Albright-Knox Art Gallery
1285 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222, United States

Review №1

Such a beautiful place, truly a gem in the City of Buffalo. The place was very clean and the staff was extremely helpful, even walking around outdoors was a really romantic experience. Cannot wait to see what the renovations bring once they re-open and hope to see their live music shows next summer!

Review №2

Although I’m the one who doesn’t love museums but I loved this it was cool

Review №3

Its one of the must visit museum if you are into modern arts. Few of the artifacts are mesmerizing especially the morgenthau plan painting. I attended the museum when they were having $5 for the family. They have it one day Every month what a lucky day to be there.The tour was informative its amazing to know the stories behind the art.

Review №4

It was super fun and the art was incredible! loved it. they have a very formal cafe thats a bit expensive but the food was great. The gift shop was super cute and had a ton of little gadgets that were affordable, although some were also a bit expensive.

Review №5

Such a beautiful museum. Very interesting pieces of art. The day I went I didnt know it was their annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. The admission was pay what you choose. They sang carols and we sang along and it was actually really fun. The rows of the auditorium sang a line of 12 Days of Christmas, one line per row and I liked that it was interactive. There is artwork outside the museum as well. As a Buffalo State College student you can get discounts to the museum.

Review №6

Went to their reconstruction pop-up location, very clean friendly staff. The actual museum on elm is currently under reconstruction but cannot wait to go there soon .

Review №7

Great art collection! Many samples of Impressionism, Cubism, Abstract, Pop Art and other Modern Art exhibits. The 1905 building itself is a fine architecture sample and the outdoor sculpture gardens round up the visit. There are two free public tours everyday, plus activities for the little ones. Coffee and Gift shops available. Parking space is limited and separate flat fee is required. Overall a very good experience!

Review №8

I think the Albright is one of the most important and incredible Modern Art museums in North America. Im never disappointed with my visits to this World Class Gallery. They have great examples of all the contemporary artists you should know about. Theyre about to undergo some major transformations/renovations so get there if you can in the fall of 2019 or youll be waiting a while! The current Anthony McCall installation is incredible!!!

Review №9

Didn’t really satisfy with the exhibited work here except the sound making chair and the neon frame. Unique architectures in the front and back of the buildings. At least they have special price for college students. Good view for a wedding theme!!

Review №10

Didnt go into the museum - was there for Rockin The Knox 2018 featuring Beck. Was a fun show despite the rain.Previously I have visited the grounds of the museum which has such cool sculptures to behold. Soon I hope to visit the inside of the museum to see what its like.

Review №11

A very strong regional art museum with solid collection of late 19th and 20th works, the Albright-Knox is a worthwhile visit for locals and out-of-towners alike.

Review №12

Beautiful building with a great art collection. Always fun to spend an afternoon here

Review №13

Great place to go to look at art! Its a traditional type of museum with older and newer art styles. There is also usually a gallery upstairs that changes ever few weeks.

Review №14

Unexpected coolness outside. Neat outdoor art pieces and a beautiful body of water to walk by.

Review №15

First Fridays of the month are free admission and free parking which is really nice. Staff is always very friendly and the exhibits are interesting and well kept

Review №16

It was a very amazing experience my crew and myself from Maureens flower shop decorated 4 pillars their yesterday for a nice event they had yesterday their for those peoples who support the Albright Knox art gallery!

Review №17

Museum was interesting but was very small and not many art works were on the display. The light display was interesting and captivated my imagination for a while but there was not much to do here past that.

Review №18

Nice musuem with a nice layout. And good amount from different periods and artists.

Review №19

My biggest disappointment is that it took me nearly 20 years to make my first visit to the Albright Knox Art Gallery. The building itself is a work of art and as you enter, the walls tell a story as they hold each work of art with great care. I was in awe as I was walking from piece to piece. Every piece is interesting and beautiful in its own way. Ive learned to appreciate and love art as its an expression of the artist. Trying to view each piece of art as a vision of the artist was truly enjoyable. Id urge everyone to visit at least once. I simply cannot wait to go back.

Review №20

One of the most beautiful art galleries I have ever been to! This place has some really good stuff. Should check it out if youre in Buffalo!

Review №21

Located in the Albright section of Buffalo, this Art Gallery is a lovely one with it being the 5th oldest museum in the United States. With a variety of art and cool creations, there are paintings, creations, and lots of other stuff, as long as you follow staff instructions and NOT touch anything you will be alright.

Review №22

My family truly enjoyed this art gallery. It was such a fun experience!

Review №23

Great place for a weekend getaway, interesting pieces of art and various paintings are a feast to the eyes. The place is clean and well maintained, there is a theatre at the 2nd floor for art shows and presentations. Various structures lie outside the gallery too, which are photogenic spots. There is a fountain made out of utensils in the middle of the hallway, good to look at maybe. They also have a small souvenir shop inside, if you like collecting stuff. Overall, a good place to spend a couple of hours, click some pictures and do some fam jam.

Review №24

There are some wonderful works of art here with two floors. Great sculptures and more of what I consider traditional art upstairs, including some good Van Goghs. Impressionist and more modern art on the first floor, with a nice gift shop and cafe. I was sad to find out the mirrored room was gone, some cretin apparently broke it.

Review №25

I don’t know how it usually is but if they have incredible exhibits like this light exhibit, I will come for every single one of them.

Review №26

Had an amazing trip here. Started out on the guided tour. We stepped away though because it was informative but very slow moving. I believe it took about an hour and some change till we saw them finishing up. Great little gift shop. Probably my best surprise for my girlfriend ever... Sadly not sure how Im gonna top it...

Review №27

I love this gallery. It’s serene and lovely. Their permanent collection is intriguing. You can always see Pollock, De Kooning, Matisse and Van Gogh on view.

Review №28

One of my favorite places that is now closed for 2 years bc of a huge remodel. Cant wait til it opens again.

Review №29

Such a wonderful place need I say more...

Review №30

Friendly staff, well organized place in general.

Review №31

My favorite place to be- the exhibitions, the events, the food, the wine, everything and anything. We’ve been members for years and we enjoy it so much!I also have to add, I am obsessed with scenic photography and this place is a sight to see during a sunset. My two all time favorite photos I’ve taken are at the Albright.

Review №32

I love this museum. The permanent collection is really nice and they usually get some wonderful travelling collections throughout the year. Its a spacious museum that isnt too overwhelming. You could spend an hour or half a day here depending on how quickly you want to look at all the pieces.The Albright Knox is a must see for any local Buffalonian or visitor to the area!

Review №33

Under construction in the original gallery so we spent less than two hours. The pieces that were on exhibition were great including this Pollack

Review №34

World class art museum. Visited Buffalo from Louisiana mainly to visit the Albright-Knox.

Review №35

Love this Art Gallery. Great holdings of Abstract Expressionism Art, interesting Exhibitions, just couple of hours drive from Toronto. Beautiful sculptures all around. If you love Art, please visit it - it needs your support.

Review №36

This is a wonderful gallery. There is always an interesting show for different tastes in art. Its not a bad drive from Toronto & esp from Niagara Falls its just a short one. The area around the gallery is great too with cafes & restaurants not far in Elmwood Village & Delaware Park right across.Worth the drive!!

Review №37

Really cool place to spend the day! Just some of the art there below

Review №38

Was shocked at how much fun it turned out to be. Not being a huge art guy I wasnt too sure what Id think, but the staff were friendly it was very clean with a lot of really cool things, even when some stuff was under construction

Review №39

The current exhibit, Anthony McCall: Dark Rooms, Solid Light, is excellent. Going into some of the cones of light convey a feeling of being transported into a different dimension. Very cool. Museum staff are all friendly and helpful. Exhibit also works well for anyone needing a wheelchair for access (which are available at no charge at the museum).

Review №40

STOP THE ART..... STOP IT NOWThis is another building where you are walking around Delaware park and you think you are in the Roman Empire. It is just too fancy! Why not spice the place up a bit. Why not paint it hot pink? Why not turn the place into a massive club with wild lights, dance music and karaoke? We do not need art! Art does not do anything for anyone! Artists should be spending their time PRODUCING! She should use all of that creative energy to devise ways of making burgers and fries more cheaply, cars with more efficient engines and passenger planes with more leg room. STOP THE ART.... STOP IT NOW

Review №41

Nice outdoors place, okay for canoe and fishing.

Review №42

This is a must when in Buffalo! Rarely do you get to experience such a diverse collection with no lines and waits like in museums in larger cities. If it’s within your means become a member and enjoy amazing benefits, including reciprocal free entries to over 800 museums in North America. Love love love this place!

Review №43

I wish my experience matched the potential atmosphere. They do have some lovely pieces. However, the staff ruins it. A bunch of pretentious old farts who obviously need to take a class on how to treat paying customers.They follow you around like its a precious gem store and you have criminal written on your forehead. Made for a less than ideal trip. Security kept reminding us not to touch anything...We are not children, we understand how this works, thanks.In my few trips, frigid old ladies at the front desk were a pain to deal with and seemed unhappy to be there. Find another job?? Im sure there are people whod love to be around art.Something is always closed down so you really dont even get the full experience. The art is usually always good though, just need to fix their staff issues.

Review №44

Best place in Buffalo to look at art! They always have rotating exhibits so you can keep going back and seeing all offering kinds of artwork.

Review №45

Really a quality over quantity experience! They might have a small collection but every piece is fantastic. Went while they were in between rotating exhibits so it was not as full an experience as it could be, but I was constantly surprised by the big name artists they have as part of their regular collection.If you are a reciprocal member or even just an art lover you owe it to your self to check this gallery out!

Review №46

Staff very helpfulSince they are getting ready for a major reconstruction job, most of collection is not available . The cafe is delightful. No cafeteria here. A real sit down venue with great service and food.

Review №47

The upcoming remodeling / two year closing of Albright Knox art gallery this coming November has made the trip less than worth the time. Most of the great works have been packed up in participation leaving a huge part of the gallery with s less than inspirational study of light and dark by Artist (?) Anthony McCall. Called Dark rooms, Solid Light. Way to little in the way of mental/ emotional stimulation. Hopefully better exhibits will show upon the reopening in two to three years.

Review №48

Very nice! Great for sight seeing and walking around.

Review №49

Absolutely love going to the Albright-Knox for their new art installations. I highly recommend going there with family, friends or eveb just yo walk around on your own. Its a beautiful building with amazing art.

Review №50

Great museum, only saw a fraction of the collections because of a remodel.

Review №51

They have some good pieces by some famous painters. Picasso, Frida.When I was there, I also saw the Anthony McCall exhibit Dark Rooms, Solid Lights. It was set up in the entirety of their older, classically built section. They took full advantage of the space to present a truly captivating experience.They are about to undergo some major renovations so I felt like it was missing some things. But Id be interested to see it when the renovations are complete.

Review №52

There are many paintings/works of art here. They keep changing what you can see and a new building is in the works. Tours are free with admission. Our docent was VERY knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He got us to look and dissect the art works, not just tell us about the history. Although I dont particularly care for modern art, it was a nice trip. There is everything from classical to contemporary here. There are many big name artists here to see. There is also a sitdown restaurant here which was nice for a quick glass of champagne before checking out more art.

Review №53

A great museum with a rich collection organized in a tremendous manner. Can be completed entirely in a few hours, depending on your speed in museums, and is a great spot for indoor activities or if you’re just looking for something to do.

Review №54

Yet again very interesting and informative Art Gallery

Review №55

Love art! This place you can learn a lot!

Review №56

Is a nice art gallery!

Review №57

Great. As expected. Only downside is theyre expanding/renovating, so most of their permanent collection has been put away from public eyes. Too bad. However, the current show Dark Rooms, Solid Light is fantastic. Beaming you to other ethereal realms.

Review №58

Great place for modern art as well as classics on display also. They are always changing up exhibits and bringing in new to keep things interesting. Great place to bring the kids, especially on the first Friday of the month is free admition. Art activities for the kids, and adults also.

Review №59

I only get here once every few years, but this is one of my favourite two or three galleries anywhere. Such variety, great innovative work, solid modern and contemporary classics and daring, relevant new work. I wish Id gotten the name of the woman who greeted us and sold us our tickets: so helpful, interested, enthusiastic, and seemed so delighted after wed finished our two-hour walk around the gallery and told her how much we loved it. Other staff seemed nice too, though the security staff was a bit dour, but perhaps its their job to be a little unpleasant and intimidating. The special exhibitions were challenging and exciting; great to see the Sol De Witt stairwell walls complete with their intricate pencil drawings.

Review №60

Very excited for the new renovations! Light exhibit was very cool. Nice mix of classic paintings and modern art.

Review №61

An amazing gallery. Beautiful location, easy to get to, readily accessed parking. The collection of art within is spectacular & beautifully displayed. Our lunch in the cafe was excellent and very reasonably priced. Even the prices in the gift shop were reasonable! We really enjoyed our day and will definitely be back. Buffalo has so much going on these days. What a great city.

Review №62

This place is a hidden jewel. Its not large but has very impressive collection. Some paintings from their collection would make an honor to a major gallery in a capital city. Salvador Dali, Picasso and more. Definitely worth of visiting if you are an art lover.

Review №63

Karen is the best! I attend the monthly Veteran events, and she always puts so much care into the tour and activities. That being said, all of the staff are so welcoming and helpful. Add to that, the offer new and amazing art, constantly. Its like a new gallery every time I step in there! If you havent visited, add this to your list of places to see! The upstairs exhibits were fantastic. Can always learn something new.The Ralph Wilson exhibit, the immigrant and people exhibit all were so engrossing. We stopped for an hour before dinner and stayed 2 1/2 hours and didnt realize where the time went. Super!!

Review №64

Great space and amazing collection. Auditorium available. Sculptures on the grounds are wonderful.

Review №65

I mean... Its the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Not much to explain here. Great art, appropriately lit and hung. Plaques for some general details for each piece. Beautiful place. And just outside is a great park (Delaware Park) with a wonderful rose garden.

Review №66

We went on free first Friday of the month and also enjoyed this cool exhibit involving light. We visited around 9pm, we were just passing by the city and were pleasantly impressed.

Review №67

I fell in love this gallery! First of all its a perfect size; not to large or too small, and the lay out on the main floor is mostly a simple loop so the art can be viewed in chronological order without having to navigate through multiple rooms. As I mentioned, its compact enough to feel you can take your time and absorb the art as you go, rather than feel rushed to see it all in one go.The staff and volunteers are extremely enthusiastic, knowledgeable and, friendly and were more than willing to answer any questions or have a chat without any sense of pretentiousness or arty airs.I was very surprised by the restaurant. Pleasantly, I should add. The pricing is reasonable and the food was fantastic, best burger Ive had in a long time, when was the last time you heard someone say that about an art gallery?! Nice selection of wine and local beer too. Service was excellent too.I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and will definitely be visiting again. Highly recommended if youre looking for something to do in Buffalo.

Review №68

The Albright Knox boasts a huge, rotating collection of art in a beautiful building. Low prices for entry and friendly staff make a museum visit perfect for a Rainier/snowier day. Cafe prices are a bit restrictive, but free lockers and the size of the gallery make up for this.

Review №69

I visited between exhibits. Small, but I loved the permanent collection. YMMV based on art preferences. Smaller gallery with quality pieces - a nice way to spend an hour or two without being overwhelmed or feeling pressured to see it all.

Review №70

Grew up visiting this place when it was a free place to visit when my parents took us for a ride on Sunday. Its also next door to The Historical society. Another free place to get culture. Actually took painting classes there when I was 12!

Review №71

Buffalos crown jewel of an art gallery, super mid-century collection with pieces from many of the great modern artists and some contemporary work. Worth a visit any time.

Review №72

As usual had a wonderful experience. It was discounted admission for the family. Kids enjoyed making art. Spouse enjoyed his first visit. Incredible iconic pieces. Museum personnel was very friendly, even with my very loud toddler. Would like to see newer exhibits and works more regularly. Parking is difficult. Bathrooms okay for families with young children. Keep littlest ones in strollers. One elevator next to gift shop. Most of museum is accessible. Recommend every art lover visit with their family soon. Families can look out for First Fridays for activities for children. Playground behind museum, across street for afterwards.

Review №73

Amazing aesthetic for pics, videos, the outside is FREE! And full of many scenic points. One of my favorite places in Buffalo.

Review №74

Wonderful experience, cant wait to come back after the remodel. Its always been a wonderful place to visit.

Review №75

Albright has a diverse array of art with some masterpieces sprinkled in. I very much enjoyed the Foul Play temporary exhibit. The cafe was very accommodating and my waiter made me a hot chocolate despite it not being on the menu. It was very much appreciated.

Review №76

Exquisite. A gem that doesnt wear you out. World class collection. Serene cafe.

Review №77

Good small collection on display. Museum will close in November 2019 for a major 2 test renovation and expansion. Then it will be able to show more of its large collection.

Review №78

The museum is in construction prep mode. A selection of paintings - excellent ones - are hung in a series of corridors. Where the noise echoes from one end to the other. Some of the more iconic paintings are to be found as posters in a desultory display in the shop.

Review №79

Beautiful location with stunning works.

Review №80

Very nice modern collection with a hall of fame that includes Giacometti, Monet, Degas, Kandinsky, Gaugin, Brancusi, Mondrian, Vangogh and more in one hallway! Definitely worth the time.

Review №81

Loved this Art Gallery for the wonderful atmosphere and for the explanation to each art work. This gave me not only the details : name of artist, name of art piece, dates and materials. . But also a pick to the artist motivation and to a general knowledge.It felt like going with a guide.Definitely coming back

Review №82

An impressive collection of art. We went on Museum Day and admission was half off — otherwise it is pricey. Easy to park and nice park surrounding.

Review №83

Karen is the best! I attend the monthly Veteran events, and she always puts so much care into the tour and activities. That being said, all of the staff are so welcoming and helpful. Add to that, the offer new and amazing art, constantly. Its like a new gallery every time I step in there! If you havent visited, add this to your list of places to see!

Review №84

The museums collection of artwork was great but they had the absolute worst lighting I have EVER seen in a museum. It was hard to see the artwork in certain areas because the lighting was so yellow it altered the look of the artwork. Very poor quality for a museum with as many good works as this one.

Review №85

I brought my sister and her two girls to the Albright Knox for the art activity on First Friday. They are from out of town and really enjoyed it. It is so great for Albright to open up its doors to non-members once a month. Being a member, I was able to bring them into the current exihibt for free. We enjoyed our morning there.

Review №86

This was amazing. Went for first Friday and saw really beautiful and thought provoking pieces. The staff and docents were really great and they showed/ told us about interesting details of the art. There was live music and all kinds of stuff going on. I plan on going to the next first Friday as I didnt see everything and I also want to check out the drop in art activities. I could come here over and over and find something new and beautiful each time.

Review №87

First Friday free did not disappoint. Loved the special exhibit by McCall. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Review №88

Brilliantly curated art gallery. The curator has a sense of humor. Many artists you know and others you will discover. Be sure to peruse the inside and outside of the museum.

Review №89

Albright-knox Art Gallery is a Beautiful building containing beautiful artwork surrounded by beautiful Delaware Park just an all-around relaxing day

Review №90

Love it every single time. Great selections and huge collections. A fun and insightful visit for you and the whole family Everytime!

Review №91

There were only a few exhibits open when we went. I am however very excited for 2020.

Review №92

There is no place like this in the world Im not joking it is art history that is unsurpassed

Review №93

Getting ready to close for a 2 yr remodeling project. Reception desk person told grrrrrrr8 stories about Seymour Knox very interesting and informative prompted by Andy Warhol painting near the entrance.

Review №94

The art was extremely modern. There were about 20-30 old art paintings, but those were nice. The staff was rude when asking questions about where the exhibits were. The only art I actually enjoyed the most was the ones for sale in the gift shop! Very dissapointing... Would not recommend

Review №95

Such an awesome place, especially great on the first Friday of every month when admission is free! During these days the bar/restaurant is a great place to grab a glass of wine and listen to live music. Great start to date night or a night out with the family.

Review №96

So many contemporary art collections in this Gallery! I was truly inspired, and the current video art exhibit is eye-opening and provocative. It took me 2 hours to walk around and also bought a souvenir from the gift shop.

Review №97

This place was the best for me because I havent had the right time to relax in two years becasue of school and home work. I THANK THE MUSEUM SO MUCH. I appreciate what the people and the Museum did for me. And this MUSEUM was the first one that I have ever went to in my life.

Review №98

It is great to see the temporary/traveling exhibits that are always being brought in. Out family loved Anthony McCalls Dark Room, Solid Light.. Go Albright-Knox!!!

Review №99

Small but mighty museumMust pay to park and admission charge, but might be worth the cost to those who love American modern art

Review №100

Really cool Art Gallery! You can find works by Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse and Picasso! Some cool interactive art exhibits as well!

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