Starship Enterprises Of Columbus
4402 Veterans Pkwy, Columbus, GA 31904, United States
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The staff here is so amazing️️️️️

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I called at 10:00 March 24th just to ask about a product that I had just bought yesterday and the lady who answered the phone lied and said she didnt sell anything like that and said that I was asking her illegal questions and hung the phone up on my face. Totally unprofessional she needs to get a new job

Review №3

They ladies there are AWESOME!!! They let you shop and not over your shoulder, they are super laid back and just over all awesome! If you are looking for a good go to shop starship is your best bet!!!

Review №4

Really enjoyed my experience at starship staff was extreme helpful and knowledgeable. The staff took its time and walked me around showing me different products and tips and even gave input on the products I was choosing. By far the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had at such an establishment and will be a returning customer. Thank you you guys are doing it right.

Review №5

Love this place and love the staff! They are very helpful and friendly and will school you on anything you have questions about! The owner is awesome and always a great selection. I love this place.

Review №6

Staff was very nice. Prices and location is way better than exotic pleasure. Exotic pleasure has had strippers asking customers when they drive up to purchase items for them. Starship dont tolerate stuff like that.

Review №7

This store is so awesome! They have almost everything I can think of. Great products, very friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommended place to check out!

Review №8

Pat was awesome.. she helped me to find EXACTLY what I was looking for. She also gave me details of a lot of things.

Review №9

Had everything I was looking for plus some new stuff even told me they could and would order anything I need very nice people work there

Review №10

Store has a great selection and decent prices. However I went to return an item that had already been opened which I found out at a later date, 1st I went and was told by employees that I could return the items for other items in the store for equal value. They said however because I was returning two items that were purchased at two different times (I had my receipts and both items were unopened inside of their opened boxes [except the one item which had been tampered]) that I would have to come back the next day when the store owner and manager was there. So I returned the next day and told the manager what had happened and why I was returning the items and she told me that I could not do any sort of return. She told me that she would have to provide me with the same item I had purchased within 24 hours of my original purchase. Which at this point was not an option because her employees told me to return the next day.. Then in an attempt to defend her crappy business practice she claims that by LAW Georgia requires her to have a no refund policy and have signs displayed stating that. That is an outright LIE. Georgia has no laws dictating the return policies of ANY business. I am not saying I should have gotten a refund I am saying that I should not have been told I could get one then told I couldnt and then lied to as to why I couldnt. I will be taking my business elsewhere to some place where people care more about their consumers than their money.

Review №11

The lady was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She gave great recommendations that aided in our decision on which product was best for us.

Review №12

While the staff is nice, they uncomfortably stare at you while you browse somewhat personal items...I understand theft prevention but this is ridiculous. I was looking at personal items in the store with my wife and the employees were staring at us watching every single move we made like a hawk.Very uncomfortable atmosphere made it rather difficult for us to easily shop for items of this nature. At least watch us with a camera so you cant hear every word we are discussing when it comes to sex toys between two people.Rather creepy and will not be visiting again while I live in columbus.

Review №13

$9.00 for A box of cigarette tubes, The ONLY reason we purchased them is because we were out of them and the place we normally go to was closed. From now on I will suffer with no smokes. You people here at Starship should be charged with robbery.

Review №14

Professional people nice quality atmosphere and good hard working people that are friendly and very helpful by helping you find w what you want

Review №15

Ehhhh overpriced but ok

Review №16

Way over priced and no one in the store has any personality. Will not be going back or recommending them to a friend

Review №17

The manager was very helpful and love the store!

Review №18

I travel internationally ALOT & sometimes only carry my passport as form of ID. I went to this starship with a friend & we are well over 18 yrs of age. The clerk asked for our IDs I showed my passport & was told that my passport issued by the FEDERAL government of the United States was not a valid form of ID as opposed to a state issued license. Are you freaking kidding me?? If there was a hierarchy for IDs passport would be considered king; its the most valid form of ID you can possibly obtain! I told the clerk thats the only form of ID I have on me & they still didnt accept it. I was planning on spending about $200-300 there but since denied took our business elsewhere.I called the next day to speak to the manager about the issue & they seemed shocked that the clerk would not accept my passport. The manager had a very feminine sounding voice so I figured they were female. They told me they would pull the tapes & watched what happened.Then a few months later decided to try & go to this place again. I happened to have my state issued license with me so I used that & was allowed to look around. Upon checking out with a $500 purchase I began to ask about their ID policy. I described my last experience & a female employee who wasnt even my cashier jumped in on the conversation. She rudely cut me off & said that a passport is not a valid form of ID. Then proceeded to raise her voice & argue with me, a customer. I was stating facts about how a passport trumphs all other forms of ID. I even explained how the female manager seemed shocked when I called & spoke to her about it the next day. The lady employee who was raising her voice at me then mocked me & said she knows Im lying because they do not have a female manager. At that point I simply cancelled my purchase & walked out.I will never visit this establishment again, which is their loss because as you can see from above I would have dropped a few hundred on merchandise as a customer.If a business cant even acknowledge a federally issued ID as a valid form of ID then they shouldnt be in business to begin with!!!If looking for a good place to go instead of here try Links off Veterans or Pleasure World. Never had a problem at either one of those places!

Review №19

Loved it so much that I applied for a job.

Review №20

They are always super helpful. Wouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №21

I go here for the hemp paper.

Review №22

Thank you Ms Pat for all your help . Netherland .

Review №23

Found out the hard way that this is not an actual starship, but an adult store.

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