536 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001, United States

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I like the name. And I really like Club Neon, even though Ive only been twice. The most fun that can be had on a Monday night. Top notch musical selections and fun kids. I dont like it when my friends buy me the $2 drink that taste like hangover, though.

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I had such an awesome time visiting NYC. The manger was an amazing guy very friend. bar tenders were super sweet loved them and the dancers were beautiful and greatAlso we got referred by The manger to check out scores in Manhattan so after dinner at Gallagher’s we walk across the street it was super close to our hotel and checked out there second location they treated us like royalty it was totally worth the thousands+ we sent and Now i am a huge fan Scores best strip club in NYC beautiful women at each locationShout out to the manger for referring usThank you, you’re the best ️

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I had a great time... beautiful girls...wonderful environment...definitely a must see if you are on vacation...

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A lot of false accusations of people being ripped off, in the reviews.

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I was walking by and needed to use the bathroom so I walked in and asked the Porter if I could.. he began to talk to me in a very disrespectful manner and question me like why I walked in to the place after i knocked on The door even when it was opened .. A pretty much kicked me out and told me know I couldnt use the bathroom after I asked politely and told them it was an emergency.. This place is a real disgrace.. period..

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Gave above average rating for the cleanliness of the premises and the staffs professionalism and attentiveness.Heads up: they make you check your coat for a fee.$18 drinks. Thats par for the course at such venues.Be aware of what you spend because it can get out of hand quickly. If you can keep track of your expenses, Scores is a decent choice.

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It was cool being a strip club and all..but the guy in the bathroom tried to charge us 60 bucks for a single black and mild. So watch for that

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One of the best clubs Ive been too. Girls are gorgeous. Service is 5 star. Highly recommend.

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Plenty of girls walking around and dancing. Very friendly staff from the dancers to the bartenders. I felt very comfortable Girls range from ok to good looking. All had beautiful bodies Would return. door staff is fantastic and the cashier was beautiful

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Here is what happened. I went with a few friends to see G-eazy last Saturday. Everything was as expected but the twist came when we were trying to get our coats at coat check. They not only took over an hour, but fights started, police had to enter the club, and even then a lot of people couldnt find their coats. (At one point they started arbitrarily picking up coats and trying to yell individual numbers at a crowd of at least 500+ people). The nightmare ended for me when we went in individually into the coat room and had to find our coats myself which happened over an hour after actually exiting the dance hall and into the hallway. (Our coats had the numbers ripped off of them so even if they did the coat check as they should have, they still wouldnt have found ours). The final straw for me writing this here is when I checked my credit card, my girlfriend, and my other buddy were each overcharged 10 dollars. Thats not even bad customer service, thats explicit fraud. Anyone else experience this? I wouldnt be against starting a class action. If everyone that used their card that night got overcharged, imagine the total amount they have stole from all of their patrons. Thoughts?

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Definitely one of the best looking Gentlemens clubs in NYC. Girls are beautiful and the variety is amazing !!! Girls were sexy and from all over the world they spoke Italian, French and Spanish The Last time I was at the club a bunch of athletes walked in I guess from Madison Square Garden after a game. This is a hot club !!! They have free admission on Tuesday from 9-11 for guest DJs

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They ripped off my dying grandpa of over 500k

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This was the absolute worst clubbing experience of my life. They’re all criminals. They should shut this place down and let something ANYTHINN else. PUT A PIZZA JOINT IN THERE WOTH A STRIPPER POLE ITD BE BETTER. Don’t waste your time.

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I had a wonderful time here at Scores, beautiful women and great food, you cannot beat that!

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The guy on the front door his white bald and short one of the begest muthefukers in the word and his very racist, I wasnt a custmer their I was just driver dropping Custmer

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Lots of good looking girls, non of which wanted anything to do with men. Its 11:00pm on Saturday night and there were only 4 guys in there. Too bad, what a waist, time and money. Im going back to Texas where women like men and bars dont suck

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Not the friendliest gentlemans club. Bring cash if youre going. They rip you off at the atm or using their own cash.

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Im Scoresman damn it. Im taking care of business. Im about getting drunk. Im about having fun. Im about having a good time. Im about meeting girls. Im about meeting guys.... and who ever doesnt like it can go **** themselves, because thats what Im all about. Im Scoresman and thats what Scoresman is all about.

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Not worth the $30 cover at 3 am. Burn your money it would be more entertaining.

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Quality of Dances (6/20) - Scores really shot itself in the foot with its stage setup. There are no poles, rails, or other props. No seats are affixed to the stage (although one could roll over a chair if he were so inclined). This creates the interesting dynamic of having to stand and deliver for special attention. Mostly, the dancers looked like deer in headlights up there without something to hold onto.For a private dance, I cherry-picked the best stage performer, a little blonde hard body with decent curves who called herself Jesse. In my experience, a good stage presence usually translates well to the lap, but not always. Jesse was one of those exceptions. Her dance ranked up there with one of my all time worst – a complete dud. No energy, no interest, minimal contact. In her defense, fight coverage began just as our dance started, and the DJ inexplicably turned off the music to broadcast the playing of the national anthem. Obviously not one for patriotism, Jesse was thrown off her game big time. If she had shown any effort whatsoever I would have given her a mulligan, but unfortunately there was nothing redeeming about the dance.Number of Dancers (5/10) - For a Saturday night special event, the number of dancers circulating in the club seemed merely adequate. With the amount of money getting thrown around by the Wall Street-types, a lot of dancers were surely preoccupied in the private and semi-private sections. One host’s claim that between 40 and 60 dancers were working that night was laughable. When I asked a dancer, she estimated from 20 to 30 dancers were working.Variety/Diversity of Dancers (1/5) - With the amount of blonde girls running around, I was afraid Scores had transported me into a Hugh Hefner wet dream. I was shocked at the lack of variety. The usual trip to a New York City club is like the “It’s a Small World” at Disney World, but with more silicone. Not at Scores. There were a handful of black girls, but I did not see one ethnically-identifiable Latina or Asian. I did not meet any Eastern Europeans or Russians; only dancers with names like Jesse and Betty. The Scores cast fails the diversity test with respect to body type, as well. Those with a taste for thicker, curvier dancers would have been disappointed by the selection.Dance Setup (4/10) - Customers were receiving lap dances pretty much everywhere but the main bar. The semi-private sections are elevated and isolated, and would offer a nice opportunity for debauchery if not for the ubiquitous security stationed around every corner. Seats are wide, comfortable, and placed far enough apart to maintain the intimacy of the dance. Like most New York City clubs, the private rooms are strategically sequestered for the best action.Club Atmosphere (6.5/10) - At least a dozen flat screen TVs rim the interior, providing a view of the game or fight from any seat. The club is dimly lit, and neon fixtures and the occasional smoke machine and laser show create the party vibe. Edgy showcases – featuring naked barbie dolls in compromising positions with everyday objects like hammers and tongs – appear prominently over the main bar. With the exception of shutting off the music for the national anthem, the DJ was well above-average, and I commend his Depeche Mode selection, “Enjoy the Silence.”Overall - On a marquee night, Scores failed to deliver. Management’s decision to cater to groups ordering bottle service left everyone else cramped in the small bar section. The focus on deep pockets filtered down to the dancers, too, making for a lackluster experience on the whole. Scores is just begging for a re-review on a more typical evening, but for the now, the best things I can say about Fight Night at Scores? Look for the cart food on your way out at 10th avenue – it really hits the spot.

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Hookers, illegal drugs, and stealing credit cards. This place deserves no stars and should be shut down ASAP.

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Heres the deal, the girls expect you to pay them btw 4- 6 hundred dollars JUST TO TALK !!!! Thats it !!!! NO EXTRA STUFF 600$ JUST TO TALK !!!!! and some of the girls get offended when you say I dont want to pay you that much just to talk to you

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Da booty club wuz da best

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Alot of things move in and out this place

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Way overpriced!!!

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Scores Dancers are by far #1 in the city!

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I have heard of this place but never been here before

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And people dont even know half of the story of this place trust me Not recommended

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