Princeton Club
425 S Princeton Ave, Columbus, OH 43223, United States
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Went for the first time last weekend. Place is clean and friendly people. Definitely will be going back!

Review №2

I think this venue has seen better days. Dirty is an understatement. Lockers were insufficient because u can’t keep anything bigger than a fanny pack. Tour was lack luster. All for the price of 115.

Review №3

My wife loves this place. I drop her off around 9 pick her up the next day when she calls. She can always find a friend she likes to have a nice night with. Its a way to keep her happy the next week waiting to go again.

Review №4

Still new to LS. Member w/ FWB. Wish people(staff is great) were more friendly. How about a simple smile ,nod of hello. Not asking for for your life history. Just a Simple Smile and Hello.

Review №5

Awesome adventure! Been there several times and I have a blast every time

Review №6

We recently purchased a 1 year membership at Club Princeton back in February. We had fun and were planning on going back at the end of March until the pandemic hit and everything closed down. Now they reopen with a ton of restrictions. At the start of the month, I messaged them on the members area on their website asking about a refund or how they are handling memberships with the pandemic and got no response. A few days later, I leave another message saying hello. A few days later another message saying hello. After 3 weeks of getting ignored, I finally send a message saying they just lost us and turned us off of their club by ignoring us.Then I get a call from a guy whos name rhymes with teeth. He states that he cannot respond to my messages on the site and to stop leaving them. He also states that he emailed me after my first message which he did not. He also says to use the help/contact section on the site instead of sending messages. So I use the help/contact section and message them asking for a refund for sure now and I get a snarky response. Then I got blocked/suspended from their members area website along with not refunding us our membership. So now they dont want to give me a refund AND they blocked my membership. And they said if I leave a bad review, they will have them removed. So now here is my bad review and they lost a customer for life. Be aware of how they handle things before you consider dealing with them. Also, they have so many restrictions that you cant even have fun there anyways. So enjoy your time at the overpriced and bad customer service club princeton.

Review №7

Absolutely the best club in Ohio!!Everyone was very friendly. The place was extremely clean! Loved all of the rooms! Definitely beats all of the clubs in Dayton Ohio! Well worth the drive!Ty everyone for making our visit a great one! Will be back!

Review №8

My first experience at a lifestyle club was in Las Vegas recently. I had thought, “there’s no way we can top the clubs in Vegas”. And I was WRONG! Attended Club Princeton for the first time last night with my boyfriend. It happened to be the Mega Halloween Party. We were dressed in nice casual clothes and everyone else was dressed their sexiest in Halloween costumes. I felt a little out of place (being “overdressed”) but eventually, the clothes come off. The staff were very friendly, professional and informative. We love the enforcement of the rules here, as clubs in Vegas are a little more lenient. We felt very safe and welcomed. This place is huge with a lot of different rooms to chose from. There were a ton of people but a very good looking crowd with a variety of all shapes and sizes.. there’s someone for everyone. There were cleaning people changing sheets and sanitizing between every couple.. very clean. We are so happy to find a place close to home where we can be ourselves and meet other like minded people. Highly recommend!

Review №9

The club was very nice and there were plenty of rooms to explore. I enjoyed the mixing and mingling with various members. I had a two minor situations that were immediately satisfied by the staff. I cant wait to return.

Review №10

It’s a great place. I have been a member for a long time.

Review №11

Nice atmosphere. Friendly people. Sexy environment. Definitely a way to spice up your life.

Review №12

Great club. Unfortunately they have a terrible dj that only likes to play ghetto music and he can empty a dance floor faster than any other dj. The club is very nice to bad management cant see their clients are not happy with the dj.

Review №13

Excellent club. We just help celebrate our friends birthday and they set up a table with balloons and cake. They provided great service all night.We feel very comfortable here.

Review №14

It was mine and my husband’s first night there last night. We already want to go again! The people were so friendly and accepting. Great atmosphere!

Review №15

Great place of relaxing atmosphere for everyone

Review №16

First night ever at this type of club and it was Sunday over a holiday weekend. First off google maps takes you to the wrong place so just look at the maps and follow to the other side of the tracks because it will get you close but not to the front door.We are a younger couple who had no expectations or really what to expect but after getting inside we felt much better after seeing the outside. Everybody was nice and we both were impressed with how cleaned each of the private room areas seemed. All white sheets with clean white towels available and laundry baskets to throw your dirties in. There was even a girl walking around changing sheets and cleaning the rooms after each use which was nice to see...expected but still nice to see.The other Patrons were a very mixed crowd of age, profession, and race but meshed well as nobody seemed to care but just wanted to have a good time. We didnt know what to do so got a drink hung out in the main room for a few minutes then decided to explore. My girl was shocked at the amount of available rooms to play in and the different levels of privacy. You want real private you got it. You want a sheet as your doorway? you got it. You want an open room? You got it. Whatever your level of kink is its available.We will return on a weekend night in a few weeks and hope to see a younger crowd closer to our age of mid 20s to mid 30s and have some funNot sure how to reach out to the younger crowd but Friday the 22nd of July 2016 would be a great night to come have some fun.

Review №17

Im hooked! great atmosphere, friendly members, just all around awesome place.My only issue I have is that the GPS does not take you directly to the place.

Review №18

This club is absolutely fantastic! Amazing staff, safe, clean and always a great time!

Review №19

Our first visit was tonight. We really enjoyed ourselves. Like how everyone welcomed us.

Review №20

Go check it out for yourself its a very mixed unisex open-minded Trans friendly bisexuals very welcomeMixture of all walks of different sexual oriented kinna people who are fun flirty friendly people to socialize with £ mingle with

Review №21

Very friendly and fun place! I love working here!

Review №22

Went for the first time and enjoyed it. We are new to the swinger life. So will have to get some warming up to for sure.

Review №23

Pros: Very nice and professional staff. No complaints about them whatsoever. Extremely friendly.Cons:The place itself needs a makeover. Big time. Inside and out. It is in the WORST part of town. Swinger Clubs tend to take their look from strip clubs... they attempt to look classy but just miss the mark completely and look silly. The darkness and black lighting inside hides a lot of ugliness and cheap construction. First impression: The very old broken-down looking limousine parked outside of what looks like an abandoned warehouse... not the most welcoming thing in the world.The clientele: We were told by people at Club Sinday that we would be better off at Club Princeton because thats where the pretty people are. Umm... No. Perhaps we went on a bad night. Unless the Ohio definition of pretty is Really very obese and completely shameless. If we didnt know better, we would say we visited during a fat-pride event. They had a wet t-shirt contest. It was every bit as awful as you would imagine it to be.This was not a sexy experience by any stretch of the imagination.With that being said... we were never once approached in a negative way. Every person we came in contact with was extremely friendly and welcoming (this has been our experience at all clubs). It really is a place for people that the rest of society says NO to... to go and have fun and not feel judged. It is not a classy place, it is not a sexy place, but it is definitely a free place. For many, that is awesome. Not for us, unfortunately.

Review №24

I found my 1st experience to be very interesting and informative. One of the couples there (female) shared valuable information to enhance my knowledge & the experience she afforded: priceless

Review №25

Ugliest crowd ever! They claim they have plenty of single women (unicorns) which is a lie all its own. Been here a dozen times plus and never saw a single woman other than the obese. The general condition of most members is obese. Fat woman everywhere if thats your thing. Most couples do not swing that go here and just sit and people watch and dont interact with anyone outside their clique. Way overpriced door fee on Saturday nights ($65). Waste of time and $$$.

Review №26

This place is ok.... its just theres a lot more men then anything. I found that most of the men was with women, but the women was always to shy or really didnt want to be there. Be careful, its in a VERY bad side of town as well. Lock your car doors !!!

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Lots of fun friendly people. No pressure

Review №28

Enjoy my time everytime my husband and I attend!

Review №29

Great place to have fun with friends

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The club has a lot of potential & on a good nite w a good crowd can be fun but as is the club could use a full remodeling. Unimpressed

Review №32

Great swing club we love it!!

Review №33

Great staff!!

Review №34

My car was broken into and all my valuables were stolen not going back ever!

Review №35

Could someone tell me what to expect here. Walk in a single guy.

Review №36

Everything its heaven on earth

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  • Address:425 S Princeton Ave, Columbus, OH 43223, United States
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  • Phone:+1 614-275-9861
  • Adult entertainment club
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  • Thursday:8pm–1am
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