids play there.

Review №65

Clean. Friendly staff. Wonderful exhibits!

Review №66

Great piece of history,place is just as interesting and fun now as it was when I was a kid

Review №67

I remember going to this museum when I was in grade school and the updates and tons of hands on activities are just a great way to enjoy the day rain or shine or in this case snow. My daughter is 5 and since we can be hands on she adores experimenting and learning about it all. We had friendly run ins with the staff who had smiles on their faces, very approachable. Looking forward for another visit.

Review №68

Awesome, clean, everyone respected each others space. Loved it!

Review №69

My kids and I have been members of the museum for 7 years. My kids have loved it here from the time they were toddlers, and they are now 6 and 8 and still enjoy it. The museum has been making efforts to bring in new hands on exhibits and the travelling exhibits that change a few times a year are always excellent.

Review №70

Parking is free but good luck finding a spot. Forget about handicapped parking.The exhibits are awesome. Better stuff in the spring and summer. Just my opinion.Support your local treasures

Review №71

Good place to take children, it is very interactive. Just keep in mind if youre visiting as an adult that it can be busy with primarily kids. Go during school hours/weekdays to avoid the crowd if you prefer less people.

Review №72

So much fun for kids! There is a lot to do and it teaches a lot in fun, creative ways.

Review №73

I went when the golden mummies were here. It was excellent

Review №74

I loved it and so did kids! It was our first time there and worth every minute. Parking can be a little tricky though.

Review №75

A little pricey but overall was a great time. For all ages. I have a 3 month old and a 2 year old and both had a blast. Theres also tons of history about toys which is fun for adults. Theres so much to do here your only problem will be not having enough time. They have a 50s diner inside and the food is great! So much fun

Review №76

Its okay. Good for 1 time visit.

Review №77

Had a good time. Plenty to do even with Littles.

Review №78

The Mummies were AWESOME! Just a sneak peak...

Review №79

Disappointing. Many of the artifacts in the one section had numbers on them but nothing to tell you what you were looking at. The same thing in the biodiversity section. A while group of animals had no names attached to them. Shame on the museum! Things need to be labeled to teach about them. The new space floor was a real snooze unless you had small children who would be able to pay with the few interactives. Half of the Halls on the second floor were closed. So many of the science museums displays are gone with just a quick nod to bugs, dinosaurs. And there is no up to date technology exhibits. Good thing I went on free day because I would have been upset to spend money on this.

Review №80

The kids loved it. So much to see and learn. I also enjoyed the newer sections of the museum where the kids can have a hands on experience in learning electricity, elevation, and much more.

Review №81

We went to the Buffalo museum of Science because we saw many Instagram posts (@rogue_trippers) showing the Art Of the Brick lego exhibit.To be honest, I am shocked we had never been here before this, as we visit Buffalo often.The Buffalo Museum of Science is a great interactive museum with many different exhibits that are sure to entertain kids from 1- 100. It is highly informative, interactive, educational, and most importantly - ENTERTAINING.We showed up and there was a sign that the Art of the Brick was sold out. We almost didnt even go in because we were primarily there for that exhibit. I decided to inquire about the next days availability, and upon doing so, the clerk said they could get us in today. This was very impressive.The price to enter the museum was only $18 so it is a great & inexpensive way to entertain the family.The whole museum is great and will not take a long time to go through.there is free onsite parking, but doesnt seem to be ample.

Review №82

Short visit but well worth it. To see my toddlers first jaw dropping reaction to the Mastadon is once in a lifetime.

Review №83

I loved it and my kids loved it as well. Will definitely came back!

Review №84

Went to see the Lego exhibits, awesome

Review №85

The mummy exhibit was amazing. Its a fantastic place to go for the whole family. Its come a long way since I was a kid. My grandson loves it there.

Review №86

Wonderful, its just filled with awesome fun stuff to do. Plenty of interactive stuff to do.

Review №87

Great place to gather with family and friends.

Review №88

Have Golden Mummies exhibit and it was wonderful! Even the other exhibits besides the mummies were very interesting. Would recommend this place.

Review №89

The Art of the Brick exhibit - excellent

Review №90

Not very happy because my grandson cant do any hand on activities that was there before.Now there isnt much for kids to do anymore,sad

Review №91

We went for a 1st grade birthday. It was super cute, my son is really into science so he sat in the front row for the science demos with liquid nitrogen and dry ice! very informative and entertaining.

Review №92

My wife and I recently held our wedding reception here and our experience was wonderful. We have gone to the Buffalo Museum of Science many times and when we found out that they can host weddings we had to check it out. As soon as we did, we knew it was the venue for us. The museum worked with all of our vendors to create the unique reception we wanted that our guests gave us many compliments about. It is a great play to go and we will continue to be patrons here.

Review №93

Geared more towards kids with tons of hands on stuff, still fun for adults. If I lived in the area Id definitely have a membership for the kids area. Allow yourself several hours to visit, but we all wished they had guide maps, as some elevators dont lead to all floors, and it can be confusing at times

Review №94

I went to go see the recent Mummy Exhibit. It was quite a nice collection. I enjoyed the experience. The staff is friendly. It was clean & well spaced out. I recommend checking it out.

Review №95

They do a good job of bringing in travelling exhibits to keep things fresh. Here a showing of an artist who uses Legos as his medium.

Review №96

The lego thing was awesome. The whole place is really nice and I will try to go again

Review №97

Great amount of stuff to do. Hands on activities for kids and the current Lego art exhibit is super neat.

Review №98

Awesome place to spend time with family! There is something for everyone, we went with three adults, a 3 year old, and a 2 year old and everyone had fun!

Review №99

Minimalistic design, could have more in the displays, etc

Review №100

Always fun for all ages. Never too busy, and the exhibits are entertaining and educational.

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