Romantic Depot Manhattan Sex Store, Sex Shop & Lingerie Store
3418 Broadway, New York, NY 10031, United States

Review №1

Went in to get a gift for my wife. Jacqueline was great and very helpful and informative.

Review №2

Staff was not only knowledgeable but extremely polite and helpful, I highly recommend and would return here in the future. Loved the atmosphere and music selection.

Review №3

I love this store..the employees were very helpedMe and really worked with me to find all the things I needed. They were gerund and patient. I would recommend this store for all my friends to shop at.

Review №4

Super cute and knowledge ladies working here.Very helpful and attentiveHuge selection of toys and clothesGreat place for couples and singlesDefinitely stop and and enjoy!!!!!

Review №5

The first discreet fantasy shop in upper manhattan everyone in the store was very helpful and attentive to my needs made me feel so comfortable with my purchase leah, devin,megan, Rohan and Guadalupe make an awesome team. And they carry a large variations of things u will def be interested in. At a great price. The store is also very clean and well organized.

Review №6

Great place they make you feel really comfortable and and are very nice, would definitely recommend it

Review №7

OMG!!! Definitely 5stars.Great deals n customer service.Awesome employees. Love the vibe n energy.I recommend this store to any n everyone.

Review №8

Staff was awesome. Easy to get around in store, wide variety & definitely recommend.

Review №9

Im so glad I awkwardly walked into this store because I LOVED IT! The staff are so wonderful and personable, and my awkwardness vanished within the first minute. They have a massive collection, and if something isnt available, they recommend other options but not in that aggressive-sales-person way where you feel pressured. Excellent experience!

Review №10

The toy I bought broke within minutes. They have a no return policy so I would never buy anything ever from the place. Yes its posted so they must know the gadget they sell is cheap and not made to last.

Review №11

The best romantic depot store in manhattan

Review №12

This place was a fun time in general. I was in a rush so I plan to go back, but I had time to quickly go through the store and it has some awesome things. It has more variety than other similar stores. The prices are not unreasonable as they often are in stores like this. But the staff is what brought it all together for me. The ladies (I didn’t meet any men, idk if there are any on staff) were so nice and friendly and even helpful. It is worth a visit if you are in the area. Oh and if it’s your first time there they will give you a 20% discount card off any item! By the time I was paying I forgot I had it—so I have to go back, which is fine with me.

Review №13

It was my daughters birthday. Thought it would be fun to take her to the shop as she is now old enough to do this type of thing with mom. LOL I must give 5 stars! First, walking in can be intimidating. We were not. Great fun vibe, friendly, clean. We spoke to several of the employees and one was more helpful and friendly than the next. GREAT experience for my daughter and lets say we left cracking up and with big smiles on our faces. Shout out to Hailey, Angel, Jeannie, Bella and Jeffrey. Yall rock!!! thanks for a fun visit.

Review №14

Michelle Young was great dress lovely and explain Explicitly

Review №15

Best store ever thanks for your help guys

Review №16

First time coming in to their Manhattan store a month ago, was really put off by the security measures (a metal detector *plus* confiscating every persons bag??) Thats overkill, and Im tired of every store owner treating Harlem residents like theyre a thief, TIRED. After that exchange, I hardly wanted to shop there, almost forgot what Id come for. Right after that, was given a VIP card to collect points w/. What I was looking for, they didnt have a large variety of. Had a brief convo w/ one of the attendants about the difference b/w warming lubes and stimulants, and all the attendants were nice enough. The 1st attendant was eating at the register, which I usually could care less and advocate time off for, except she just kept eating out front, and instead of checking me and 2 other ppl out while the other rep was busy w/another customer. So it wasnt clear if this was her break or not, but after answering my question, she just stood to the side of the register eating Chinese as the line awkwardly piled up, until the other rep came over - peered over to see why her co-worker hadnt addressed the line - apologized to us and started to check us out. During checkout I was told I could get something else for 50% off, then had earned a spin on their rewards wheel, which had also earned me a 50% off card that I was told since Id already gotten this visit, needed to spend on a future visit of $50+. Re: the products, I didnt really get anything from them, the ON stimulant, RD brand cooling or warming lubes. But plan to give their website a try. Itd be great if points carried over to online.

Review №17

Amazing staff - super friendly. I only wish they had an expanded selection similar to the stores down in Chelsea but honestly still a great spot.Ashely was amazing and super helpful.

Review №18

Great service and lots of toys️

Review №19

Could not have been friendlier or more helpful. A genuine knowledge of products and how to keep a safe environment. I highly recommend this location to anyone. Devin was so kind, funny, and knowledgeable. If I could rate my experience higher than a 5, I would.

Review №20

Great workers, they know how to attend their clients. Clean and well organized.

Review №21

Excellent fantastic superv i got what i want for fantastic getawy lol

Review №22

The two people I dealt with a salesgirl and cashier were friendly and helpful but, to get me into their store the company lied. On their website “Summer Sale 35% off! In store only, simply mention this ad”. The cashier (Angie) said she didn’t know anything about this summer sale and couldn’t just take my word. I told her management should of told her about the sale. I went out of my way to try them out and found out they lied to get me in the store. I bought the item I’d picked out but I’ll never do business with any Romantic Depot again and will tell anyone who will listen about Romantic Depot’s deception.

Review №23

Great and very professional service as well as knowledgeable, very patient when showing me products and never pushy! They also gave me a really good discount! Plus the product I bought is actually great, couldn’t be more satisfied! Thanks again to all the staff that can’t remember their names but they were really nice to me

Review №24

Bella was so helpful! She showed me all the latest vibrators and everything I had in mind and couldnt verbalize. Angie at the front was very friendly and and let us know of all the sales so we can buy the most!!

Review №25

Love this place! Sacramento needs a quality sex shop like this spot. The customer service we were provided with was outstanding. Recommendations based on personal usage and experience with products was on point! Will be back!!!

Review №26

This is one of the friendliest shops Ive been to. Great selection, good prices and good specials. The staff make you very comfortable, are relaxed and put no pressure to buy. Which funnily makes you want to buy from them. Ive bought many things I didnt really need but have had with because shopping here is such a good experience. Love having this shop in the area - makes it a lot more interesting.

Review №27

Didnt nut. 1 star

Review №28

It was my first time in the Manhattan store located on Broadway when i came across a very energetic and very knowledgeable young lady by the name of Mari when i say she answered every question, helped me with my purchase and taught me so much about the items i was buying and how to use them and what goes best with them. I could not be happier but i was sad when i was told she would not be there for my next purchase. She really went above and beyond to help me her customer service skills is where i wish all sales people skills was and she was so happy and joyful. Not to mention all the staff was reall nice and helpful but Mari really left a great impression on me and my 1st experience in the store.. last but not least the prices are not bad and also my purchase came with a discount i will be back to shop

Review №29

Marjani was such an excellent sales person!!!! She had such a positive energy and assisted me in getting all the items that I needed!! It’s such a refresher to find such good people with great vibes that love their job and give you an honest opinion! Such a sweetheart!! And I truly enjoyed my experience shopping!!

Review №30

Hands down. Amazing Staff. So knowledgeable and friendly. Especially Angie and Bella! --- found my new place.

Review №31

I was surprised to find an adult store in my area. It sure beats going all the way downtown to get the trendy top of the line lingerie and my oh my...the toys they have here. Im gonna need to stock up on batteries lol. The customer service was very warm and welcoming. We love it an you will too!

Review №32

This is the best sex shop in the five boroughs!! Coral is absolutely the most helpful sales representative in the store. She’s extremely kind and knowledgeable on the subject of sex. Will definitely be coming back.

Review №33

I stop by their sex store today and saw pleasantly surprised by all the great adult toys they have I couldn’t make up my mind. The lingerie section look so nice. The staff very friendly loved my first experience with them. I will come back again to get me more sex toys.

Review №34

Hailey Angie and Jeff were so much fun I love how they operate as a team but are still individuals I will Be back

Review №35

Hailey was so amazing the energy she gave was bomb I’ll definitely come back for her customer service

Review №36

Hailey angie and BridgettAwesome staff the store is well lite organize they know there stuff greated me with a smile no question was stupid will be back with the girls if anybody say anything negative they lying i came in great

Review №37

Needed toys to spice up my poly relationship... Sales person (Marianna) was super informative, imaginative, and excited to throw out ideas... Which I loved... The Cashier (Corine) was super sexy... I like her spicy!

Review №38

Angie and Corine were absolutely amazing! They made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions, an amazing experience!

Review №39

I went to this store today and dealt with Jose and Glenda. I have to say they work very professional And they make u have a good time. They also show u how each toy is use and they recommend The best ones for your needs. I would be coming back to this store.

Review №40

The best sex store in New York is Romantic Depot Manhattan. They have over 100,000 Sex toys and the lingerie and customer service is splendid.

Review №41

Went there a couple days ago, and honestly it was the best store visit of my life! Now I know why they have a perfect 5-star rating! Their staff is funny, amicable and professional. I loved Taylor’s help and how comfortable she made me feel. Definitely going back!

Review №42

Really nice variety,I can most certainly bet youll find what you need here. Glenda is the one to talk with,shes absolutely awesome and friendly. Overall good experience.Gladys really fixed my issue and ensured I was satisfied. Happy wife,happy life. Thanks black Queen

Review №43

I love this place!!! Such a great environment and Angie and Corine were super sweet and helpful. 10/10 Would reccomend!!!!!

Review №44

They have a great selection and super friendly staff. If you have questions about a product they make sure youre comfortable and do their best to help you out. Id definitely come back in the future.

Review №45

The best sex store and lingerie shop in NYC is Romantic Depot Manhattan. Great staff, great discounts and fun clean atmosphere. Perfect for Valentines Day. Thanks Marjani for the great customer service.

Review №46

This is a great place. The staff is educated, fun and genuine. They have great deals right now. The prices are extremely fair and they have a discount card program. Highly recommended.Lingerie to light fetish.Great for vanilla or people starting out looking to spice up their life.Very clean and no shady people.Discreet.Thanks!

Review №47

I didnt even get a chance to come in and im already experiencing bad customer service. I called to ask if they carry size 11 or 12, the woman who answered the phone said come in and hung up. When i called again she body hung up on me. Very disappointed and feel disrespected.

Review №48

Yo my girl Mimi hooked me up. She was super helpful And enthusiastic to say it was still morning in the NYC. I loved that she had me laughing the entire way through while also being well knowledgeable about the products.... IN POINT!!

Review №49

The best sex shop in Manhattan by leaps and bounds. Great service, great vibes, tons of product options, good prices and they give you room to shop.

Review №50

The most spontaneous and exciting store Ive been to in my entire life. As soon as you walk in the staff makes you feel welcomed. They were friendly, helpful and patient. Will definitely come back to shop some more.keep up the good work!

Review №51

At Romantic Depot I had a great experience sales representatives were amazing and knowledgeable of all products. Really felt a welcoming vibe while in the store and shopping. Purchased some great thing they have a large selection I will be going back. Thanks romantic Depot!!!

Review №52

This is such a wonderful store! The customer service is OUTSTANDING! I felt so comfortable and not judged at all. The selection is great and the music is so on point! I am thrilled to have this in the neighborhood. Thank you to Romantic Depot for bringing this to our area!

Review №53

Very happy to have one of these in the city. Shopping here is fun. Staff helps you shop unlike most places that stare at you to make you feel guilty. They actually offer suggestions on more interesting items. And great prices

Review №54

This store is great. Very appealing and sexy. Music is on point. Got everything me and my man is looking for. Will definitely come back more. And they offer 20% off everything in the store!

Review №55

My wife and were extremely surprised when we saw the large billboard in Harlem, so we were excited to check out the 1st sex store in Harlem and the largest sex shop in NYC. Now here are the facts, my wife and I know sex shops very well, since we have been almost all of them in New York including Babeland. Although we love Babeland and will return when downtown, this store is much larger, has in my estimation 50x more sex toys and the prices were much cheaper. Plus, the sex toys were surprisingly just as unique as babeland with various silicone rechargeable and remote control high end products at a much lower cost which I was not expecting,. Although the staff did not seem as experienced as some of the other popular stores, they seemed like a very nice ream of young people who were enthusiastic about their jobs. We will definitely be back and when word gets out, mark my words, this will be the most popular adult retail venue in NYC. 100% legit.

Review №56

Coral is the best!! Devin is super funny!! The staff here are bomb. You won’t regret your visit

Review №57

Cool place with a bunch of items u wouldnt even dream of in your wildest imagination. If your looking to spice things up with you and your spouse... then this is the place for you. Out of this world come check it out..

Review №58

I’m SO disappointed- I’ve been to the NJ location and they were incredibly helpful.I just came from the NYC location and wow. Maybe I came on a bad day but jeez. The vibe in the store was awful. One of the employees tried to push a $90 vibrator with a 30% discount- which was great but I had just come from (ultimately a much better experience) Eve’s Garden in midtown where I bought a hands-free cutie-pie; it cost me a pretty penny and I had a budget of 50 with about 10-20 bucks wiggle room. I let her know and she shooed me off.The other associate was better (although frankly the bar was reeeeally low). She seemed tired.The former rang me up - and talk about pressed. She tried to get my email for a sign up, and at that point I wanted to leave so badly but I needed my items and couldn’t just wait til tomorrow to visit the Museum of Sex on 5th ave (also a MUCH better experience) - I said, “I’m good” and she responded “Okay so you don’t want free stuff.” (I love free stuff - at Eve’s Garden they have a basket of stuff you can pick from if you spend $50 or more ️, and I’m not even trying to promote them but honestly, this is how bad my experience was at Romantic Depot’s NYC location - again, the NJ experience was a lot better) Anyway I love free stuff, I just don’t like being angrily pushed into things and treated like a twelve year old who snuck in to steal s*. I decided to leave a cute lingerie set that would have put me past my budget (and found out when I got home that if I hadn’t been so stressed out, I would’ve walked with it, because I actually liked it, I was just EXTREMELY uncomfortable) - I was saying I’d come back next time and the associate rolled her eyes and snapped “Oh my god”. I felt like I was in a shop run by high schoolers or something.Look. It’s after five, I get it, you’re tired. But it’s give and take - you have to give respect to receive it. I should have let her have it - but adult shopping should be fun, exciting, and certainly not put you in a position where you feel like you have to pop off. Honestly, she almost ruined my night. Almost. The toy I bought at Eve’s Garden definitely saved the day (it’s the Eva II )But I’d hate to spend a bunch of money to just have someone stress you out enough to kill the mood before your partner can LOL. In Eve’s Garden and in the Museum of Sex, the associates weren’t just super enthusiastic, they were super knowledgeable and eager to share what they know. Totally chill vibe from both places, great places to go and ask questions and get recommendations.I honestly wish this experience had been better because I feel like I wasted money just to have unprofessional behavior stress me out.

Review №59

Angie and corine are wonderful !! I was lit they was lit !!! Come by and buy your vibrators !! And ask for them !!

Review №60

Very professional and courteous staff. The store organization is impeccable. Prices are affordable without sacrificing quality. Security is not overwhelming. In conclusion a great place for couples as well as for kinky singles.

Review №61

The customer service is great. Very attentive and not judgmental at all. Also very understanding of different body types and preferences.

Review №62

This place is amazing. Especially if you are single . So much great items I am definitely coming back. And its great place for boys as well. Taylor was great . She explained everything so well I was satisfied. I am gonna come back for sure

Review №63

I was driving by when we saw the high sign that said romantic depot we immediately pulled over to check this spot out. The customer service was great and made us feel comfortable while shopping. We definitely loved every second here. We will be back!! We bought something to spice up the night!

Review №64

The customer service is fantastic - my partner and I had a good time watching demonstrations Of the various products. The management is great. The products are superb and quality. Everything you want, they have. We will definitely be back to pick up all of our sex toys and supplies here.

Review №65

The store was SUPER organized and they had great variety. The sales people were so helpful and nice. I LOVED my visit and will bring my friend next time so she can find some goodies. Love this place. I am definitely coming back thanks for setting up shop uptown.

Review №66

This place is the absolute best. All of the employees were so helpful. I came in looking for an outfit for for an event tonight and they were so nice. Gave me so many good looks to go with and I had a great conversation with the manager about the socio-sexual climate in NYC!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE WITH ALL MY HEART. A true home. If yall are looking to hire, Im looking to work with you :)

Review №67

These guys are awesome. The employees make you feel welcomed if youre a first timer. They are all very funny and friendly!! And the things they sell are even more awesome! Great prices too

Review №68

Great customer service

Review №69

Best place ever!! Taylor was so helpful in finding me some bomb ass sex toys. Totally recommend coming here! Best sex shop ever! They also sell G pens, which is lit!They got some bomb ass deals too!

Review №70

The staff is great!!! They make you feel super comfortable! Show you how the toys work and whats the best toys. I was very happy with what I purchased thanks to them. I will be coming here again!

Review №71

I love getting spanked and the flogger demo. The employees here are amazing and so friendly. No one should feel any inhibition to come here. Everyone should come here and get spice up their life.

Review №72

Great atmosphere. Great selection. Great customer service. Will return.

Review №73

Had a wonderful experience at romantic depot! Devin was super cool an amazing. Was always there to help. Guadalupe was a great host she welcomed us with smiles and such positive energy. I recommend this place to everyone looking for a fun great experience when shopping for sex toys.

Review №74

What a fun store!!! Walking in we meet Sahara and Devon and was immediately greeted with their vibrant energy! Such a relaxed, knowledgeable and helpful approach in a neighborhood shop that covers diverse interest. The owner was quick to offer a discount for our purchase and gave a free gift along side of that! I would highly recommend visiting this store for the variety of products and the fabulous sales team that lends you ease and fun to shop there!

Review №75

I LOVE THIS STORE! They have good deals, &a good prices. Very clean and very neat, the customer service is amazing. I was looking for pastees and they have a variety of selections, the employees are very helpful and very friendly! Will come here more often.

Review №76

This place is really great for all of your romantic needs, whether it’s a nice sexy outfit or some sensual toys this place does not disappoint. The staff are also very nice and willing to work with you and help you out with anything. They’ll give you an honest opinion on what they like and don’t pressure you to buy

Review №77

The staff was amazingly sweet and helpful. Its so hard to find stores with good customer service now, but the staff here is exceptional. I was greeted and helped immediately, and even given a 20% off card!

Review №78

The staff there are really cool and helpful. They helped me pick out items told me about the pros and cons of each product. My first time went smoothly because of them. They have a nice variety of items so was definitely confused .

Review №79

I love this place!!! Staff was friendly, helpful, and made me feel comfortable. Reasonable prices and the wheel of romance gives you a free gift on the way out. Well definitely be coming back here!

Review №80

Amazing staff! Everyone was attentive and super friendly. I came in here pretty timid with my girlfriends and by the end of my visit the team members had me dancing and laughing. Will definitely visit again!

Review №81

Great shop! Diverse products at reasonable prices, friendly knowledgeable staff - Jose is awesome, and Gladys was super patient, sweet, and very helpful. Ill probably be here biweekly! Great addition to the neighborhood!

Review №82

I dont go to many sex shop but this place is so great. The idea of educating customers on Toys and products before they buy is a huge plus for this industry. All products seem to be up to date and clean.

Review №83

Great store. Great customer service. Samila was wonderful. Everyone was really helpful. Knowledge of products and functions. I was given 20% off just for being there and an additional 50% off various products. They even let spin the wheel for additional products.

Review №84

Taylor was super welcoming and friendly. There was no awkardness at all and she explained the benefit of each toy. She also gave us a 20% discount card. Well definitely be back!

Review №85

Super caca products I spend $125 for nothing all products doents work.....pills spanish fly ...gel lubricant.....garbage store

Review №86

BE WARNED!!! Was walking by and bought from them on an impulse. The next day I found the exact same item for $20 online when bought it in this store for $80. It was the exact same item. Leads me to conclude this is a GREEDY business, or Harlem rent is so expensive they need to markup 500%. If you buy from this place, please make sure you do your HOMEWORK that you are getting fair prices. Good luck.Message to the business: please have fair prices. I understand you have to make a profit, but it doesnt have to be so unfair. Thank you.

Review №87

I made a big purchase there and was handed a lot of free stuff and thought I was going home with some good quality stuff. Before leaving I was asked to leave a yelp review! And I would receive something free. Well I get home to not only find out what I bought didn’t work but that it also was a knock off brand that looked like real brand. Even the website on the box wasn’t a real website!

Review №88

This shop is amazing the workers are very helpful and the store is always stocked! Love it. Mari is the best and has been very courteous.

Review №89

Very welcoming. I experienced everything from the 50 Shades of Grey movie.. classic!!! Enjoyed the ladies having fun with the customers. Very pleasant and comfortable environment.

Review №90

Every one of the workers is so sweet and down to earth. Theyre definitely willing to help you every step of the way to better your experience. Definitely worth the stop and you can come alone or with your partner and theyll be there to help you out.

Review №91

When I walked in I was greeted by such a friendly and professional staff. They have AMAZING toys. Things Ive never even heard of. They also give many discounts for first timers. Definitely recommend !

Review №92

It was amazing. I bought 2 lingerie for myself and one for my mom and they both fit so perfectly. I will come back for more! Such a clean store too. Giving it a 6/5 for being that good.

Review №93

Great happy friendly shop. They know there products. Very !! Very reasonable prices. Discounts Im not mad st all. Came in for 1 item left out with 4 not to mention free gifts,not cheap free gifts. I recommend this store this location buying on line over price make the trip .

Review №94

It is a scam. If you like paying 3 times as much than you should be my guest. Spend the money. First of all the lady behind the counter was rude. Im asking where things are she doesnt even give eye contact, shes too focused on her phone. Randomly points somewhere and says its over there. Me and my boyfriend are sitting there searching where she pointed and cant find it at all. Then the other girl realizes its my first time shopping for a toy and tries and take advantage of the moment. Makes this 30 dollar item seem so great,... i end up spending 107 dollars for it. LITERALLY EVERY WHERE ELSE I LOOK FOR THE EXACT SAME ITEM IS $22.99-$29.99...? Why are you guys 5 stars? You played me like a fool. Never coming back! I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

Review №95

5 stars best product ever! I’m so happy to know about this store! I really really love your products they’re amazing. I’m from Mexico and I was on vacation on New York last year and my cousin took me to the store on the Bronx, that’s how I got to know you guys, I’m very thankful with my cousin couse she’s the one whi took me to the store. The toys are the best!!! ...After I came back from Mexico I decided to goto their online store and order more.I placed the order and had a finger vibe sent to my cousin’shouse as she is coming to Mexico soon for a visit!Chris at the online store was very helpful, kind and attentive, as I had some questionsregarding their website. I’m receiving my toy this week with my cousin which I’m very excited!

Review №96

So I was in a huge jam. Tomorrow is my twin sisters bachelorette party,and some thieves happened to break into my car and steal everything that was in there,. including all the bachelorette gifts that I bought for the party. So, after having a crappy afternoon spent filling out a police report I had to find bachelorette gear and fast. Since I was in the city , I did a quick search for bachelorette gifts and saw Romantic Depot so I took the subway from 96th street five minutes to the city college station on 137th and broadway. As we walked towards McDonalds you can not miss the huge neon lights and the store frontage decked out with sexy mannequins in suggestive lingerie. We were cheerfully welcomed at the entrance and given large black bags and a 20% off card. We were thrilled to see their bachelorette party section was like 2 long aisles and had exactly what was stolen from my car. I would like to thanks the customer service associate, Corine for helping us find everything we needed and make it a stress free experience. The prices were also very good I remember the 10 pack of penis straws that I bought were $7.99 on amazon and the same exact straws were only $4.99 at the store. I would like to recommend all my friends to this fun adult store, whether you are searching for bachelorette gear, lingerie or adult toys, if you are into that sort of thing. Thanks again Corine.

Review №97

My first time coming here. But the girl that helped me was really helpful. I cant wait to go home try out my new toy. Thanks guys

Review №98

Had a great time. The employees were very helpful and knowledgeable of the merchandise.

Review №99

Fun new place that is classy. Glad to have a place like this move uptown and not have to go to the village! Friendly staff, wide variety, and decent prices.

Review №100

Genuinely one of the best sex shops in the 5 boroughs, thanks to Coral I left with everything I wanted for a perfect price.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:3418 Broadway, New York, NY 10031, United States
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  • Phone:+1 646-861-0683
  • Adult entertainment store
  • Delivery service
  • Lingerie store
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–12am
  • Tuesday:10am–12am
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  • Thursday:10am–12am
  • Friday:10am–2am
  • Saturday:10am–2am
  • Sunday:10am–12am
  • Veteran-led:Yes
  • Women-led:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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