OLV National Shrine & Basilica
767 Ridge Rd, Buffalo, NY 14218, United States

Review №1

This is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever been privileged to visit. I have sung the Messiah here, and watched my best friend marry here. There is such a feeling of peace among the angel statues you feel like you are as close to heaven as you can get. I have to come back to pay my respects to Father Baker, who has been reburied here in a side grotto, whose museum and gift shop are in the lower level.

Review №2

A breathtakingly, beautiful place that always makes me want to stay longer every time I go there. It is amazing to think that this place is right here in Buffalo. It always amazes my friends and family when I take them there.The museum that is a celebration of Father Bakers life and humanitarian work is always a first step on my tours for my visitors. The gift shop is my last stop as it gives me a souvenir from that trip.Stunning and holy place that is a special refuge from the outside troubles of the world. Great to come light a candle and offer prayers.

Review №3

The devotional craftsmanship and artistry is truly something to be admired. Learn about Father Baker and his service to the community. Great stop before or after the botanical gardens! Make a day of it then go eat some delish Buffalo food.

Review №4

Wow! What an amazingly beautiful & spiritual place. The artwork and stained glass windows are simply breathtaking! Love the angels holding the holy water. Everything, everything is amazingly breathtaking! love, love, love love! There are candles to light for your loved ones and statues of many saints.... a balcony with A gargantuan organ, hymns being sung & bells ringing. Historical spectacular church. A large gift store in the basement. So much more! I would highly recommend visiting this church! God bless us one and all.

Review №5

Beautiful place to visit And observe the wonderful statues and paintings from bibical times.

Review №6

Huge. The station of the cross are magnificently done. There is a nice musuem of sorts down stairs as well as a gift store.

Review №7

The most beautiful, heavenly and peaceful place in WNY. Magnificent in every sense of the word.

Review №8

I cant believe this gorgeous basilica can be found just outside of Buffalo in Lackawanna. We had never heard of it and found it by chance on an evening walk of the area. Great history and was able to enter / walk around in the evening.

Review №9

Beautiful. Worth a visit if youre in the Buffalo area.

Review №10

I was deeply moved by the beauty of this church! Amazing interior with thousands of angels and gorgeous paintings and stained glass windows. Absolutely gorgeous and worth visiting!!

Review №11

It was my Church until after I got married. Its beautiful but also very peaceful to me. I go there occasionally to light candles and pray.

Review №12

Beautiful Church and beautiful Mass. We also enjoyed the gift shop and the chicken dinner.

Review №13

Amazing Church. We stopped here for Mass on our toad trip. They have preserved the memory of Fr Baker. Maintained the church so well.

Review №14

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful historic place in buffalo.

Review №15

Its my home parish and it is awe inspiring, breath taking well worth the visit.

Review №16

Feeling so closeto God and inner peace.

Review №17

This church is awe inspiring. I love the artwork.

Review №18

So beautiful, such a wonderful achievement.

Review №19

So beautiful. Got a full tour and saw the museum (sadly gift shop was closed). It was very nice, however, one funny thing. Went to the bathroom and the toilet was like, a foot away from the door? Not sure how they intended one to sit, cause there was barely any room for your legs. Not sure what the design was, but beautiful church!! Loved all the stained glass and statues

Review №20

The best church in WNY. Amazing architecture. Just all around beautiful. There is so much detail that a person can not soak it all in on the first visit. There is also a gift shop located here for souvenirs.

Review №21

A beautiful church/cathedral that rivals/surpasses some of Europes cathedrals..Ive never seen such a awe inspiring church as the basilica..there is also a museum that chronicles father can also visit his tomb/shrine inside the church.all in all its a awesome place to visit.i highly recommend if you are in the area

Review №22

My parish. Plus it is quite beautiful. Make sure you visit the museum for lots of information about Fr. Nelson Baker & his great works. Has very good gift shop also.

Review №23

Awesome architecture and construction. Paintings were inspiring.

Review №24

My church and the most beautiful church (basilica) I have ever been in ... and I have traveled the world.This is the legacy of Father Baker for if you say Our Lady of Victory or Father Bakers, everyone knows you are talking about one and the same church.Nelson Baker, born 1842 was baptized Lutheran but he enjoyed attending church with his devout Catholic mother and at age 10 he was baptized Catholic. When he was young he worked the family store, then he served in the army during the American Civil War and returning, open up a feed and grain store with a partner but the church kept calling to him and at age 27, he entered the seminary and excelled. Then, at 29, he became gravely ill and was sick for a full year before recovering and eventually took his vows at age, 34. His first assignment was to Father Hines at the Limestone Hill orphanage and protectory. They were deep in debt and falling further so he asked to leave.After one year, the bishop reassigned Father Baker back to Limestone Hill to be Father Hines replacement. He jumped right in this time. The first to visit him were the many creditors. He worked a deal with all of them by emptying out every penny of his own savings and promising the rest to come. Then he began to write letters. Every night he would hand-write hundreds of letters and then send them to post masters all across the country asking them to deliver his letters to any charitable Catholic women and their organizations. In the letters he asked that they send $,25 yearly dues on behalf of the boys in his care. This was a great success. In a few years time, all the debts were paid and he had started saving for what was to become The City of CharityNext came one of his miracles. One of his largest debts was heating bills for all the buildings and church. He prayed over this and a gas deposit was found which is still being used for heating and cooking for all the buildings, even today.Then in 1908, he began his new project, building a home for unwed mothers. Here, women could come and either stay and deliver their babies or bring their new born infants and leave them, no questions asked. At the entrance of the home, a crib and blanket was left 24 hours a day so that a woman could come and leave her child during the night.Next came a maternity hospital in 1919 which was eventually converted to a 275 bed General Hospital.And in 1921, he was able to finally start the project you see here. Our Lady of Victory Basilica. Father Baker was 79 years old. And by May of 1926, this church was dedicated and true to Father Baker, not a penny was owed. By October of the same year, it was designated as one of the two basilicas in the United States.The exterior of the church was constructed of pure white marble. The large dome was covered in copper which turned to a green patina. There are two Colonnades with statues of children atop each. The East Colonnade has a sister leading the children representing the Sisters of Saint Joseph who staff the school and homes of charity. The West Colonnade has Father Baker amid the children which came to a great surprise to him when it was revealed. The interior has 40 different kinds of marble. The altar has a 9 foot 1200 lb statue made of rare carrara marble of the Blessed Mother with her young son Jesus. The statue is surrounded by four swirled, rare, red marble columns atop of each which stands an Angel holding up the gold crucifix. The pews themselves are made from African mahogany. And the Stations of the Cross are each carved from one block of white marble. These life size statues took 14 years to sculpt. And it is believed that there are 1500 to 2500 angels in and around the church. Father Baker wanted you to be able to see an angel no matter where you looked because even though this church was dedicated to the Blessed Mother he wanted to remind everyone that this church was truly built for the glory of God.

Review №25

What a beautiful church filled with carved Angels giving glory to God

Review №26

The most beautiful church in the Buffalo area. Fr. Baker is clearly saint worthy. The detail and beauty reminds me of churchs in Europe. The choir needs some fixing... a more traditional sound would better suite. Great gift shop and museum in the basement.

Review №27

BEAUTIFUL! We went for the BPO&C performance of Handels Messiah. The atmosphere was perfect for the performance! A glorious space for glorious music! I cannot wait to return and take a tour and appreciate all of the art!

Review №28

Beautiful shrine. I havent gone for a mass in many years but this church is a beautiful shrine that should be taken care of. I think its an underrated gem in Western, NY culture.

Review №29

Most gorgeous church/basilica Ive ever seen.

Review №30

I have always liked old basilicas and this one didnt disappoint.

Review №31

OLV is the most beautiful shrine in the area. It is amazing inside & out. Definitely a a location that all should see

Review №32

Incredible Sanctuary of Marian devotion and a testament of our beautiful Catholic faith.

Review №33

Beautiful piece of art and history.

Review №34

Absolute peace when you walk in. Go downstairs and visit the Museum and read every sign. Inspirational and wondrous.

Review №35

What a beautiful church! Drove up from Pittsburgh as I have a special devotion to Mary as Our Lady of Victory! My Mom bought me a statue of Our Lady of Victory in their gift shop for my 40th birthday. Really love this church!

Review №36

It’s really pretty. Came for a wedding. A handful of tourist showed up at the end taking pics of the bride and groom walking out at the end of the ceremony. Seemed inappropriate for such an intimate moment. Other then that the detail inside was gorgeous. As someone who has seen the Duomo in Florence and the Vatican I was pretty impressed with their take. 4/5 stars

Review №37

Very beautiful Church.

Review №38

This is one of the most beautiful and unique churches you will find. Took a friend from out of state there. At the time (Sept 2019) free tours were on Sunday afternoons.

Review №39

3rd largest marble dome in US, Peaceful

Review №40

The most beautiful Catholic Basilica I’ve been to in the world. I’ve been to many Churches and basilicas throughout Europe and North America, but this has something special.

Review №41

Serene ambience to seek relaxation with God. Parking space was adequate too. The facilities were clean and inviting. No donation would be too small to help maintain the beautiful structure.

Review №42

This is a beautiful place. Very calm, peaceful and fills you with such wonder when you look all around. A hidden gem!!

Review №43

This church is so beautiful.

Review №44

So Beautiful, a must see if you are any where near the Basilica. Breathtaking beauty. Mass is daily at 12:10.

Review №45

This is my favorite place on earth. Father Baker I love you thank you for the miracle you brought to meMuch LoveJeff

Review №46

A remarkable gem. Fills my soul with every visit. be sure to see the museum and gift shop. Theres a remembrance for every saint!

Review №47

What can I say. Its absolutely gorgeous in there. Great services. Good sound, as I sat in the back, heard everything.

Review №48

One of the most beautiful basilica ive ever seen, father baker museum a plus. we enjoyed our visit and well come back again.

Review №49

Highly recommend not only for spiritual aspects but the architecture and sculpturesare worth viewing if you get a chance stop by the Father Baker museum in the basement and check out the gift shop its well worth the trip

Review №50

Beautiful and huge Church! Got a nice click too

Review №51

Beautiful beautiful place! Must visit whenever you are in or around buffalo

Review №52

A place of serenity

Review №53

What a magnificent edifice!We stopped in on Saturday,were just in awe, walking thru the church, seeing both the inside and out architecture,the magnificent statuary throughout, the unforgettable 16 Stations of the Cross.We returned Sunday morning for Mass,and found a tour available later that day.The guide was extremely knowledgeable, and very helpful answering questions as well.We felt very welcomed by the pastor, who was also present during the extensive tour.We are planning to return in the spring, and pray that the hope that the Pope visits the Basilica becomes a wonderful reality in the near future.

Review №54

Beautiful architecture. Got to see Handels Messiah here. Great night.

Review №55

Our lady victory Basilica is the most beautiful Church in Lackawanna. I feel such a closeness to it. Its a white marble display is simply gorgeous plus not only that Fr. Nelso Bakerd body lyes inside.People have come from all parts of the world to see father Bakers grave. We are hoping that someday he will become a Saint.

Review №56

I love this church. Its absolutely beautiful. We went for a wedding: it was wonderful. Super hot because there is no AC.

Review №57

Very inspiring building.bring the whole family 4 year old even enjoyed it

Review №58

Gorgeous church with so much history. This is a very special place for my family and maintains an intimate community while still catering to tourist-style visits. A must see.

Review №59

Beautiful place need to go inside and look at the history of the church.

Review №60

Just a gorgeous place to visit. Blessed to have such a gem in Buffalo!

Review №61

Such a beautiful church. Definitely a wonderful church to go to.

Review №62

What a beautiful place. Definitely a must see.

Review №63

Beautiful inside calming atmosphere

Review №64

Loved this shrine. So much history, beautiful does not describe the inside.

Review №65

Beautiful Church and very positive energy.

Review №66

Every time I have visitors from out of town or local friends who know nothing about the Catholic Church I try to walk through the Basilica with them. There is nothing else like this place. The only thing I wish they had was a better explanation of the different saints that they have statues of.

Review №67

Came back home for the holidays and had to make sure to visit this church. Grounds and the facilities were in pristine order.

Review №68

This church took my breath away it is so beautiful mere words could not describe it

Review №69

Its a very beautiful shrine. I feel at peace when Im there.

Review №70

Its a national shrine. The church father Nelson Baker built and theyre in the process of making him a saint. Its a beautiful church

Review №71

Beautiful inside. Private places to pray and gift shops

Review №72

We went just to see the church, but spent an hour going through the Fr Baker museum in the basement. It was a beautiful experience - very inspirational.

Review №73

The Basilica has incredible architecture. A mostly relaxing place of worship, or a landmark that is surely worth visiting in the Lackawanna neighborhood. The only downside is the influx of cameras and increased security presence (it causes the atmosphere to feel much less like a church. Im unsure if there were incident(s) or what caused the drastic increase in security).

Review №74

Most Beautiful peaceful place in WNY period.

Review №75

Lovely. I havent seen such beauty since I was in Europe

Review №76

Breathtakingly beautiful & massive!! Every inch of it is works of art ! Free guided tours at 1:00 & 2:00 pm. Donations accepted. The guides are very knowledgeable volunteers and provide a lot of info about the history of the basilicas beginnings & the statuaries & designs & artworks throughout. Tours are not required to visit & explore. Amazing inside!! The Botanical Gardens are across the stoplight intersection, too !

Review №77

Amazing, as good as any I saw in Europe!Right here in ANY. GO see it regardless of your affiliation.

Review №78

Well worth the visit. The detailed workmanship inside was impressive

Review №79

Beautiful building and has a museum downstairs to tell about the amazing man who was responsible for it all.

Review №80

Its a marvel of architecture. Beautifully painted ceilings, gorgeous sculptures and fixtures. They offer gluten free hosts, so thats a thing.

Review №81

Beautiful architecture, friendly staff. and an overall wonderful place to visit.

Review №82

Best church in the area. Great organist too!! (David Nease)

Review №83

Have mass with Fr. Baker and all the history that comes with the cherubs in its architecture. My mom would take me to visit when I was little. We lived way out in the Boston hills so it was a real treat to visit! I would just stare at the stained glass and try to make out Latin words. I thought only special catholics could go there. We werent Catholic. I was happy to find out as an adult the parish is open to all. I actually went through RCIA there with Fr. Sam! I love going to mass there and bringing my family now. Amen

Review №84

Went to school there way back when. Beautiful basilica. So many memories.

Review №85

I love the Blessed Mother and Father Baker and here you will feel like they Both are in the Church literally with you.

Review №86

This is what a Catholic Church ought to look like.

Review №87

Absolutely gorgeous church. Short and sweet mass too! Highly recommend. :)

Review №88

A truly holy place to pray with a wonderful congregation and pastoral staff. OLVs spectacular architecture is the exclamation point to Fr. Bakers great continuing works.

Review №89

This basilica is beautiful. We really enjoyed the museum tour and gift shop, too.

Review №90

Stunning beautiful amazing. A tribute to Father Baker.

Review №91

Beautiful place both inside & out.

Review №92

I love this place, very peaceful and spiritual. .

Review №93

This place is so beautiful & I found a metal for my nephew who is going into the army.

Review №94

A must place to visit when you are in Buffalo. They dont have many Catholic churches like this in America anymore. It is breathtaking!

Review №95

Great Church ,nice Mass donations needed to help find & Fix Water Leak , Please Help & make a contribution. Thank You.

Review №96

A basilica is a church with certain privileges conferred on it by the Pope. Not all churches with basilica in their title actually have the ecclesiastical status, which can lead to confusion, since it is also an architectural term for a church-building style. ... Such churches are referred to as immemorial basilicas.

Review №97

Still beautiful

Review №98

A beautiful church in the heart of Buffalo, Basilica, very similar to the ones in Rome. Majestic and magnificent edifice

Review №99

Went here for a friends wedding. Very nice atmosphere. She actually didnt pay that much to rent the church either which is cool!

Review №100

The most unbelievably daunting and ornate building in Buffalo. Every crevice etched and decorated to a holy perfection. Truly amazing

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