Dickson Azalea Park
100 Rosearden Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
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Dickson-Azalea is my haven near Downtown Orlando. Very quickly I am nestled into a patch Florida greenery with colorful flowers and plants throughout. The paths wind, climb and descend in such a way that your return trip can feel distinct.People can be found taking photos and marveling at the vegetation and gathering for weddings and memorials.I find it safe enough to walk at night with some ambient street lightning not too far away. The speed limit nearby is low so there is not much noise pollution.Dickson-Azalea neighbors Langford Park which is more amenity-laden with a community center, playground, mini donation library, bathrooms and covered pavilions. Langford is pretty in its own right but does not have the same lush beauty of Disckson-Azalea.

Review №2

This is a gem amongst Downtown Orlando! Its absolutely breathtaking during the springtime! Its great for strolls or a nice jog!

Review №3

Well kept park. Nice place to take pictures.

Review №4

Gorgeous little park with hidden surprises! Nestled within a beautiful neighborhood with unique architecture and landscaping, this historic spot is filled with beautiful plants. The giant elephant ears will take your breath away! Every visit brings new surprises. On our most recent visit, we discovered a fairies hidden in the rocks! If you pair your walk with Carl Langford Park across the street, you can spend an hour or so exploring.

Review №5

Such a beautiful park and community. I walked the entire area and it was just so relaxing to be there. I also love that it leads to Thornton Park which is also beautiful. It was quiet, and not crowded, even with photographers and families coming and going for photo sessions (I was also there to photograph a family).

Review №6

This park is absolutely beautiful! I was looking for a place to shoot an engagement session for my clients. I scouted this spot and I loved the place! Its not crowed or played out like some of the other parks in central Florida. All my photos were shot at about after 7pm. No flash, Sony a7iii -85mm f1.4 for a good portion of the session.I was surprised how close this park is to downtown, just right off Robinson. It gives a very tropical vibe! At the same time, I consider myself a moody-lofi photographer so the light bright photos arent really my thing, but if thats what youre looking for this park offers a really nice vibe! And hey if youre trying to vamp it up with the night crew, this is equally as good!

Review №7

I always enjoy coming here to photograph. One of a couple parks I get to every year. Although I tend to photograph mostly landscapes, it is also a beautiful place to make portraits.

Review №8

Beautiful place to take pictures. We had our family photos done here and it was amazing. It was raining but I think it added to its beauty.

Review №9

Great little hidden park. Worth checking out. Almost forget you’re in the city. The trail is great for what it is. Wish it was a little longer, but hey better than nothing.

Review №10

I love the babbling brook that runs fresh water throughout the entire park. It served as a watering hole for cattle herders until it became a city park in 1924.The area is nicely shaded-which makes for a pleasant walk on a hot Florida summer day. I loved the Washington Street Bridge which is rich in history. The scenery is picturesque -and I absolutely loved how small and intimate this park is.

Review №11

Nice park. Definitely another kind of environment with trees and flowing water.

Review №12

Absolutly beautiful place. This is one of the best kept secrets of Orlando. I could spend all day at this park, it is awesome.

Review №13

One of the prettiest spots downtown. Not usual to see people taking family, engagement, and graduation photos there. On a cool day you may see 3-4 shoots going on. Never crowded, loads of shade, and family friendly. Great spot for a picnic, yoga with a friend, or just being alone.

Review №14

Lush escape from the city. Short walk along a winding path in the woods that follows along a stream. A few wooden footbridges, rustic stonework, stop offs to sit, and a walk through a nice tunnel beneath a road. Lots of different plants and flowers. Across the street is another larger park also, but this is good to stroll through for the magical feeling it offers.

Review №15

Photographers are ruining this gorgeous park. I walk my dog here daily—every weekend more and more folks are there without masks, blocking the paths for photos and leaving their trash and plastic glitter/throwables around. I’m super close to super soaking every photographer I see tbh—go somewhere else if you’re gonna be disrespectful.

Review №16

Absolutely amazing! Hidden gem that Ive driven past hundreds of times, but never stopped at. So glad I did!

Review №17

This park is a gem. It’s hidden, shaded, quiet. A lovely place for a short walk.

Review №18

I had an amazing time so perfect! Everything was so beautiful I found blue jays, ravens, butterflies and small cute mushrooms everywhere, its so peaceful.

Review №19

Still a beautiful park even after all these years

Review №20

The lush gardens were beautiful ️.

Review №21

Best enjoyed when there aren’t a lot of people around.

Review №22

Dickson Azalea is the perfect hidden gem, with an urban city park vibe! It has so much variety for portrait sessions and is easily one of my favorites!( Photos attached, shot by Everlasting Photography Inc. )

Review №23

A beautiful little park in a quiet neighborhood! There are bridges, awesome trees, and a creek. Its small, but definitely nice to walk through.

Review №24

Beautiful walk through, nice park nearby Langford. This is one of our favorite walks.

Review №25

Gorgeous park. So many different species of animals and foliage. Saw a mama hawk and red robins singing today. Peaceful river and many benches to sit and soak it all in. Small quiet park filled with great energy and countless photo ops.

Review №26

Hidden gem in Downtown Orlando. Excellent park to walk and clear your mind. It is full of plants and wildlife. Volunteers and locals keep the place clean and it is never busy. If you go, remember to clean up after yourself.

Review №27

Beautiful park to enjoy with your significant other or for the whole family.

Review №28

This is such a great park. It follows along on either side of a little creek. It is very long and narrow and recessed with lots of trees and flowers and shade. This means its usually several degrees cooler than the surrounding area. Its not landscaped very well and they repair things on occasion but its a great place for photographs because of the lighting and historic trees. There are lots of bridges that crisscross the creek and even a little tunnel under washington street. There are no bathrooms but Langford park is at the parks southern end and it has restrooms. It is not entirely paved either and I would say it is not stroller or wheelchair friendly.

Review №29

Very pretty park for my family photos

Review №30

The only ditch of its quality and kind in all of Orlando. Its just north of Langford Park but entirely different. Many levels, stone stairs, and clearings to sit and talk make the park highly usable. The flora and fauna is thick year-round, but in February is starts to light up with azalea blooms.

Review №31

Beautiful park with a little stream, lovely trees dripping with Spanish Moss and tons of azaleas that would bring a feast of color in the spring. Hidden in the outskirts of Orlando, its a bit difficult to find but well worth the effort. Name soon to be changed to Mayor Karl T. Langford Park

Review №32

We spent a couple of nice hours wandering through the gardens, and admiring the birds and plants. This is such a nice neighborhood park in the center of a very busy area, and yet once you enter, it very quickly beckons you further, until you are immersed in the green space with the flowing water and it is easy to forget the fast moving world just up the hill.

Review №33

Beautiful and relaxing! Cant wait to go back when the azaleas are in bloom.

Review №34

Was amazed by all the beautiful scenery and all the different trails...definitely a must for romantic date or adventure with the kiddos, so glad we just somehow ended up there...thanks god

Review №35

Great for photos and enjoying great nature in Orlando

Review №36

Great place for a photoshoot.Many different plants and trees planted years ago.The hidden quiet place in Orlando.

Review №37

A beautiful park in a quiet neighborhood. Great for a pretty walk. Come in February on a cool day when the azaleas are in bloom!

Review №38

Lovely walking trail in an unexpected part of town. A favorite!

Review №39

Beautiful setting for an enchanted photo section like Love Story or Maternity.

Review №40

Decent park but way too many people blocking paths for family photos.

Review №41

Beautiful park... nice trails... beautiful flowers... it was definitely quiet even though it was in a neighborhood...

Review №42

Nice park so close to downtown, and the communities. My biggest issue was the ridiculous amount of mosquitos. It was very tough to stay long. Great place for a nature photoshoot if you go when the suns rising ands the mosquitos are sleeping.

Review №43

Dangerous safety enforcement. A sign at the front door says face covering required. Yet half the customers aren’t wearing them and when I asked a manager if they enforce they enforce the rule and I was told no. My family will not shop from this company ever again.

Review №44

Beautiful park with so many flowers and unique plants. Very unassuming until you walk down into the paths by the creek and discover the park.

Review №45

Cute little park but I did not feel safe and there is NOParking.

Review №46

It was very small... Disappointed for sure...

Review №47

Beautiful park with natural trails close to the center of Downtown. Dog friendly, lush, this park has sitting spaces, running water, and plenty of spots for Instagram photos.

Review №48

Feels like youre not in the city anymore. A perfect place to go during the daytime but the high population of homeless people make me wary in the evening or when alone because it does feel so secluded. Lovely place to let children explore nature without traveling far from home.

Review №49

I am from out of town. Awesome place. Beautiful. But, I found amazon packages that were clearly stolen from the porches in the neighborhoods and opened and dumped the boxes and envelope off the boardwalks. At the next boardwalk I found a womens bag thrown off the boardwalk. They kept what they wanted and dumped the rest, what I found, makeup stuff. Take this as you may. Be safe

Review №50

My fiancé proposed at this park and it will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Review №51

A stunning favorite. A true urban gem.

Review №52

Beautiful for ffg Florida picture tsking.

Review №53

Park is full of trees and nice place to walk

Review №54

The place could be amazing but the water was dirty and stinky, they need to put their heart into this place, poor maintenance.

Review №55

Great place to take a walk

Review №56

A great place to stroll a and relax in a natural setting.

Review №57

Definitely the most beautiful park in Orlando.

Review №58

Beautiful place. Good to be home

Review №59

Love this place . Me and my two year old go a lot and it would be nice if they added more stuff but over all this place is amazing ! Follow me on IG: AllyCatSlay

Review №60

I went here, for family photos .

Review №61

My favorite park in Orlando. Beautiful open fields and dense nature walking paths

Review №62

Really nice for a sunny days walk.

Review №63

I married my girls here 25 years ago.the gazebo was just built and it still looks good

Review №64

Good location park to get lost in the moment and to clear your mind and relax.Doesnt even feel like youre still in Orlando while being here.

Review №65

Beautiful, loved every inch of it.

Review №66

Very nice park tucked in a very cute neighborhood.

Review №67

I love this park. Its great for a nature walk and its really peaceful.

Review №68

Great for the kiddos to play and also great Pavillions for picnics

Review №69

Is beautiful Open en este Face of the place

Review №70

Could be better. A little Amazon forest in the middle of Orlando. Needs some grooming. I did find trash and it seems like homeless people do call this place home.

Review №71

Nice park, had a weird smell to it that day but a nice place for pictures.

Review №72

Best place to make out. Youre welcome.

Review №73

Really pretty here.

Review №74

Parks are always phenomenal to get relaxation and calm down its the best that Ive been to in weeks I highly advise it

Review №75

I love this park. A hidden gem of Orlando, it is literally hidden from view below street level. Enjoy a scenic Valentines walk over (and under) bridges with the azalea bushes in full bloom.

Review №76

This Park Is In Fact An Oasis Of Urban Greenery. A Preserved Ravine That Is Lush With A Dizzying Array Of Foliage And Blooms Both Native And Exotic That Is A Feast For The Eyes And Calming To The Spirit. That So Many Locals Have Not Become Familar With This Park Is A Testament To Its Quiet Beauty.

Review №77

What a little gem in the city. I lived in Orlando for years and never knew this was here until a geocache brought me to this park. The people who live in this area are very lucky to have such a great spot.

Review №78

Beautiful place!

Review №79

What a beautiful little oasis. Beware of mosquitoes though.

Review №80

Popular spot for photos. The day after Thanksgiving it is a madhouse full of families with their photographers getting the Christmas card photos taken. Not an original spot for photos in Orlando.

Review №81

Nice park for a Sunday stroll. A little bit of an oasis within the city.

Review №82

A Hidden Gem, a beautiful Oasis in a busy City. Tucked away and a quiet place, a beautiful retreat from the daily hustle and bustle. Well landscaped and cared for, a great place for a stroll. A beautiful surroundings to sit back and recharge your batteries, maybe take a picnic lunch in a friend.

Review №83

Beautiful...lots of picture taking happening.

Review №84

I love this place. Its beautiful.

Review №85

This is a great park even in the Florida heat. It has leveled terraces. Its beautiful.

Review №86

Really sweet little gem nestled away near there heart of downtown

Review №87

Nice park, lots of nice scenery to take photos.

Review №88

Beauty at its best

Review №89

If you can walk there or ride a bike is best. This is a nice quiet park, good for walking and smelling the flowers, picnicking, that sort of thing. Best kept secret park, try to keep it that way.

Review №90

Nice park and clean

Review №91

Quiet little winding trail just east of downtown ORLANDO... nice place to just walk around and forget about your troubles

Review №92

It was ok.

Review №93

An awesome secret place to go and relax

Review №94

Its awesome, my kids like it

Review №95

So cute. Glad it is maintained, as it can get really crazy with bugs, especially when the spring isnt moving. Wonderful relaxing gem, we should have this everywhere.

Review №96

This park has quiet a storied history. It used to be a watering hole for cattle and in 1924 it became a park. The land now home to Dickson-Azalea Park was purchased in 1916 by State Senator Walter Rose. Rose admired the lands natural setting, flowing creek and proximity to downtown Orlando. He thought he would be perfect for development. He held a contest to name the area and chose the suggestion of Rosearden inspired by Shakespeares play As You Like It in which the characters Rosalind and Orlando met in the Forest of Arden. The east side of Fern Creek was plotted for homes and he left 5 acres for the park. In 1924 Rose deeded the park on both sides of the creek and known as Fern Creek Park to the City of Orlando but it soon become covered in debris.The park was the first location of a garden center for the Orlando Garden Club. During the Great Depression this group maintained the parks through the Works Progress Administration. They appeared before the City Council and presented plans for the beautification of the park. They planted trees and shrubs to attract birds. They also requested that the name of the be changed to honor Henry Hill Dickson who was a pioneer Orlando businessman and advocate for the beautification of the city. He was gravely ill at the time and the City Council approved the garden clubs request. The city of Orlando has since resumed control of the park.Today you can visit the park and enjoy the shade trees, birds, and the bubbling water of Fern Creek which is one of only a few moving waterways in Orlando. Located in the park is the historic Washington Street Bridge built in 1926 during the Great Depression. It is the only bridge of its kind in Orlando. There are historical markers in the park highlighting the historical importance of both the bridge and the park. There are several wooden boardwalks that cross the water and stone steps that take you up the hill. There is no dedicated parking lot so you have to find street parking in the Thornton Park neighborhood. The park is a popular site for picnics and intimate weddings. Park amenities include trails for biking, jogging, and walking and picnic tables.

Review №97

Fabulous scenary quiet calm place

Review №98

Cool park to walk through with great landscaping and a small creek that runs through it.

Review №99

Great place to take photos or to just walk around! It’s also a very short walk to downtown and Thornton park.

Review №100

I love this place and have for over 20 years!! Its beautiful, clean, peaceful and very spiritual!!

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