Private Dancer
3609 Trabue Rd, Columbus, OH 43228, United States
Review №1

I will never go back here again. Bouncer charge me 20 bucks to get in, and then the last set came on and literally as I’m walking in the door. Just didn’t seem right that he would except that money from me knowing that they’re going to be done in five minutes. Supposed to be open until 4 AM, this was at 3:15. Never go here again. Unfortunate.

Review №2

I was here couple yrs ago had a good time but I didnt like the dress code had 2 go back and get another shirt

Review №3

I have to say the upgrades done to this establishment has improved the atmosphere and comfort level. The old couches and chairs were broken and uncomfortable. The lighting and audio is perfect. This will definitely be the only place I keep going to. Also with being a BYOB the prices are very fair for dances and the girls are definitely more interesting than other clubs.

Review №4

All around bad experience. Do not recommend.

Review №5

Went to blow off some steam. Rose is an absolute Goddess. She knows how to make you feel special. Ill definitely be a repeat customer.

Review №6

The new renovation to the club has really made it into a upscale gentlemen club. The ladies are definitely top notch

Review №7

Natalia is the Best Dancer Ive ever had...and Ive had alot....if all dancers was like her I Believe even married women would come....Thank you

Review №8

Best party atmosphere and the most beautiful girls. Highly recommended.

Review №9

Dont go here, ever. Unless you enjoy rude girls and rude staff. Literally a joke. Most unprofessional place ever. I was strong armed out the door by a bald security person bc the dancer wanted to go home wahh. Save your popcorn

Review №10

Its amazing beautiful good women all beautiful but my favorite is amber would come back for she

Review №11

Walked in to get a job and wasent even in there 30 seconds And the guy said there was no space. There was literally no one in there. Not one customer or dancer. He had a rude attitude and was not welcoming at all

Review №12

This place always got some nice girls

Review №13

I miss this place I worked there for many years as Barbie had some of the best times of my life there! Miss those I new there!!! I worked there when Brenda owned it and she sold it to Eric I never leased from you.

Review №14

Nice bar, friendly staff and a great atmosphere.

Review №15

Best prime rib in cbus!! And the service is top notch. And super sexy lady’s. And they do really good acrobatics on those poles!!!I want some of my ashes to be spread around here when I’m gone. It’s that good!!!

Review №16

As patrons below the age of 21 of this establishment, we enjoyed the $10 entrance fee and $20 dances for great looking, talented dancers; far cheaper than the other, very scarce under 21 clubs in Columbus.Our latest visit was rather dismal. Upon arriving, we discovered a scene and experience far less than what this place has delivered many times in the past. Now the entrance fee is $20 for 21 and below and dances are now $30; a steep price considering the now unappealing dancers and other businesses that deliver a higher quality experience for a lower price.We will take our business elsewhere, a place we are allowed to touch and motorboat better dancers and save $5 by not coming here.

Review №17

My first experience at an establishment like this, was an unforgettable one. The girls were all relaxed, and seem to enjoy themselves as well. Admittedly I was stiff, and nervous at first, However, that changed after chatting with a few of the girls. I will definitely visit again in the future

Review №18

All the woman at night are so sexy !!!! I usually come Thursday & Friday sometime Saturday very busy place & open to 4am dont miss out

Review №19

Girls were excellent but bouncer was on some BS. First off they advertise they open at 8pm. For whatever reason they didnt open the doors to us until 840pm. I was in a group of three guys. We are all from out of town working construction and came straight from work. We were all tipping the ladies and one of us also got a private dance. This is all in the first 30mins. I go to the ATM and take out $300. Then I go to the bar and ask for $100 in singles. He calls all the girls to the bar and ask for their singles. Only one girl gives him singles and he tells me he can only give 20 at a time. All of this after we have tipped the ladies more than 100 singles and one of my guys got a private dance. Needless to say we left and went to Sirens where we spent more than $500

Review №20

I just started working here as a dancer and I love it thegirls are nice and supportive and the staff knows how to make you feel safe. Was at vanity for 2 years making not as nearly as much as Im making here now

Review №21

Pretty women,fun times! THEY DONT SERVE FOOD! SO Anyone who thinks they are eating n something, nope!.

Review №22

Really nice strip club, very relaxed environment. The ladies are absolutely gorgeous. Everyone I met seemed to enjoy their time there, and all the ladies were absolutely fantastic dancers. Will be back again.

Review №23

Nice place, and good people, beautiful girls and they are very friendly and polite, they dance very well and they are very professional, they can help you to relax and forget about everything, and enjoy your time with them. The manager is a great guy.

Review №24

Come see pretty614 instead if your looking for aAmazing one on one experience

Review №25

Will you be open tomorrow?

Review №26

Was there last night not very impressed, girls was ok not that friendly , well they dont care about u or try to talk to u. Kinda weir in a way cause seen freidly but not, back room are very crowded , u sitting next a person getting a lap dance from another stripper.Wish they would change that feels a little creepy some sort. Great thing about this club is BYOB.

Review №27

Awesome environment! Girls are beautiful and friendly... BYOB so you save money ! If you havent been I suggest trying it out ! Thanks for and amazing time !

Review №28

Had a blast.

Review №29

Went out last night for three first time and tbh Im so glad hubs and I went. ended both buying each other private dances and the ladies were amazing. only complaint would be that some of the dancers forced on only certain groups of people. only 2 - 3 girls actually came over while dancing toward my husband and I. and noticed most of the girls seem pretty iffy about even approaching a gurl that comes in to watch them dance.

Review №30

Ive been to clubs around the nation and Ive never seen the kind of security they have here. Makes you feel uncomfortable. BYOB is nice but just isnt worth it. I was there two hours and not one girl said hi. They are working there regulars the whole time. If your from out of town I would probably try somewhere else.

Review №31

Before you even step foot in the door security is thorough, the parking lot is lit up well, it feels like a safe environment.Theres a door fee... $10... ok, I understand so far... theres a lot of security outside and in the area... then I find out its BYOB!!! Im like YES!!! I drive down the road (only a couple miles) to a local corner market and grab a case and a bottle of wine for my girl.BYOB, I like the idea of bringing in a case of my own beer for $20... instead of running a bar tab at a normal club and paying over $100 for the same amount of beer. They even allow you to bring in your own bottle of liquor... 4 shots at a regular bar would pay for a bottle. (this place saves me money)Since Ive saved money on my alcohol, Ive got a little more too have fun at the stage... its a small place, so Im thinking Im gonna find an ex-wrestler, an amputee, a pregnant girl (with a mustache) and a few addicts... Nope, I was wrong... the women at this bar are way above average and when I say above average, I mean theres a couple that my girlfriend ended up getting dances with, she even bought one for me... and it actually turned her on.I love this place, when we left security made sure we were ok to drive... to be safe they offered to get us a cab, I believe in making it home safely and I did drink most of a case and she finished a bottle of wine... so I say sure... the bartender was nice and offered us both a water while we waited for a cab (which didnt take long) GREAT NIGHT OUT!!!When my girlfriend left this morning, she dropped me off at the club so I could pick up my car and there it was in one piece... shes already making plans to bring out another couple with us next week.5 stars, 2 thumbs up and a wink!!!

Review №32

I enjoyed my night for the most part pretty chill and laid back atmosphere Ive been to a couple around the East Coast and its not too special but if youre in town and wanna catch some nice ladies then stop here if I had to rank the ladies theyre a combined average 7-8 but not much lower have to say my fave was Vanessa and on stage Sunshine was a great performer greatly recommend for a nice chill night but be prepared to spend some bread $$!!!

Review №33

Love love this place...Me and my husband found this place the last time we were in Ohio...We had so much fun, they even let my husband be the DJ...We on our way back. The girls were so friendly and beautiful

Review №34

Ive been to this place at least 4 or 5 times with my boyfriend and friends. Love the atmosphere, the girls are awesome, like that its byob. Thinking about taking my cousins, once I find out the age limit.

Review №35

Okay.....I understand that gentlemans clubs ARENT restaurants, but come on!!! Our food was cold, overcooked, and no artistic skills whatsoever!! Next, I felt singled out and uncomfortable with securitys​ CONSTANT staring at me!! The girls were....meh. Ive been looking for a location for my bachelor party, and it may be safe to say Ill be crossing this place off my list.

Review №36

Me and my girlfriend couldn’t even get in because the sloppy dudes at the entrance said we had to have a guy with us

Review №37

Hello, i live in Wisconsin, not from ohio. So we enteres around 130 my wife amd myself, around 207 i put a dollar bill in a thong thinking nothing of it. Then a guy told me to talk outside which i didnt mind. Then he said hey your done. I didnt understand, never did i get a warning about that. Mind im in the military so im extremely respectful. I didnt argue when I left i just got my wife and left. Their security is garbage . I could of easy took all of them but i didnt know it was gonna be like that. Next time is a different story. So dont touch them even with a 100 dollar bill theyll kick you out and keep it. If you have question please notify me on email thank you .

Review №38

Does dancers have a set schedule or can they just freelance?

Review №39

Came to town for a business trip and decided to check out this place.These girls are hot and topless! The private dances are even better!!! Belles ass had me hypnotized!!! Left the club broke.. But, I will be back with the half off door cover she gave me.

Review №40

Went on New Years Eve with my girlfriend had the best time ever!! Girls are hott and sociable.

Review №41

I loved the private dancer. It was a good experience since they didnt serve alcohol it is a byob strip club and its a top less bar the dances are pretty reasonable.

Review №42

Quality nightclub that is BYOB. I personally bring a bunch of 4-lokos and get drunk by myself because I like the atmosphere. However, I dont condone strip clubs, so I usually just stare at the ground.

Review №43

Great club I loved it plenty money for everybody nothing petty.....Now can I have my job back love ya.

Review №44

BYOB. Fun and safe atmosphere. Good music and pretty ladies!

Review №45

From my experience traveling across country this by far is the worst one Ive been too. I went in and came right back out had no good music or no girls asking you if you want a drink or talking to you asking for a dance. The security touches you wait to much i felt violated more than once. And to my surprise you cant touch the dancer while you tipping them.

Review №46

Went there last week and all was pretty much fine, not the greatest place but I enjoyed myself. The bouncer working the door was cool. The girls came over and talked and you felt welcome.Went there this week and it was an entirely different experience. The bouncer working the door was a dick which automatically set the mood in the wrong direction. The girls would come around and just ask for money and whether you tipped or not they would just walk away after.The DJ is useless and seems to only want to play hip hop or thug music.

Review №47

Nice looking ladys nice place food is ok

Review №48

Best time in a long time private dancer you cant go wrong best results come with being a gentleman FYI

Review №49

On my way here again been here twice and love it girls are beautiful dance prices are good and it byob and topless favorite club to go to in cbus

Review №50

To the owner who keeps threatening people to take down their review because they have no record of our ID, um LOL they didnt write down a name just skimmed over my date of birth and i was in within seconds. Not ONE person was taking down names or signing anything that would require a name. I used all cash because going to a strip club thats just a smarter decision so no you wouldnt have a card on file. Just because people review your club as trash doesnt mean you should get butthurt and want to take further action if we dont remove the review. Your club IS trash. I did not have fun, the girls werent that hot at least when i was there..? Rude of you to make those comments on people who are just reviewing how their time went ? Its not a huge deal, if someone doesnt like it they are allowed to tell people how their experience was.

Review №51

Me and the gf have been a few times. Will be in alot more. Love the byob, saves a ton of money. After we tried a bunch of other clubs.... This was a goldmine. Pretty ladies, very sociable. And not overly pushy about dances like most places. Even on a monday we had a great time. We recommend this place to any and everyone. Most likely will be in tonight at some point

Review №52

Great looking ladies and it is byob not paying crazy drinks prices

Review №53

Ask for ivory, super awesome girl

Review №54

Lied about how many girls where on and paid 20 cover charge on my birthday.

Review №55

Beautiful girlsNo liquor but prices are great

Review №56


Review №57

Bad strip club. Really bad looking girls. Mostly black gals. I wouldnt go back

Review №58

Very bad

Review №59

Hot girls . Flat tittys.

Review №60


Review №61

Nice place

Review №62

The girls were so damn hot

Review №63

Ugly women, one chick had stretch marks, very dirty place. Will never go back

Review №64

Look this place had class at one time. eric want to see out that place an let me have a run?

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