Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino
1 Fulton St, Buffalo, NY 14204, United States
Review №1

I go to lots of casinos, and this was a very good one. The slots gave me lots of playing time and hit lots of bonuses. I also lost my work & personal phone at a machine and the security was able recover it. Lots of hand sanitizer and cleaning crews so I felt comfortable playing even with pandemic going on. I look forward to visiting again!

Review №2

Sports Book could be much more efficiently run. Kiosks should have a scanner for the QR codes so people could easily breeze through the line. Have one of the tvs playing a how to on placing bets via QR code to make the process at the front desk smoother. Sync up the tellers systems with the website. I had a QR code ready to go and the teller told me the system wouldnt take that parlay. The website didnt tell me the same thing. I could have had it properly set up if this was more organized. The casino itself seems pretty clean though, its just the sports book that needs some simple changes to make it an easier process.

Review №3

Stay away. The slots are too tight. Guaranteed to lose all your money. No entertainment and the servers are selective. They seem to only seek out patrons that look like they will order something thus more of a possibility to receive a tip. This place mostly draw local low income visitors. I hardly see anyone in that casino happy. No comps and very little member points generated while playing the slots.

Review №4

Actually lost on the first time I bet in a long time. I believe that Kyler Murray and yet up costing me money but other than that it was a date with my girl and I had fun

Review №5

Took my dad out for a night out. He had a great time. My experience was a little different than I was hoping for. I was hoping to play some 3 card poker. Unfortunately due to the pandemic these tables were closed until further notice. The seneca team did a great job keeping everyone in check wearing their mask and keeping everyones area sanitized.

Review №6

I dont win here like I do at the niagara falls location. Plus i wish they would build a hotel in there. The restaurants are decent. The WD gives large portions and tastes pretty good.

Review №7

Didnt feel comfortable there. People were wearing mask below their noses. They had plenty of hand sanitizer their but wasnt being used and not one person wiping down machines.

Review №8

I lost a lot of money fast , I didnt realize the bets .... although they were penny slots it added up to sometimes $5 dollar spins and , Trust me when I tell you those machines are HUNGRY .... Always !!! On the flip side my best friend, won over $2,000 and only had $20.00 to his name when he first walked in ! Go FIGURE ... ?..his slots were so full they threw-up ...... Lots of money !!!!! Lol

Review №9

Very interesting Casino. Win some, lose some. Just have fun. Very few non-smoking areas in the floor. Smoker Tip: you can buy Seneca cigarettes at the Buffalo Creek Shop located inside. Tip your Bartenders and Hostess.

Review №10

Love Buffalo Creek! Good payouts and place is clean and machines are fun. Great night out with friends. Def something to do for fun

Review №11

Nice clean gaming area I want $800 on one machine I went to another I want $775 went to another and one $545 excellent place to gamble

Review №12

Followed covid protocol for the most part. Some employees and customers were seen with their face mask up to their mouth only. Main entrance through the garage. Parking in the garage was free. Temperature/ID check was performed. Semi-crowded but I did not expect it to be scanty either. Overall, my husband and I had a good experience.

Review №13

Everyone who worked there were and were pleasant to talk too.

Review №14

Tip top those indians dont mess around

Review №15

Im not a Casino person, but it was fun and great company helps. Myself and two friends went. Atmosphere was very nice. Dimly lit ceiling wise but bright lights everywhere else. Very easy to relax there. Set up where you could get to bathroom, get food, play different games, and cash out just a minute walk apart from one another. I dont like loud music so when the DJ came on (he was very good by the way) it was just too loud for me. They have female dancers like in a NY Dance Club up on individual small stages. Didnt get to order my own food because I got tired, my friend had pizza, had a bite wasnt great. Bathrooms are kept up, which must be difficult to do considering how many people there were. Checked three times an hour apart. Other than wet sinks it was good. Most importantly, we all won!!

Review №16

Cash out machines dont give change amounts but give paper receipts that do not get accepted into machines so round off your change or loose it.

Review №17

Lively entertainment facility near the heart of downtown Buffalo.There is a wide selection of the latest slot games, as well as many old-time favorites ranging from penny arcade to high-roller range.Table games are located toward the back of the casino featuring the usual variety of card and dice games expected to be found in these venues.There is a covered garage and open-air parking for no charge.Youll also find bars and eating areas, in addition to a sizable video wall with live TV for the games on-air.The air quality was relatively poor, hence the 4 stars instead of 5. I noticed several visitors wearing masks due to the heavy amount of smokers within the facility.Otherwise, the staff and security teams were friendly which makes for a nice visit.

Review №18

Very clean! Theyre really making sure you feel safe amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Review №19

Good environment! Gambling is set against you 92% of people lose I just go to play football tickets

Review №20

I didnt give yall only one star because the dealers are cool but you guys are clearly one of the worst casinos on the east coast. And I actually win when I played there.

Review №21

Everyone was very pleasant and very clean . I would live to come back

Review №22

To many people for my liking all had mask on but to many people and didnt see alot of cleaning people wiping machines no booze or smoking

Review №23

First time I visited here. Had an enjoyable time and was pleased with their entire covid-19 procedures.

Review №24

The casino is great !! Very clean and kept clean always! Safe place to be in the Corona times ..

Review №25

Very unhappy that smokers are pushed out side in the cold heat snow rain like we dont matter!! I spend money in the casinos just like the non smoker...and get treated like second hand trash..

Review №26

Not good at all! no good customers service skillls

Review №27

Had the best time EVER! I hot for $3,300 on a penny slot. So, yeah! #Awesome

Review №28

I don’t ever leave with money in my pocket never a big winner.

Review №29

I made a point to drive between Niagara Falls and Salamanca to hit every single Casino to see which I liked most and only took $25. To each. I won $1,100. At this Casino on $5. That was the first any only time I ever won money in access of $4. At a time (meaning oer hit) these games dont typically like to let you win much. The other casinos seem to let you win $50. Or less On average but then take it all back on the next few hits, so in my opinion Seneca Buffalo Casino is the best place to actually win money and leave or lose it a lot slower than you would at the other Casinos (you WILL lose everything in under 10 minutes in the other Casinos. This one takes it back a lot slower if that makes sense). At all the casinos AVOID machines where you have to collect to win (such as the frog game where you collect coins, or the 8 games, avoid 8 Games), because you need to MAX bet around $120 - $350 before you can win that same amount back or if lucky more an example is the game Hot Stuff and games alike. In the next few months I intend to visit all the same Casinos again 2 more times each so that I can see if this review changes or remains the same. Ill keep you posted.

Review №30

Small and nice change from the hustle n bustle of Seneca Niagara!

Review №31

Great fun place free drinks i won with only 60 dollars

Review №32

The employees make it worth your while to play because theyre polite and kind and the fun experience win or lose I feel like I get my money worth

Review №33

Great, now that people have to smoke outside!

Review №34

Too small at 50percent capacity. Still fun

Review №35

Not much needs to be said, We just have to be happy that we have a casino.

Review №36

Clientele are not the classiest of people. (They are located dad-smack in the ghetto.) With that being said, pit bosses and dealers have a a bad attitude towards most customers. Save yourself the time and just go to the Niagara Falls casino, or to Pennsylvania casino.

Review №37

Had a good time we even though I didnt win

Review №38

You spend a lọt of money.And they give you nonething in return

Review №39

Lots of fun very clean and social distancing observed.

Review №40

Very clean and very busy. Food experience was a lot better at Seneca Niagra

Review №41

Its the hot spot to be. Had a very nice time

Review №42

The machines are rigged to rob you. No smoking and no alcohol total waste of time.

Review №43

First time I have been at this casino. Nice selection and clean.

Review №44

The place is very large but poor odds-on their slots and many of the tables are priced very high.It would make sense to have at least a couple of 5.$00 tables because of the covid 19 crisis.

Review №45

Social distancing and security were very well done.

Review №46

Clean, sanitized and not so crowded.

Review №47

I like casinos and this one is good. I hate smoking and the smell of cigarettes, so it was hard for me to rate this a 5, but I did anyways. I always leave my jacket in the car so it doesnt stink when I leave. The workers are always friendly and willing to help.

Review №48

Amazing creative place to go have fun

Review №49

I love it Nice and peaceful a time to enjoy yourself

Review №50

It is in Niagara Falls NY. Adult play and Adult fun. The food court was large with plenty good choices. The live entertainment was great. And there are additional shopping stores. An indoor mini mall.

Review №51

Had chicken wings, which were good. My husband had french onion soup. And i won $100 buck. A Good night of fun.

Review №52

The casino was fine and clean. We had a good time here but found there to be a lack of servers to the players at the tables or the slots. We were never able to order drinks while playing. This was different from all other casinos we have been to. Everything else was good.

Review №53

Course is always in perfect condition.

Review №54

My husband and I had a fabulous dinner at WD. We got the Valentines day special. The strip steak was cooked to perfection, melted in your mouth. The lobster rice was amazing! So much flavor! I would highly recommend this restaurant and our server Lorita.

Review №55

The place was super clean and had all of my favorite machines!

Review №56

Nice casino. Clean and good customer service.

Review №57

Fu n enjoyable entertainment

Review №58

Very nice casino. I just stopped by for a little while.My husband spent $3.50 and won $75.00The only negative (its a very small one)is the cigarette smoke smell. Rest rooms were clean , valet parking is great. Overall very nice

Review №59

The layout if the casino is conveniently designed. The service at the bar is fast with games to play, tv to watch and comfortable seating. The staff is very friendly and helpful for new players who dont know how to play.

Review №60

A great place to go. There is not only slots now they have gaming tables and s sports betting area. You can easily loose track of the time because theres so much to do.

Review №61

The staff is doing a great job to keep social distancing, and to keep it clean.

Review №62

Went there to place football bet line was long but no matter how much I lose I have a good time ha ha

Review №63


Review №64

Took my mom here for her birthday a few years ago. We both had a great time (probably in no small part due to the fact that we got lucky and each walked out about 100$ richer) but even that aside the environment was what youd come to expect from a casino. If they fill the tropes well. Have not tried the food but I hear its good.

Review №65

I had a horrible experience bathrooms disgusting, realized in different seating bed bugs.. Brought it to security attentions was told they would take care of it. I will never be back to this casino and I extremely suggest no one else go there...

Review №66

Have good slots and I love going there

Review №67

Live games, lots of slots. Cool casino

Review №68

Spent allot of money didnt win nothing tried allot of different games to

Review №69

In spite of this corona virus, staff was polite and helpful.

Review №70

Real casual place. Super nice peoples

Review №71

Was more fun before the corona.

Review №72

Too smoky! Only one tiny non-smoking room with limited slots and zero table games. And you have to walk through the entire casino to get to it. Will not be returning to this casino or any other Seneca casino...

Review №73

Again.... I walked out of there with 700. That I won

Review №74

Do not like the fact you have to go outside to smoke. Didnt know that they changed it to No Smoking. It cant be because of the Covid. You can lift your masks to drink, you can do the same to Smoke. Wont be going back very soon.

Review №75

Very nice place. The staffs are nice and we always feel welcomed. It’s really pretty in the evening too because of the lights.

Review №76

I always enjoy my casino experience here and although I’ve taken some losses I’ve won more than I’ve lost and have always had a decent time. The casino updates over the last 5 years have been ok, but staff moral and their level of accommodation lacks what you will find at the Niagara Falls location. I’ve been to Vegas and have enjoyed numerous casinos around the country. Buffalo creek feels like it’s just a casino when you walk in. My advice would be to change things up a bit to increase employee moral. Learn your repeat customers names and make them feel welcomed opposed to making them feel like they are there just so you can take their money.

Review №77

Just a nice place to stop and play.

Review №78

Not a bad casino. Live dancers as you walk in. Bartenders are quick with service. I got to each one of the casinos within 100 miles and this one does not look at me down. Ive done well on the tables and the dealers were awesome. Ive had my fair share of luck on the slots also. Id suggest stopping here.

Review №79

I have won here and I have lost. Its a shot in the dark for any casino. But I must say that the lady time I was here I had phenomenal service and was accompanied by some flashy and entertaining dancers on platforms. It was fun

Review №80

Won 2200 bucks! Wahoooooo

Review №81

Great place to Gamble and people..

Review №82

Need more tables at a reasonable price versus jacking the price to $25. I get that your analysis says this is good for your business... Heres the reality - it Aint...

Review №83

They take money 170 dollars 1 bonus paid 5 dollars and some change

Review №84

Nice after a few months inside

Review №85

Nice place clean good machines

Review №86

Went to get autographs from the Sabres alumni. They were awesome!! The security guard at the front door was extremely helpful and friendly and guided us exactly where to go.

Review №87

One of my favorite casinos. Very polite. Teach you new games you may not know. Very funExcellent staff. Great tobacco!

Review №88

Too smokey! The non-smoking area is very small. Several of the toilet seats had cigarette ashes on them...yuck. From now on, Ill only go to casinos with no smoking.

Review №89

Loserville..but enjoyed being with friends

Review №90

Good Casino wish I could win more

Review №91

Kinda small and no alcohol due to covid rules.

Review №92

Amazing place. First time playing the Hot Shot, i won a jackpot for over 600$. Great staff. Very clean and optional smoking area. I love coming here to blow off some steam.

Review №93

The only pay out came from the ATM Lol

Review №94

Security was amazing, helped me with an issue with speed and efficiency, courteous at the same time... commendable.. thank you and bless you you all

Review №95

Not well kept and very small but I had an okay time. And they are opened because its a reservation not a state owned casino

Review №96

Its a Casino so you know how that goes, but its a good time... I tend to hit better on the Horse Races and Lock n Links

Review №97

Great chicken alfredo mac and cheese I drive a little charter bus owner operator and I love to come down here and get some food when I drop my people off they go in and have a great time they can gamble have a drink or two plus have great food always a fun time down here

Review №98

Games selection excellent. Had a great time. Very energetic place compared to a nearby racino. Only drawback is the smoking. I know there is a non smoking room but there games are not the same. Well go back.

Review №99

Not so friendly people here

Review №100

Smokey and gross, there is non smoking, but its all the way in the back. And only a few machines. And they were sooo cold. Customer service lady was helpfull.

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