Rainbow Station
203 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011, United States

Review №1

I would leave no stars honestly if it was a choice. My friend and I both went here shopping for swimwear and basically got met with hard stares and very pointed questions. Towards checking out the man kept asking my friend where I was when I was right beside (behind the register he could only see infront of him not to the side). He said my friend was there before and he has never been there ever. It was our first time there together. He examined my friend’s debt card as if it wasn’t his (while his picture is on the front of the card) .5/10

Review №2

A very sleezy shop.

Review №3

The guys minded their business. First time buying a toy. I am diagnosed with an anxiety. I walked in I found what I was looking for checked out with no judgement or anything . I didn’t speak to anyone so no idea what help they would actually be. But smooth transaction

Review №4

Friendly staff, friendlier customers

Review №5

Great selection, but the staff may do better to keep in mind that no one wants to be watched like a hawk when they’re in a sex shop. I understand it’s probably a place where shoplifting is an issue, but I probably would have bought more if I didn’t feel like a criminal just walking in. I didn’t even look down stairs because the cashier down there was incredibly rude and acted like I had no business being there.

Review №6

Variety however not in flavored lube or the half woman for males. But other than that everything went smooth

Review №7

I was about to go to this place but after reading about how rude the staff is , I wont go. Thanks to the community for letting us know .

Review №8

Went here, after already having one bad experience, only because they were the solitary advertised retailer in NYC on the BREEDWELL website. While trying two items on, the employees accused me of stealing and then watched back through the security footage while I was trying to actually pay for something. They then told me I had to tell the person at the cashier how many items I had to try in the back fitting room, but had no signage indicating this was their policy and refused to listen to my suggestion they make that more clear to their customers. After going back and forth about it, I finally walked out and they lost a sale. Because of their utter rudeness and aggression I will NEVER be going back and will contact BREEDWELL directly to order with them and suggest they find another retailer. I encourage others to stay away.

Review №9

This business is absolutely disgusting. The owners will gladly take your money, but then harass you. Customers cannot watch a movie in peace. The owners demand that you leave the theater area to watch a movie in a booth no bigger than a coffin. That forces customers to pay dollars every 3 minutes to see the mvie. This is in addition to the 10.00 entry fee. Even worse, customers are often robbed in the booths, but the owners dont care about that. The owners are crude and rude. Pass on this business. There are others that offer the same type of service, but they respect customers.

Review №10

I fell off of a Rainbow ladder and ruined my back, wrists, knees, ankles and am loosing sensations in my hands.....I was working under a contractor/scam artist from Texas. The basement of this store is a solid indicator of the negligence of this company/location. If youve shopped in this store be aware of the mold/asbestos you may have inhaled....i took a floor sample from the basement and am looking into one should have been allowed to shop, let alone work/shop here....its an OSHA NIGHTMARE. I was screwed out of medical and benefits, I lost my home and am in pain all the time.....good job Rainbow

Review №11

Very bondage oriented but a good selection of toys and adult enhancement items in a no-pressure environment.

Review №12

Has wide variety of adult toys, lub, sexy male & female underwear, and accessories for that late after hour fun open 24/7 and offers entertainment booth & much more low/mid to mid/high price range

Review №13

Fantastic Place with everthing you could ever want in store. This is the best store in NYC. Every toy pill lingerie mens wear!!!

Review №14

The theater is extremely dirty, and the store probably has multiple building violations. But my biggest complaint is the staff. They are so rude to customers. They are obviously homophobic and hate the people they depend on for their money. It doesnt make sense, but thats how strong their hatred is. In their reviews, some people have suggested other adult stores that treat their customers right. Go to those businesses. Why would you give your money to a business that treats you like trash?

Review №15

For me the best sex shop in nyc. They open 24hs and have the best stuff.I Hightly recommended

Review №16

Lots of great selections, reasonably priced, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Review №17

Very friendly workers. Large selection of clothes. Different sizes of toys and types.

Review №18

This place really is as good as it gets.

Review №19

DONT SHOP HERE! Disgusting and horrible store clerk. No one should be treated like a criminal for mistakenly using the wrong bathroom. The guy barged into the small bathroom while I was relieving myself and demanded that I leave. Then he cursed at me and used offensive language. I have never been treated that way before by a store clerk, especially in a free loving neighborhood like that. Spend your money elsewhere! There are tons of adult stores with better service in the neighborhood.

Review №20

Stop! Walk to Purple Passion and shop there. Transphobic employee laughed and ridiculed me for buying underwear, and asked me about my genitals. Also, was told at checkout that I owed him an additional 5$ for touching merchandise. He attempted to get another employee in on the jokes, but that person was smart enough to stay quiet. Btw, I was inside for 5 minutes making an exchange bc the underwear I bought the previous day were stained yellow along the inner waistline. Many of the underwear looked used, I kept my purchase, and left. Not to mention, this employee practically looked homeless, certainly showerless, (and potentially not a US citizen).Be weary of this place. There are plenty wonderful places in walking distance. For example, Purple Passion has much better staff and merchandise is clean. Plus all around a better store with more variety.

Review №21

Ok range of products, conveniently open 24 hours in case you desperately need something. Service ranks low, but could this be the effect of the graveyard shift?!

Review №22

I really like it Im a lesbian

Review №23

Cool place for shopping here

Review №24

Creepy and filthy place. Staff very rude.

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Review №26

I was asking how much was the gay flag and he was so damn rude I was just asking a question

Review №27

Very rude sales clerks here. Avoid it and move in to other places

Review №28

Do not accept payment cards ... they have broken the system .... the seller is engaged in loud conversation on the phone while in the store ... I prevented him

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