The DollHouse of Columbus Strip Club
1680 Karl Ct, Columbus, OH 43229, United States
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I am from Chicago and this was my first time visit to this club and wasn’t disappointed at all. Staff is nice and Dancers are cute as well. Had great time with Isabella. Will definitely visit again.

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Im a Cleveland girl, so Im use to Hustler, Christies, Crazy Horse, etc. I absolutely Loved The Dollhouse! Its definitely not like the previous stated clubs, this is a smaller, more intimate & amazingly cool place where the dancers arent stuck up, staff is friendly & hilarious, bartenders make really great drinks! My buddy & I came in twice & are hopefully planning on another trip when this pandemic calms down. We had so much fun with Christine & Rosa! Beautiful girls with upbeat, sexy, & sweet personalities. I love the vibe in this club. Havent got a chance to meet the owner, but looking forward to it. Thanks for the great times!

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Very great women. Amazing music, great vibes, very great audience. Stage was actually killer. Im not even from this city. I live 2 hrs away and brought a few friends and my brother. We all had a fantastic night. Well be making a trip to see them again.

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I am from Chicago. Home of high dollar clubs. Look this place has a great vibe. Very laid back. Staff was kind as can be. Hell even the bouncer was cool as hell. The lovely lady from Guatamala showed more class and elegance then most women combined at one club in Chicago. So stop in, let loose and have a good time because this place is all about it.

Review №5

The beer is cold and cheapSmall cover chargeGirls of all kindsSports on the TVClean placeFriendly staffAnd the man at the door who I believe said his name is nick said to let him know if theres anything he can do for you to improve your visitVery relaxed setting.The only improvement I would suggest to the club is mixing up the music a bit more

Review №6

Possibly the worst club Ive ever been to. It has a grimy trucker bar vibe, no girls were dancing, and the girls that were there werent attractive by any means. Would never recommend by any means, I turned around so fast I didnt even care about the cover.

Review №7

Very clean place!!! Beautiful women and great drinks!!! Don’t come in here with 50 bucks and then cry about not getting laid. It is a strip club, the girls care about your money not you... if you want someone to care about you, get a girlfriend instead of leaving bs reviews.

Review №8

Nice chill spot very beautiful girls. especially baylor.Great time even for a week day

Review №9

One of the best ones I’ve seen in quite a few states. Everything was clean and the girls were amazing

Review №10

Coming to visit your spot Nick. Read the reviews and swesome

Review №11

Are you guys hiring any new dancers, I would like to audition this summer!!

Review №12

First time been here, everybodys friendly, drinks are cheap, girls are nice, will come back. Good good good

Review №13

Pretty good spot, no hassles for dances or anything. Dances are cheap 20$ up to 30$ for a more exclusive spot. Girls are pretty too.

Review №14

Went on Friday 30, August 2019. Girls were good. One of the girl worked the pole. Great strength, that was amazing. Not constant stage presence. No one came to talk to us. One of the beautiful girl did compliment me and I returned the favor by complimenting her. She was fit and beautiful, then why not. We got our own drinks, made our own way to stage, constant tipping (dont mind it as she entertained us well) and started the conversation to get a dance. After saying that, she will find us. She didnt turn up. Waited for 15 mins. Left the place at 1:30.Girls dont approach you, most of time couldnt see girls on the floor may be busy on the back giving private dances; or may be just too busy with regulars. Music was ok. Some good tracks popped up in between. We couldnt get the dance, but that was not our fault.Cons: owner should take note of people and girls smoking just at front door. It puts people off and as we made our way in to the club, was pretty awkward. Just to the left or to the right will do the trick.

Review №15

I like this place. Good customers.

Review №16

First time there. Had a great time with Diamond, Gloria, and Charlie. Definitely will be back and hope to see them both again.

Review №17

The music wasn’t the best which caused the dancer to not want to entertain. The drinks were great! The dancer was attractive and they a variety of selections!

Review №18

I went to Columbus to visit some friends recently, because it has been sometime, well we ended up here at The DollHouse. Being that it had been sometime since Ive been out to the bar I was a little bit reserved. However, Ryder caught my attention , and was able to help me relax and feel more comfortable. Although she stood out the most, for me, their entire staff was top notch, there was no pressure, and I suggest you get there.You wont be disappointed.

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Review №20

It really is a great place to go. Ive had meetings there to entertain clients.. The staff is beautiful helpful and always responsive. The managment is friendly and makes you feel welcomed.Its safe enough that when out of town clients are looking for something to do at night. It is my first recommendation.

Review №21

I have visited this Yesterday with 2 of my other friends. I come to know that it was owners Birthday, hence, I was expecting more fun. They have a bar surrounded with chairs and a girl was dancing in between. Rest all girls were busy in smoking or eating food/drinking. They were not bothered at all for clients. Around 11:00PM 2-3 more strippers came and than they started dance near DJ. First thing if you are actually looking for tall, fatty girls, you can visit this place. Best part about this club is very less crowed hardly 5-6 people were there so you will not feel safe at all :-D. They have $10 entry fees.Private Dance special rates due to Birthday:$20 - One song in a small cozy area. $40- 3 songs in same cozy area.$30 - One song on a bit big area with curtains, $60-3 Songs in same room.Than they have champagne room where you can have one song in $99And they have $150 for 15 minutes in a room.I asked one stripper if she wann come for a dance, but she said her drink is getting wasted and we left the place. Only one of my friend went to take a private dance and it wasnt topless at all.My honest feedback DONT GO IN THE DOLL HOUSE, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO DOLLS :-PWorst part is that you cant even know whom to ask for private dancebecause everyone was sitting on the bar. We havent got space there at all.

Review №22

Been going here for years. The drinks are great. The bartenders are great. Prices are super good on drinks. The dancers are beautiful and all around a good place to go to. -Mark

Review №23

When I came in they treated me like family which made me feel comfortable and want to cum back

Review №24

Dollhouse will always have the best environment in any strip club Ive ever been to. Its easy going and laid back. If youre expecting some uptight place that only plays boring top 100 pop music and the girls are money hungry, expressionless robots, this isnt the place for you. Dollhouse is FUN, the girls are beautiful, talented, and extremely nice. After a while the bartenders and staff become like family. I love the dollhouse.

Review №25

Had a great time and made new friends. I have been back many times. Its a nice place and planning on going again soon

Review №26

I Seriously love this place. The Wife and I always have a great time. The Owner is awesome, The Women here are Gorgeous!! Great bar service and the staff is amazing.

Review №27

If your go early this looks dull, but pretty girls come later, this club is awesome.Catalina is my darling girl, I will come again and again for you !!!!

Review №28

It was a cool spot!!!Im from St. Louis and came in for entertainment!!!

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Review №30

Great service, great drinks, beautiful girls.

Review №31

It for sure is a different kind of a strip club.Very laid back, you dont get husled for drinks, dances or money.You can just hang out with girls and have a relaxing and entertaining evening.Ladies are A+ for sure. From giggly to poetry they got it covered.Christmas tree was growing down from the ceiling this year. You would think its upside down but as it is referred to at the club it is right side up. Yes indeed, that is true at The Dollhouse.If you expect at walk-in to be greeted and sitted dont go there but if you are ok and of course anybody would be to walk in and sit wherever you want (at the bar with a stage inside, or the main floor) its your choice.Dont expect to be attacked by the girls to get you to spend money. More likely you will have to ask the one you get your eyes on to come keep you company. And for sure you will find one or more that you will like.Bored to kill the time or hang out with a friend, this club is your destination.

Review №32

Honestly loved my visit there, my husband and I loved the girls, especially Ryder! I wish I had the talent she did. We can’t wait to visit again.

Review №33

I love going here! The drinks are great and the women are even better! Ryder is my favorite! Going back this weekend!

Review №34

Nice place. That was actually my first strip club in Columbus. There wasn’t a lot of clients and the performance of dancers was just “Okay”. I had my private dance which I spent a lot of money and thanks god my bank card didn’t give access to that place cause I was about to spend more money for some stupid 2min dance for $80 (that is just because the girl got that ass ). I don’t regret going there. And next time if I go there I’ll take cash instead cause there were holding my card and had me buy more drink that I didn’t want.

Review №35

Horrible DJ with horrible service...The most expensive dances with no fun...Not going back there

Review №36

Lots of changes. They have been remodeling as it needed. Nice girls, sexy and entertaining. Its worth stopping by

Review №37

A frequent customer. Always have a good time. If youre looking for a laid back atmosphere with fun women try the Dollhouse. Not biggest & best place, but always a good time. A home away from home.

Review №38

The dollhouse is amazing!!! The girls are fantastic. Especially Ryder. Can’t wait to go back. ️

Review №39

I love this place its a great atmosphere great bartenders and great overall place to relax and grab a drink. a lot of improvements have been made too.

Review №40

Beautiful women. Dancers & bartenders, included. Best drink and dance specials in Columbus. I’ll defini be back!

Review №41

Had awesome time the ladies are nice and friendly and the bartender always had me on point shout-out to doll house for having me

Review №42

The dollhouse is the s*** you should go there every f****** day they have beautiful women there and people are kind to you pop bottles all day

Review №43

I had a awesome time there cant wait till next weekend.

Review №44

Great time great ppl great owner.. Hot dancers Cold beer tasty shots... Owner is very chill n feiendly.. Relaxing atmosphere... I love going every time i get the chance... Thinking bout going tonight... Meet me there lol

Review №45

Had a bad experience at another club. So I Decided to come check dolls out and wasn’t disappointed.Good drinks and good girls

Review №46

Looking for gorgeous (Kandilane),Once I get to the DOLLHOUSE...Aaaaaaye,!

Review №47

Was in town for a few days for business with some co-workers, and was driving by figured I would stop by and see what this place was about. Bar staff and dancers were very nice and were there to make sure we all had a fun experience. I am in town a few times a month on business and will definitely return here with all my clients and co-workers after the experience we had here this time. Bartenders and waitresses were very helpful and made some really tasty beverages for us. Security and DJs were very friendly and made our night out a lot of fun definitely will return as often as business allows me to be in Columbus.

Review №48

Very beautiful women, great dancers cheap drinks and a hell of a good time!!!

Review №49

Im worked here the 1st time last night its different but im a good way alot of other pretty dancers the manger seems laid back and awesome i enjoyed my 1st night i wil defently be working here for as long as i can.

Review №50

Dances say 20 on web site but ask a dancer and they say 30-35. Also naked beautiful girls on web site and the all have pasties on and bottoms at club.Also beer bucket special was not bad 4 for 16 but I asked a dancer if she needed one - 20 for hers . Come on man. You got me but Ill never be back.

Review №51

Beautiful girls, Laid-back, you can come in for a drink or two and enjoy a good time

Review №52

Meth head dancers are too pushy. The first one made a female customer part of the show, and you could tell she was not into it. The dancer did not care. Kept pushing for a private dance. She was not a dancer, but a prostitute who got on stage. The second was just as bad. Will not return.

Review №53

Hot girls. great experience, i spent over 900$ and dont regret a second of it lol

Review №54

Arranged to meet my boyfriend at the dollhouse for a few drinks and some lady looking. We have done this before at some of the other clubs and had a great time. When I arrived I assumed he was already there as I was running a few mins late.I was greeted by a lovely lady who informed me that un-escorted females were not allowed in. I assume because they have a problem with girls walking in off the street and trying to pick up johns. Who knows, just a guess. After much persuasion, and probably because I seemed sincere and was still dressed in business attire I was allowed to go in to look for my boyfriend.She said I could check on the smoking patio for him. After a few min on the patio I suspected my bf might have walked in, taken a took around at the sleazy atmosphere and walked out. I walked up to the bar to ask the bartender if she had seen my bf by showing her a pic on my phone. While I was leaning over to speak with the bartender, two of the girls came over pretending to chat with each other and stole my wallet out of my bag within less than 10 mins. Right off my shoulder!!!!!Wow! I discovered the missing wallet about 5 min after leaving and was able to cancel my cards before any damage could be done. I finally got in touch with the bf who was also running late and we decided to go bowling instead!

Review №55

Dont go during the week. Walked in, asked the bartender if they were open because the lights were off and nobody there. They were open. Could have fooled me.

Review №56

Its the best !! Lot of special amenities

Review №57

Good drinks, cool people.

Review №58

Great Girls!!!!Great Security!!!!Great Management!!!!Go there and have Great Time!!!!

Review №59

Nick is back at The Dollhouse.

Review №60

Welcome to lil Tijuana where all the girls dance to Hispanic music... NEVER EVER AGAIN

Review №61

The girl behind the bad just over charged me. Dont ever give your card ever !! They are a scumbug with the manager!

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Review №63

Never give your credit card to them they will over charge u

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