FlashDancers Downtown
59 Murray Street, New York, NY 10007, United States

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As you enter the restaurant, the atmosphere entices you to find a great table, order an amazing cocktail and peruse the delicately curated menu Of plant-based deliciousness. Try all the appetizers, try the paella and do not skip dessert!

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Very fun place in Tribeca. This location is divided into two parts with a second floor VIP area. Fd downtown is the sister club of Fd in Times Square. I came on Thursday evening around 11pm and the place had a pretty vibrant crowd. There were about 30-40 girls working and dances are done table side. I went to five other main stream clubs in Manhattan and this was probably my favorite club that I visited.

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Review №4

Awesome strip club in NYC. My buddies and I went last winter pre Covid and had a blast.

Review №5

This club was my favorite out of all of them. Beautiful women who actually seemed interested in talking to you. Nice location and aesthetic. I would definitely recommend.

Review №6

Flashdancers downtown is the Tribeca outpost of the famous Times Square club. The club operates substantially different than its sibling location. Place was recently remodeled and has a more high end cigar bar feel to it. Multiple floors and great staff. The girls here are absolutely beautiful now. It has done a complete turn around since the re branding.

Review №7

Always stop by the flash clubs when in town on business. Constant beautiful women from all over the place. This club has a different feel than the other location in Times Square. Definitely enjoyed!

Review №8

Came here with a pass I received from the Times Square location. Very different vibe and feel here. This club is located near the World Trade Center and is a few floors. The dancers look great and the club has more of a luxury steakhouse vibe going on. We had a great time in both places and would probably return when back in NYC. Bumped into Sting here LOL.

Review №9

If you are Black and obviously look Black don’t even waste your time applying over there. NYC clubs are funny when it comes to hiring dark complexion women. They want European like Brazilian, Russia looking type girls. It’s not the club but it’s the clients. They prefer foreign or lighter complexion looking girls.

Review №10

Enjoyed this place. My wife and I were staying at the Four Seasons around the corner and were referred over. The place was busy and had a nice amount of entertainers.

Review №11

Beautiful women and a super cool vibe at FDs.

Review №12

They dont seem to need business? Tried to get info on a party like pulling teeth. Dont waste your time other clubs have free limo service included and people dedicated to actually planning a party, like a real event planner!Hey, we had a great night elsewhere, their loss.

Review №13

Flashdancers... Ahhh... FLASHDANCERS!! ....Ode, to my very FIRST NUDE BAR! I CANNOT give any less than the maximum of 5-stars!

Review №14

Small and not very friendly, no seating and you get hit hard to order more drinks before you even finish one.Would not recommend

Review №15

Love FlashDancers! Always a fun time.

Review №16

Small space and very aggressive.Overpriced, we were disappointed in the entertainment but not many places in the area.

Review №17

So much fun when I was in New York. I want to go back!

Review №18

I had the pleasure to spend time with a fabulous Israeli girl named Ann. She’s a conversationalist of the utmost degree. She possesses a vast intelligence and provides the most witty repartee. I am, without a doubt, taking her to the VIP again.

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Visited on a wednesday night, the manager was very arrogant when we requested a better table. Drinks overpriced and girls not friendly. Would not recommend for a fun time.

Review №20

Excellent last night as they are closed for good now. All the dancers moved to flash dancer or private eye. There was 30-40 girls for the last night and the dances were $20 bucks. Great selection of petite classy girls. There are rules so you can pretty much only touch the hips to the neck. Nice ending for the place but if it was still open I probably would never go back. The staff was like family and very friendly.

Review №21

Nice place. Great vibe for a Thursday night.

Review №22

This location was fantastic.

Review №23

This place never get boring I have been coming for last five years when this use to be New York Dolls. Now even better. yesterday there I tried three girls but the third one is top of the world. she knows how too treet a guy. Her name is GIA. TRY her every penny is worth with her. I will be taking VIP with her soon. Flash Dancer Downtown you rok.

Review №24

Awesome staff, there were extremely pleasant to speak with and promised we would have an excellent time, which we did! My wife and I sat at the stage, enjoyed a few drinks and the ladies of course, all of which were very beautiful. Well be back!

Review №25

I’ve been to strip clubs in New York a couple of times and they sucked. Ugly girls, unfriendly bouncers. This club is on my way from work and I finally decided to check it out. I was expecting to be disappointed but was pleasantly surprised instead. I came around 8pm on St Patrick’s day. The club is quite small but it was packed with girls. There were a few customers but I think the ratio of girls to customers was 2 to 1. Most of the girls sit around waiting for their turn to dance or offer a lap dance to a customer. The girls are from all over the world, from Russia to Columbia. Most of them look great with some really stunning ones.When I came in, Kat the massage girl came over and gave me a great shoulder and neck massage. I never had that before in a strip club! Right after that I had several lap dances with drop dead gorgeous Hungarian brunette by the name Jackie. Also did some lap dances with other girls and the second massage from Kat. Massage plus beautiful and friendly girls made this an unforgettable experience.

Review №26

Everything new , beautiful Girls I use to see at private eyes club , super friendly , there’s food , security and fun times !

Review №27

Very friendly and amazing looking women. Ready to talk and dance. Some go straight for the dance if you want to skip the conversation. Just bring enough cash. Buying drinks on a card will cost you and its $3 per every dance dollar you buy.Champagne room sounded pricey compared to other places. Oh, and I recommend going Saturday around 8. The ratio was 8:me.

Review №28

Amazing and beautiful womenIf you’re a cheap person , this is not a place for youThe girls are worth itSo come and enjoy

Review №29

One of the best strip clubs i have ever been to. cant wait to go back the next time I am in NYC

Review №30

Great club in Manhattan.

Review №31

Awesome staff, there were extremely pleasant to speak with and promised we would have an excellent time, which we did! My wife and I sat at the stage, enjoyed a few drinks and the ladies of course, all of which were very beautiful. Well be back!

Review №32

Came here after the Midtown location. Was pleasantly surprised due to the fact the club is in Lower Manhattan.

Review №33

Liked this place.

Review №34

Came here after visiting the other location for the 1st time. Enjoyed.

Review №35

The place isnt bad. They are pushy when it comes to trying to get you to get dances but aside from that the staff is nice and the girls are good looking. A lot of the bad reviews seem to be from people who are angry and stupid. Theyre not going to change their policies just because you dont like them. If theyre making money theyre going to do it works for them.

Review №36

Great fun night ,wonderful dollsPerfect place nice attention,I recommend if you got a couple thousand to spend ! OH MY MONEY

Review №37

Classy, comfortable and stimulating environment. The girls here are ultra-hot. Of course, I know three of them on a personal level, so that biases my opinion.**Note: I met those three sexy young vixens in a night club and was invited back to an apartment where two of them lived. What happened after that is my fault. They had started talking about sex and certain things they enjoyed, when suddenly I developed an erection. I was wearing loose dress pants and couldnt begin to conceal a huge boner clearly apparent along my left leg. One guy vs. three women is tough, but everything went well enough that I have hooked up with each of them on at least one other occasion. They are all so hot and willing, with perfect bodies and so many other desirable assets and qualities.

Review №38

Great selection of pretty girls, strong drinks and awesome music. I always stop in when in town and they never disappoint

Review №39

We love all the Russian girls, if you like Russian women this is the place , was somewhat boring and drinks were very expensive for a small club.

Review №40

Excellent last night. Girls were friendly and staff was professional.

Review №41

FlashDancers is always on point.

Review №42

Super hot dollsexcellent place to relax in having fun with beautiful dolls.

Review №43

Absolutely terrible, enjoy spending $20 for each drink while getting some of the most unenthusiastic lap dances in the meantime, 4 different girls in a row all terrible...if you enjoyed the dances, I’d say you’re probably a virgin that nuts every time you see a pretty girl; not worth it bottom line, you won’t get a refund either unlike a lot of clubs

Review №44

Great club

Review №45

Worst place in history, you have to pay 20$ to get in, then 3$ to hang your coat wich is a must. Then a rude bartender will serve you a 23$ GT and you will regret your choises. Mcdonalds would have been a better experience

Review №46

The most boring strip club i have ever been too. The girls are gorgeous , but they do not perform or entertain in any way. They literally stand by the pole and look at themselves in the mirror all night. No engagement with audience. Waste of time, unless youre a married man looking for a quick dry hump.

Review №47

Been coming here for over 3 years, was convenient while on business in the city. After speaking with a few of the dancers seperately If discovered that after paying upwards of 500$ for an hour in VIP, less than 20 percent goes to the dancer. ONLY 170 $ to be exact. you are better off getting dances on the floor at 20 $ a song, at least the girl is actually getting paid that way. This is the only stripclub chain in NYC that does this, it is actually kind of disgusting. Ricks and Sapphire give around 300-400 to the girl (she earned it, makes more sense!) the hostess and manager get a big portion of the money she makes and the rest goes to the club. MGMT threatens to fire anyone who tells customers how little they make in the room. Now it might make more sense why the older hostess Lisa badgers you as soon as you walk in the door to go in the room, as they make commission off the girls on top of salary. Not even going to go on about the change in mgmt, lets just say he leaves much to be desired, and has a knack for making one feel uncomfortable.There are far cleaner, respectable places to go in the city.Spend your money elsewhere! I know I will... (same company as Flashdancers and Private Eyes, avoid at all costs)

Review №48

Wow apparently card got declined and was charged 70 dollars, second card was totalled to 200 dollars with a tip, and im reading 250. . Are these guys serious...On top of that the bartender threw out two full drinks while we ran to the rest room and management refused to reimburse them..Stay far away from this place and im disputing these charges!

Review №49

Cool and now all renewed, beautiful dolls!Love it !

Review №50

The girls 1 out of 10 I give them a 3 with maybe to being worthy of the Mighty Dollar but besides that drinks were expensive more than usual in a strip club but was small tight cramped and I know thats redundant but do not give them your credit card and I repeat that with the utmost important via cash only that you bring because you will be in for a surprise when you look at your online bill such as my friends from Australia they got charged for a backroom pleasure Palace thingy whatever you want to call it they charge them 300 for four absolutes to Makers Coke and they charged 16 for Jameson $20 for dance and the girls from 1 to 10 werent that great I would say a to a three and maybe a 5 and 1/8 in the Polish Girl was an eighth so I dont know what to say but beware when you go its a strip club

Review №51

Once the manager seen I was black He automatically rejected me to work there. Mind you I just got off the phone with them and they told me to come. Said a bunch of wack excuses. I have a nice body and very pretty. I think my skin was just too dark. Very unprofessional and judgemental!

Review №52

It was a waste of twenty dollars and I wish they had reimbursed me or given the money directly to the girls. The girls looked miserable and as though they didnt want to be there and I wish they were apart of an establishment that at least made them smile. Find another place girls! You are worth more than that!

Review №53

I like,very much the way girls look and the way they dance in the pole. A lap dance,was for my boyfriend but was hot.

Review №54

HORRIBLE SERVICE!! They tried to charge my credit card $200 when my husband and I went there just to have 2 beers on a Saturday night!!!! Luckily we had passes so we didnt have to pay the $20 to get in. Girls were good and dances were 20 but $12 for a beer??? And alcholic drinks were $18. Thats just insane!If it wasnt for the them trying to rob me blind and now having to fight that charge, I maybe wouldve given this place 2 stars.If you must go, have drinks before you go, try and get free passes or during a time its no cover and most importantly ONLY USE CASH!!

Review №55

I can remember when they used to blast into the photography studio and call people weird names. They were really complacent as living dolls in the flesh. Wow. My friend used to date one of them and also put in magazines. Lisa always reviewed all mail coming in and I thought My Grandfather was the pro at the turn of the century that was the one being followed. The names, conservatively were not really weird so do not get to gloriously combative. I fill you in he was with the Postal Authority in Manhattan. And I think it was like a brim of creation.

Review №56

Great atmosphere, hot servers and very attentive staff. Its absolutely up to the par of a top-class New York night club

Review №57

What a joke. i went in the daytime, girls looked half asleep. drinks were overpriced and if you dont babysit them, the bartender will throw them out. their was no coat check girl and the bouncer gave me an attitude when he had to get my coat even though I had to wait for him. then the doorman was too busy talking to some potential dancer outside instead of opening the door. ive been to a lot of strip clubs in the city and these people have absolutely no clue about hospitality.

Review №58

This club is Great, The Lap Dancer I Took Named Scarlett. She So Hot. Try Her. I had 35 Min with 200 USD It Was Great. They Charge for Enrey Fee Is 3 USD From 12 pm to 8pm and 20 USD from 8pm to 4am. Only USE Cash. Then You can get Good Things. All the Dancers Are Hot. Nice Place. I Will Go Back Soon There.

Review №59

Saw your ad on top of a cab on Good morning America! ...#freeadvertisement!

Review №60

Super racist place.Lucky I cant give any stars.

Review №61

Can not That this owner is say that it is not true, Look at The other reviews from other Black women who try to work here. You are just Racist.if you are a black female do not go here for employment they will not hire you . Not Even if you are a brown skinned Latina They only like white girls Russian and European I have been here and other girls who I have talked to been here also For employment. Racist club .

Review №62

LADIES!!! DO NOT COME TO WORK HERE!...this place is run by females. we already know how older women treat younger women. like trash. I tried working here for two weeks and it was horrible. I left crying because when the manager wasnt giving me dirty looks, rolling her eyes any time I had a question the champagne host was accusing me of lying! she was gossiping about me to other girls. it was as if I had gone back in time to HS and was the scape goat surrounded by mean girls. the night ladies whom collect house fee also love to share their dirty looks and demeaning stares. I know being a stripper is not a saints job but if they are working here even if they are not strippers they should NOT be acting like bullies. this was in the day time a month ago. the manager is a horrible person. ALSO a girl threaten another girl, she claimed she was going to cut her and the manager did nothing. she laughed. I want to add that I worked here years ago when it was run by men and that type of behavior would have NEVER been tolerated by paul. (the old manager) try your luck if you must by Ive warned the only nice person was the bouncer and the cashier (both men) they were very understanding, patient, I wish they were the ones in charge. I dont know what barry was thinking letting his son make all these women in charge of a strip club. women are naturally jealous of younger women. thats why most of the dancers here are now old hags

Review №63

I love the place! Mialuna its my favorite girl.

Review №64

I wanna give this place -5 stars. ive been to stripclubs all over the world, and THIS is the worst strip club i ever been to. in few words. very ugly, rude employees, no privacy, no private room unless you wanna spend 800 dollars. they have no idea how to run a businees. the new york dolls should be shut immediately

Review №65

This Club is Good and nice dance place in new yark

Review №66

First time at an establishment like this. Sofia was the best

Review №67

Love the location of this place ! Beats a trip to midtown.

Review №68

This club is very racist they dont cater for black people in there as soon as you walk through the door they treat you like youre not welcome the bartender ignore you when youre trying to buy a drink I would never recommend this place to anyone they even reach to the point where they told me they dont need my business

Review №69

Girl was unenthusiastic when i took a dump on her in the VIP, a professional would take it with a smile.

Review №70

Love the place

Review №71

The best, safe, polite, secure and friendly.

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Review №73

Very expensive girls horrifying

Review №74

Worst strip club hands down. Bunch of old miserable hags and the manager is a horrible person. Wouldnt recommend to anyone, not customers, not employees. Surprised they havent beat that manager up already

Review №75

Best lap dance

Review №76

It sucked

Review №77

Enjoyful place

Review №78

The girls looked sick. Friday night and the place was dead. They need to take it back to the old days. I will not go back again. What happened, I dont know.

Review №79

Nice club..

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