Larry Flynts Hustler Club - New York Strip Club
641 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019, United States

Review №1

Looks pretty cool but it was closed im guessing due to corona, it wouldve have been nice if they showed somewhere that they were closed so i dont have to be so disapointed and spent a 50$ uber there.

Review №2

Hot and juicy girls make a guys night memorable!!!!!!! I want to go here every time I come to NY.

Review №3

Oh my God I had a blast. The stuff was super nice and the girls were beautiful and most of all I had fun. The private rooms were a bit pricey but I cant complain its was a great experience and I cant wait to go back again saving up to go again

Review №4

Pretty cool place. Me and my boyfriend enjoyed our selves spent way more then expected. But thats neither here or there. Can definitely see my self going back. The women are beautiful. Friendly staff as well

Review №5

The ladies at the new Sapphire Times Square were better. My boyfriend and I went for the Party Brunch and had a blast. Not sure how this club has so many reviews so fast. Hmm

Review №6

This gentlemen’s club is more than a strip club. It is a full luxurious venue. They have dancers, a rooftop cigar lounge, private rooms on the second floor, plenty of seating on the first floor, and a sultry sexy vibe. It’s worth spending your time and money at.

Review №7

I head straight to their cigar lounge and relax after work, then head downstairs to spend some quality time with the beautiful dancers. It’s top of the line as far as gentlemen’s clubs go.

Review №8

Staff was all friendly an helpful. Girls were NOT overly pushy trying to sell lap dances and bottles ( good job ladies, we know it’s a business, but it’s not sexy when you do that) Much different vibe than most places I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a few. Girls were all very pretty, good variety of color, shapes, sizes and personalities. Sweet roof top patio to smoke and they sell decent Cigars too. Went with a buddy for a night cap at 1am , intended on staying 1/2 hr or so, stayed till 4 am chatting with gorgeous girls, smoking and drinking. I’d go back for sure.

Review №9

There is no other strip club that is as nice and upscale as Hustler Club in NY. I will only spend my hard earned money here with no problem.

Review №10

They’ve got the best drink selection out of most strip clubs. Also the women are stunning.

Review №11

Hit up the Hustler Club website for packages and themed events. I also find deals and have such a good time when I come out. Thanks Hustler staff!

Review №12

This place is super lit!!! They flew this girl in from Texas one time I was ready to start a new life rite there don’t go if you cheap tho.. baller alert!

Review №13

My buddies and I are still talking about how good of a night we had at Hustler last month! It was the best night out in a long time. We came for a bachelor party and really were taken care of.

Review №14

No one I know that comes here has ever had a true complaint about the women or service. This is a truly classy gentlemen’s club.

Review №15

I had the best lap dance of my life. I love Hustler Club and come at least twice a month.

Review №16

Check out hustlers Club! They have a great view, rooftop area, private rooms, and gorgeous dancers. Its the best in the area for sure!

Review №17

This is my favorite place to unwind. They have the most beautiful women in New York, that speaks for itself.

Review №18

Ive never seen such a large selection of women at one strip club. Seriously there was someone for everyone, it was awesome.

Review №19

There is something about this strip club that rivals all others. They have a different vibe to them compared to the others in the City that Ive been to.

Review №20

Hustlers Club is my favorite joint and has been for a while. I never have issues coming here, only love for all the ladies and bartenders.

Review №21

This place is the only place to go to late night party in NYC. The bar, awesome staff, and killer DJ are top notch. And of course the dancers are out of this world.

Review №22

Prices are good, staff is friendly, and the strip club itself is clean. Im impressed.

Review №23

I am happy to spend every penny at Hustler. I always get a beautiful girl to spend time with and enjoy the vibe of the club.

Review №24

Hustler always has happy hour, I head there straight after work to take advantage of the half price VIP rooms.

Review №25

I just had the best bachelor party here last weekend! I booked the Guys Night Out package and everyone had a blast. We go cigars, beer, a bottle, a table and free entry, it was badass.

Review №26

This is the only strip club where I love the bartenders as much as the strippers haha

Review №27

I love visiting my friends in NYC, especially because we plan a trip to the best strip club each time I come to town!

Review №28

Everyone that I take here all say that this is the classiest strip club that theyve been too. It seriously is!

Review №29

I never have a bad night when I end it with Hustler Club, thank you ladies!

Review №30

The dancers here are energetic and fun, the crowd was always having fun and never looking bored. I will keep coming back when I come to visit New York.

Review №31

If you want to actually spend your money on attractive women, then you will come here :)

Review №32

Happy hour until 9pm. I will be back!

Review №33

Hustler hires top quality ladies, no one that I saw was less than a 7.

Review №34

I paid $99 for 5 people to get in and a VIP bottle. That is insane and definitely doesnt happen anywhere else, thanks for a great night!

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Review №36

My main issue is usually cleanliness and Hustlers didnt make me feel queasy when I walked in. The furniture, carpets, and bathrooms were all clean. Not to mention the staff was friendly, Ill be back.

Review №37

This is my favorite strip club in New York. You cant go wrong.

Review №38

Good place to go if you want to get over a divorce.

Review №39

Hustlers Club is always running specials. They are legit. I always stop by when I am in the area.

Review №40

The best looking dancers work here, straight up.

Review №41

A bouncer named tino hit me over the head with a metal bucket last night at this tacky establishment. manager named “brandon” (gave us 3 different names not sure which one is real) said tino got fired but i never saw him make that call. Tino is a 300 pound man that was not trained properly on how to deescalate a situation. i was not even a patron at this establishment. my boyfriend and i were on the sidewalk having a conversation and that’s when tino came out and forcefully tried to get us to leave the sidewalk. one thing lead to another and i was getting hit in the head with a METAL BUCKET by a 300 pound man. ended up throwing up 5 minutes after and in the hospital for a concussion. thanks tino, i hope you’re very happy with the actions you took last night. also, i had a friend tell me that he was drugged by the staff at that establishment. this place is a disgrace to new york city. my medical bill will be forwarded to you. if they refuse to pay i will stand outside and protest, i have time.

Review №42

Very good club beautys in here and great service

Review №43

Props to the ladies, yall know what youre doing up there :D

Review №44

The best gentlemans club in the NYC area.

Review №45

I am a happy customer, 10 out of 10

Review №46

I visited this place two weeks ago on a Tuesday night. It was a slow night in the city , so I figured a popular place was a safe bet.What a mistake. I took one of my clients with me. We sat down an ordered drinks. Then the host approached us, I believe his name was Tony. And may I warn you he was unfortunately a real life Tony . Instead of trying to satisfy us he quickly ushered two girls over to our table and began to say if tip him we would have a great time.The girls were lovely , brazilian I think, like my girlfriend. I didnt know what that meant and proceeded to tell him that we were interested in two other performers, they were european and quite different than what I was used too. He went on to inform us that it was these two girls or nothing. So I got up and left. I will never go back. Tony was a rude representation of the high class service I expected and it was a straight shakedown.

Review №47

The women are beautiful here!

Review №48

Very nice strip club!

Review №49

I literally feel like I got robbed in back alley after going to this place. You can drop a grand for nothing in 15 mins or less. They completely mislead about the cost of bottle service, etc. Of course thats part of going to a strip club but this place you can lose a few grand rather than a few hundred pretty quickly.

Review №50

Awesome place. Great music staff friendly.Alot of beautiful woman.

Review №51

Impressive club.

Review №52

Great night out!!

Review №53

Old none attractive dancers some very rudeLarry flynt is spinning in his graveDont waste your time and money, nothing to see there.

Review №54

***CAUTION UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES***Someone picked up my wallet at a concert a few blocks away, where it was dropped. They took my wallet, which had my license and credit cards in it. The club allowed a ton of money to be charged before I had a chance to report it even stolen. Then they had the audacity to take a photocopy of my license and send that to the fraud department showing that I was there when I never even was. I asked for them to pull the recordings from that night and you would see that I wasnt there, but that isnt being handed over into evidence and I have a police report against them filed though no suspects have been named.Watch out since their policy seems less than ethical.... If they had time to take a photo copy of my ID you would think they would see if the person in the photo looked like me. And the receipts didnt even match my signature according to the fraud department, but I guess as long as they are getting paid anything goes!HANDLE WITH CAUTION.... WATCH YOUR WALLET AND I WOULDNT TRUST A BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT THAT WOULD CONDUCT THEMSELVES IN SUCH A MANOR!!!BTW I was never even there and if I were I would expect some sort of corrective action on their part to keep something like this from happening. I guess not.

Review №55

This is the only strip club worth spending your night at.

Review №56

This is definitely one of the go-to venues if you want to hit up a strip club in NYC. Great brand ensure quality girls and staff.

Review №57

This establishment is so fun and so elegant. The dancers are stunning and the waitress very friendly and beyond accommodating. They were very welcoming from the doorman to the hostess and bar tenders. Really had great time there.

Review №58

Sexy female inside. Place

Review №59

Great doormen, great girls, everything is great. 5 stars!

Review №60

The club is a good place for everyone who prefers to spend Friday night out just to have some fun. Exactly that night it’s quite crowded but it’s part of the charm, right? If you are OK with crowded clubs this is your place.

Review №61

Dont go there ! Unless you want to waste your money...

Review №62

What this place is FINALLY after years of racism hiring black women!!!! Good for them its 2017 before they got with the program lol

Review №63

Feel got robbed.Don’t waste your time here.

Review №64

Great night!

Review №65

I am just arbitrarily assigning a stared amount to a strip club.

Review №66

Absolutely love the women of color!

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Never been

Review №68

Hey hey

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Review №70

Go late and these girls will offer full service

Review №71

Hot club

Review №72

Hot place

Review №73

Its a great place to relax for while !!

Review №74

I love you really people

Review №75

Worth to be with hotties

Review №76

Place was awesome

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  • Address:641 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019, United States
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  • Phone:+1 212-247-2460
  • Adult entertainment club
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