Ricks Cabaret New York
50 W 33rd St, New York, NY 10001, United States

Review №1

I was there a couple days ago. I was happy they were open! And was thrilled with all of their Covid preventative measures. I felt clean & everyone kept their social distances. I look forward to going back next weekend!!

Review №2

This place is awesomeYou gotta love it, from the minute you walk in you are treated like royaltythe door man welcomes you in , a host shakes your hand introducing him/herself with all professionalism.The place is super clean and very well setup.Entertainers are TOP NOTCH, the food is delicious you really have to try the seafood, if you are a fish and meat lover, this is your spot at extremely well priced and delicious food in NYC, couldnt get any better.They even offer desserts and fruits, not many places do that for you in New York.The drinks are nothing but exceptional, huge variety and very fairly priced, bar tenders are courteous and friendly yet very professional.Especially the waitress named JACKIE, very pretty young waitress/bartender, she was very attentive and professional, she got all of our drinks right the first time, and got our food in an expedient manner I felt like the wait was close to non.I have been to many places and bars in NYC, non of them deserveda review, and as your parents might teach, if you have nothing good to say it is better to stay quiet.Later on the manager of the place named TERRANCE came by to make sure everyone was enjoying the experience and to see if we wanted anything else... That my friends is quite exceptional in NY, unlike most establishments and bars, this is hospitality.But this place won by far, clean nice and well maintained.The people that work here want you to have fun and forget about lifefor the night.Great for business meetings, or just to chill with your friends.You may also bring your significant other if you want and still feel comfortable.I would give this place a 10/10, Ricks has definitely nailed it 100%If you are in town , drop by to check this place out, you will not be disappointed......

Review №3

I went to Rick’s with my wife after a concert at MSG. The roof deck is unbelievable!! The view is out of this world. It feels like you could almost touch the Empire State Building. We had the most amazing chocolate covered strawberries. Chef Jayson is incredibly talented and made sure to check on us. His food is so full of flavor and he makes the best steaks! Definitely a place worth checking out!

Review №4

Went to Ricks Cabaret on 33rd Street with a group of work friends on a whim, I was impressed they had a cocktail menu, and a pretty good selection! We got a table near the stage, ordered a few drinks- my friends were hungry and we went up to eat- the food was AWESOME. Who knew. Chef Jayson came out to greet us and make sure everything was to our liking, and it was! Everyone was really happy. Service was great- and yes, the entertainers were....attractive! All different body/face types. I didnt get a dance or whatever but my coworkers did. Management came over to check on us, waitresses were attentive. We will be back. I highly recommend!

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Review №6

By far the best place in Manhattan! Ricks is a publicly traded company and they run a tight ship; youre never going to find a charge you didnt authorize on your card. The place definitely caters to business professionals. Most of the girls know how to carry a conversation, and the food is excellent. Cant go wrong!

Review №7

Came in on Thursday night with a few co workers. Place is very relaxed and dancers are beautiful. Had dinner with my co workers and the food was really good. My waitress Amanda, who was very engaging, took care of us even though it was very busy. Will definitely go back anytime just to see her.

Review №8

Ricks is one of my favorite places to go in midtown. Staff is super friendly, prices are reasonable, good music and always new faces to meet! The last time I went, Milana was my waitress and she was simply outstanding (and very pretty). I highly recommend if looking for the premium Cabaret experience.

Review №9

If I could give zero or negative stars I would. Pretty sure my drink was spiked by a dancer because I cant remember anything after she introduced herself to me (and I had only arrived). They must have proceeded to run up a very hefty bill on my cards after that as the transactions did not look pretty (or real). Judging by other reviews and reviews of other Ricks clubs around the country I am not the only person this has happened to. Dont go here!! If you do be careful.

Review №10

Great place and exceptional world class service

Review №11

I was first greeted my the front door. Nice gentleman Made my way inside and met floor host Jamal. Very helpful and explained everything. The music and drinks were great. I ordered food and decided to try the VIP for a half hour. I met manager Paul Who actually escorted me to the 3rd level He was super hospitable and explained everything on how the VIP worked. I spent time with amber she was amazing. The vip waitress came to visit me. I forget her name but she was hot and Asian. Omg. I almost got champagne. Hard to say no to her but needless to say I had a great time and will be back next time I am in town. Thanks again Paul , Jamal and the entire staff at Rick’s.

Review №12

I had a wonderful time! Manager Freddy showed me around. Staff, service and dancers were phenomenal. The host was very professional and the inside was beautiful. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Everything was top notch. Will make sure everytime I hit NY this will be my new spot.

Review №13

Management is snobby and the place is stuffy and they charge a cover for girls at the door. Definitely not a good experience... overrated and not worth it

Review №14

This is a great spot. The staff are super friendly and Chef Jason makes a great meal. I highly recommend coming here.

Review №15

The food was on point! My waitress was amazingly beautiful and very nice might I had.. Made sure I had a good time.. She kept coming back to make sure that I was ok.. She kept asking me if I wanted anything else or if I needed anything.. She provided excellent customer service.. Because of her I would definitely go back.. Do yourself a favor and ask for YOLANI!!! The best waitress/hostess ever..

Review №16

I honestly have to say I was Impressed, door guys were slightly pushy but funny, I get everyone in the city is trying to make a buck but we were introduce to the host they walked us in, looked around saw some beautiful girls and we sat. Waitress came over to our table with very pretty smile and introduced herself to us i believe her name is Yolani. If you not into strip clubs dont worry even a few of the waitresses were nice looking. Must say, I will go back.

Review №17

Sure, this place may seem inviting to customers. Dancers, however.... is a different story. Auditioning there is not only tedious, but no one watches them so I believe. Ive auditioned there 4 times, never once got hired. Have worked at both Hoops and Vivid before, I assume that is where Ricks puts the dancers they dont want on their roster. Overall, not a good experience for dancers.Was asked to remove my review by the Owners themselves. When youre public, you take the good and the bad reviews. Just do better.

Review №18

Best club in the city! Tons of food and great girls. Jamal and James took good care of me and Selenia was my waitress, Ill definitely be back

Review №19

Classy club with a great staff and a wide selection of beautiful entertainers. Hosts really take care of the customers. One host in particular, James, always makes sure we feel comfortable and welcome. Food is pretty damn good too! Highly recommend.

Review №20

Was there a few weeks ago and had a great time. The host was very professional as was the atmosphere. Was not expecting such a classy place. Was expecting to spend a lot more money but since the lap dances were very reasonable I came out unscathed. I did not know about their restaurant until writing this review but will surely try it out next time.

Review №21

Girl friendly comfortable atmosphere. Overall good time. Surprisingly great food.

Review №22

Beautiful women. Great bartenders. Welcoming management. What more can you ask for in a place to relax and enjoy yourself?

Review №23

Wanted to take the time to post this review. Tried another NY strip club first and it was horrible. The wife and I showed up at Ricks at 8pm. Greeted at the door and escorted into the bar and the table of our choice. They introduced our bartender and left us to enjoy the entertainment. Absolutely stunning dancers. Every one who danced for us ($20) was awesome. Great attitudes, absolutely no pressure and no BS. Plenty of room in the club. Great music, great drinks. Highly recommend this place for no disappointments.

Review №24

Always have a great time at Rick’s. Been going for years and would recommend to others. Friendly staff, great drinks and overall fun time.

Review №25

Some friends told me: let s go to Rick’s.. I was a little bit reluctant since I was a big fan of Flash… but I decided to give a shot…How can I describe Rick’s…. Unbelievable! Marvelous! The girls are super classy! Super nice! They love what they do!I ll be back! For sure! Thanks once again!

Review №26

Genuinely surprised at my visit to ricks cabaret...didn’t know what to expect but overall it was a good time, the dancers are nice, not to pushy which makes it a good vibe, even the waitress Milana was nice, suggested I try her fav wings there and she wasn’t lying, they were amazingggg, def check it out if ur in midtown

Review №27

This place is very classy.....not to mention great place to relax after a long day at work. The place is very welcoming and the host are pretty cool.

Review №28

Absolutely one of my better strip club experiences. The food is delicious, the staff is amazing, and the girls are also very nice as well. However I would like to see more thicker women at the club. All and all I had a great time.

Review №29

Half hour lap dance in a private room went from $356 plus gratuity to paying for bottle service in the private room. I got a small bottle champagne. I think the charge gratuity twice for that one bottle. Its not fully nude

Review №30

Good food, really good dancers, but the Great award goes to the HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST Selenia me and the boys fell in love with her she provided great service she’s funny and made sure we had a great time. If you go do yourself a favor and ask for Selenia.

Review №31

Great club, great girls, fun atmosphere. Ask for Selenia the waitress, she took such good care of us and didnt put nothing in our drink or steal from us.

Review №32

Great Establishment, the manager Freddy is amazing, very polite, humble and professional. I will def go back again!! Had a great time!

Review №33

Would give zero stars if I could. Dances are done out in the open, so when the dancer started grinding on me without saying anything and then turning around and saying thatll $40 hun, I was not impressed. Money better spent elsewhere.

Review №34

I have the wildest, fun night. Freddy the manager was very good and help my gals in my bachelorette night!!!!! A well keep secret between us and the night...,...

Review №35

As a customer you’re treated like gold, as an dancer you’re treated as a disposable number.This place is all about taking money, faking personalities, once you get behind the scenes they are NOT that friendly!Ricks uses hospitality and charisma to charm their customers into spending more money. Which is what any good business will do, but none of it is genuine. The employees are trained to fake it. If you don’t believe me, observe a tad bit longer each person’s personality when a customer walks away. They go from smiling - super friendly, to serious faces and attitudes - within seconds. Behind the scenes is worst.If you’re a dancer don’t even bother wasting your time and money.As a customer I spent a lot and supported the girls. But once I went behind the scenes it was a total different vibe. No one was smiling ! At all. Everyone looked stressed.

Review №36

This is tons of fun. But the shear number of stolen phones is getting crazy. I saw at least two more stolen last weekend and there are tons of mentions of this happening IN THESE REVIEWS.Please be CAREFUL WITH YOUR PHONES.

Review №37

Great service, nice spot to have a good time in the city..appreciate the fact that they made sure we felt pleased everything..thanks to Freddy the manager

Review №38

It felt like I was attacked with nothing but upselling the moment we arrive. The host is polite, but they are extremely pushy to get you for bottle service. My bottle was supposed to be $425 (bottom shelf rum) and I somehow end up with a $620 tab because the host gave the incorrect price twice, but Im still liable for that charge. Not a place a recommend if you want to sit for more then 5 minutes without being attacked for more liquor to be ordered. I wouldnt recommend.

Review №39

I felt like I got hustle for money, also lied to get more money from me. I actually really appreciate honesty but I didn’t find that here, And I didn’t even get serviced. Took a L. I won’t come here again

Review №40

This place is a good place for lunch the chef Josh is great / door guy Frank is a gentleman/ we’ve been going there for almost 6 months buying lunch! My issue was handle professionally by Sean !! Thank you ! I’m satisfied with the quick responds fromthe general manager!!

Review №41

The girls are gorgeous and friendly and sweet. however way too much rap and hip hop music. erica is an angel.

Review №42

Great music excellent white girl

Review №43

Amazing staff,always feel welcome here, always treated like a VIP and the girls are gorgeous

Review №44

I’ve been waiting to come to this place ever since I found out I had a business trip in the area. The experience was everything I expected!! The beautiful ladies are everywhere (wow) and the staff is very hospitable. Even the management staff makes you feel very welcomed. I can’t wait to come back on my next business trip. Ricks ROCKS!!!

Review №45

Had an awesome time there. Best in NYC

Review №46

Love Ricks cabaret! The environment is one that notOnly gives off that fantasy vibe that you want butOne that is very friendly from the dancers to the guy who greets you at the door to the bartenders and cocktail waitresses. The staff not only greets you but makes sure you are having more than just a good experience. Hospitality and customer service is a 10. The food is amazing. My favorite is the NY strip which is a must have if you walk into Ricks! The happy hour is awesome and best lunch deal in city! such a great place to throw a bachelor party or just bring a few friends and go all out.

Review №47

First time in New York visited this spot! Great prices very upscale classy ladies that make you feel like a boss! Really loved this place can’t wait to go back

Review №48

Definitelly nice are great and girls are very nice.....I just went for the lunch and see the is very friendly and highly recommended this is the best.

Review №49

There is a young lady by the name of Madison that works at this establishment she was nice and confident at first but as she got comfortable she was very rude, talkative and very full of herself. She pushed selling a bottle on me proceeding to explain that she is the only one that sells bottles and again proceeded to put down her fellow employees explaining that they only sell bottles do to there fake body’s cause there faces are not very welcoming. I ordered ONE bottle and because she only got tiped $20.00 decided to say under her breath that “I was cheap” I understand she wasn’t happy with her tip, but that is no way to treat your customers nor the way you should talk about your co- workers. My cousin also came with me and explained that she tryed to go home with him because he had a Tesla.(this was also after the fact she introduced herself as Payton, became Madison after she found out what car he drove) He was drunk and I do feel this employee might be taken advantage of your customers.

Review №50

Great drink specials, very wide diversity of hot girls, and a great kitchen with huge portions for less than $10. Lots of VIP room options and a very professional staff. Large selection of beer, including constantly rotating craft beers. Not the best area of town but its definitely the best strip club around the area (there are about 4 in a couple mile radius). Doesnt typically get busy until late. Definitely worth checking out!

Review №51

Dancers are your clubs best customers - treat them better and don’t get mad when they leave reviews saying “our reviews are for paying customers”. You damn well know these dancers pay more to your club per shift than majority of “paying customers”.

Review №52

Fred the manager best service , greatest time ever !!

Review №53

Beautiful girls and respectful security.I wish I didn’t feel have to leave town so soon

Review №54

I love this place. My favorite strip club in New York City. I like going there specially for my man Mostafa whos the bathroom attendant. Such a great person. Hes one of the biggest reasons why I go there.

Review №55

Good time. Girls are fun. Mary was especially great.

Review №56

Here is my, 6 for 6 for Ricks:-The most friendly and the most beautiful dancers in all of Manhattan, no question-The whole work staff team, from security greeting and welcoming you in, the servers, and the bartenders, you can tell right away youre in a place that separates itself from others-Everyone has a great time there, even on different budgets......start with the happy hour specials for example, best in the city again, and can go from there with what works for you....-You are always given passes to come back again, and when you do, you are greeted like an old friend returning the next time-Always have the big sports games on, and they celebrate different holidays with decorations, outfits, and drink specials....lotta fun-Great midtown location..... instead of far dark corners of the city....from taxi, to subway, Penn Station, and PATH.......couldnt be easier.......Best place in the city, no question

Review №57

Ive never been to a strip club with a friendlier staff. Its almost unreal. I couldnt Believe how many managers took the time out to come and shake my hand. The food was pretty good - I would definitely go back to have their steak again. I also hear they do a great lunch special that I would like to check out with my buddies from work. Theres a wide variety of dancers, most of them were really hot. The waitstaff and the bartenders are also hot and extremely accommodating - they really know their stuff. Im already planning to come back for a bachelor party we booked - they have crazy deals going on for that.

Review №58

We bought a vip bottle package online . when we first got there we were greeted by one of the managers we told him we purchased a bottle online and he said yes sir your table is ready ... now that’s hospitality!!! He took us over to the table asked us if this table would be ok ...well yes it was we were close to the stage and the action. He took me upstairs to the rooftop where you can enjoy a cigar he was very pleasant and just wanted us to have some FUN !!! If you want to entertain friends or a business client I would recommend Ricks hands down best environment and place to party with some sexy women!!!

Review №59

DO NOT GO HERE. They force you toBuy 1,000 bottles once you walk in and they have your credit card to hold a tab. Literally 3 guys around you. If you say no thanks. God help you. I’m calling the cops now. DO NOT GO HERE.

Review №60

Great place, Selenia is the best

Review №61

Thanks to my friends getting me a lap dance which was very nice and classy.....I had such a great time and the dancers were very attractive and engaging. I would definitely go back... I did not have a private dance which was okay. However, I really enjoyed the ladies company and good conversation.

Review №62

Went here for a friends bachelor party, we had such a great time. Every dancer was beautiful, the he staff was professional and management was so friendly.

Review №63

Girls are allowed to be rude to customers. One of the doormen asked me for a tip the first time I saw him, lol. Other doormen will not treat you well and they will specifically say I work for tips. I asked what is it that you do that would warrant a tip? lol. Hosts do not seem to have many solutions. Waitresses take too long to bring your drink; credit card and ID is held, preauthorized, then given to you after they see you sign the bill. There is no long term investment in customers. Watch your bill; they wont bring your itemized bill unless you ask. Sometimes the gratuity is on there even though you come alone. I came in with an Asian friend of mine and we were wearing the same exact polo hoodie but different colors; he was let in and I was told I had to checkin my hoodie. The food is very good, the bathroom gentlemen are very respectful and the General manager is also a very respectful person, music is very good. Drinks are reasonably priced for this type of establishment in Manhattan. This business will lose money because doormen are filtering out those that dont tip them; Im not sure if management is aware of this; hopefully they will review these threads and listen to other customers and improve this establishment, which has a lot more potential than what it is. Prime location as well; accessible via metro, bus etc.

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Review №66

Old dancers , no make up and out of shapeWorking staff rude to u if u don’t buy a bottleSecurity not nice

Review №67

Great place just need a lil more chocolate in that club

Review №68

I dont why people have this place a bad review. Plenty of girls walking around and dancing. Very friendly staff from the dancers to the bartenders. As a woman I felt very comfortable Girls range from ok to good looking. All had beautiful bodies Would return. James at the door is fantastic and Bessie was beautiful

Review №69

Fantastic!! Great time with my Bros. While visiting NYC, the ladies were Gorgeous And the drinks were reasonably priced for NYC had a great time.

Review №70

The best costumer service in New York City!! I had such a positive experience at Ricks Cabaret- from the moment I walked in and was I greeted, to the minute I left, each staff member left me feeling good. The food was amazing, the girls were beautiful & I am most definitely coming back as soon as possible with friends!!!! :)

Review №71

Not worth it in any way haha save your money

Review №72

It has sexy and enticing women. Decent food (try the steak or oysters). Strong drinks(come at happy hour). To all the 1-2 star reviews out there... Of course this place is going to be expensive, youre paying for another humans time! So please, come and have a great lap dance or 100. But remember to be respectful or else youll get told off/kicked out and your only solace will be to give the best NYC strip club a 1 star review.

Review №73

BEWARE. THEY STEAL.PASS A $20 FOR A $13 BEER AND YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR CHANGE.Waitresses are rude. Bouncers are reasonable but they just enforce the general bullcrap attitude of the whole place. Lap dances are 2 minutes long at most. A Heineken is $13. If you want quality and value for your money, go to any New Jersey club. Stay away from Ricks and Hoops Cabaret.

Review №74

Really did not enjoy experience here... it was kind of a sh*tty ambiance and otherwise terrible, and they accused me of taking pics. I did not. Forced to show my gallery and it was like a serious violation of privacy and just crazy.

Review №75

Ricks is hands down the best club in NYC! Always beautiful girls, great music, and amazing staff. Excellent food available until 4am and an awesome rooftop lounge. Cant beat it!

Review №76

Wasnt impressed. The girls are beautiful and mostly enticing. I couldnt really just sit and relax without the strippers hounding me and others. To me, its a cess pool of orgies a d hustling. Trashy and thirsty girls

Review №77

Favorite club ive been to in a long time. Great food great staff and most important beautiful dancers. Id recoment this club to anyone.

Review №78

One of best clubs in city day or night. Best $10 Three course lunch special ever. Friendly bartenders and all around great employees. Recommend it highly.

Review №79

I came here to celebrate my birthday with my buddies. The staff and dancers were friendly and the environment was enjoyable (at first). When I went to go VIP, the manager Joe told me that he doubts I have the money to be there while mumbling racist comments under his breath - curry eater and taxi driver. I was very, very disappointed as my high expectations for this establishment were shattered. Very unclassy. Minus 3 stars for Joe. Message to upper management: Fire the racists so I can come back and blow my money here.

Review №80

Wish this place gets shut down this place hustles you for you money claiming they give extra services upstairs and deny it after you pay the dancers work with the bouncers (such as Francine) to sell you this pitch and scam you for your money this place is a hoax idk how these people aren’t in jail by now NEVER GO TO RICKS throw your money somewhere else

Review №81

Sadly, Ricks has fallen of the cliff. Was here a few nights ago and the classiness that once was is now gone. The usual friendliness of the all staff from the bouncers to the bartenders was ruined by the floor manager. Upon entering he began aggressively pushing us to get table service and he continued to do so throughout the night. We continued to decline saying we were not interested. We were at the bar most of the night when at one point he tells us to go to the back of the bar because patrons cant see the stage. Mind you we were watching the stage, buying drinks and getting dances. Theres nothing worse than being made to feel like 2nd class patrons. We just left and went next door to Hoops. What a great decision because we ended up having one blast of a night. Seeing a business partake in such desperate business tactics is just so sad. RIP Ricks.

Review №82

Amazing variety of dancers. Even the bartenders & waitresses are hott! Lively music. Tasty late night menu. Def will be back.

Review №83

Friendliest stuff of any club you can imagine, very sophisticated environment and great costumer service. Hand down its the best gentlemens club experience you can find.

Review №84

Your sever added 30 dollars to her tip on my bill over the weekend.

Review №85

More security than girls!

Review №86

8 pm and its Saturday night. Kinda quite but highly interesting. Warm..people are nice and friendly. Might come back.

Review №87

I don’t like girls no figure on young I don’t like girls just wast of time and money

Review №88

Beautiful girls nice staff . Definitely Best strip club in New York.

Review №89

Very friendly and not pushy staff, amazingly priced lunch which is very decent. And a few beautiful ladies of course.

Review №90

Without a doubt the best club in Nyc!! Great atmosphere, excellent service, amazing food and Of course beautiful girls all night long! Ricks is def a fun place!!!

Review №91

Providing value to the customer is the #1 priority for Ricks! Everyone at Ricks is a VIP whether its a beer or a bottle of Champagne Ricks is the modern day Cheers lapped in luxury

Review №92

Doesnt get any better than Ricks NY! Ive been to gentlemans clubs all over and Ricks hands down takes the cake!! When your in NY this is the only spot to go! I would suggest Ricks to anyone and everyone!!

Review №93

Dont even waste your time with this place. Not only is it overpriced but the service is terrible in this joint. A lot of better options in Jersey and Toronto.

Review №94

5 STARS.Ricks NYC This is One Great Venue, hospitality 101, Polite & Polished Staff.A Must place to visit, also if your Hungry the menu is awesome Cuisine for all tastes My Place to go when in NYC.

Review №95

Im not sure if the people who gave high marks were paid, but this place sucked. We went in, they took us upstairs, and in 1.5 hours had maybe 3 ladies talk to us. They asked for a dance immediately and took off if we didnt immediately say yes. Id like to talk to them first... but I guess this isnt that type of club. Giant waste of money. Wont be back... ever.

Review №96

What a way to ruin our night!!! I went with my girlfriend. Smiles at the door, the bouncer was extra nice. The host, even nicer. The girls werent that good at dancing but they were beautiful. And diverse. White, black, asian. The waitresses were even gotter than the dancers. So far. All good. Except for the fact that they pre authorized my card for $100 at the bar when I opened a tab for 2 beers. Really weird. How much do yimou think 2 people who walked in at 2am are gonna drink? I understand there are rules, and I dont mind at all. Im a guest at your establishment. But kindly let me know the rules because, well, Im a guest! AnywayMy girl and I got a couple of dances. We were invited to the private room by Tanya. I told them the waitress still had my card and the manager went to get it. It took longer than it should have. Way too long.We paid around 350 for 30 minutes. Were told to tip before getting the service. I thought that was weird, but I always tip anyway so I dont mind. I do mind being told how much to tip. The manager said 20% was $50. It wasnt, it was $40. but I gave $50 anyway. $10 difference. Who cares. She was nice anyway, very friendly. Pushy but friendly.We told them this was our first time at Ricks. Let us know about the rules we dont know what to expect inside. We were ready to have fun with our dancer Tanya when a waitress walks in and offers us champagne. We said we didnt want champagne cause we didnt like it. We were having beers. The waitress said we couldnt have beers there. We asked why and she didnt give us an answer she just said that Tanya liked champagne. We insisted that we liked beer and we were the customers. She refused to bring beer and insisted on the champagne. We dont like it. Not trying to be cheap here. We just dont wanna pay for something we wont drink. Then she said that we could buy the bottle and they would drink it for us. What???I was very uncomfortable and I could see Tanya feeling uncomfortable too. My girlfriend told the waitress that if she wanted to drink our champagne, she would have to dance for us. She said she could not but she coul still drink our champagne. Then she said come on. At least have a bottle of waterSo water is fine but you cant sell us beer?She brought us two beers and a water and left.Look, I get it. Its Monday. Not the best night of the week. And you are a waitress trying to get tips. Ive been there too. I really do get it.But the manager and waitress have to understand that Ricks was a new experience for us. We dont know what its like and what to expect. We know that even restaursnts have rules for minimum spending at private room. If they had told us before going in that the VIP room had spending rules besides the 350 and we wouldve appreciated it. We went to two different places where they didnt have such an annoying waitress trying to shove champagne down our throats.When she finally left wr told Tanya that we were very sorry. We just preferred to spend our money on her than on the establishment.Tanya gave us great service even though our moods were already ruined. Very sensual, and friendly girl. We tipped her even extra when we finished. 5 stars for her.

Review №97

Some of the nicest staff in NYC. Bartenders are solid and pour real drinks. Go early for the Happy Hour and stay for the beautiful woman.

Review №98

It is a great place to enjoy a show that meant for high ballers. Sure you can reject all offers but you probably wont be treated as good. The ladies were great and had a class of their own. Most definitely not a good place for foriegners as they would rack up some bills on you if you didnt understand their agreement throughly. They emphasize the VIP with grand tour of special shows, but who are we kidding, guys? That extra service is a fantasy. They said 30 minutes of VIP is $320 but what they dont tell you is that you are required to purchase alcoholic beverages that are on sub-par with most of mid ranged hard liquor. My colleague went in for VIP show for $320 and I really regret not following him because he ended up spending close to $2000. I am 100 percent sure that he had a choice to refuse the service if the amount was ridiculous but he coughed up the sum without being able to even complain. To sum things up, great joint, lovely ladies, good music and shows, but not non-English speaker friendly. You may be up for spending grand or two if you dont hear them out completely.

Review №99

***** Lunch time review****+++- Cant beat a three course ten dollar lunch in NYC; midtown at that++- Good conversational environment, TVs on mute, music not too loud- Portions are big, You will not leave hungry- The biggest hit was French onion soup+- The models were not too accosting- Food was decent, Nothing was too bad or terrible+/-- Only one model-- Service is kind of slow (I guess thats more time to be consulted by the models) Our lunch took nearly 1.5 hours, with half our group having to leave early yo go back to work- Its wierd that lunch was $10, but drink prices are normal. You buy a lunch and a bear, and youve spent $18 already- Whoa! those appetizers are expensive- No touching, boys

Review №100

Great place and great staff.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:50 W 33rd St, New York, NY 10001, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 212-372-0850
  • Adult entertainment club
  • Restaurant
  • Steak house
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–12am
  • Tuesday:11am–12am
  • Wednesday:11am–12am
  • Thursday:11am–12am
  • Friday:11am–12am
  • Saturday:11am–12am
  • Sunday:11am–12am
  • Bar on site:Yes
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