Volunteer Park
1247 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112, United States

Review №1

Very peaceful and mysteriously quiet here in the late-late evenins//early wee mornings. Well-lit pathways, although of course, probably not playing by the rules by being there at such times and therefore I usually just go the paths less traveled by..... Dark, foggy views of the Space Needle from up there at the fountain near the water tower are well worth the risks though. Completely unobstructed, intriguingly unambiguous, and ridiculously small it is.

Review №2

Beautiful space. Spread out enough to social distance and still enjoy being in a public area safely.

Review №3

I have been going to volunteer park since i was a little girl. Thats back in the 50s!! I loved visiting the park then and I love it now!!

Review №4

What a beautiful Park! With a towering water tower and an amazing park, Volunteer Park is stunning. The water tower is super cool to walk up, all 107 stars, and the view is stunning. The park is also very captivating. With beautiful sunset views over a enticing lake and the surrounding contemporary art, it is a treat for the eyes. The park is clean, the walkways are nice and it is definitely a trip for the whole family!

Review №5

So much to do at this beautiful park! Awesome views at sunset and really beautiful trees to walk among on the paths. Its nice to hang out in the open grass areas during summer but can get busy. Also fun to watch the baby ducklings traversing the ramps to get into/out of the ponds in spring! If the conservatory is open and youre at all into plants, its really amazing to check out! Dont forget climbng up the observatory tower or the Asian art museum... once it opens back up

Review №6

I rode my bike here the other day. I saw a weird squirrel. Glad to see dogs chasing after him. He was weird. No but really so weird. Like Alvin weird.

Review №7

My favorite park in the city. Big enough to feel uncrowded even when its pretty packed. Beautiful statues, a cool monument by the reservoir, multiple gorgeous views of the city tucked away in hidden corners. Its even got a giant old growth forest feeling greenbelt tucked away by the tennis courts.

Review №8

Nice. Lots of squirrels. Has a tower that you can usually walk up to pinnacle. Due to covid you can no longer enter the building.

Review №9

The areas of the park surrounded from all sides by trees are great to relax in - we live in one of the apartment buildings nearby and come here to get a quick escape into the nature. There are lot of ducks too, so it makes for a nice walk around. Finally, I have practiced pitching my tent for the first time here too. The biggest feature of the park is that you dont have to worry about needles/other mess as in other parks - its safe and clean. If I had kids, I wouldnt be worried to take them here unlike some of the other parks on Cap hill.

Review №10

Lots of open, grassy areas. Childrens play area and wading pool. Nice stair walk to top of old water tower for great views of Seattle with descriptive sign boards. Conservatory in Park. Public transit via #10 bus from downtown. Tennis courts available. Located near Lakeview Cemetery. Seattle Asian Art Museum on property. Nice views of Space Needle.

Review №11

Beautiful place to visit! We stopped in the De young museum and it was a really coo, place to check out. The art museum and stow lake was on our list and everything was amazing. Never knew the park was that big.

Review №12

Beautiful and very large park. Great for social distancing, picnicking, or general goofing around. There is a lovely veiw of the Seattle skyline, a medieval looking stone water tower and a picturesque duck pond. Great for photoshoot, nature shoots and just the crisp air. The neighborhood is safe and comfortable

Review №13

Great park. There are a lot of hidden little spots in this park that few people traffic or know about. Nice place to take a dog friend!

Review №14

Run, kick, stay and play. One of my favorite parks in Seattle and a good walking distance from my house. I enjoy the spaces, the verandas of the West views of the city and the water. I have youthful memories of visiting this park on a school filed trip and now I bring my kids here on a regular basis. I sometimes Teach Wing Chun Kung Fu up here as well as accompany my daughter to her outdoor Aikido classes. I have visited the green house countless times and have enjoyed public festivals and picnics on the lawn. I have even performed live as a teenager at the small amphitheater. Theres ponds with ducks and squirrels that will come right up to you to get a bite to eat, a reservoir, a play area for toddlers and children and a nice large wading pool. Dont forget to check out the Water Tower and play some tennis on the tennis courts and of course there is also the Seattle Asian Art Museum which has now been expanded.

Review №15

Nice place to play tennis. Free courts, you can also book just for 10$. They have 4 courts out of which 2 have lights also.Cons: they are made from concrete and are little slippery at few spots.

Review №16

Always a favorite for a quick stroll in the Capitol Hill Area, or a group picnic. Its quite popular so there can be crowds at night, but its more than large enough to accommodate.As of 9/4, the parking was closed, but street parking was available nearby.

Review №17

Great park, lots of tree running can happen here, big giant trees to climb, sit in, children play on, SAM (museum) is here, pretty empty in the winter but packed in the summer. Nice local park, not anything to eat but there are bathrooms at least.

Review №18

This is a great park, quite large and lots of trees and bushes and large areas of grass. Theres also an amphitheater, conservatory and Asian Art Museum. Nothing is open aside from the park (to pedestrians only) at the moment but its still a nice place to find quiet, walk the pup or have a lunch/snack.

Review №19

This place is so much fun! With gorgeous weather, you can do loads of stuffs here... perfect for picnic/stroll/run. I visited the park to meet with some of our friends.

Review №20

Beautiful park with great views and diverse crowd! ran into some amateur comedians and had a wonderful late night walk :)

Review №21

A beautiful park, perfect for skateboarding, picnicking, frisbeeing, rollerblading, and more. On a sunny day, the park shines with amazing light and has shaded areas too. A few tables and benches around the park.

Review №22

This park has an incredible views from the main parking area. Climbing the water tower is even better. The Seattle Asian Art Museum is also located inside the park.

Review №23

Lovely spot, more people around than Id hoped but folks were pretty respectful. Well maintained, didnt see any trash around. Appreciate the space

Review №24

Incredible park with a museum, amphitheatre, and plenty of open space to exercise in. Good view of the Seattle skyline and Space Needle.

Review №25

A good spot for sitting in grass, playing tennis, viewing ducks, maybe a picnic. Many people will sit out to tan, meditate, yoga, etc. You also see runners, some dogs on and off leash, and people socializing. A good place for a relaxing city stroll. Bathrooms are in the park too.

Review №26

This is a very nice and beautiful park. Very spacious and lots of sitting area With shade. Looks like a lot of activities go on in this park. They have live concerts every Tuesday this month of September

Review №27

This park is much bigger than we anticipated. Plenty of room to roam. The facilities were all closed (COVID). Want to go back at a later date to check out!

Review №28

Great place to have a run or a walk. It is a great place to reflect and to work.

Review №29

Very beautiful park. Good for jogging, taking your dog outside. I went there to volunteer for spring clean up. It was organized by volunteer park trust. I did raking, weeding and finally mulching. Mulched first time. Great time meeting with the people in community. We had donuts and coffee sponsored by mad over donuts.Thus, I loved giving back 4 hours of my Sunday to dear nature.

Review №30

This is such a fun place to explore! Unlike Discovery Park, Volunteer Park has a bit more of an urban park feel (more accessible parking and smaller grounds), but is beautifully designed with a few outdoor garden spaces, walking paths, and fun features like the conservatory, Seattle Asian Art Museum, and the water tower. The water tower is a charming brick tower than be accessed by visitors (stairs only) for 360 views of downtown Seattle and the Cascades. The Conservatory is $4/per adult (card or cash) and completely amazing!

Review №31

A park with beautiful walkways and a small reservoir! The observatory was closed!

Review №32

Great place to lounge, people watch, take a walk, picnic. When it opens back up, the conservatory is really cute and the Asian Art Museum has a lot to offer. Nearby are Bruce Lees grave and the Volunteer Park Cafe, must stops in my opinion!

Review №33

Lots of open space to sit and enjoy being outdoors!! Great old trees and nice duck ponds, walking around the tower is cool too. Can be a little crouded at times, especially while walking so bring your mask!!

Review №34

Very relaxing on a warm Spring day. (our visit). havent been in a while.The museum was closed when we were visiting but its cool when it is open. It has an old Chrysler Building style to it.The Conservatory (botanical garden) is nice, a short warm visit with lots of flowers. They charge you to walk through it now. (I guess the charge has been there for six years now, sad that its been that long since Ive last visited.) *if I recall, it was $4 a person.Parking is VERY limited, so carpool or park outside (if you can find a place) and walk in.The water tower has pretty nice 360 views of the surrounding city. Its a climb for an unfit person and is only biped friendly.Well visit again.

Review №35

This place is so beautiful!! I had such a great time just walking around and looking at all the amazing plants. Soooo calming!

Review №36

Beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere. Well worth the walk- with all the hills you encounter getting there and in the park, youll need to treat yourself with a tasty coffee and snack!

Review №37

Live in Seattle for 3 years, but never been there until lockdown. Great and very big park, good for family!

Review №38

I absolutely love this park. Nearly 50 acres of nature and fresh air. Perfect spot to sit and read while watching the dogs run by. If youre in Seattle, you have to visit this park.

Review №39

So many great activities here in the summer. Walking/jogging trails. Grass to lay in and have a picnic. Flowers in bloom. A nice getaway from the city in Capitol Hill.

Review №40

Lovely view and because of Covid the park is closed to driving traffic so you can bike and walk in the streets. Asian Art Museum and Conservatory are closed although walking trails and lawns are open. Masks required... stop whining and enjoy the outdoors.

Review №41

It was just a really nice day and everyone seemed to be socially distancing for the most part and being safe not too crowded but I could stand with about half as many people but thats just me though Im weird and stood under the tree in the shade when everybody else is in the Sun and I like it that way. Deployed the drone.

Review №42

Even on cool afternoon, this the perfect spot to spend a Sunday!

Review №43

Very beautiful park. Wish some of the visitors of the park attitudes were similar

Review №44

My favorite park in Seattle. The gardens are gorgeous. The path around the park its a great walk.

Review №45

Thanks for having this. It’s a good thing to look at.

Review №46

Nice playground with a wading pool. The garden is really nice. $4 per person for the garden.

Review №47

One of the BEST parks I have ever been to. Gorgeous landscaping and so peaceful, with great views of the skyline/Space needle. The water tower is amazing, and the Conservatory is beautiful. Perfect park for walking/exercise or leisure and views.

Review №48

Great view, clean paths, and quiet serene place to spend an afternoon

Review №49

Huge, awesome park in Seattle! Definitely want to go more. Dog friendly and people are able to social distance.

Review №50

Gorgeous park to relax in the sun or shade. The slope with amphitheater is where it is at!

Review №51

Beautiful, big spacious park with lots to see! Lots of fun locations for both amateur and professional photography.

Review №52

Incredible park and conservatory. Beautiful and well taken care of. Sweet lil gift shop. Go visit!

Review №53

Love this park, so beautiful and fun. Great views of the city too.

Review №54

Beautiful park. Highly recommend going up the water tower. Its the highest spot in all of Seattle! Heres a view of sunset from the top.Theres really so much nature and fresh air here. Its an absolutely gorgeous place to visit all year round. Especially when theres a fresh coat of snow.If youre ever in the area you should take a few minutes to stroll through this beautiful park.

Review №55

This is the best park in Seattle area.Just love to put a hammock and relax in it.

Review №56

Volunteer Park is one of the most beautiful parks I have visited to date. The grounds are stunning. You wonder through tree coved paths where you come upon a beautiful monuments. In the early morning, it reminds me a little of Balboa Park in San Diego. Absolutely beautiful.

Review №57

A great park to visit. There’s a nice playground for the kids. There’s also a tower that you can go where you. An see a cools view of downtown Seattle. You can also bring a blanket and some picnic food fo lounge in the grass and spend time with friend and family.

Review №58

The tennis courts are great. Other than that this park is mostly lawn: plenty of space, not too many facilities.

Review №59

I live next to this park, and for the most part its a very nice park.

Review №60

Lovely park with different areas for relaxation. Can usually find a nice spot to yourself. Suggest taking the trip up the water tower at the South entrance for pleasant viewing. Good history of the park and area on the placards up there too.

Review №61

One of my favorite places in the city. Great trails and sights

Review №62

Fantastic place walk & run. Asian art museum. Water tower with great views of Seattle. Hot house with a huge variety of plants. Amazing park in the city.

Review №63

An absolute beautiful day there today...thankfully NO vehicular traffic allowed in no fumes ...but its a beautiful park...

Review №64

Great place to go for a walk or run our just hang out! Bathrooms are clean too. Cool place to go.

Review №65

I went to an orchid show/sale which was very cool. The conservatory is filled with an incredible variety of plants, and I could stay in there all day looking at them all. The Cherry blossoms were beautiful as well but it rained on that day so I spent my time indoors.

Review №66

Iconic Seattle part. Outdoor theater. Asian Art Museum.

Review №67

Great huge green park, very quiet and pastoral. The black hole sun monument is beautiful.

Review №68

Can be a very tranquil place depending on what time of day you arrive. So many things to do and see. We initially came to take pictures of Bruce & Brandon Lees grave site and pay our respects. We basically just happened to come across this beautiful place. There was a wading pool and playground for the little ones, let them tire themselves out. People were super friendly here and would strike up conversations with my family and I, let us in on what else around here could blow our minds. An awesome Asian museum too. Definitely worth the trip here for sure. Highly recommended for any time of day...

Review №69

A nice mix of views, sitting or picnic areas, and a children’s playground. Something for everyone here.

Review №70

Beautiful place,nice and big,and its a great spot to meet people

Review №71

Beautiful park in Seattles capital hill neighborhood. Also houses Asian Art Museum and Botanical garden.

Review №72

Great park ! Will be coming back here for beautiful sightseeing!!

Review №73

It was closed, but its a great park! Now that most of the naughty activity is GONE!

Review №74

Wonderful park for some urban hiking and views of the city. The Seattle/Bellevue area has many parks that afford such activities but this is one of the best.

Review №75

Very relaxed atmosphere, beautiful trees and plenty of lawn space. The SAAM is great as well.

Review №76

Great place to walk, run, go with your dogs or kids or just sit and relax.

Review №77

Great public park. Very peaceful.

Review №78

Great place for families. Big trees to climb. Open grassy lawns. Playground on the north east end. Beautiful views from the south end. of events take place here especially in the summer, which makes parking especially difficult, so be prepared to walk in on busy summer days.

Review №79

Beautiful trees and park!! Got sidetracked and never made it to Bruce Lees grave site! None-the-less worth the visit! Could have spent all day here! Even saw some sun bathers?!

Review №80

It is a park. Sit there, jump around, enjoy the view. Do what you do in parks,unless you plan on doing something inappropriate.

Review №81

Crisp afternoon but first time up the water tower

Review №82

As always beautiful place to visit, clean and well-maintained, great customer service, very friendly, beautifully designed and decorated.

Review №83

Fun park with lots of people friendly squirrels

Review №84

The botanic garden has admission free day from time to time. They do an amazing job to keep their plants happy during the winter.

Review №85

Wonderful. Ideal on a warm, sunny day to bring dogs,friends to play/go on short trails with lots of trees for shade.

Review №86

Extraordinary history and views. This bark embodies the soul and history of Seattle and promotes its future culture too. Large areas connecting the Conservatory, Asian Art Museum (former/original Seattle Art Museum), the water tower overlook, , reservoir and cemetery. Acres to Explore and lots of fun to be had. Water tower has a full 360 view of the city from the University of Washington to the Port of Seattle, with view stretching simultaneously across Lake Washington and Puget Sound.

Review №87

Super clean, gorgeous park with lots of variety in places to spend a few hours

Review №88

Really beautiful park with lots of grassy areas and things to see and do. In the fall they have gorgeous dahlias, that I absolutely love!

Review №89

Such a beautiful park year round

Review №90

They have a lovely play area for the kids and the conservatory is beautiful!

Review №91

Great place for walking the dogs and even biking

Review №92

First time in over 25 years. This is a wonderful walking area we spent a couple of hours here. Part of that was in the conservatory. Worth it. Check out the cacti room and the fern that looks like antlers. It just hangs there. You will want to spend the $4 it takes to get in. While here you will want to walk up to the observation deck of the water tower and have a look around great views 360 degrees. Also lots of flowering bushes very fragrant as well as lots of cool places for kids to play. Enjoy the free entertainment of this park.

Review №93

It was described to me as the crème-de-la-crém of seattles parks. I dont know if I would go that far but it is pretty damn nice

Review №94

Due to the present situation this visit was nice. Folks were having a great time enjoying the sunshine

Review №95

Big park! Huge with parking. Lots of walks or visit the conservatory! Sadly the museum on the grounds was closed. Otherwise this is a good spot for kids, dog walks or just needing some open space!

Review №96

Nice calm well kept park. When we went there was a plenty of parking around the park. Great location for a walk date

Review №97

Fantastic park.... great to spend the afternoon here

Review №98

Large, beautiful, peaceful. Lots of room to spread out and be distanced.

Review №99

There is always something good going on here

Review №100

This is a long time Seattle park here in has nice features but they recently closed most of the roads in the park. Not sure why they did this there was not a huge amount of vehicle traffic in the park but it was nice to be able to drive to different locations. Now roads lead primarily to the greenhouse the art museum and the water tower. Theres so much more to the park and exploring on foot when youve never been before will likely lead to missing out on several sites.

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