Sapphire 39
20 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018, United States

Review №1

I’m going to be auditioning here today! I’m so excited for it! It’s been so long since I’ve danced at Sapphires! I worked at the one in Las Vegas!

Review №2

They have an arcade room! YES!

Review №3

Nice atmosphere, friendly staff and yummy plant based food. Looking forward to trying more of the menu.

Review №4

Sundays with hot guys here are amazing! It was my first time getting a lap dance, and Valentino did not disappoint! I mustve blown over 100 bucks on him alone. And the brunch upstairs has yummy food with vegan options!

Review №5

The best Ive had in the bay area. The chewy, toasted crust is what makes it stand out in this region, but I think the true star is the sauce - fresh, bright and tangy. Just the right amount of toppings - a couple spots of sausage and mushroom punctuate each smallish slice.Great job! Keep the quality high please!! Sapphire 39

Review №6

Love coming here and watching the show. The girls are amazing on stage and even more amazing when giving table dances. Prices for food, drinks and dances are reasonable, the girls are super hot and the waitresses are on point. Plus the bartenders really know what theyre doing, which is more than I can say for most clubs. 10/10 would recommend.

Review №7

Stumbled in here with a few friends and I’m so glad we did! The place is beautiful filled with beautiful women and a friendly staff. We were very comfortable and served accordingly. Will definitely visit here again!

Review №8

Men at Sapphire Sunday brunch is super fun! Good buffet selection with lots of desserts, fancy cocktails, and hot guys!! Good place to be for bachelorette parties and girls who just want some casual clean fun I loooved the cowboy Billy he’s so buff and I’m honestly impressed as a Texas girl! I was so sad to leave when they were closing but I’ll be back soon!!

Review №9

First of all, this is the best Gentlemans club ive ever been to so far. My friends and i stumbled upon it a few days ago - and honestly- Im very impressed. They have great service, all the staff was very nice to all of us, the server was very helpful and always asking if we needed anything. But most of all-the girls in this place are hands down, the most beautiful AND they were very friendly and nice. Great environment and vibe,- i will definitely be back!

Review №10

Beautiful place. Great customer service. Lovely dancers. I had a lot of fun with my friends here as a celebration for my birthday. It was a surprise of a lifetime. Everything was well organized and the night was one of the best nights I’ve had!

Review №11

It was my first time in a strip club and I definitely didn’t expect to have so much fun. I went there just because one of my friend celebrated his birthday there. I was pleasantly surprised. Girls were beautiful and cocktails are delicious. We stayed there till the last minute and didn’t want to leave.

Review №12

I had an amazing time. So much fun and the guys are so sexy. A truly great experience and awesome customer service

Review №13

Sapphire man are so sexy! Had an amazing experience. The best Sunday brunch.

Review №14

I have to say this place is amazing on Sundays they have a brunch with hot male dancers.Me and my friends were celebrating a bachelorette party and we had like 10 mimosas and then had dances with the guys.The food was great too I really recommend this place if you want to have the hottest brunch in your life.

Review №15

I went with my friends we had so much fun. This place is awesome. Drinks are amazing and people there very nice.

Review №16

I visited this place after my birthday party in the city and its really great !!! We were in the champagne room! Everything was great! A lot of fun with my boyfriend! I cant wait to return with my friends !!!

Review №17

Took my girls here for a bachelorette party, we had an amazing time. The girls were so beautiful and the food was delicious! Definitely an amazing experience, I can’t wait to go back!

Review №18

I had a dance with Carmella and she was super sweet and funny. All the girls were in great shape as well. Good place to be, had a really awesome experience.

Review №19

I regularly stop by sapphires 39, the location is just too convenient to pass by. My office is inBryant park so it’s easy to pop in after work. The vibe is different from the UES location but still has the same stellar service and diverse beautiful girls. Good place to take clients Or unwind. Top notch quality from the moment your greeted at the door.

Review №20

Such a great time. Sexy guys great drinks and service

Review №21

Such a beautiful location! I love going to gentlemen’s clubs and this is definitely one of the nicer ones I’ve gone to. Amazing drinks and beautiful girls! I loved the “walkway” stage style, so unique and immersive. Will definitely be back soon with friends!

Review №22

The service, staff and the girls are amazing, you can see a lot of classy people there, is not the regular ghetto strip club, there’s complimentary drinks if you go there for first time, and the prices are very accesible, they just open like a year ago so the place is nice and they have private rooms with different themes. I will definitely go back!

Review №23

I went to the Man of sapphire Male revue on Sunday for brunch and a bachelorette party. The food was amazing and the male entertainers Are so hot! So glad Sapphire is also doing something for us Ladies! It’s a must if your in town.

Review №24

Sapphire on 39th is one of my favorite spots! I went for my birthday over the weekend and had the best time! We got vip bottle service :) all the dancers are gorgeous and super friendly! I will definitely be back again!!!!

Review №25

I’ve danced at many clubs, from Florida to NY to LA. You can say I’m a pretty experienced dancer, and not to sound conceited but I’ve never been turned away from a club. 98% of the girls here are toothpick skinny white girls, so if you’re into that then this is the right place. I’m of mixed race and had an audition with a toothpick skinny white girl. They told her yes and me no, when I walked out the bouncer asked me how it went and I told him they said no & he looked confused and asked why... in 2019 I wouldn’t expect racism to still be in effect at these clubs but clearly.. it is. Sad, especially reading these reviews where people are requesting more women of color.

Review №26

First of all let me tell you the customer service was top notch here. The gentleman at the door was extremely helpful. The waitress at the table was very kind and kept up with us on the drinks not too pushy at all. Music was great and the dancers not only knew exactly what to do but they were beautiful. Brought one of my good friends here for a bachelor party and we really had a blast. Thanks again for such a good time. Keep doing what your doing!! We will most definitely be back.

Review №27

Came to visit from Florida with a group of people and let me tell youuuu this club has the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen. I got a couple of lap dances and they were all so good my favorite dancer was deja she looks like a Barbie! The seating is very spacious unlike most clubs I’ve been to in nyc. If your in town to have a fun night I totally recommend this place 100% I’m coming back soon.

Review №28

The most RACIST strip club i have ever been..Thieves, i gave them $20 to change and instead they gave me back 15.. They played some funny stealing on my Bank card.. its just a horrible experience.. But one staff called sterling was the best; very friendly and cool..

Review №29

Its an amazing club, very classy, amazing girls, beautiful girls, beautiful and competent stuff. I love the atmosphere . My to go club in nyc. I love there wed , thursdays and satutday. Check it out. You will love it too

Review №30

Good club and amazing girls they just have to stop steal you money.

Review №31

Went in on Saturday with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday. Totally different layout than the East side location and a different vibe but very chill. Everyone we encounter was incredibly friendly from the doormen, hosts, waitstaff and dancers. The dj played a wide selection of current EDM and hip hop which we really appreciated bc some strips clubs can play pretty boring old music. Dancers were hot and not pushy. Since I live on the UES and having been going to 60th for years that’s my preferred spot but 39th was a nice change!! I’d definitely go back.

Review №32

It was nice. A bit pricey at the bar, and I know how bad that makes me seem, but $6 for a half glass of soda filled with ice, seemed a bit extreme.The dancers were all very sweet people, and Im glad I made a few friends. Some of the ladies were upset that the catwalk no longer had a pole, and this made me a bit sad. All in all, its a lovely place.

Review №33

Went this this fine establishment with my boy, Billy Joe. I went in thinking this was a strange crystal store, but was pleasantly shocked went it turned out to be a strip club full of good looking women. I did like my time at this very nice establishment, and i will indeed be back.

Review №34

This place is ok used to be a lot better

Review №35

Unfriendly, unattractive dancers , insane prices sapphire 60 is way better

Review №36

I have to say this place is great! One of the most impressive things about Sapphire 36 was the food. I was attending an event there and was able to try the wings, raw bar and a sandwich that had some of the best bread Ive had in a long time! Next is the live performers, not just the dancers. They do live shows during the night with singers and some live music at times. Really turns a average strip club into something else entirely. Choose Sapphire for your next event, Party, or just an all around great time.

Review №37

650 for 30mins in a private room lol crazy the girls are nice tho

Review №38

Club seems nice, but do not be deceived. They treat their dancers like employees (without an hourly wage, work comp, insurance). Inforcing a strict dress code and searching dancers belongings before and after shifts. I dodged a bullet by getting rejected from this club, it was slow as hell, and everyone looked miserable.

Review №39

Very intimate and cozy. This is the newer location that Ive went to. Kudos on the decor, its not too flashy, but its very relaxing. No bad angles, all the ladies are easy to view either on the main stage or the secondary one. Theres also a VIP area upstairs.

Review №40

A great mix of girls

Review №41

This is the most boring club in nyc.

Review №42

Got into the place with a free admission and free lap dance (When you subscribe to the newsletter on their site, you get this). Never got my free lap dance, the first hour was terrible, I was constantly approached by girls asking me if I wanted lap dance or massage. It got really annoying, after a while it stopped. Some girls are very hot, some are ugly, faces are wrinkles and bodies not hot.

Review №43

Doesn’t look as busy as the one at the 60th but it still has a good vibe going on 5/5

Review №44

Wery nice! Cool

Review №45

Its a good establishment, but even after paying for bottle service what you hear is no touching, brought it up to the manager and he said the same thing no touching- no touching at all during the lap dance not sure if Id want to go an spend my $1000 there, do you??

Review №46

Recommend by doorman at Skylark wasn’t sure what to expect.....turned out as a awesome night, great looking ladies and not as expensive on the drink either. Lap dancers at $20 wow

Review №47

Unless you are a regular, there is no reason to go, ever. It was a terrible experience. I got racist attack.

Review №48

HORRIBLE experience!! Yes, the girls and original atmosphere/experience were amazing..... BUT....The management and the “security” were... pathetically sad” ... to put it in the nicest way possible.....I was with my husband, and purchased the VIP experience with their top bottle of Vodka (for only two of us with 2 hours to spend before closing) ‘... I had to excuse my myself to go to the .. (I’m sorry, this is sad I have to put this in CAPS).. the LADIES room. Where, when I exited my stall, a man yelling at his girlfriend... I stood there for over 5 minutes while she continuously told him to leave the woman’s room before I enterviened and told him to leave. During which time I opened the bathroom door/ looked at security and loudly said, “There is a man in the restroom, I feel uncomfortable, I DO NOT feel safe l, there is a man in the woman’s room”....HUGE long story later... things got worse!.......Management not only did nothing, but.... after realizing what huge an F’ up it was.... insisted on trying to make me feel and look like a crazy person.The girls and all the men (minus the two men in management) tried to apologize. While the two insulted my intelligence, called me a psychopath, and threatened to call the police on me.... all the while I was sitting calmly in our “VIP”, respectfully asking for a civil conversation and explanation and the misconduct that had accured.My night, which was supposed to be fun loving, sexy, and exciting.... ended horribly with me contacting the police, bawling my eyes out, and my anniversary being ruined by men with “little man syndrome”, perverted ass hats, who think it’s ok to tell a woman “shut the Fuc* up Bitc* I can do and say what I want where I want” all the while being in the WOMANS restroom... then management telling you that your a psycho when you get upset about it........... NOT OK.......NOT COOL

Review №49

Racist staff, unprofessional and crude hosts, most of them usually high on coke shaking you down for tips in the vip rooms.

Review №50

Beautiful place!!! 5 stars!!!

Review №51

It sucks. I will never visit this place. It was empty and the attitude of the personnel was horrible.

Review №52

Heavy set security guard seems to be a racist. Not the type of person you want working at your business.

Review №53

So friendly staff, great environment, nice girls

Review №54

This place was awesome, there girls inside were very beautiful and nice the prices are a little on the expensive side but its Manhattan, SHOUT OUT TO RACHEL WHO WAS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it and me and my friends will be back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №55

Extremely absurd in prices but is a nice place inside.

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Review №57

Brand new.

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