FlashDancers NYC
320 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036, United States

Review №1

Priced to high for the competition..

Review №2

Flashdancers is an incredible club in New York City. I am not sure if they have reopened since Covid yet but my time there last December was awesome. The girls in this club are absolutely stunning.

Review №3

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Review №4

Havent been here in a long time. FlashDancers is always known for the top of the line dancers in NY. Place is great and the staff is really chill. Has a family vibe to it and not as corporate as the others.

Review №5

Love me some Flash! The girls in this place are always out of this world sexy and my husband and I love coming here. The management team is so cool and laid back. We always feel like VIPs no matter what amount we spend. This location is definitely pricey but I guess you get what you pay for. Overall its highly recommended if your in the midtown / Times Square area.

Review №6

Place is more modern than previous location, but smaller in size. Girls are nice looking and lap dances are $20 each. Beware of the fast songs as you can easily burn $60 in a flash.

Review №7

The best club in New York. Times Square location always has the hottest dancers and bartenders. The managers are great and give you a certain level of respect regardless of what you are spending. Have been frequenting Flashdancers for years and will continue to do so.

Review №8

Awesome club in New York. We came here for the first time before covid and had so much fun. Girls were unbelievable!

Review №9

Fave strip joint in the city. I havent been there in a few months but the talent is always A+. I have met women from all over the place of all ethnicities in this club. Management is always cool and leave you alone. There is no constant greeter or some dude with his hands out shaking you for a tip every 15 minutes. Will definitely be returning the next time I can make it to New York.

Review №10

Literally had one of the best times ever in this place. I was celebrating a work deal late night and freaking Post Malone and his entourage walk in. These guys were awesome and had a beer pong table set up in the middle of the club. Never seen so much cash on the floor at once. What a night!

Review №11

Love Flash. Super hot dancers and the management rocks. Place is always busy.

Review №12

Air is very stuffy, the girls are boring and cant dance and everything is way overpriced. Our server was very sweet, but overall, dont waste your time and money...

Review №13

Flashdancers stays consistent each and every time. Truly love this place and the great staff. The girls are all sweet and attractive.

Review №14

FDs has the broadest range of beautiful women in the city. Awesome place.

Review №15

Went to visit the new FDs for the first time. Having visited the old location many times I have to say I actually preferred the new decor here better. Club is brand new with a large center stage and two smaller stages upfront by the bar. The girls seemed even hotter than the previous location and management said there were around 75 girls there tonight. Overall I highly recommend the new location.

Review №16

Came here for a bachelor party and had a blast! You wont find a better variety of beautiful women anywhere else, I mean H.O.T HOT! The re- renovated location has a classy VIP section. The drinks are decently priced, and they even comped all 12 of us on admission when we bought 3 bottles. I am definitely recommending this place to anyone serious about going out and having a great time!

Review №17

The best gentlemens bar in the city. These guys run the best show without the money grab mentality.

Review №18

Dump; and that’s the best thing I can say about the place. Place is tiny and prices are insane. If your into much older women you may like this place.

Review №19

One of the best clubs on the East Coast. The talent pool is always A+.

Review №20

The absolute best strip club my wife and I experienced when we were in NY. Flashdancers had the most dancers, the most customers and the most interesting doorman you have ever spoken to. Will definitely be back here.

Review №21

My boys and I frequent FDs quite often. The energy is always high. Packed Friday night this week. Drinks are definitely expensive. The dancer quality is also very good.

Review №22

One of the best clubs on the east coast. Really good service and nice atmosphere.

Review №23

Have been asked to come back in a few weeks from 3 different managers at this club. Even after waiting to come back, they still tell me this. Just be honest and stop wasting dancers time!

Review №24

Best club in NYC, Barry sr The owner had this club when it was the Kit Kat around 35 years ago. NO rip offs like neighboring clubs. We met our wifes here too. Now his sons helping, This family understands the value of repeat business. Sorry Barry must give you credit.

Review №25

This club has the hottest girls in New York by a land slide. I have been all over the place and none of them were even close.

Review №26

This location has the hottest dancers in the city.

Review №27

Had a great time recently at FDs. Place was pumping on Saturday. The girls are top notch and bouncers were friendly.

Review №28

This place nickel and dimes you at every sibgle opportunity. 20 bucks to get in the door. Then they force you to do coat check for 3 bucks each. THEN, they FORCE you to get a drink. Selling bud light at 11 bucks each....Girls were not hot enough to justify this.

Review №29

Excellent establishment. Beautiful and friendly women everywhere.

Review №30

My first time in this place ,The atmosphere was great, but my husband and I had terrible experience with one of the dancer I guess her name was Kiyan she tried to still my husband wallet, And offering drugs, we tried complain to the managers they ignored us.

Review №31

Best strip club in NY. This place has been consistent for years.

Review №32

Ill probably be erased with a low review but the truth is the best feature of this really small club is the barber shop floor , the girls looked bored to death, no smiles and asked me to tip them? Not enough eye candy and the staff seemed as bored as the girls.if your looking for an upbeat fun place this is not it.

Review №33

Incredible club, incredible dancers and bartenders. I travel around the country for business and this one hands down takes the cake.

Review №34

The staff sets this place apart from the rest. The girls are actually pleasant and not sharks like most other places. Always fun times.

Review №35

Hottest dancers in the city. Reasonable priced drinks. Cash goes fast here but worth it.

Review №36

I went this place on Thursday. Admission was $10. Nice and pretty girls. I had a good time. Waitresses were very nice as well.

Review №37

I had a blast..Everyone was very nice and yes the drinks were expensive but thats the way the world works and people make there money....If you want cheap go get a 6 pack or a half pint and sit at home..I cant wait to go get my hat I forgot, it will be well worth the money spent last night and today...Great crowd from the gentlemen to the beautiful ladies....

Review №38

Hottest dancers in NY. Love these clubs!

Review №39

There is nothing classy about the entertainers or the place. Its a small space, no privacyThe staff was not cordial and we dumped alot of $$$ at FlashDumpers

Review №40

$19 Coronas that werent even cold. Yes, the girls were pretty and the place was expensive as you would expect. But cmon Flashdancers, if youre going to charge me $19 for a Corona can you at least get it cold? The second one was the same temperature. Wont be back.

Review №41

FlashDancers has the best staff of all the clubs in Manhattan. Everyone from the bouncers to managers to girls are all top notch and professional. Very attractive and personable entertainers. Highly recommended.

Review №42

Amazing staff down to the bathroom attendants. Beautiful exotic dancers!

Review №43

This place was..... amazing, amazing drinks amazing people amazing dancers. It was spectacular.

Review №44

Fun time here on Thursday night. Busy floor with lots of talent.

Review №45

Best looking dancers out of all the Manhattan establishments.

Review №46

We went to both new places and asked about a bachelorette party and they gave us a number and no reply? Guess they dont like girls there or something? agree with the post that this place is not friendly or organized at all, very disappointing for a club

Review №47

Drinks are expensive. It wasnt a bad place but it just wasnt the kind of place I like. So I dont know if Ill be back but theres nothing here at me wrong with

Review №48

Hottest girls in the NYC club scene.

Review №49

Wonderful program and has a amazing group of people. Staff was very nice and well-educated, professional and co-operative. Food was also fantastic.Thank You!!!

Review №50

Entry fee costly. Girls not beautiful. Not good ambience

Review №51

Very great place and atmosphere to rewind and meet beautiful ladies that are very sexy and kind. Bartenders and security are cool.

Review №52

The girls were all nice and not too pushy like other clubs in the city. Would definitely go back.

Review №53

Hottest dancers in New York City.

Review №54

Best strip club in New York.

Review №55

Pretty lame. At least compared to vegas clubs. Barely any touching and whatnot. Stage dancers mostly just stand there and barely move

Review №56

Plenty of girls but also very busy. So expect a lot of attention as long as youre getting dances but they dont have much downtime. Be friendly and respectful and the women will respond in kind. Basically one girl was everywhere and moved my hands and head to touch everything. Also some women have major upgrades. Its so easy to tell the difference. But as the saying goes, if you can touch them they are real.

Review №57

Girls are too pushy and the beer is over priced! Noooo thank you

Review №58

Best strip club in New York City (talent wise).

Review №59

Rude servers , dancers slow and not into it and boss didnt like the fact that we wanted to leave and very expensive for small drinks

Review №60

I hope these people hire me other wise... I see why the review are so low follow me [email protected] wickedwayedmilf

Review №61

Had a great time and the girls were awesome and friendly. Drinks were pricey though and the cover charge was $20 on a Saturday. Would definitely come back.

Review №62

Enjoyed the new location on 45th St. Place was busy and was filled with a lot of familiar faces.

Review №63

This place is no Tom Foolery, Tom Folery was a very exquisite dancer. He forced this crispy pringle to watch him jingle his dingle to the music all night long. This dude was a real Jimin if you know what I mean, infires and all. I think my balls aged in reverse to circa. 2002 if you know what I mean. I recieved a real jock shock to my big C-Camera. If you know wh- If- If you dnt- If you - If-

Review №64

Hands down the best club in New York City. Always the hottest girls at FDs.

Review №65

Service was terrable was there for 3 hours no one came to offer me to buy a drink

Review №66

Best place in n.y.c.

Review №67

Best strip club in America. Stop what youre doing and go here. Now.

Review №68

Got a private dance and I was like yeah, this is awesome. I said call me daddy and then she broke down into tears and started going on and on about how her dad was never there. Made it very hard to keep an erection but I managed. Besides that, decent lapdance.

Review №69

We loved this place!

Review №70

Dancers seemed stiff with out rythmn and uninterested. No small talk just straight to prices. Not what i remember from the last time i came to the city. Won’t return.

Review №71

It’s ok the girl are good but always the girl hoster like Chinese bother the costumers , she let the Russian girls do what ever they want but with the Latin one she’s always complaining for everything .! That’s why I will never come back

Review №72

Horrible bar. Extremely small. Website photos must have been with an enormously wide angle camera. Dancers basically stood there on stage and actually said “nobody tips around here so why dance”. Total waste of our time so hopefully it saves you some.

Review №73

Horrendous.... the girls don’t even dance. Stand up on stage topless and do nothing. What a joke.

Review №74

Horrible Customer Service!Staff Member Was Very Rude When I Asked A Question.

Review №75

Fun times

Review №76

Hey ladies If your black or not fair skinned please don’t audition here.

Review №77

Worst experience. I don’t think they like Black females.

Review №78

The girls in this location are smoking.

Review №79

I dont know how anyone could leave a bad review. Of all the strip clubs Ive been to in NYC, Flash Dancers didnt skip a beat and still has hottest girls by far!

Review №80

Went during the day, so no cover charge. Place is too much business...too much flash and not enough substance. Clean and classy, sure, but everyone working there felt like theyd rather be somewhere else. Also, at $10+ per beer...yeah, no.

Review №81

VERA LIMA from Flash Dancers has gone above and beyond her professional boundaries! She seduced me back to her apartment, gave me sex and cooked for me! I immediately suggested my senior citizen girlfriend of 8+ years hit the road so VERA LIMA could move in with me.I had an excellent plan -- to act like I did not want to be with VERA LIMA. I told my girlfriend I dont want to be with someone younger and that I didnt want to get married or have kids. I also told her that I had no money (REALLY IM LOADED). I then told VERA LIMA to call me over and over again to drive my old battle-ax crazy.Eventually she succeeding in breaking up my home. She may as well have broken me out of jail. It has now been a year and VERA LIMA and I could not be happier! I have never felt so alive!

Review №82

Liked this place.

Review №83

No longer what it used to be, but still better than most. Beware of opening a tab, some hostesses / waitresses will rape your credit card. Drinks are expensive, girls are beautiful, but many are no longer nice to clients. The only place where the girl at the wardrobe asked me 2 times for tips (demanding 10$ each time): when I checked in my coat, and when I retrieved it. Some bouncers ask customers for tips.

Review №84

This is an more relaxed chilled environment some of the girls come to you an ask if you want a massage the girls dont really dance on the pole an once again 20 to get in and beer is 12 and alcohol is bout 16 you have to buy a drink when you enter alot of beautiful women some look older when its crowded alot of girls might be occupied soo you could be waiting a while for a lap dance and its 20 depending on the girl its really good plus its not short so you can relax YES YOU CAN TOUCH IN HERE!

Review №85

Their milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, and guess what, its better than Dolls!

Review №86

Great club beautiful girls safe environment unlike other clubs with thugs in front waitress and bartenders are hot also

Review №87

I am very ashamed to have a bad experience on my 21st birthday by the black doorman. And then when I went to apply, he disrespects me some more. I am never going back ever again!!

Review №88

Poor service. Disrespectful staff.

Review №89

Terrible place, small and not a party place ZERO care about the guests

Review №90

I went here with 9 guys for a bachelor party. The cover alone was $20, but somewhat expected considering that we were in New York City. The guy at the door did not mention that there was a 1 drink minimum. No big deal. I was expecting to drink at least 1 drink anyway. When I found out that the cost of drinks were; $10 for a non-craft beer, $15 for a mixed drink, $16 for 2 shots of straight Johnny Black on the rocks, $11 for a water & the that I was going to be hassled every 2 minutes from a dancer, I went outside & bought a bottle of water for $2 at the street corner. This place is an absolute rip off. If you have money coming out of your ears & dont care what you spend, you will have a great time here. If not, I would not even give it a chance. We must have spent easily $500 as a group in less than a half hour.

Review №91

I had a good time lots of dancers

Review №92

Worst place. 20 dollars just to get inside, 11 dollars for a water, they dont allow you to stay any minute if you dont buy something, so you pay 20 than 10 seconds later you pay more 11 dollars, at least.I didnt have the money, I was just curious about the place, tourist, the girl said ok, ask for the refund, I thought ok, less than a minute I can get the refund, but than the guy say no refund. Worst place, just that.

Review №93

Busy Monday night.

Review №94

As some NYC nights get a bit crazier than others, the evening I visited Flashdancers is at the top of my list. Passing by Flashdancers, with their red coat doorman, curiosity got the best of me and a friend, so we decided to give it a look-see. We went with a male friend and were treated like any other (mostly male) customer, including the door charge. Upon walking down the stairs (yes, basement stripclub!), we HAD to check our bags. We grabbed a table near the stage and within seconds, a server was requesting our drink order. $15 for a vodka/Red Bull? OK, just this once.The dancers are pretty but I agree with the Zagat editorial - better from afar than close-up. But, being a girl in a strip club, they were friendly and treated you like other customers, trying to get lap dances - private and public - from all visitors.One note for the ladies: Dont go here feeling insecure; the ladies room also doubles as the girls changing room. :)

Review №95

The strippers are ugly and rude, what a waste of money. I rather watch my grandma doing the strip

Review №96

We go to these types of clubs quite often, this was by far the worst. Overpriced drinks and poor service, also they added 14 dollars to my tab for no reason pay cash.

Review №97

Go for your boys night night or maybe even your girls! The dancers look good and of course will try a little to get is a strip club guys!

Review №98

Save your money and find a normal girl not these leaches. It is not so bad of a club, but I hope they all burn in hell.

Review №99

Very expensive.Many ugly girls

Review №100

Pretty Biased

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